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Poker Income Bankroll Tracker

by Poker Chang Ltd

(159 user ratings)


Download size: 14.98MB
Version: 14.3
Released: 2009-05-22
For ages: 12+


"The Best Poker App!" -- Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi

"No.1 Poker Tracker!" -- Matthew Affleck

Poker Income can help you win more in poker by answering these questions:

* What is my hourly rate for playing poker?
* Am I better at Texas Holdem, Black Jack or Omaha? Cash games or tournaments? Limit or No Limit?
* Do I make more money in Casinos or home games? Which casinos?
* Are there more fish on Friday or Saturday?
* Am I better at short handed or full table?
* ...

Unique features include:
1. Poker Income is the first graphical live HUD tracker with post flop in the world! You can take pictures and notes on your opponents and track games played against a particular player. You can easily track every hand you played in the past and your opponents' statistics such as VPIP, C-Bet, Check-Raise and Aggression Factor. You can profit from the history of their styles and tells, which gives you a huge edge over your opponents.
2. Backup and restore your data in the cloud at pokerincome.com. Access from any computer or smartphone. Your data are safe even if you lost or switch phones.
3. Track and post sessions and hands to facebook, twitter or email.

You won't find these feature in other clones!

With Poker Income, you can

1. Find the most profitable games, opponents, time and locations
2. Quickly look up your opponents' styles, tells and even previous games you played with them
3. Track earnings and withdrawals
4. Improve your skills
5. Look at each possible angle of your games from charts

Other features include:

* Track all aspects of cash games and tournaments (game format, stake, location, time, profit, notes etc)
* Sift through all poker logs to find the most profitable game, opponents, time and location
* A timer for live games to conveniently track game hours, break-times, and rebuys
* Export data in a tab separated format to your favorite spreadsheet program
* Bankroll and withdrawal management
* Fully customizable: Texas Holdem, Stud, Omaha, Black Jack, Razz, HORSE and your own games!

Poker Income will turn beginners into winners, amateurs into professionals and professionals into superstars!

Please contact support@pokerincome.com for questions/comments/ideas. Also check out free web version at pokerincome.com from any computer or smartphone.

About Developer
Chang is a big fan of discipline bankroll management rule. From 2007 to 2009, Chang has built his live bankroll from zero to twenty thousands in 20 months. In 2007, he started his poker career by playing freeroll cash games and tournaments in local poker clubs in Seattle, Washington, USA. Then he gradually moved up stakes. In the summer of 2009, after building up enough bankroll, Chang took his first stab at World Series of Poker. He successfully cashed in his first two WSOP events back to back.

Finally, Chang has turned all this expertise and experience into the development of Poker Income. He is also working diligently on a few new ideas. Keep an eye on future releases! Don't forget to email him if you have ideas to improve Poker Income.
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Customer Reviews
Good at basic stuff

The filter system and changing between games is a little awkward but the app as a whole gets the job done. Worth getting.

Best Journal out there

I have used several and think this is best


I bought this app for $4.99 and it never worked properly. Customer support is non responsive. Buy a happy meal with your 4.99 you will be satisfied.

Useless now

Bought full version with my iphone6 and it worked fine. Got the IphoneX, now the app wont download to my phone...

Can’t make long notes or read last notes

I used to be able to make a journal in my notes section but now the notes section doesn’t work correctly. I can’t even read all my notes from when it did work. I’m on an iPhone and now I can only read or type until I reach the typing screen on my iPhone...it’s a glitch but could/should be easily fixed by the app owners. It used to work fine!

Love it

Simple and easy !!!


Come on. Add a new feature every now and then. Glad you added iPhone X support but gee, that’s like SO easy to implement. Please give us a real update. Bug to fix: Stop showing us the current (running) session in the graph! It’s shows a huge loss because of the buy in is considered a loss.

Great app

Easy to figure out and keeps track of a lot of nonsense you don't want to mess with. Well worth the $10. Great for any pro player

Great app

It's so perfect. Literally takes out all the thinking when it comes to stats. Before I used the app, I was calculating all my stats on pen and paper. But now with the app I don't have to worry about any of that, I just punch in when I start my session, how much I buy in for, and the app takes care of the rest. I highly recommend this app for any poker player professional, semi-professional or just an average player.


Can you update it so it shows the years in the the monthly report. Can you fix please. Otherwise good app.

Helpful Gets the job done

Very simple to use, very helpful keeps track of earnings and breaks down everything for you worth the price

Good App

Use it daily. Good app for tracking poker performance

Worth every penny!

I have used this app for 2 years now. It's worth every penny. Very user friendly , detailed and simple. A++ any real player needs this!

Terrible support!!!!

I was looking forward to using this app,but, cannot seem to get support to respond back to my countless emails on loading data into the app. I want a refund.

Best poker tracking app

Been using this app for 2 years and it really captures everything a player needs. So many options and exports data as well. Must have for a serious poker player!

The best app 👌🏻👌🏻



It tracks both cash and tournaments and has enough space for notes about your play and others you play with.

