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PicShop Lite - Photo Editor

by esDot Studio Inc

(1,665 user ratings)


Download size: 57.63MB
Version: 3.1.0
Released: 2012-03-15
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and VideoUtilities

Beautiful interface, tons of editing options and dozen's of filters make this the premier mobile editing suite on the market. You will absolutely love this app.

With support for HD images up to 8MP, PicShop is great for serious photographers as well as casual. We've integrated social sharing right into the app, so you can to post to Facebook, Twitter or Email with a single click!

* Full Editing Suite
* Filters and Effects
* Frames and Overlays

* Sketch Mode w/ 8 different brushes
* Meme Maker (YES RLY)
* Speech Bubbles
* Text w/ Adjustable Font

* Fun Stickers (Hats, Moustaches, Love etc)
* Social Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Email)
* Customize app with your own personal theme


* Color / Saturation
* Brightness / Contrast
* Sharpen / Blur

* Tilt Shift
* Depth of Field
* Blemish Remover
* RedEye Remover
* Auto-Correction

* Crop
* Rotate
* Flip

The UI Layer for PicShop is fully GPU accelerated, which translates into extremely low battery consumption for you, and a beautifully smooth 60hz interface that is a joy to use.

NOTE: The drawing engine is a direct port of HarmonyJS by 'Mr Doob'. Also, we would like to thank Quasimondo for the brilliant ColorMatrix class.
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Customer Reviews

Before using this app, I read the reviews. So I was optimistic about it working at least decently! However, I was sorely mistaken! The “blemish” tool is awful! If I enlarge it, it turns the blemish black! If it’s smaller, it does nothing! Medium setting... nope! It only makes the blemish blurry, which is just as noticeable as the blemish. There are not many actual editing options. I understand this app is free, & I am a pretty understanding person, however, this is crazy! I would much rather use a free trial to try the app out & pay for it..rather than get awful results/wast my time. If you offer an app free, you should at least make the tools you offer, quality!! If you cannot offer quality tools, just offer the frames & other decor. Honestly, some of the tools were useless in my opinion. I have never written a negative review unless it truly did not work! If you zoom, you cannot move over. Even if it were semi-useful, I would give a positive one. I just do not think they should advertise this as a photo edit app. It should be advertised as a photo “decor” app. Sorry guys...I tried...it just did not work for me. :( Maybe I will try again another day, because I feel bad writing bad reviews unless I truly give it a fair shot (more than once).

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Great app

I recommend this app or beginners like myself. It's easy to use. Makesyourpic add loo great.

Awesome but...

This is a very good app but, a lot of stuff costs money. If nothing costed money then it is the BEST editing app ever!

Easy to use

Works well and easy to use!!

PicShop Light

Way to go! It’s great for sharing up your blurry photos and has quite an assortment of fun filters.

Love the app!

Straight forward, simple to use, wonderful results!

The best photo editing app

The best app to edit your photos.

5-star if working

This app is great but something happened now the filter edits don’t have color bar option. So useless till fixed.

Incredible options

Love this app! Can reverse photos and other simple tools . Not overwhelming and easy to save & transfer photos. This app does the work for me

Hated it, deleted it IMMEDIATELY

Here’s the reason why I deleted it. First of all it didn’t let me edit videos, not the worst problem. But when I decided okay I’ll just do a photo, I tried editing it but almost everything costs money!!!!! I was extremely upset! I guess the makers don’t know that we can just not pay for it and get a new app that costs nothing to edit the same as this app does. I’m disappointed because I really thought this app would work. 😭😭

Easy, powerful, fun

App is great. It’s easy to use and it’s loaded with cool options. Makes me smile every time I open it!

No video?

Preview in App Store says photos and video. Don’t see any video option.

Easy to Use

Does all the basic fixes you need to make your photos more presentable. Has nothing to do with the convoluted WindowsPhotoshop that’s only a trained professional can efficiently use.

