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Pocket Casts

by ShiftyJelly PTY LTD

(83 user ratings)


Download size: 46.09MB
Version: 7.1
Released: 2011-01-26
For ages: 9+


Pocket Casts is the world's most powerful podcast platform.
Wired: "Pocket Casts Is the Podcast App Every iPhone User Needs"
iMore: "Pocket Casts is the best podcast app for iPhone"

With a unique set of simple yet powerful features and a limitless podcast database, you're sure to find something you love.

Design: Easily listen to, manage and find new podcasts.
Themes: Whether you're a dark or light theme person we've got you covered. We even have you OLED lovers covered with our Extra Dark theme.
Universal: Custom but familiar iPad interface, supporting Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture.
Everywhere: CarPlay, AirPlay, Chromecast and Sonos. Listen to your podcasts in more places than ever before.

Up next: Automatically build a playback queue from your favorite shows. Sign in and have that Up Next queue sync to all your devices.
Trim silence: Cut silences from episodes so you finish them faster, saving hours.
Variable speed: Change the play speed from anywhere between 0.5 to 3x.
Volume boost: Increase the volume of voices, while decreasing background noise.
Stream: Play episodes on the fly.
Chapters: Jump between chapters easily, and enjoy embedded artwork that the author has added (we support MP3 and M4A chapter formats).
Audio & video: Play all of your favorite episodes, toggle video to audio.
Skip playback: Skip episode intros, jump through episodes with custom skip intervals.
Apple Watch: Control playback from our Apple Watch app, adjust the volume or change playback effects, all without ever touching your phone.
Sleep timer: We'll pause your episode so you can rest your weary head.
Airplay & Chromecast: Send episodes straight to your TV or speakers with a single tap.
Sonos: Browse and play your podcast collection directly from the Sonos app.
CarPlay: When you're in the car, so are we.

Sync: Subscriptions, Up Next, listening history, playback and filters are all securely stored in the cloud. You can pick up where you left off on another device and even the web.
Refresh: Let our servers check for new episodes, so you can get on with your day.
Notifications: We'll let you know when new episodes arrive, if you like.
Auto download: Automatically download episodes for offline playback.
Filters: Custom filters will organize your episodes.
Storage: All the tools you need to keep your podcasts tamed.

Discover: Subscribe to any podcast in iTunes and more. Browse by charts, networks and categories.
Share: Spread the word with podcast and episode sharing.
OPML: Jump on board without any hassle with OPML import. Export your collection at any time.

There are many more powerful, straight-forward features that make Pocket Casts the perfect podcasting app for you. So what are you waiting for?

Visit pocketcasts.com for more info about the web and other platforms supported by Pocket Casts.
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Customer Reviews
Bring back “keep last X episodes”

I listen to a lot of daily podcasts. I have Pocket Casts set up to be my own personal NPR One: I get the NPR news every hour, so if I leave it playing after listening to a show, I get the news. Then I get a couple other daily shows. But I don’t need to listen to every episode of these daily shows, never mind the hourly newscast. I want to keep the last 1 or 2 episodes and archive the rest of them. That feature is critical.

Best of the average, but... NPR

There are no great podcast apps on iOS (see Podcast Addict for Android) but this seems to be the best if you’re a power listener. But there was already a weird change to this app recently and since NPR now owns this app you can expect more spying due to their obsession with podcast analytics. Still using this right now but am looking for an alternative, which is why this gets only two stars.

Archive is confusing

Archive is a ridiculous and unnecessary status. Played and unplayed is all that’s needed, I’ll consider trying the app again when archive status is gone. Shame to delete an expensive app.

Why are You guys so obsessed with archiving?


OK update but continuous play/queues are broken

Don’t mind the update but continuous play consistently doesn’t work or crashes the app. Play next queues also seem to automatically clear out after first podcast is played.

Version 7.1 😱

The latest update is awful; clunky and bloated. Completely dumbed down, which was their goal. It seems too many people were confused by Auto Clean-up so they removed it. Developer is snarky when they do reply. I've moved on from what was once my most used app. Joe might be a nerd but his podcatcher (icatcher!) app is first rate.