Keep track and Win

Good features. Very thorough tracking. Tells you what you won or lost. Track and you can know where you win and how much you may be really losing. They need to fix the standard deviation functions getting huge nonsense values.


Fully customizable. Allows you track expenses and play with ease. Automatically compiles data and reports to provide user with accurate and detailed representation of their results. As close to a perfect product as I've seen for tracking poker results.

Solid app. Very helpful.

Love it.

Excellent to track poker results

Keep results for all poker sessions. Whether it's a cash game or tournament, you can track results. Also you can view the profit / losses or filter by type of game, day of week, or location. Can also make notes on players. A must have for any serious poker player.


Nice app when it works, but it crashes now and then so the data backup feature is essential. Unfortunately, that feature (and the app's website) has been down for two weeks and no one will respond to acknowledge they are working on the issue or give an eta, so for now I'm back to using Excel to track results. whee

Very buggy

A lot bugs to work out. Crashes a lot

Best poker tracking app

This is by far the best poker tracking app on the market

App Export

I was using the Free App version for a couple of months and then upgraded to the Pro version. Now I can't export the data from the Free App to the new App without a $4.99 fee popping up. This is a scam. Tried emailing them and haven't received a single response in two tries. Lost complete trust with them and will spread the word around my poker communities.

Great app!

Love this app! Easy to use and works awesome

Lovin it so far

Been playing live lately and been using it for every session. Pretty easy to get a hang off and very customizable. My favorite aspect is the "filters" where you can sort your results by pretty much any metric you want. The biggest gripe I have is the "players" option. First off, I personally don't find much value in it. Secondly if you accidently click it, there's no "back" button to undo the misclick so you're stuck having to enter something for the players and that aspect is kinda laggy. Other than that, great app!

Very Bad

This app is completely bug ridden. I only attempted to enter an already played game and the experience was so bad I gave up on the app. Many of the most simple functions just didn't work. I saw half rendered screens. The navigation is bad, sometimes I would click an icon and enter a screen that both didn't work and I couldn't return from. Maybe it's better when you try and record a current game but I gave up before trying. Unusable.

Worth the price

Great app. Very helpful. Would like to see a tournament buyin range filter. How about a previous day in the date filter. Right next to yesterday. Keep clicking to go back one day at a time. I would like to see one day at a time without using the custom date filter.

most glitchy app in my phone

most glutchy app in my phone and theres no way to be accurate when theres this nany glitches, wont let me record times leaves games open when i closed them overall awful

best app

great app and lots of flexibility

Great app

For the serious poker player who really wants to know how well they are doing. Needs a little work though. For ex. you Cannot edit players on a session without Deleting the whole session and also it Would be nice to have it automatically Back up instead of having to manually Do it. But besides that it is a really nice App.

Poker tracker

Great app

Does it's Job

So far, so good.

Poker Income

Must have if you want to improve your game

Works well

Intuitive, easy, and functional.

Great app

Best poker tracking app I've used.

Love it

Keeps me organized and realistic.

Poker income

Very good tracking program. Very easy tracking program. I like that I can track my play on my pc. But... When I backup my data From iPhone it doubles my entries on my offline version. How can I not have it not double my entries to my offline version. Would love to also have the software that can be used on a pc and one that does need to be connected to the online version of my cell phone. I like to keeps multiple copies of the same information as a backup to all my sessions. Love to see a pc version of the software

Need better charts

Please do something to change the graphs and make them more 'up2date' Also allow a reasonable printable table & allow an option for tax papers purposes thanks!

Great Program Overall

Great overall. But needs the means to track cash promotions such as Aces Cracked, High Hands, Bad Beat table shares, drawings, etc. Meets all my needs otherwise. Takes a little getting used to. Suggest a date filter separated by weekend (ie: this weekend, last three days, last weekend, etc.)


Excellent app couldnt ask for more. Reliable and fully functional

Great app

Other than recent crash issues, has been a very useful and dependable app.

Simple And good

Easy to use and the features you need.


Easy app to add info and review overall win/loss.


I don't normally write reviews. And this is my first. That is saying a lot. I have used this tracker for a year now and it has not failed me. I like the design much better than poker journal. It has a lot of neat statistics like what are your best days, month, time of the day session... Etc.

Enjoyed while it lasted

Used this app heavily in 2012. It was great on my phone to document live play. I recently DL it to my ipad thinking I'd use it again and imported my past years. ROI, ITM etc calculations of the exact same data are different between iphone/ipad. :( Came back to see if there was an update for fixes...seems it's no longer being supported. If you're gonna use it just to keep basic stats on your phone and later put into excel it would probably be okay, otherwise don't count on it's accuracy for formulas or charts. You might end up with a skewed perception of reality. Also found some stupidly simple bugs on ipad (tap any profit chart and $/hr and hr played column title switches back and forth, but the displayed information remains at $/hr).


This app has a strong feature set and I loves it.

Great app

Great app really helps keep track with the statistics


Keep up with your wins and losses and print out at years end for profit and taxes