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Mega Poker Texas Holdem

by Combay Inc.

(119 user ratings)


Download size: 103.82MB
Version: 3.6.7
Released: 2009-02-09
For ages: 12+

Genres:GamesCardCasinoSocial Networking

Mega Poker is a unique Texas Hold'em multiplayer card games that lets you play live poker with live players across the internet. It supports several sit and go poker types included (No-Limit, Pot-Limit and Fixed-Limit). You can now connect with your friends and family to go against thousands of other players around the world. Watch the pros, or join and play with them if you think you are good enough.

Join us now and receive daily FREE up to 1-million chips. Running low? Not to worry, we are also giving out extra extend play chips to keep you on the games.

- Now connected with Facebook and Game Center.
- Daily free chips.
- Give out Extend Play chips when you are running low.
- Chat with your friends and family around the world in any international languages (Emoji supported).
- Earning achievements while maintains ratings and levels to help you improve your poker skills.
- Provides three different types of Hold'Em games: No-Limit, Pot-Limit and Fixed-Limit.
- True random card shuffle (with hardware's seeds).
- Highly secured, performance and stability.

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Customer Reviews
Trouble with Sign In! HELP!!

I get a pink bar when trying to connect to Facebook. “App not set up” is the message. Frustrating! I need help, please!


The app is flooded with cheaters. Numerous emails and text messages to the owner go ignored. I have played the app for over 10 years and this last several months has been terrible, think there’s customer service? Pfft, you will never get a response and they don’t care. Save your hard drive space, download some other app

Mega Poker

I don't no what you did on the 21st of nov,the game doesn't work right. Please fix it or but it back the way it was. Thank You JJDJAJ. October 9 ,2017, having trouble with Mega Poker, it lock up on me. Can’t log in with my name and pass word, had to close out of game and shut phone down . Feb.4 2018 I fotgot my password for al.youngs.56 I would like to change it.If you could help me I would appreciate it.

Crashes frequently in iOS 11

No updates in two years and it needs to be. Crashes frequently in iOS 11. Game is far from random. Heaven forbid you start amassing chips, your hole cards and the flop will entice you to the river where no matter your hand, you will get beat. This is known as the “Mega Setup” and all longer term players are fully aware.

Worst ever!!

Chips are disappearing from account,not just millions but billions . No customer support what so ever. Don't download it. Shame on you apple letting this one man app rip us off whenever he pleases.

Poor regulation

There should be an option to report players. Too many people feel the need to harass other players and make extremely unnecessary comments.

Joke of a site for poker

Worst Algorithm ever. Get quads all the time. Flush over flushes constantly. All designed to make you lose so you buy more chips. It's no mystery they are in this to make money and create action. What a scam.

Too many screw ups to trust

Dealing software is not plausible. Hole cards dealt not anywhere near random! Repeat of value of cards significantly greater than could ever happen in a realistic game. The menus are unreliable. Games showing 10 players are too often only 6 players. The blind amounts shown are also too often not what is really at the table. Sorting the menus yields highly inaccurate results. The only thing I can find inviting is that if you don't buy chips (I don't), then this game is free. I don't presume the authors will ever correct the problems.

Don't download this game.

I have come to find out that the game will give you winning cards when you buy into the game. Or in other words in game purchases. It is unfair to those who chose to save their money. I'll be downloading a different game in hopes of a better outcome.

Rip off again

Thought I found a fair Texas Holdem app, but low and behold I was wrong. Lets you win for a while and then you start losing with weird hands. Give you good hands to bet only to lose to a better hand that makes no sense that someone would stay. Hack, and more hacks.

🤔😜😜😜is the best game

Love it 😍😍😍😘 😜😜😜😜😜

Worst customer service of all time !!

So sick to death of being hacked on this freakn app and there's ABSOLUTELY. Zero customer service!! Ever! Can't get back chips constantly hacked from greedy thieves! Can't restore an acct.. you name it and if it's anything besides pay more money for more chips through App Store it cannot be done and they don't care! Haven't for the last 5 years! I'm sick and tired of it! I can't even sign into my accts that were hacked or get my chips back! Cannot tell you how many billion have been stolen.. and it was because I spyed someone's cheating set up, called them out on it and to shut me up I was hacked for ALOT of chips! Do not waste your time on this app! Do not give them your money! They know exactly who's doing what and only care about how rich they're gonna get not about Loyal many years customers!! Do not download do not play you'll never ever have any customer service or any resolution to any issues.. ever! Disgusting!! Apple I want my chips back I'm sick of this nonsense or I promise I'm so done w Apple!! 500,000,000 chips is a lot and this isn't the first time! Restore at least 400,000,000 or I boycott Apple! If you can't back their play since they don't back their own what good are you??

fraudulent - be careful

Duan, the owner plays under the names Minerzhu, Connor, TheRapist, guest23, shem.kigen, heart9999, etc., the game is rigged. You buy chips and play for awhile, build up your stack, and Duan locks you out of your account, takes chips out of your acct or will put you in the famous MEGA-setup hand and you lose your chips. Then you buy more chips, the fact you are buying chips and having them stolen, just to buy more chips is fraud. There are people selling you chips on eBay, taking PayPal? The whole app is rigged and you are doomed to fail. 99% of the players on the big tables are cheating. And all the players names are highly offensive! The best player on mega is a girl named RAPEmeANAL. Duan allows this sort of name on his app. Ridiculous that iTunes allows fraudulent apps on the iTunes Store. And if you try to submit a complaint against Mega Poker to iTunes, Mega Poker's website is a Facebook page that is not responsive. Duan you are a disgrace to humanity! Also and probably most importantly racial slurs are common.


