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Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

by Voxer LLC

(797 user ratings)


Download size: 95.23MB
Version: 3.22.7
Released: 2010-07-01
For ages: 4+

Genres:BusinessSocial Networking

Voxer combines the best of voice, text, photo, and video with walkie talkie messaging (Push-to-talk PTT) in one free, secure messaging app. Featured by Apple in 50+ countries, loved by tens of millions of people, and now available on the Apple Watch.

Better than phone calls, faster than texting. Just push a button, talk and instantly communicate in real-time, live. You can also listen to saved messages later at your convenience, share text, photos, video, and your location.

Voxer works with other popular smartphones and over any 3G, 4G, or WiFi network in the world.

Join many who are using Voxer with family, friends, and teams at work to:
* Instantly communicate through live Walkie Talkie - PTT (Push-To-Talk)
* Send voice, text, photos, videos, and location messages
* Play voice messages anytime - they're all recorded
* Create messages even when offline
* Send end-to-end encrypted messages (Private chats) using the Signal Protocol

Upgrade to Voxer Pro and get access to the following features:
- Walkie talkie mode, (instantly receive voice messages even when you’re not in the app)
- Voice-to-Text transcription,
- Admin Control
- Increased storage
- Hands-free
- Extreme notifications
- Dropbox integration and more.

Voxer Pro is built for remote, mobile teams that aren't sitting at a desk and need to communicate quickly. On-demand, delivery, logistics, hotels and hospitality, field service, NGO and education teams all use Voxer Pro.

Voxer Pro subscriptions are $3.99/month or $29.99/year and auto-renew.
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
- Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period (either $3.99/month or $29.99/year)
- You can manage your subscriptions and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the your Account Settings after purchase
- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to Voxer Pro
Privacy Policy: https://www.voxer.com/privacy
Terms of Service: https://www.voxer.com/tos

We want to hear from you!
* Like us on Facebook @ fb.com/voxer
* Follow us on Twitter @ twitter.com/voxer
* Need help? Check out support.voxer.com
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Customer Reviews

It won’t even open honestly. Just crashes right after I press it.

Notifications glitch

It always says I have three notifications. So frustrating

Great app! But slowing down.

Ive used this app since 2011! Has always been a great up. Unfortunately it’s been acting up lately where messages are sent but it takes a while to deliver. Sometimes you have to send multiple messages and that’s when you realize that the other party had replied but you never received the message! Hopefully it gets fixed! I keep it updated !

Can’t access contacts

At first Voxer was great. But now I can’t even access contacts/Messages. Once I get in the app, it’s like it’s frozen. I can’t click on messages, I can’t even scroll! It’s really annoying. I’ve done multiple things, I’ve updated the app, turned data on, I’ve even closed and reopened the app multiple times! I need this to be fixed, this is one of the only apps I’ve found to be able to talk to certain friends! Does anyone know what this is or how to fix it?

Awesome! Awesome!

I absolutely LOVE Voxer! I have not used the other comparable apps, because why would I do that when this one works so well?? I did have one technical “issue” and wrote to the Support Team. I received a prompt reply with information that did the trick!! Hard to improve on something that works so beautifully, and when there IS an issue, it gets resolved quickly and easily! Truly an AWESOME app!

Great app

Totally awesome

Won’t cancel pro account

Terrible. Half the Voxes don’t load and it’s impossible to downgrade from a pro account. Voxer will send you to iTunes and iTunes won’t help.

Remove the extra crap!!!

Will you please remove all that extra BS crap in the app like Dropbox, location sharing and all that other useless BS!!! It’s frigging annoying when you’re trying to correct typos and then hit one of those other buttons at the bottom!! The photos and camera buttons are fine but the rest is unneeded!!!

Delayed messages

Some messages dont come through until the next day. Please fix

Needs big fixes and feature enhancement

In addition to being buggy with the notification badge not clearing even though messages are all read, there is also a series of notifications more than actual messages received when messages are sent in rapid succession. Additionally, the ability to mute or snooze notifications for conversations when one has to be in a group chat.


Currently I am paying for a PRO ACCOUNT. Mainly because I want to be able to RECALL messages, yet when I recall messages, other users ARE STILL ABLE, to see those (recalled messages). That totally defeats the purpose of recalling!!! And this app has a lot of glitches.

Doesn’t work anymore

It used to be so reliable. Basically a walky talky but now, it doesn’t record randomly. Well more than randomly. Definitely unreliable and has been that way for over a year. Support doesn’t fix anything so it’s pointless to even contact them. Don’t download. Waste of space on your device


I have had a notification that I have had 4 messages for months now. I would like a way for it to be deleted please. I have even deleted the app and re downloaded it and it still appears as though I have 4 messages.