Update difficult to use

The new update changed many default behaviors. Some of them we tucked into properties (setting default behavior to download is somewhere, I've set it now). Changing it so default is for playback settings to effect all podcasts is really annoying. I now have to go into all my existing podcasts and set them to individual so i don't accidentally mess up their settings. It's still an OK app. Probably better as using the app as a fresh new experience than as the "upgrade" experience has been.

Getting used to it, but still two bugs

Great app, but still two annoying bugs still with 7.1: 1. Audio stops on a video podcast once you switch out of the application to the home screen. I think it’s still playing in the background but the audio stops. If you stop and start the podcast the audio restarts. 2. The video controls on a video podcast in landscape mode are too close together and sometimes register the wrong action when you click them (especially when you try to fast forward.)

What were they thinking?!

This used to be the best podcast app out there. The new version is terrible. Someone in this company really married them self to the concept of archiving and it’s just everywhere and the most unintuitive mess ever. I’m actually going to delete this app I paid for and just going to use the free one that comes with the phone. Thanks for the update no one asked for.

Icons Not Showing on CarPlay

The podcast icons are not displaying using CarPlay when I am looking under New Releases or Downloaded lists. Please fix this!

I’m looking for new app

I have had this for years and I’m the past I understood the changes not that I liked them but I figured them out but this, 1. Can NOT figure what is (now playing) I can’t skip parts I don’t care to listen to 2. fix the speed when I turns it self to faster 3. And filter is to much work so I never use 4. Details are gone or I can not find them 5. Where is the page with all podcast I subscribe too can not find that Why I hate new things this is so different I have to leave if only I could understand the changes but that make no sense

latest version keeps pausing audio and crashing.


Ruined in new version 7

This used to be a 5 star app for me (version 6 and earlier). I’ve given it some time to get used to the new interface and there are some nice improvements (the queue of episodes is good), but there are some major regressions. Primarily for me is the archive feature. It used to be episodes were played or unplayed, and unplayed episodes were grouped together at the top of the list for a particular podcast. This made it easy to get rid of an episode you don’t want with a swipe to mark it as played. It also let you subscribe to a podcast and mark just the episodes you were interested in as unplayed and they would be sorted to the top. Now episodes have archived and played status which is overly complicated. Unplayed episodes are not grouped at the top so you have to scroll down to find them scattered about. It is complicated to replay an episode as archived episodes are hidden. It is possible to keep archived episodes visible, but getting rid of episodes you don’t want is a multi step process to mark as played (a button in the episode details) and archive it (a swipe).

auto archiving has to go

I’ve been using Pocket Casts for many years and have always enjoyed it. For the most part, I like the new app, but the auto archiving feature they added has got to go. It doesn’t work very well. It leaves too much on the device. The old way worked fine and I don’t know why they changed it. I’m on the verge of leaving and once I leave and find something else, I doubt I come back. I don’t think I’m the only one. Hope this changes very very soon.

Still terrible after major update

Like others have said. Major features removed. I can no longer listen to hourly news podcast because there is no ability to auto delete. I only want the latest episode for a hourly news podcast. Like others I am looking for a new app.

The new look is atrocious

The old look was so much more clean, now everything looks low res and blown up to take space. Menus are also harder to navigate and I can't figure out how to do simple things like set specific subscriptions to auto delete unplayed episodes. It would be nice if we could get the old look back.

Developer Says No More Auto Clean-Up

I wrote to the developers and they confirmed that Auto Clean-Up was removed. No reason given. Now the app is a memory hog. Absolutely absurd! Check your storage. In previous versions I had Auto Clean-Up set to keep only the most recent episode which was crucial for storage management. Archive is NOT a replacement for the previous Auto Clean-Up. UPDATE Version 7.1: They keep tweaking it but simply refuse to bring back Auto Clean-Up. Stubborn or just don’t care about users? Good-bye Pocket Casts.

Confusing UI since 7.0 update

This used to be my favorite podcast app. But since 7.0, it’s practically unusable. I can’t figure out how to download podcasts for later. I can’t figure out how to queue things up. I clicked on an icon that looked like a mushroom — I guess it was a trash can — and an episode disappeared. I don’t know where it went. Ugh. Back to using Overcast for me, I guess.

