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Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe

by Sky Union LLC

(16 user ratings)


Download size: 44.37MB
Version: 1.6.0
Released: 2011-12-21
For ages: 17+


Get $30,000 chips FREE for your first time playing.
Top-rated Poker App on Facebook!
FASTEST growing Poker App on Store!

Texas Hold'Em Poker Deluxe offers classic gameplay, full Facebook compatibility and an active community. Compete against over 8 million other players on

Facebook, iPad, iPhone. It's exciting Las Vegas style poker on the go!

Join now and receive $30,000 in chips for FREE!

Game Features:
* FREE daily gifts and chip bonuses
* 1-click access to 100's of tables
* 5 to 9 person Poker tables
* Sit-n-Go Tournaments
* Shootout Tournaments
* Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos
* Simple interface that's easy to navigate
* Personalized profile and buddy lists
* Fast registration via Facebook Connect (optional)
* Live in-game chat and animated emoticons
* Plenty of gifts, snacks, and drinks to share with others
* Unlock special prizes in the Facebook App (English, Turkish, Thai and Spanish only)

And more is coming soon....!

Texas Hold'Em Poker Deluxe is a great way to meet new Poker pals and connect with Facebook friends! And we're more global than ever now, offering our game in different languages: English, Français, Deutsch, Español, Português, ภาษาไทย, Türkçe, 日本语, 繁体中文!

For more information or to tell us what you think, visit our fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/bzbeepoker

IGG is one of the largest social game developers in the world. Our titles include: Galaxy Online II, GodsWar, Age of Titans, 100 Years' War and many others.

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Customer Reviews
Crashes when uploading photo

Won’t let you take a picture or select one from camera roll for your profile.


There is no link to reset password if for some reason your account gets hacked or you forget your password! Needs to be addressed as I am currently locked out of my account! And bring back the option to choose your table!!

Unable to login with Facebook.

Error I receive says “Login Failed: You can't use Facebook to log into this app or website because there's an issue with its implementation of Facebook Login.”

A lot of hackers

It would be a great app if the hackers were felt with. And not allowed to come back.

Rip off

Purchased chips, did not receive anything, customer service will not help. Zero stars, game is rigged. At the tables, many tags to make you lose.


I’m trying to up date picture it’s keep freezing. Can you help me please

Algorithms setup to make you purchase chips not poker odds

I have been playing for over 30 years in Texas Holdem tournaments in casinos. The odds (which hands should win a great percentage of the time) are not realistic. Instead it appears the game is structured to get you to purchase additional chips. That’s ok if that is what your expecting. But if your playing expecting to learn how real poker plays this is not the game for that. If you experience the same you should also provide reviews here and on social media. It might save someone a lot of money. Tom

Lux indeed!

Its a 5star poker app for sure! Its lux& relax place to meet& chat friends, play in fast&easy way with enough bonus& rewards daily&monthly, also really good packages with multiple bonus to purchase! They listen to what u want& care to do! As besides update& improvements, yet saved nice classic look of the app. Also have a luxury, respectful, fast&private support for any question& problems! What more u may ask!? Only thx IGG👌👏


Cool game and have a lot of fun. Over all they did fixed and make this app more enjoyable.


I've been playing for years I must like it 😊

update ruined this game

this game is horrible now...you can't view tables anymore which means it puts you on a table that has an open seat available.. doesn't give the player a choice anymore... ever think i may not want to play with those players for whatever reason????Maybe they cheat maybe they tag. if the table is full it puts you on an empty table more often than not... Bravo igg.. you drove so many players away because of greed..

Very good game

Makes you lose track of time


Great game!

Crud choice

This game used to be alright. Then they completely screwed it up by removing your ability to select a table to join... why on earth they decided players shouldnt be allowed to select a table to join is COMPLETELY stupid, they removed player options and are advertising huge buys like $50 for worthless poker chips inside a game(worthless in real world). Screw the makers of this game

Poker Deluxe

The app has changed to the point that it is not as much fun anymore. I will be looking for another app to replace it. Change is not always good.

Fun poker game

Nice poker game for fun although would be nice if it were real lol lol but overall a fun game


Not realistic at all. I wouldn't recommend this game. Just a money get.

Nice poker game

I love playing poker iv tryed other apps but like this one the most!


Been here since 2013 and I love it lol my friends get to compete with me and I also get to meet new ppl

Super fabulous

Fun to play, lots of tables, fun to meet new people🤑


Great game!! Only one I play!!!


The ONLY poker game I will ever play. All the others are garbage in comparison.