Notifications Don’t Work

Seems like I’m not the only one having issues with this, but I do not receive any push notifications for new messages any longer. For whatever reason, these no longer work. Hope this gets fixed soon.

So many issues!

Since the update, I cannot get the app to open on my iPad!!! Also I don’t get all of my notifications on my iPhone or iPad! I have the notifications on but I don’t see a banner notification until after I open the app! Not helpful when I’m waiting on important notices and too busy to keep looking for them.

Issue with notification and constantly scrolling text when typing

I have ran into same issue as previously mentioned about notification count being inaccurate. I always end up marking all items read in settings. Today 4/10/20, a new issue popped up. Text keeps scrolling as I am typing. Very annoying and hard to use. Currently I am in a group program where we use Voxer. Program end end of April and I have no intention to use this app further. See no use. I wonder how many people actually use PTT feature. That was a good feature years ago and then we got into texting and then Siri.

Long time user and LOVE IT!

I have had this app and used regularly for many years. While there have been ups and downs, they are growing, adapting, and changing just like all things! If you have any issues, you can contact them through setting and they will get back to you with a solution. It’s been 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Can’t Deactivate account

I haven’t used this app in years and now whenever I try to deactivate my account, the app just crashes.


get a lif

Dark Mode needed

We need dark mode and some time it disconnects when you listen and turn off the screen so you to turn it back on and play Please add the dark light option like many other apps on iOS. It helps us check it in the evenings. Thanks

Apple Watch Support

4/2/20 Update: (1) would still like Apple Watch functionality fo work. (2) would like the option to send a broadcast message and choosing all recipients from a group without having to enter individual names (it’s a large group) Original Review: Cannot send or receive/play audio message on Apple Watch. It directs you to your iPhone.

So glitchy too many messages undelivered

Such great potential but unbelievably glitchy. I’ve used this app for years, yet it is glitchier than ever. Nothing more annoying than leaving a long message, the green button bounces as though you are leaving a message, but when you are done. You seen no message was actually being sent/recorded . This happens multiple times a day. My friends and I are getting fed up and will look for a different app that is more reliable.

Amazing Customer Service

My best friend passed 6 years ago, and I’ve been missing him a lot lately... well, when I went into my Facebook messages I realized we used Voxer a bit for conversations as well. I redownloaded my app, and found his voice again after 6 years!! It was such a beautiful and warming moment to finally hear him again. I went back into the app the next day, and the recordings were gone. (No voxer pro) and I didn’t realize that they automatically deleted... I emailed Voxer Support and they got my recordings of my best friend’s voice back to me... I can never put into words how much it means to me to now have his voice forever again. To say the customer support there is amazing is an understatement.. thank you so so much again. ❤️

Great app!

Really cuts down inconvenient phone calls! Have been using Voxer for years and never had any complaints

This app was cool in like 2012

Fun times on this app. Gonna download it again after all these years to see if my old messages are on there haha

Can’t log in with out app

booooo you should be allowed to open/log in with out an app


I have relied on this app for years. Until it completely stopped working on my iphone 11 pro. Messages won’t load. I have screenshots from friends who have sent me voxer messages- they don’t show up. Please fix.


My icon keeps showing I have new messages when I don’t have any. I’ve deleted the app and then added it back only to have the same problem.

Needs some kinks worked out

It worked great for awhile but all of a sudden, I’m not able to load one certain contact’s messages every now and then. Also, I’m not getting ANY notifications when I have a new message. And sometimes, I’ll see a new message that looks “heard” but it’s really not. Very frustrating. I’ve updated the app many times and no change. I’d love for those bugs to get worked out because I really do love the idea of this app!

Love this app...but...

Love Voxer. I use it all the time. However, since I upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro, The app will not open. I have rebooted the phone and deleted and reinstalled the app over half a dozen times. Still no luck. And my iOS is the latest version. Please help, so I can start using it again and update my review.

Super annoying. Won’t load messages or partially uploads them.

I’m tired of sending or receiving messages and only getting to listen to half a message. Sometimes they come through later but usually not at all, even after restarting the app, restarting my phone, reinstalling the app. I’m so annoyed with this app.


This app always seems to have “technical” issues. The latest one I am dealing with is it being able to unlink a device. I received a notification that a random iPhone had logged onto my account. Voxer suggests resetting password, and checking what devices are logged into account. When I check this, and try to unlink the mysterious account, I keep getting “error” messages. The usual problem is Voxer not alerting me when I have a new message...despite all my alerts/sounds being on. Also, don’t seem to have a great customer service contact!....

