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by PicsArt

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Customer Reviews

What does “verify your email” mean????? I keep clicking resend but I’m not getting the email. It says I’m only at 80%, and haven’t completed my profile. I don’t understand why every time I enter my email and password it doesn’t work. I’ve tried it over, and over, and over, and over, and over again but it doesn’t work. What do I do???

Do not purchase anything❗️

I purchased editing items throughout the years from them before and it was removed when I updated. Whenever I updated it asked me if I want to renew items I purchased previously & I said YES, but nothing has downloaded to my phone/picArt account. Since then I never purchase from this application. PicArt stole from me. I use them anyway cause it’s free. I have to use another edit app, at least my purchases from them automatically downloads previous purchased items.

Download this app

I love this app since quarantine I haven’t been able to see my bsf but I edit a photo to make it look like we were together


My Dad was receiving bunches of notifications that our system was blocking viruses from my phone. After collecting spamming explosion of warnings, we managed to track the issue down to PicsArt. Once I closed out of it, they stopped, but as soon as I started editing, his phone would buzz. I was forced to delete this app due to the concerns to viruses on my phone and the constant notifications that we driving my Dad insane. I have been using this app hourly for over a week now, but had it dowloaded to my phone for a long time before I got around to figuring out how it worked. I am completely torn, because I have never loved my photography so much. The application is one of my absolute favorites I have ever downloaded, and truly has 5 star software, particularly for a free app; but this hacking issue is deal breaker. I am not allowing possible danger to my family because I wanted to edit my photos. Thank you.

AMAZING app but there are some things I would change.

This is a great editing app but most of the effects cost money. I end up using the same effects over and over again because the other ones cost money. But overall I absolutely LOVE this app and would recommend it.😊

The Crashes

I used to love this app and I would use it every time I posted anywhere and would want to edit photos, but I simply cannot do it anymore. I can’t even place a single sticker or add a photo or do anything without the app crashing. The amount of projects I have lost because of the crashing is absolutely ridiculous and incredibly frustrating. It’s sad because this app was perfect for editing photos and I loved to do it.

Fix your app.

Every time I try to edit something, a minute passes, and it crashes, it really pisses me off bad, like really bad.


I love that I can create pictures and designs all I want

I love this app

This app is so easy to use, provides incredible results, I would recommend it 100 times over, like the title says I love this app

This app is terrible! Do not get!!!

Usually I don’t rate apps but this one I had to do. This app lets me create anything with stickers and more. I also get pizza every night from the stickers I get to use on my mom😏. I honestly think this app is better than TIKTOK and TIKTOK is a really good app. Me and my friend like to laugh at each others posts and we love it. It sounds mean but it’s not. We make them silly and it’s so fun since we are stuck in our houses trying to stay safe from the corona virus. I hope this app never gets old. I love the way you can show creativity and show what you do in your life. It’s supper kid friendly and fun to be on. My username on it is pay_up99 if you wanna follow me! Also Can the developer read this? It’s been a while and I’m deleting the app it’s not kid friendly and terrible. This app should be taken down. I hate it


I can make really awesome wallpapers and show them to my friends and family! It really gives me something to do when I’m bored. Although, sometimes it glitches and it crashes, so I wish that was better. But overall and amazing app!

Good app, but keeps crashing

This app is really useful to edit photos and videos, but recently it keeps crashing. For example, after I finished editing a photo I clicked done, then the screen went black and quit the app. Pls fix I love this app


I have had this app for about 2 months now and it is the best. TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!!!! GET APP


Okay I've had PicsArt for a long time and it’s super fun and so good at editing photos! Although something that really bothers me is that when ever I try to report an image of someone took my image, it says the only way Picsart with look into it, is if I fill in this thing where I have to put my freaking address and where I live, into it!! And that kind of freaks me out because in under no circumstance should Picsart need my address. Besides that, PicsArt and Vsco are my go to apps for photo editing! ♥️

Please bring back the comments

I love this app don’t get me wrong it perfect except that the comments are gone and a lot of people I know on PicsArt aren’t coming back until the comments come back


I love picsart but.... WHERE ARE THE COMMENTS!?!?! Comments are an important part of social media apps. Yes, sometimes they bring hate. But mostly they give young artist and editors love and support by commenting something like “Great job” “Omg this is amazing!” “keep it up!” But now that you have taken away that support and love. Younger artists only get to see how good they are from followers and likes. Also, comments are used for fun things like q&a’s. Or t or d. Or opinions on things. So please picsart. I’ve been on picsart for years. So please bring us back the comments

Herramienta corrección de defectos

Al utilizar esta herramienta cierra la aplicación.


I think I like it but I hate the fake people and I hate how it when I press a button it says *get gold*

My review

I really want to try this app my brother and his friends and my cousinssssss have it


LOVE this app for editing, GODSEND. HOWEVER!!!!!!! They offer a free 3-day trial for extended features, AUTOMATICALLY charging you $50 for a yearly subscription, once the three days are over! Without realizing, you have spent valuable $$$ without your direct knowledge. ALSO crashes relentlessly and works hella slowly. I give an F+ bruh

Best app

So I like to make wallpapers and this app is the best no glitches or anything highly recommend

Secretly charging

So I wanted to try the free trial and I didn’t Know that it would charge me after the 3 days. So we resolved the problem but it was secretly charging my moms card and my phone wouldn’t let me download any games. I was in trouble but I never new that it was still charging her so I had to create a new Apple ID.

Awesome but....

