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Pic Stitch - Collage Editor

by Big Blue Clip, LLC

(33,163 user ratings)


Download size: 237.98MB
Version: 8.0.2
Released: 2011-08-15
For ages: 12+

Genres:Photo and VideoUtilities

* One of the Top 7 photo apps & Top 100 apps of ALL TIME according to Mashable *

Pic Stitch is a feature rich collage maker that stitches photos together with over 300 collage layouts, 20+ filters packs, 10+ border packs, robust video editing tools and allows you to add music to your memories.

Pic Stitch packs a simple design with a powerful photo editor to give you everything you could want to make your pictures simply amazing. Use Pic Stitch to create a before-and-after sequence, combine great photos into a collage, or produce a photographic series. Quickly combine multiple photos and videos into one beautifully framed picture. Then share your masterpiece on your favorite social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Pic Stitch is known amongst the photography community as the ultimate photo editor with powerful collage making tools and templates. If you have ever wondered how social media influencers, bloggers or content creators combine several images into one glamorous frame, this is the secret tool they all use to make their photos pop!

– Over 300 different layouts
– Works with photos and videos
– 15 different photo aspect ratios optimized for sharing (i.e. 9x16 format for social stories)
– Add music you own from Apple Music / iTunes
– Customize photo borders
– Easy to use UI
– Amazing photo FX filters
– Pan, rotate, flip, mirror and zoom
– Share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more
– Save to your photo album
– High resolution export

Photo Editing Features:
– Quick Enhance
– Filter Packs
– Effects
– Stickers
– Text Editor
– Audio Editor
– Drawing Editor
– Meme Editor
– Watermark Editor
– Frame Editor
– Overlay Editor
– Rotate & Reflect
– Portrait Editors
– Crop Tool

Pic Stitch Pro:
Pic Stitch Pro subscription enables you to unlock all premium features including all border packs, frame packs and also removes ads for the ultimate collage making experience.

Two options are available:
Annual auto-renewing subscription. Subscribe and gain all access for one year.
One time purchase, pay once and unlock all current app features

Please note that with all subscriptions:
- Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
- Your subscription automatically renews for the same amount as your original subscription, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
- Your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period.
- You can manage your subscription and switch off auto-renewal at any time by accessing your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

View our Terms of Service at: https://maplemedia.io/terms-of-service/
View our Privacy Policy at: https://maplemedia.io/privacy/

Your feedback helps us make the app better! If you have comments or suggestions please email us at contact@maplemedia.io

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Customer Reviews
Most is paid subscription

What a shame to find out most of the layouts are paid subscription. Disappointed


Colt 45... works every time!!🔥🔥

New version is greedy.

They want a ridiculous amount of money, to make the simplest edits. You can’t even edit the borders anymore, without subscribing or paying over 100 dollars! This app trash now, and I will probably never use it again. It’s worth 4.99, lifetime, at most.

Ads Making it Crash

The smaller ads (medium sized, vertical style) consistently crash app when trying to save your collage. You have to restart app and redo everything. Bummer.

Pic Stich

Since many days Pic Stich is not working properly ! We just watch the Ads which are not useful to us and we can't stich a picture after trying many times ! What's the problem when will you rectify it !

Expensive subscription

This app was fine, I need it once every few months. I would even consider paying $3 as a one-time fee to use it. Now to get enhanced features it is $35 per year! This makes no sense.

used to be great.

too frustrating to even mess with now that it’s “pro”

Don’t waste your time

I have tried multiple times to use this app to make a collage. After 10-15 of waiting for it to “create collage” I stopped it. Huge waste of my time.

$130 to change border color lol

Garbage cash grab app - have to see two ads to export a pic. Delete

Major disappointment

I run a Lost & Found pet site. I lost ability to crop pics today. So I updated & same problem. My members, many of whom have broken hearts, look forward to seeing their pets on cover photo every night. Imagine my shock that I made a few pics @ 5 p.m. & could crop, @ 9 pm I find out a dog I was going to post was found so I tried to make a different photo & couldn’t crop. So everyone is going to be upset with Pic Stitch. You could have given some warning. I just want to make simple pics, nothing fancy so I don’t want to pay a bunch of money to do volunteer work. Cheesy of you though not to state we’d loose to the crop feature. Guess I’ll have to close the Lost & Found Dog & Cat Site. All I want to do is put 2 photos in 16x9 divided in 2 areas but can’t any more. Can’t crop. Why do you have to make it more complicated? Why don’t you leave it as it was for ppl who want a simple way to make pics? And charge the ppl who want high tech stuff like filters, etc? This 💩now.

No longer works on current mobile iOS

This used to be a great app but it doesn’t even open any more and it’s been a month since the last update. Time to move on to a new app!

Make me watch an ad and get dropped fast

You don't earn a paying customer if you force me to watch ads on your free app. It makes the experience of using your product awful and why would I pay to feel awful?

$129 for a minor picture editor?

Used to use this app all the time. $25 a year for $129 lifetime???? For this??? Wow

Pic Collage

I’m trying to create my own layout with 18 pictures and I don’t find it user friendly

Won’t save

Every time I make a collage it asks me if I want to cancel it, so I say and it just keeps saying it. I exit out make the same collage about 3 times before it works... once.

New Update Destroys Blur Feature

Thé blur feature is now Unusable after this new update. It’s ridiculous. I’m gonna find a new app soon!

Ok I guess?

I used to think this was so cool but now it is boring. There is not really anything to do on it. This is a short review but it is the truth.

Great app but saves in low quality for some reason

Please fix this problem Update : why does this app show as using 909mbs of storage ??!


Doesn’t let you change border widths!

Used to be good--now it's a joke.