Love it!

I've found tons of uses for the app & highly recommend buying it!

Not working

Everytime I go into the app it exits out and I have had this problem around the first time I got this app and I can't update my phone because I don't have a SIM card


I LOVE THIS APP!! PLEASE update to use with latest iPhone updates!!! I USE THIS APP ALL OF THE TIME

Great app

Simple and easy to use great and fun

Was good until iOS updated

I loved this app. It was so simple to use. But no updates in over 3 years and it’s now incompatible with the newest iOS update. The sad part is I paid for the extras and now I can’t use it at all :(

So easy to use!

I fell in love with this app! So easy to use and made my pics look incredible. But since I updated my I phone the app won’t work. I even paid for the better version. So until this app is updated it’s useless to me . I’m so sad

Update this app plz!

Plz update this app for iOS 11 soon I love this app so much but being that I have stupid iOS 11 now it won't let me use it till it's updated for the new version of iOS :(


I use this all the time for editing on the go. I’ve created commercial-quality web and print images with this app, and am now stuck without your update. Help!


Y’all need to update the app or issue a partial refund ...I cannot use my app on iOS 11 😡

Need update for ios 11

With many thanks we need a new version of your app so we can use it on our new version in the mobile

Best thing ever

Out of all the apps for editing pics this is the one I picked and I made the right choice but the only thing bad is frames are locked a so are other things but I'll let it slide

Great app

I highly suggest buying the full app.


I'm giving it 5 stars because I want you guys to see this, I just got it and when it tells me to choose an image it takes me out of the app, I would love to try this app it looks really nice, plz fix it!

Good basic editor

No one expects it to be photoshop, but some basic tools would be nice--especially scaling......even in the paid version. So either im blind, or some basic stuff ain't there. And no way to select a section o f the image, either as a block, or something similar to the magic wand in photoshop I like the interface, and the controls are intuitive enough. But if your trying a to collage disparate sized images, yer gonna have issues. For cleaning up single images quickly, it's great.

Crashes every time now

This used to be one of my favorite apps, but now it crashes every single time I try to access a photo from my gallery, so it is useless.

The BEST image editing app

I love this app, whether it be for blemishes, or for color changes. It has never let me down! And I guarantee that it will NEVER disappoint.

Useful App

Needed to enhance photos. This worked well.

Pretty good

Pretty good photo tool!

Works 4 me

Quick and easy image editor. I'm a graphics designer and photographer who works with high end software. For what I need to do on my iPhone this is perfect!

I love it so far

I love how it has the tools i need


I hear that this app won't update in September because it needs to be 64 bites any updates coming?

Super great app!!

Great app! Can crop, do color variances on pics, straighten pics, frame, little touchy on typing when changing fonts and colors. Be patient on redo's. User friendly. Buy the custom upgrade. Love it!

It Simply Works!

After I installed this app it sat on my iPad for an eternity before I ever used it. Today I needed an image editor and PicShop Lite was there. The review title says it all. This app works just fine!

end of the line?

the update to ios 10.3 says this app will not work with future ios updates unless the developer updates it.

Easy and intuitive

The free version gets the job done for basics - filters, blurring, cropping, viewpoint. It loads every time and never crashes.

Worth it

Lots of fun, great filters & effects. I love this app.

Love it

It can make a old picture into a masterpiece


Love this app

Pic Shop Lite

Love this app! Easy to use and fun


There are so many unique tools I love it!

Love it

Great app ! I'm loving it so far

Easy to Use!

Excellent app!

I will not buy this 2x

Bought this for my phone but I also for wanted to edit on my tablet. Installed the tablet version but won't allow me to save until I BUY THE SAME APP for my tablet. Can I just enter a passwrd across devices? Crappy customer experience.


Best photo app I have used. Five Stars!!!!!

It was great until the latest update...now, not so much...

After the last update, it crashes most of the time when you try to open a photo to edit...pretty good before that.