Ok I love the app but ai have a few issues.... so I wat to delete all of my posts but I have of 400 I tried looking for a button nothing.... I don’t want to let go of the account though! I also have run into haters I understand that you can block the. But it is terrible also the bots once comments left got worse... I really love the app though!!!!


i was absolutely in love with this app then my whole house started getting hacked... my father works for a specific company that luckily caught the hacker before they could get anything from us. i can no longer use this app without my father getting notifications that we are getting hacked and i have to get off the app immediately!

My opinion

So i love this app but i think i might have to pay to post but then i accsedently pressed sumit and i deleted the app so it can stoo for a while tho i still love this app😇


Good but if you want all of it you have to pay


I love this app because there’s this game called ROBLOX and I got hacked so I looked up videos and I SAW THIS APP THAT GIVES U FREE CLOTHS AND put any phote so I downloaded it and stared putting photos AND IT WORKED oh and it’s makes your photos look good

Love hate relationship

I use this app for all of my small brand needs such as flyers and picture edits. I love it when it wants to work. I HATE how it crashes after hours of editing !! I’ve lost so much work and time due to the fact I have to start all over again! It’s been happening to me for over a year now and I know it’s not my iPhone because I’ve gone through 3 new phones already. 😢

I’m really annoyed

Whenever I make an edit and put the hashtags and click post it brings me to the homepage and it doesn’t post



Charged for Trial Period

I was just barely started using the app and the pop-up to try it out for 7 days appeared and as soon as I signed up for the trial I was charged immediately for the year?? I cant afford this I was hoping to at least try out the free trial first

This app is good but it CRASHES all of the time

I live doing the edits but it shuts down and doesn’t save my progress. It’s making me mad.

Amazing buuuttt..

I feel like you should add more features and let us add some stuff. Otherwise, this amazing app let’s us edit, and make aesthetic stuff. I was in need for this! Thank you! But I have ANOTHER problem. Y’all need to stop with the premium thing because it keeps getting annoying. I even saw reviews BEFORE I downloaded the app and it still annoyed me! Nobody will get it. We are going through something hard and you are wasting our money for something you can get in google. No. Just no.

I like it but the crashing is bad

I feel the one week (or 3 days) trial is so amazing! This app helps me troll my friends with texting and make edits for people. If there were more stars I would put 10. EDIT:The crashing is very bad like VERY bad.

Used to be great. Still could be, but probably won't.

This app was a great place for editing photos quickly and decently. I never used the app to make my photos look nicer, I only used it to make funny edits, but it still worked very well. Suddenly, when I try to use simple tools, such as the text tool, I cannot apply the changes unless I pay for an incredibly expensive subscription that doesn't match the quality of the service. I would be happy to pay one MAYBE two dollars for the app, but this subscription service is too far. It's something like $4.99/mo, ~$50/yr, which is absolutely exorbitant. On top of this, it is never made clear to the user which tools are for "premium" members and which are baseline, and it's seemingly random. Sometimes it won't even let me click the "done" button without a subscription. I think I might be a lot happier with the app if the subscription services were labelled and concrete, so that I could work around them or use a different app for that portion of the edit. TL;DR: Use a different app if you don't constantly want to be hit by paywalls which render most of the app unpredictably unusable. Developers, I think it would be a better move to make the current picsart into "picsart lite" and make a paid app into the regular picsart.


Thanks for letting my creative part of me shine


Tbh there’s nothing wrong with this app it helps me when I’m makeing a video for yt


This app is great! The stickers are fun and its fun to make and post photos, but when they took comments down it was way less fun and it got me mad. Commentimg is a fun way to Complement peoples art and make they happy . So I would be happier if they took comments back up . ☹︎

Mirror effect/square Fit

I would just like for the mirror effect to go back to the way it was I can no longer adjust how close or far apart I want the images together when I use the square fit option... I used these features together all the time for marketing. That’s all

Muy buena

La mejor para editar

Thank you so much!!

I Love this App!!

I did like it but

Also I am putting five stars for more Attention so let’s the why I did like it so I have had this app for a long time I love it but one time I went to update and it said I had to pay for so bye also thank you for responding no one ever responds to me but I did not see your response

The Fonts?!

Alright, this app is nice, but whatever y’all did to the fonts, please UNDO IT!!

Color Masks

Some time ago my options under Masks changed drastically. Options I used to have that I used so much seemed to be replaced with ones I never use. What happened to all the different ones that used to be there...color splashes, etc. Are they just gone? I loved using these masks in my edits... Remember you used to have options to download? The ones that are there now are of little use to me. Thanks.

Password taken

The thing That’s bothering me is it’s saying MY password is taken and I don’t even have an account.


literally just spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS working on a cut out. when the app closed. when opened again and it loaded my “last project” - it was back to the original image. not the cutout one. i am so upset. this app is incredible, but i cannot believe that just happened and didn’t even “save” properly.

Great App But Small Glitches

I love this app and use it all of the time to make amazing photos that I post very frequently, although while I’m editing, the app will just glitch and delete all of the work I had previously done on a picture. Sometimes is says that it is saving the picture that got deleted but I can never seem to find it later on as I am looking for it. I do use this app all of the time and will continue to. What I have learned is to screenshot the picture I am editing during the process in case the app will glitch. That will give me some of my project to go back to and keep fixing. Overall the app is great and I definitely recommend.


U da best LUNI

I love it❤️❤️

I love picsart because it allows me to create wallpapers I want.It also helps my bad pictures turn into perfect pictures.I told my friend about this app and she loved it as well.I recommend this app because it is very good.Even without the the crown things it is still very good.I love this app.