Not bad

This site is good for people who r not diehard poker players. Ones who play for fun and don't spend any of their own money to buy things. Been playing for years and never spent a penny. I am never able to keep any friends or any fun things like a rose, clock, cigar, etc. Everytime I log out these things r gone when I log back in.

Better than other poker games

Fun, easy to play. Daily sign in for free chips. Not many annoying pop up ads. I wish they had a way to blow annoying players. I'm no prude but some players are downright abusive.

Fun game, full of hackers! Lost lots !

Fun game, full of hackers! Lost lots of chips about 900 million! Only 20 million was supposedly returned, however I could never get back my account after 3 years lost of gold spent for 🚗 🏡 and much more items I bought not a good customer service app😂


Great app. Love it!!!


Luv it


Good site


👍🏼اللعبه جداً جميل بس ناقصنا قروشش

Poker scam site

I've been playing on here almost 2 years and they blocked my accounts and never tell you why and you can't retrieve them because you can't get into their site to talk to them it's non existent This is the biggest scam site I have ever seen they've stolen over 5 billion chips and 2000 gold from me and I can't even talk to them about it there is nowhere to even find out why they blocked your account big scam don't get into it you will be hacked by them I'm sure just to force you to buy more chips and then they will block your account and not tell you why or how to get it back you will never get your chips returned because they will never answer your questions Save Your money don't download the app if could give it a negative star for it I would give it 5 negatives Thanks

Great Texas Holdem

Highly recommended lots of fun!!!

Texas Holdem

Ronnie B. I had 230 or 220 million and i one day it was just gone and support would not believe me or investigate it to any point. So thanks again I'll not play any of your games again unless you find my chips and ask some of my friends like Mary, Corine Ruby Lucky and many more so do your job and I'll try and forget about what you have done. Thanks again!!!!!!!


This game is rigged. You can only win what and when it wants you to win.

It's a sham

They took money out of account without permission !!! Then took all the chips I had won as well!!!


I have used this app for a couple of years. For whatever reasons, I found out this morning that my account has been completely erased, I have lost a couple billion in chips. Which I worked hard and spend a few dollars on. Technical Support to fix this issue is nonexistent. I am now removing it from my iPhone and iPad. If I could give it less than one start, I most certainly would.

love it

i've had this app for years and never came across any problems

It is.. What it is... Could be the best.. BUT!!

Very cool Holdem site. BUT... Be prepared to see fh's bet ur flush flush's bet ur strt... On a regular basis.. Would be great. If.. They didn't control the cards. Cust. Service is nonexistent.

Daily Chips

The Daily Chips has disappeared

Terrible app!

This is a con game on so many different levels. I've played poker all of my life and I have a realistic sense of odds and situational anomalies. This defies both. It will set you up with really good to fantastic hands, only to have some idiot (or bot) to keep making ridiculous calls, only to hit the only card in the deck to save them. This happens over and over again. It's not just bad luck, its internal choreographed cheating. Very frustrating and not worth the time of a real poker enthusiast. Don't give this bs app the satisfaction of downloading their corrupt game.


It's a great game to relax and enjoy

Too slow

Wait is too long for other players to bet. Gets boring waiting

This app make U HATE POKER!!

Ok so read all the reviews because there all true..!! The site is a scam!! I've played here many years. First started on Facebook here where my chips got stolen 7 times . Then made new account to stop the theft an things went ok.. Then I got locked out of my account 3 times for over 20billion.. The reason I'm writing this review I took 2 months off I go to log into my account today the account has 700million and they send me notifications that I need to verify account so I get numbers threw email type them in an site says can't verify its you.. Really!! Same email same passcode an my account locked out.. Why?? It's all true stories of BOTS an disconnection on highly involved hands not a lie ... This site such a SCAM... Chinese rip of artists!!!!!

Texas Holdem poker deluxegreat game

Great game

I been playing this game for a while

I have been playing this game for a long time (as in years). I would stop and then start playing again. However recently for some reason people's pictures stopped showing. I have a lot of friends I like to play with and now I can't even tell who I am talking to because no ones picture shows up. Please fix!!!!!!!!!!

Good game

Pretty good but regular players know cheats & no matter who has the best hand they win the pot. I move to a new table.

Logging in!

Why do I have to keep logging in?

Please work on it.

Needs a lot of work. Trying to play with friends can't find them, tells me I'm not logged in when I am. The few, and I mean very few times I have played it has been fun but trying to my friends to complete against is taking the fun out of it.

Fun game but needs work

Fun game but seems to favor players who go all-in seven out of ten hands

iPhone 6+

Been playing this game for years and I cannot get away from it!!