Getting worse and worse.

Long voice messages load properly maybe half the time. It’s beyond frustrating. There is zero remedy for a half sent message either from either party - it’s just gone forever! 20 plus minutes of messaging just completely in the void at any given moment. We’ve been using voxer for years now! It’s time to move on now unfortunately...

Core use-case works great, plus phantom notifications

Like several other reviewers I am suffering from the “phantom notifications” issue where it says I have 2 unread messages even though I have read 100% of the messages. Apparently they have a link they send people to help troubleshoot it. Give me a break! How about they just figure out what the heck is happening and fix it. Otherwise the walkie-talkie bit works well. It’s pretty cool but for most friend groups I’d probably use WhatsApp.

We Call Ourselves the “Voxer Vixens”!

I am part of a Mastermind group that has been together for over a year now. We communicated through messenger, Facebook, and Zoom calls. We stuck together and supported one another, but everything started exploding exponentially when we started using the Voxer app. Now we chat every single day and can’t get enough. I have a “Voxer morning commute” where I take a walk and catch up on the chat with my group. The ability to HEAR each other and speak to each other in three different times zones (east coast and west coast USA, and the UK!) is a game changer. We no longer have to wrangle schedules just to keep up a conversation. THANK YOU VOXER!!!

When it works, it’s decent.

I’ve been paying for Voxer for a while, and it’s a decent messaging app when it works. I’ve been having issues for months now. It says “Connecting...” or “No Connection” nearly every time I open the app. The number of unread messages is never correct when listed on the app badge on my home screen. I get notifications that I have new messages, but have to force quit and restart the app in order for it to download the messages. I figured it was just my phone, but I’ve recently upgraded from an X to an 11 Pro Max and still have the same issues. When it works, it’s decent.

Works great sometimes

I have been using this for many years. It’s a fun way to chat with friends while I’m working. Sometimes messages won’t load or play for a few then freeze. My biggest complaint is being harassed and sent inappropriate messages and pics

Great app but lacks functionality for people with learning disabilities And medical issues

There needs to be a way to make the font bigger in this app. My child is dyslexic which is covered under American with Disability Act and 504 Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It’s extremely difficult to read the small font. Even when you make the font larger on the iPhone 11pro it doesn’t increase the font size in the app. Seems like an easy fix by the developer.

Tired of issues!

For the past at least 6 months, I have had a notification flag of a 1 on my Voxer App. I can’t get it to go away. So I have learned to ignore it. Well starting yesterday the 1 changed to a 2. I can’t get it to go away either. I can’t find any way to contact anyone in the App. So I thought I would write a review to see if anyone reads it.

Love app

I don’t understand why theres so many bad reviews I love Voxer

It used to be great...

This app used to work great, now I get a still screen and it closes out before I can even enter the app. It never opens...

Says it works with Apple Watch

This app says it works with Apple Watch, but really it only lets you know you have a message. You still have to listen to messages on your phone. Making this app junk for those of us with Apple Watch.

Watch app

Apple Watch app doesn’t respond Walkie style. Can’t delete old conversation. Working in a warehouse with boss in office this app would be convenient. If I didn’t have to pull my phone out every time to use it.

Will not let me create password to Login

I’ve been on the Internet for 20 years I think I know how to create a new password. However, No matter what I do or type in the same error message keeps coming up. Must use at least five characters to create a password. I’ve spent over an hour trying to make a fecking password & this is aggravating as hell. And I need this for a conference tomorrow. I don’t have time for this biznatch! And there’s no real customer support aside from a bunch of not managed “troubleshooting threads.”

Awesome costumer service

Quick and accurate response

Multi Media Lost

I really like this app and had a lot of fun using it, i have the premium version yet i do not have access to any of the photos i’ve sent and received over the years... i have nice memories there i would appreciate it if you could help me have access to all the media that should be stored in my conversations

I like this app, but need I little improvement.

I really like this app, I’m almost 6 years with it, my family in Mexico and some in USA we used every day, is good to can comunícate with some ppl that u love, that only issue that I found is we can remove or erase any messages that we regret to send,like messenger or WhatsApp, and that’s it, or and a message came up said that: urgent you are using an old version of voxer and will stop functioning on January 23, 2020 but my family in Mexico don’t understand so will be hard for me mom to understand and to update.

Worked great till today

It worked great till today , app keeps saying connecting but doesn’t and I’m still getting notices that I can’t see or open now

We rely on it

My whole Family and business use this app. Here and abroad. Yes, sometimes there is a small problem. But for the vast majority of the time it’s amazing! And you can scroll back and see things in your history with ease. We use it daily and I don’t know what we’d do without it!