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Texas Holdem Poker

by GeaxGame Inc

(233 user ratings)


Download size: 43.32MB
Version: 3.7.3
Released: 2011-07-13
For ages: 12+


Do you love poker? Do you want to play with real people whenever and wherever you want? The only thing you need is your mobile phone and internet connection! Now just add a bit of skill and you'll have your first winnings! It doesn't really matter whether you are a newbie without basic knowledge of rules or a weathered poker-shark, you will find a table suitable for you. Come and join the club where poker fans from all over the world gather to play and chat about the best gambling game in the world.

Game features:
* Live Chat
* Personal Avatars
* Sit-n-Go tournamet Mode
* Ring Games
* Free daily Gold
* Lottery Draw
* 200+ Virtual goods you can send ppl on tables
* Facebook connect for fast registration (optional)

We request the following permissions for the following reasons:
- Network communications –
1.To play online with other players.
- Phone calls: Preventing “phone time-outs” in the middle of the game.
- Vibration: Notification in silent areas.
- Billing: To enable a possibility of purchasing premium services.

If you love poker, come and join the club for devoted and occasional poker-players alike. Getting in is easy. Just click on the button and download the app now for free.
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Customer Reviews
This app is 1000% Chinese orchestrated cheating controlling outcomes

Scam scam scam lately what you should expect with Chinese! I get more 2s in my whole cards here than you would in a 20 decks on a blackjack table. It’s absolutely ridiculous, day after day the same Chinese RNG username shuffled orchestrated dealt decks. I catch but never allowed as many times each player is on the same table consistently. Just like how I’m consistently dealt a 2 in my whole cards. If they only kept a viewable card history too show their fraudulent ways! But why not? Because they are cheating!!! You are a fool alone if you pay for play money! Too eaches own! Warning, they’re scum sucking dirt ball cheating Chinese developers here!!!! let me say how stupid it is too pay for play money!!!! That doesn’t keep card history!!! Because they are con- artists!!! Don’t be fooled with the fake self made reviews here!!!!!!! Fraudulent would be a sweet nice name with the username controlling setup Chinese con artist RNG! Scamming cheating username RNG doesn’t even give it justice! Only great thing about this RNG is it’s teaching players how to lose in a real card game $$$$ but, doesn’t express my hate for any cheating fixed username dealt crap 💩 giving you cards according to how you play. Karma will get these cheating fraudulent imposters some day, hopefully it is personal! I hope USA increases tariffs on the scamming Chinese! We’ll get are electronics elsewhere and they be more reliable!!!! Cheating RNG only gives me good cards when it’s trying too trap me; can’t go more than 3 hands not have a 2 in my whole cards! True colors of are communist Chinese brothers; we all bleed red and, we are all on the same freakin planet!!!! Chinese trying to do Cold War on 🇺🇸; counterfeiting idiots can’t even make play money poker app legitimate! Dirty scamming scoundrels always shuffling deck too repeat impossible scenarios with particular hands! Counterfeit imposters wanting too 🐝😂😂😂



This game is lacking in so many ways

I could only play 2 minutes of this game before deleting it. The graphics, layout and payout calculations are sub standard. If you really want a good poker game download the WSOP app, this one is not worth the time


Great game and app love it


Great game lotta fun

Great game

Great game I love it, lots of fun, I meet many friendly people


I wish the chats were blocked for anyone who uses derogatory language. I realize people lack intelligence and that's not the developers fault but users shouldn't have a risk of being verbally abused. A report button would be helpful.

Payouts/winning hands

This game is great except for one aspect. The way the game splits the post for multiple winning hands based off of how many chips you bet. Some times even giving money to someone with a loosing hand. Two examples, I had 4 chips left in a tournament, I split the pot because we had a 9 in our hand and on the board but my other card was a queen his a 2, even tho I should’ve been the sole winner I only got somewhere around 140 chips and he 1.3k because he had bet a majority of the chips. The other example is I win with 2 pair only 100 chips in the bank and get 400 chips but someone who has a lot of money still had 1 pair and still got 100+ worth of chips, the only correlation I can make is they have significantly more chips and you fewer. It kind of ruins the vibe of the game sometimes it’s a great game otherwise, almost always have some sort of hand so you are constantly engaged. Fix the pot issue and its one of the best on the store


Very entertaining


Doing this to get chips😎😎

Really good poker game.

Its great for anyone who wants to get better at poker. All levels of player can get good, fun games. Love this game.