New update = gooder

The new update made the whole app even better!

Notice all negative reviews have same criticisms?

back to being a good with update after auto archive (aka delete) as been restored. still not a 5 bc too many gestures to get old features that used to be intuitive

Very 7.1 is terrible

App is extremely buggy on my iPhone SE. Played podcast are no longer archiving and app Is not updating across devices. Still problematic when playing using Google Cast. Similar problems on Android, which lead me to feel it’s a problem with app not devices

New version is HORRIBLE!!!

UPDATE: had to remove the app - it FILLED my phone with 62 GB of podcasts (auto-cleanup feature did not work) and USED UP ALL MY MOBILE DATA (despite the app being set to use cellular data only with permission). What a piece of garbage!!!! They seem to have removed everything that made PocketCasts my favorite podcast app, and instead created an app that is harder to use, more cumbersome and FRUSTRATING!! The new controls are so small that it’s nearly impossible to use while driving, walking, etc. Too many touches are required to do things that in the last version involved swipes, and now require precise touch. The “add to up next” feature from the “new episodes” menu is GONE from the app altogether. It was previously accessed with a swipe and tap from the menu; now it requires that you open each episode to add to up next. Again, more hazardous to use when visual attention should be focused elsewhere. Variable speed settings are no longer saved for each podcast, and instead requires speed to be adjusted for each episode that plays. What’s the use of an auto-playing up-next list when it doesn’t play how I want it to? I have now sent two emails to support for these issues, but haven’t received a response.

The new update is harder to use, cluttered, and missing controls it used to have.

I use Pocketcasts on both Android and iOS. The new update has ruined the iOS version. I have spent weeks getting familiar with the new design and controls. This response is not just a negative reaction to change in general. After putting a lot of effort into understanding the changes I have concluded that this new interface is harder to use, missing controls, less intuitive, and broken. Many video podcasts won’t play at all. The entire app runs slower and has delayed responses. My filtered lists include podcasts that are years old and I can find no way of removing them. Reordering lists is harder to use. Before making a major change to the UI please make sure all the controls and capabilities of the previous version are still present in someway. If this doesn’t get fixed soon I’ll need to find a new podcast app which makes me sad because I’ve loved this app and appreciated the quirky developers for years.

Used to be my favorite

What the heck did you guys do to this? Finding and downloading new episodes is now frustrating. Adding to ‘up next’ and organizing that list is now frustrating. Forget about operating the app while driving just to skip ahead or anything because the buttons are so small you need a surgeons touch to hit the right thing. I’m looking for another player you guys ruined it.

Version 7.1 fixed all my issues

The update to version 7.0 was a major UI change for what I consider to be the best podcast player in the App Store. Unfortunately there were also some bugs with the app and even some features that were removed as part of the new version. The update to 7.1 fixes the issues that I was experiencing and restores some of the features that went missing. (Welcome back dates for podcasts in the Up Next list, how I missed you) Change is hard but after using the new version for a couple of weeks I am already used to it. Glad to see that the Shifty Jelly team is always working hard on fixing bugs and making improvements.

More swipe options please

Swipe to mark as played. Swipe to delete. In the Help file explain the value and definition of Archive.

I Wouldn’t Spend Money On This App If I We’re You

I’ve had this app for years and it was amazing, but they recently changed the UI and removed a lot of the features I used. It’s now just as messy and unhelpful as the Apple Podcasts app. So just keep using that one. There’s no reason to waste any money or time moving to a new app. I’m kinda stuck with this one for now. You don’t have to be.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Favorite podcast app... Update is just window dressing.

Terrible since the UI update

I can no longer recommend this app. UI is way too busy and not intuitive at all. Move on, find a different app.

Awesome App

This is my favorite Podcast App it should have a rating of 5 Stars. Please install and enjoy. I use this on both Android and Apple devices.

Still no support for private feeds

The claim that Pocket Casts is "the world's most powerful podcast platform" is absurd, given that it doesn't have a feature as basic (and as easy to implement) as support for password-protected feeds. On the upside, several annoying bugs and glitches have been fixed in version 7.