The one thing this app had going for it, was that it legitimately used to 'Stitch' photos together. Seamlessly, no borders. Now it's a paid service with an update that makes no sense. I recommend any other editing software. Don't waste your time downloading/redownloading this.


This used to be my favorite photo-editing app. I used it almost daily on my old phone. I re-downloaded it today to make a vacation photo collage, and the package that offers collages for six or more photos is $129. That is OUTRAGEOUS! 😡🤯

Newest version crashing on my iPad

It opens to a blank screen and immediately closes - do you have a fix? It’s a favorite and I miss it!

It changed for the worse

Something happened with this app. I used to be able to do more. You can’t add your own stickers any more and It crashes when you try to add your logo as a watermark or connect to Dropbox.

No longer works on iPad 5th gen

This app was solid and like others have said it doesn’t work anymore, at least on my 5th gen ipad. It will not render and export the picture.

When it works, great, but it is not working often

I downloaded this a few years ago, but now I am workout out more and like to create videos. I obviously paid the money so that I can have more then 9 boxes, but I really would like my money back, because it keeps closing out as I try to make the video. I keep trying 3-4 times and then get frustrated. Please do an update to the program looking for bugs because it is frustrating to spend extra money on something and it not work. Please help and I would be happy to change my rating.

No customer support

I keep getting a message saying this app has no access permission through Google photos from my iphone. There is no trouble shooting help anywhere and no customer support of any kind.

No subscriptions EVER!

I’ll be glad to pay an affordable one time fee but I’ll never get on the pay for life teat! Folks quit paying for subscriptions, the prices will get reasonable again if you will quit subscribing. Do you really want a Company to drain your wealth each month after you have forgotten you've subscribed? It easily runs into the hundreds quickly. Say No now and lets get back to affordable rates for apps. So ridiculous to give your hard earned money away.


An you please go back to the previous versions. The whitening tool is impossible to use now. It used to be great.

Needs update & bug fixes

Ever since the last update the app fails to create collages. It gets stuck on ads or it just has the little creation symbol move around not actually doing anything. It’s basically worthless at this point.

Another Greedy Subscription Plan

Subscription plans are not the future for applications. You cannot portray a photo editor as a service that could ever hope to warrant users paying indefinitely, it's just pure greed on the part of the developer. I'll pay the one time price but I refuse to pay indefinitely for a collage app.

Used to be perfect, now won’t load photos

I have used the ad free version of the app an incredible amount of times and have referred many others to the app. Unfortunately with the latest updates, it will no longer load photos to choose from, rendering the app useless. Please get this fixed soon!!!


Didn’t this app used to have a text feature? I used that religiously, and now it’s gone?

Graphic designer and I Love this App over so many others

I used to be a graphic designer tried a lot but this one is the easiest to get things done and done quickly. I can also reuse old projects for new clients and their fur babies!

Changed too much

I loved how you could change the direction of the Linear focus box, but now it only moves up and down, you can’t rotate the Linear Focus box. Why would you change that? The focus part is a huge let down. I used this app for over 10 years and now I’m looking for something different. Good bye pic stitch.

Amazing and 100% free

This app is amazing and it is all free!! I used this app to just merge me and my friend’s picture together but, you can put stickers adjust filters and draw on it and so much more this app is so amazing and if you are looking forward to an app like this... what are you waiting for download it NOW!!! I am so happy with this app I wish it was 5 stars. 😊❤️

Love it

I love this app, so I can put my pictures together.

Unnecessarily difficult

Why can’t you just use two fingers to rotate and resize images within frames?

New update: kicks out

I really love using this app but since I updated it won’t let me in just kicks me out. Please fix it so I can enjoy it again.

App Issue

The App has being remarkable for the past few years and now in 2020, the app doesn’t seem to work anymore.


love how I can do my comparison pictures for transformation. best app!

What Happened?!

This app used to work beautifully. No longer! The ads take over the app when the collage is ready to be created. Then the app remains stuck in the ‘creating collage’ mode indefinitely. I deleted the app and then loaded it again, but it still would not create a collage... Will look for a better app.....

Great little app!

Use it all the time to send pic collages.

I guess there’s a two use limit

I used it twice and now it is soooo slow, and the ads are unclosable. Bad app, bad app


Why can I not get past the Facebook ad after creating a collage?? It won’t let me close it and go forward!! I used this daily in the past & now I will delete it and try another. Very disappointed.

App changed, does not work at all

The free version of this app always had a advertisement which you could clear out in about five seconds or so. Now there is a Facebook sign-up ad, and this cannot be cleared and it never goes away, so you cannot get to the app at all. What a waste of time, why would they ruin a good app. I have deleted it and now I have a substitute from the App Store.

Amazing app

Amazing app for business Instagram and Facebook

If you haven’t updated the App, DONT.

This app used to be my go-to......now it’s not nearly the same following the update. I wish I could go back to the old version! The editing tools are no longer smooth, they’re so obvious! Not to mention that you can’t import the photo to Instagram the same anymore.... It used to allow you to add filters and edit the image within Instagram once imported. Now, it simply makes you post the photo as is and caption it from the Pic Stitch app. I’m so disappointed.


I’ve lost all of my created stickers. The new version will not let me create new ones probably because I haven’t paid for the upgrade. That was a free feature before.


I used to use this app for everything now I’m sickened every time I try to use it. Before the new “update” , which was more like a downgrade, all the filters were fun, it was easy to use, I could zoom in to see how the edit looked and I loved it. Now it’s like we traveled back in time to the 90s and every filter is the same and awful!!! Who was the idiot who changed the filters! Why can’t we have the old ones back! Please revert everything back to the way it was before!