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Poker Free HD

by Haolan Qin

(119 user ratings)


Download size: 35.21MB
Version: 1.6.5
Released: 2010-04-01
For ages: 12+


*********** If you like this app, please consider leaving a review. It will help us a great deal. Many thanks! ***********

The popular iPhone/iPod touch game "Headsup Poker Free" has been completely redesigned and rewritten for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch as a premium universal app.

Stunning graphics, more graphical elements and realistic animation to take advantage of the larger screen of iPad.

Play heads up no limit Texas Hold'em with either the robot or your friends.

-Single player mode: Play against your iPad or iPhone.

-Two player mode: Play against your friend sitting on the other side of your gorgeous iPad.

Or you can play against another iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth!

Or better yet, play your buddy on the Internet via Game Center (not quite a multiplayer experience, but close)!

Unlike other casino card games such as Zynga live games, Big Fish, Chat Holdem or Pokerist, you will never have to buy a single chip to play your favorite game against your buddies. This app is also totally clean and family friendly unlike some other apps.

This app does not offer games like blackjack, slots machine, roulette, dice, omaha.

If you like what you see, you may upgrade to the pro version via in app purchase.

email me: headsupftw@gmail.com
twitter: http://twitter.com/headsupftw
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Customer Reviews
Miss it please bring it back!!

Miss it please bring it back!!


Needs to be updated so it can operate on iOS


Fun but the app cheats. Multiple times the river card gives the win to the app. I don’t care anymore cause no money is on the line.

Good game

Very entertaining


I wish more poker apps we simple like this. However, after playing it for several months and noticing certain patterns in how the AI player behaves, I swear this game cheats. For instance, every time I draw a good hand, like two queens or two aces, the computer automatically folds. There will be times where I know I have a good hand but lose at the last second by some sneaky unpredictable trick the computer pulls. This game is really frustrating.

Used to be good.

Was a good ap but has changed so that player cannot win.

Waste of time

Doesn't deal like a real game . Odds in dealer getting the only winning card are unreal . Get another app, this one is a waste of time .

Calls all in with 10-4o preflop

Gimme a break...

Too Obvious

This could be such a fun app! Unfortunately the authors chose to go in a different direction. And it's so blatantly obvious what they're doing. Don't waste your time if you really want to play poker! This is a joke beyond jokes!


Fun game. Enjoy it a lot.


Great game! Play everyday, improves my skill! Play It!


This app is a Fxxxxxx joke.....when U lose over 95% of hands with a pair in the hole to straights, flushes & full houses where the house hand gets 2 or 3 cards in a row to win....😝 This app should come with its own "odor".......to say it smells is and understatement. If possible, would give it a "zero" rating. Ithis is what you call a game, it is a game "not worth playing"......I have had 5 full house hands only to be beaten by 5 four of a kind hands......over several games, I have had 20 pairs in the hole, ranging from fours to Aces (more than once) and have lost every hand.......over multiple games, I have had 20+ hands with four cards in the same suit (in the first 5 cards) and have never gotten a Flush, while the "house hand" has had at least 10 hands where the house hand had only a paired suit in the four cards, only to get three suit matching cards over the last three cards.....how is that possible.....when compared to the "player hands" indicated earlier....? This game is not a game but a piece of "**it"!!!!

Fun game...to the haters I have to say...

...you're too silly for words! If you think the game is rigged in favor of the software - believe me when I say stay away from cash games - you'll lose there too! I don't like the ads either - but the developers need to make a living - so relax - or pay for a game with no ads!

What happened?

Loved this game for a while. Played it on my iPad 2 and my iPad Air for the last several months. Starting September 10, every time I open the app it immediately crashes. I have to do this 5 or 6 times before I can play the game. Please fix this bug!

Decent game

I have been playing this game for over a year, and have not had a single crash. The annoying error messages stating could not connect to server get old really fast.

No iPad vs iphone

No bueno

stopped counting wins

The last two days, no wins are counted or added in the win total. Come on people!

Fun to play

Good ap. no problems.

No multiplay!

Couldn't get multiplayer functions to work over bluetooth or Game Center as advertised, which was the only reason I wanted it. Switching to Sparkling Poker.

Cannot Win

I lost 14 hands in a row and the hands where I finally got a Jacks or better pair the computer folds.

Not bad at all

Of course you can win at it. About 50/50 for me, and I'm an absolute hack


This has been a fun app that doesn't take a lot of time and is basic. You can roll through a game fairly quickly. Thanks, Russell


Thanks for asking...I really hate the obnoxious adds...wish there was a option to pick multiple players instead of heads up. Other than that...the program seems to work well.

More Ads

Only version change was to make it more difficult to dismiss the full-screen ads. Don't upgrade if you haven't already.


Time passer..


New pop up ads are constant, entire screen and lock up iPad. Liked this app for a year but now I am vehemently against it. I wouldn't recommend this game to an ex-girlfriend.

Very Fun

I really like this app. It seems to be fairly realistic as far as I tell. It seems challenging enough to help me improve my game. I have been playing poker for years and loving it, so this is a very pleasant way to spend some time in between tasks. Thank You!

Great ap if you want to play offline

The graphics are good and more importantly the computer "plays" realistically

Cheating app

It definetely cheats. It lets you win for a little and then always shows a better hand no matter what you have. Deleting.

Great time passer!

Fun easy game to play, wish the money was real!


Great game. Hours of fun.


The game is great but the switch to other downloads or too quick......I love the poker game

No stars

The ads are unbearable. If an update doesn't eliminate these soon, I will delete the app.

Ads Ads Ads

Latest version has far too many annoying ads.

Don't bother

It's boring. It doesn't really help you play if you are starting.

Bugs+Ads= Deleted

If the poor randomization of shuffled cards, miscalled hands and inability to see opponents hands at end of some rounds weren't enough, the latest version blasts full screen ads at start up that you can not stop or skip. My patience with this game has expired. Deleted. if you were happy with the last version, don't install this one.

Nice game


Helps me practice

I like the app. It keeps me on my toes with my skills

Great game!

Hours of fun. Easy to understand!

Great time killer


Not good

Full of ads. Terrible graphics and interface.


Works well, fast easy to use. Lots of fun. No glitches in a year I have used it

Great games

Great games


Jogo divertido e bom para treino

Too Easy

Need to be able to increase the difficulty level.


This game is excellent & I try to play as if my own money is at stake. I could play for hours.

Too easy

It's too easy to win with the one on one format vs computer.

Loses sound

Love the game but several time the sounds effects go away. Reloaded app but sound is still missing. Reset to sound on in settings. All other apps have sound. Anyone know what is wrong.

Good game

Tried several of the head-to-head Texas hold'em through the years. This is the best.

Perfect poker!!

Love it!