I’m back on the Pocket Casts hype train. It’s a very well designed application and doesn’t charge monthly fee. Boom!

Developers utterly ruined app in Version 7

I had settled on Pocket Casts as the best podcatcher for me after trying all the others. Now so much that made it good has been removed. Worst of all is that it became a total memory hog as you can no longer control how podcasts are kept. There’s no way to specify keeping 1 episode of a podcast or many, so now my up now list, filters, and device memory are all cluttered with useless podcast episodes that I just want gone. They used to be auto-cleaned up by settings. In Version 7.1, the developers tried to rectify this change by bringing back a per podcast setting, but it’s not for removing downloads. Instead it Auto Archives episodes so you don’t see them at all. That’s not helpful. I just need the download to stop taking space, but I still need to know the episode exists and I didn’t listen. What they need to bring back is the previous Auto Clean-Up feature that deleted the download. I don’t want deleting a download to archive an episode! Previously I kept exactly all the podcasts I wanted on my device at all times so they were there, even if I had no network on a plane or in the subway. Storage hovered around 12-16GB used. With the new system, downloaded podcasts keep ballooning to 128GB+ and causing my 256GB iPhone to run out of memory. There is now no way to adjust setting to get the right balance of the right podcasts always available. Archive is the most inane, unneeded, unasked-for feature. Apparently the developers thought is solved some need that I never had. The new per podcast Archive settings don’t even solve one of the big complaints many people had. I subscribe to several news bulletin podcasts with a new “episode” every hour. All I want on my device and in lists is the most recent one. Previously I could set it to just “Keep 1 Episode”. Now you can only archive “inactive” episodes after the first 24 hours, meaning I still have 23 unwanted episodes cluttering everything up. You’d think Pocket Casts would understand this after being bought by NPR, one of the producers of hourly news podcasts. I had switched to Overcast after version 7 and hoped I could switch back to Pocket Casts with Version 7.1, but apparently not. It’s still awful. It’s a real shame, because I don’t really like Overcast and came to Pocket Cast because it offered all sorts of things Overcast doesn’t. It’s a shame the developers have chosen to mess up their app so horribly. I guess I have to start sampling all the other podcatchers again.

I can’t auto archive based on latest episode

I can no longer delete episodes to only keep the most recent one downloaded and on my queue, which is a big help when I just want to hear the latest news from My podcasts. If I am missing where this is, please let me know and I’ll change the review to five starts, because this new design is so worth the full rating. :) — Edit: They listened and re-added the auto archive...except it’s not what is was in the previous version. Please add archive so I can choose that only one episode is downloaded and shown in the queue at a time...like before the large update.

One Of The Best

This has always been one of my favorite podcast players for a long time now. So many pros to this podcast player. Although I don’t use the video player feature that much I love having options. And this has that and more. Big changes recently but still one of my favorite podcast players. I’m glad they changed the archive back or to a way that wasn’t confusing or different from how I use it.

My new favorite podcast app!!

Long time user of Overcast... So happy I decided to give this podcast app a try. I have a podcast that I listen to that only makes episodes available for 24 hours before they get deleted. Overcast would auto delete once that episode was gone. So I would constantly miss episodes. This app lets you keep that episode as long as you have it downloaded. For me that alone was worth paying for this app. Couple reasons why I took off a star... One, when you make a custom filter I wish it would automatically play episodes in that filter without having to manually queue up each episode. Having a option to play oldest to newest, or newest to oldest would be great. Second, the volume boost constantly makes the voices sound like robots, it’s pretty annoying. Aside from that, I love the layout of all the podcasts I’m subscribed to. Plenty of playback options to get through those long podcasts faster. All around a great podcast app. Highly recommend!!

God this last update tanked

Usability just flew out the window with this last update, not intuitive and a complete departure from the old interface.

Change for the sake of change? Not at all.