Great app

Great P

Dr. Jack

Very nice app


I just played THREE five-person tournaments very conservatively, and in ALL three tournaments the best hand I got was two pair (AK) one time. Once I hit a pair of Aces (still lost the hand which isn’t difficult to do of course even with AA), other than that I hit low pairs three or four other times. Needless to say, I didn’t win with any of my single paired hands. Other than the two pair of AK, I think I won one or two hands with a high card the entire three tournaments. This is more than just a bad beat. I watched my cards dwindle each tournament. I couldn’t even bluff with what I was dealt! I do realize you can bluff with anything, but you get my point. This app is sh!t.

Best poker app out there

No annoying ads, no 4 million dollar pots nothing confusing at all. You can interact with other players and add friends. Seriously hands down, the best poker app out there


It’s fun and uncomplicated!

Great for killing time!

Love poker irl, this is a good chance to kill time and have fun!

Great game

Great game


fun game! Very addictive.

Great Poker App

Best poker app, should have option to disable the hand you have ex: high card, pairs, two pairs, etc but still pretty fluent and good.

Fun but...

This is not a game using a random shuffle of cards. If a hand can beat you, it will no matter the odds. I have suffered what others have mentioned when the app quits during a tournament. Customer service blamed my connection (LTE w/100 Mbps.

Best poker game

This is a really good game

Great game

I love this I’m 12 and just learning how to play and this game has helped a lot with that that I you


Been playing this game for years and till this very day never yet has it got me bored!!! Good work

Do not get

I would buy some chips, be going great in a tourney, and suddenly server would “freeze” and nothing to do but close app- and lose chips. Happened 6 times - despite having full bars on WIFI. All times I was chip leader. Maybe a way for them to get you to buy more chips. Great when it works- but unless they refund me my money for buying chips and then losing them when their server freezes will not play again.

Royal flushes

I’ve had 6 royal flushes. The first was replaced by a queen straight flush. The next two I bet to much and won with undisclosed cards. The last three I didn’t bet and they still didn’t show up in my stats. Except for that I love this game.

Cool Game

I enjoy playing this game. I recommend it to pass time! Good luck!!


Interesting learning how other people think, good learning tool

Fun fun fun

Only problem is sometimes it kicks you off and takes your money.

The Best Poker Game

I am in love with this game you guys and girls have to try it out you will have so much fun

Texas Holdem

Perfect for poker lovers


Worst poker app. They have so many new players constantly and they give them the better hands so it's almost impossible to win. You play with the ghosts most of players have stopped playing. This is nothing like real poker it used to be a fun game few years ago. Thought I'd try it again and very disappointed.

Texas hold-em

Best game out there


Seems fair so far...more than other rigged sites.

fast paced, great style

Overall great game. Easy to play

It’s ok

It’s just like any other poker app they will only let you win so much and if your winning constantly then they will make sure you lose after a certain point then push buying chips for real money which in my opinion is ridiculous because if you can beat their normal players fairly then there shouldn’t be a reason for them to step in and let bad players River you with bad cards just to push their agenda of hopefully having you spend real money for more chips!!!!!!! It’s just like the rest of them!!!


Great game. Keeps moving. Easy to control.

Love and hate

There are nonstop glitches that rob me of my money every other time that I play this game, but I like the interface and the fact that it is free. 0 stars for the glitching and cheating. 5 stars for the interface and the people on the app.

Want my Face back on this game

It’s been over seven years since you Took my face off of this game now I would like to put my face back on this game


Easy and fun


Customer care is quick to reply if you submit a question or concern. This is a plus for any app. Having a reply and or solution to an issue within 24 hours is always appreciated!

Very pleased!

Great design! The best way to pass time!!!

Problems after update

After update, not possible find people: only low level people appear in search. Problem with adding friends: u add, after they disappear from friend list. Pls fix it.

Love it

LOVE IT! There's only one thing I don't like. The stats are meaningless, especially the number of hands played. And what does it take to go from one level to the next?


Great app when just looking to relax and have fun.


I wish I was winning

Much more realistic

I like this site not constantly getting beat to death by miracle bad beats all the time. Hands actually hold more in line with real poker odds in my opinion. Check it out real good Poker Site.

C'est Craptastique!

About 3 days ago could no longer log in via fb. Deleted and re-installed. Is kaput.

Good game

I play it all the time. Curious to know if they control the cards being drawn.