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SpaceEffect - Awesome Pic & Fotos FX Editor FREE

by click2mobile

(515 user ratings)


Download size: 39.98MB
Version: 1.0.6
Released: 2012-09-06
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and VideoUtilities

With SpaceEffect you can take a regular photo and apply over 75 effects and textures to create unique looking picture in seconds.

Layer as many effects as you like using the "Add another FX" function before sharing to your favorite social network(Instagram,Facebook,Twitter,etc) or save to your camera roll.

Main features
-75 very cool pic effects to choose from
- Stack different pic effects to your photo
- Make endless magical pictures via stacking different effects
- Move,rotate,scale,flip effect.
- Erase & draw effect
- Adjust effect opacity
- Adjust effect brightness
- High resolution output
- Crop picture when post to Instagram
- Undo FX & Redo FX
- 10+ brushes to choose from
- Share to Instagram
- Share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr

Any feedback,suggestion will be welcome. You can contact us at: click2mobile_dev@yahoo.com
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Customer Reviews
Slendiferous Fun❣please upgrade for new iO11! .

Have used this free app for awhile now and really enjoy the effects on photos, only wish there were a few more. There are ads, but they're not obnoxious, thank goodness. You can do what you're doing without being interfered with. There is a lot of going back and forth between the edited version and the applied result because they don't look the same. That's the only improvement I'd recommend to save time. But it's not that big a deal. It's great fun and the results: splendiferous! 🤓 2017 July update: Says it won't work with upcoming iOS upgrades. Please fix, love this app. Use it lots. 2017 update: needs upgrades for iOS 11. December 2017 update: still needs upgrades!!! 2018: can’t use. Still needs updates for iOS 11! BUMMER!

Love this app but....

Please update it so I can use it on my iPhone X.

Not working

Need to update on the newest iOS


Can you maybe do tutorials on how to do the special effects shown in the preview pics????

It's okay

Not the most awesome thing, but it works.


5-star app. Hands down.


This is a wonderful app adds color to any photo works best on outside photos tho... Also it's a bit lag but overall this app is great!😆

Update Needed

Doesn't work with iPhone 7 +

Developer needs to update

Doesn’t work with iOS 11😔

Fun App

The app is fun and it allows you to jazz up your pictures, it does need more effects so that's why I only gave four stars, but I enjoy using it to enhance some of my photo art.

Please update.

I love this app a lot and I love to use it but I recently did a update to my phone and they said you need to be updated on order to have this app working please fix this app I love it so much.


Can you update it... I really enjoy using this app


It needs more work it would of been nice to be able to move some of the things around and erase some things so I really didn't like it much not an app I would keep or pay for

Awesome app!

I made a few pictures for my boyfriend and best friends. Love this app


Learning curve, but once you get the hang of it ... can't be beat!

So far so good!

Haven't used every option in here but so far it's really cool.


This app is so cool but it if your awesome


Doesn't walk you through it and it's not the best, but considering how it doesn't put those dumb minigame ads up randomly, 10/10. Also I love the lens flare

Nice effects!

Finding some good use for these filters

I love it!

Easier to blend and make my own style pics!

Pretty Good

Cool Effects, just wish there were more to choose from🙂.


It has some fun features I haven't seen before. Hope it continues to be a creative outlet.


Fun so far.

Fun but need update

Great free app , the instructions are vague but still it's a neat overlay app.

Great fun

A great app to be creative with your photos. Thank youb


This site is simple to use and is amazing


Enough said ... Purely awesome ! easy cool effects ! Soooo. Awesome

Good but not much

This app is a good app it just has some issues, you can't really make your pics look like the pics on the front of the app and it has a problem with the marker but still a good app

Good in Quality

I would recommend this app for any who like colorful or dynamic effects in their pictures. My one downside of this app happens to be the squared filters. If using a space effect on a picture that is not square in proportion, the only option is to zoom in on the rest of the filter. It can be slightly vexing for the rest of the filter to be zoomed in too much, but the rest of this app is great for what it is capable of. (Please have more filters that aren't limited to square proportions)

Photo Fun

Easy to use. Effects are quality. And it's free. Adds at the bottom still leave room for your editing.


I love it. It can make the MOST boring pictures look good

Super cool 😎

I love this app so far I don't need to update it and it doesn't glitch like some other apps I think it's really cool because you get a design your own photo😸😸😸

nice app

easy to use good instructions and doesnt try to trick u in to buying upgrades Great App

Space effects

It is amazing

Super fun and easy to use!

I've been playing around with this app for maybe a year to now and I love it more and more. Lots of great affects you can apply in a variety of ways to your Photos

Simple effective

Just started using this app but so far found it easy to use.

Good free app

Has some fun effects, wish it had more or the ability to change the colors.

Real : Deal by Chas

Super Cool Space Effects.Get it! Get it NOW! It is very cool

I'm impressed

I assume there are purchases to be made in related apps and I will be definitely exploring them. There's nothing annoying about this and it's completely intuitive. What a breath of fresh air after dealing with "free" apps that don't function and don't give me anything that actually let me try the app.

Loads of fun

It's a fun app to play with. Can't knock it

Read this befor you get this app

Listen I am just saying this game is so bad I could not do anything don't get this game

Love it!

Fun app!


Add cool effects to your photos.

Love the filters

Awesome filters 👍🏻

It's great

I used it and it makes my photos beautiful

Please read: very good app; HONEST DEVELOPERS

***NO CON...NO POP UP ADS*** It's really not fair for me to review this because I just downloaded a similar but far more comprehensive app...BUT I payed $3.99 for it. This app is a great free app to use for cool effects though. To be honest, I would probably rate it a 4, but I'm upgrading them because this is one of the few "free" apps I've tried lately NOT to immediately either 1) bribe me to rate their app 5 stars to unlock premium features or even worse, 2) not even let you access basic features without the 5 star before you even get the chance to try it. Yes there are ads in the free version, but they scroll at the very bottom, and use up very little screen space at all; they don't pop up and force you to watch some ad for a stupid, completely unrelated game. I've begun giving reviews of 1 star to any developer who tries this con and deleting their app. There are hundreds, in not thousands, of photo editors out there; save your money and time for the honest ones...and pay when you can (no, I'm not a developer lol) Premium features look solid, too. YAY for HONEST DEVELOPERS!!

the fx is so good & natural . you can edit & apply it . thanks a lot .

thanks a lot


Good job

DagNabbitRabbit🐰 Sprint iphone 7+

Fantastic fun. Great app