The recent, major UI overhaul had me fuming. This is, for me, one of the most important apps I have installed. And I’ve become a bit of a Luddite, never mind my considerable IT work dating back a quarter of a century. I quickly went searching for alternatives, spending considerable time with three or four apps. The typical subscription models offered by many competitors turned me off just enough to revisit Pocket Cast one final time. It was an infuriating challenge. Why couldn’t I find a way to remove a subscription any more? Where did that one thing go? Why did they move that? What’s this crap I see when I scroll down? How can I live with this nonsense? Why is this so hard?! And then...I “got it.” I found the settings I thought were removed. I discovered the beauty of the new interface because it allowed me to queue (after lots of fiddling) podcasts in an order that sensibly aligned with my wishes. It started to feel intuitive after a day or two. I continued to fiddle. I found the option to automatically download podcasts that I’d added to my queue. And it’ll only do so over WiFi as I ask, just the way I want it. I got used to scrolling vertically as well as horizontally. I figured out what I’m guessing the devs hoped I’d figure out, LOL. This is GREAT! The poor developers must have been worried sick about this big UI revision. They had to know this would be a jarring change for their users and that it would likely turn many loyal fans away. But I think they’ve done a terrific job. I’ve more than warmed up to the new look and feel. I much prefer it now. Period. I encourage you to spend time playing around with the new Pocket Casts app, if you’re a long-time user finding yourself frustrated. They’ve done some fine work here.

Barely functions.

I downloaded this app because it supported the cast feature for google home speakers. Since then the app has constantly lost progress on podcasts, is unable to download them, does not resume play after a Siri or notification interruption, requires multiple force quits to even get an episode playing and other issues that have made using this application nothing but a nightmare. I reached out to support for these issues, but never received anything in return. I am actively searching for something to replace this application as this is the worst application I have ever spent money on from the App Store.

Frustrated long time user

I have been using this app for years. The latest version removed fine grain control of how many episodes to keep or cleanup. My phone is constantly out of space unless I manually go through my list and manually archive things.

Not feeling the new update

What happened to the auto cleanup feature?

Latest update ruined my favorite app

Can no longer find\see new releases. It’s the first thing I did every morning. Now it’s quite laborious to go to each podcast individually to see and download the latest episode. Please undo these changes and return it to its previous state. This is one app that I actually paid for.

Bad Redesign, Intrusive Tracking

This is the first redesign since the company was bought and the iHeartRadio CEO was put in charge. This update is bad and makes using the app WAY more difficult. Confusing IA, UX, and far too much visual noise with no hierarchy. Hit re-do on this one. If that wasn’t enough, they just announced invasive tracking technology called RAD they’ll be implementing into this app so more if your privacy can be eroded. ಠ_ಠ

No auto cleanup

Why remove a useful feature? Now there’s no way to choose how many episodes of a podcast to keep. Bring back auto cleanup please.

Bring back old version

Completely agree with the reviewer who said latest update ruined the app. Give us back the old app.

New design is cluttered and unnecessary

I’ve been using Pocket Casts for years for its very simple design and easy on the eyes interface. The new design is the antithesis of that. For example, archived episodes that aren’t complete still show with bolded titles and a play button, making it very difficult to distinguish them from episodes you have yet to play. I don’t like “hiding” archived episodes because I like to re-listen to episodes sometimes. Additionally, there are more steps to navigate the app than previously needed. Im beginning to look around for a new app, as I just can’t get used to the new design. It just wasn’t needed!

New update ruins a once great app!

The new UI changes in the latest update have crippled this app. I used to get up every morning check a list of new releases and tap the download button next to the podcast I’d like to listen to on my commute, for some reason the developers thought it would be more convenient to have to turn this process from one tap into three (whyyyyyyyyyyy.) They’ve completely switched to favor streaming podcast instead of downloading not taking into consideration how many people take a subway without constant internet connection, or how frequent people fly. Don’t fix what ain’t broken! Go back to the way the app was!

Clunky UI update

This was hands down the best podcast app in the store until the latest update ruined the UI. Commands that used to be clearly spelled out in the menu (like “Download And Play All”) are now hidden behind weird and unintuitive things like “long-press episode then select option”). If you didn’t use a prior version, I’m not even sure how you’d know what the app *could* do. If there’s a manual, make sure you read it. No one likes change, and I’m trying to give the upgrade a real chance. But it used to be a joy to use this app, and now it’s just annoying.

Ditched this app after last update

7.0 user interface is so bad that after using this app for many years I have ditched it am now using a different app. They have killed a great app.