بسيار بازى عليست لذت بخش است ممنون ميگاه پوكر


Been playing this game for years yet all of a sudden it will freeze while I'm involved in big bet hands and it won't replace your chips back. Unable to buy chips in the app purchases for the last could of days. Seems like another update is needed immediately to fix these issues.


I want buy chips Please text or call 2256504241

Poker Game!!!!

Poker game is game that are using “BRAIN” to play and it is not play by luck…. Using your MIND to play game and get WIN WIN begin… New Players need to pay patient and watch closely to the game and how others player .. Don’t just get in table and playing…

Unfair game

Don't understand why mega set up people to win or loose so bad. That is so sick.. If mega keep continued this I think people will stop playing any more perhaps they going to another app of poker...I like to play poker but never seen this app have done to me... But still love to play.and now less people are playing then b4 Soon there is no more megaaaaaaaaaa.

Give it A CHANCE

Great app, Nice interface and fair game players. It is fun and competitive.

Better for a FREE game and Entertaining

It’s better than most of other app’s I have ever tried.


Daily Bonus only posts every other day. Good holdem poker game.

Royal Flush

Best non-gaming app on the market. Great competition at all levels of play! I've been playing Mega for a few years now. None better. Hopefully it'll become a gaming app one day. I play on my iPad and iPhone and it's never crashed on me. I always receive free bonus chips. If your not winning it's probably not the apps fault. Good luck!

Best poker app I ever tried

Better than any other poker than I ever played on.... Wsop and pokerstars didn't last me well enough... But this constantly had me hooked for months! The only downside is that it is true that while you play... You get disconnected time to time... App crashes also... Also takes time to load the game without crashing... But the game does work! Real challenges with real people... Nice or mean lol


Do you read these admin people? I never receive free chips! And when I try to access your combay website from the App Store, the thing goes to Facebook! The app has serious bugs. I have not won many hands as the app chooses to allow payment to the wrong winner, as in, I had two pair and the other player one pair. My two pair lost to a one pair. And there are many other times the app did not appropriate correctly. You have not updated your app for over a year now.



Best IOS poker app ever!!!!!

Good poker game for experiences, feel like playing with real people, chat to other people around the world and also learn how to patience when you got like 10 bad hands in a roll…. playing this game for a while and made and some times win 5 hands straight…. need to have strategies to play….

New Revision is BETTER

I like the new Mega APPS changes..I'm more confident of your APPS now..A BIG HOORAY..


Great update, layout fixed in iOS 9

Great Great UPDATED!

Fun and good poker experience for newbies.


Love new cards, it fun to look at it while waiting for my turn….Nice graphic and Avatar. There are free chips a couple of time a day… Fun to make new friends

Good until update

Now I can't get past the "sit and go" screen. Tried through the quick connect buttons and through picking a table to connect. Neither work.

Ido 9 update

Recently updated to Iso 9 on my iPhone 5c and now can not play mega poker. When will the software be updated ?


This upgrade takes away texting capability and menu selection. Terrible interaction between mega poker app and IOS9. People think I am rude.

New IO9

Hi, the app is not working with the IO9. Can you please check on this issue, thanks


Can't get past selecting a table to play at..! I assume they are working on this but they need to stay ahead of the game (so to speak). Good game otherwise... Been playing on and off for years... Looks like off for now


Not ready for iOS 9! Every Apple iOS update knocks out half or more of the things like no ability to text at the table and menu on right side is unavailable. No more sit out or stand up. They don't give a dam as long as they collect money for chips! And impossible to contact them!



Don't even bother

Uninstalled! Stacked decks.

Good app


Great Learning for free game

Love play Poker ? This will be an amazing app to play with, and it is also free. Daily bonus give to player.. and Excellent way to interact with people around the world. The app have a lot of advantage highly poker skills to challenge ….

Good app

Good app


The game is fun to play to pass the time. But if you're looking to actually accumulate chips it's very difficult since you start off with so little. The people with hundreds of thousands of chips will just bet huge amounts every hand just to fold you out before you even see the flop. You have to play very very very very selectively and it will get boring folding every hand until you get a perfect one.


Omg I want my money back I got 5.6 M chips and suddenly after earning like 200 K in a game I look at my account and it said 0 chips!!! I WOULD LIKE MY MONEY BACK DUAN!!!!

Perfect poker game

Love this app. Best platform online, period. 2 years playing this app.

I love it 😘😜😊😍😍


Great App

If love Texas Hold’ em and this will be the app you are looking for… hence, you should give it a try, will never regret it...



Enjoy the APP

I really enjoy playing the game. The interface has gotten more interactive but a great game. Just wish we could play for real money.