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PhotoGrid Collage maker editor

by KS Mobile, Inc.

(15,468 user ratings)


Download size: 218.51MB
Version: 7.4.92
Released: 2012-08-01
For ages: 4+

Handy Video & Photo Collage, with 500+Layouts and 1500+ stickers, backgrounds, fonts and effects! Also included scrapbook, filmstrip, photo editor, video editor and other fun features! One powerful enough for all!

Best Layout APP to grid your photo and video together! Make & share on your Instagram story, Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp!

-- Main Features --
◎ Grid: Edit, grid or frame your photos in seconds
◎VideoGrid: Combine videos and photos with rich layouts
◎Edit: Powerful editing tools to help you make stunning creations!
◎Scrapbook: Create your own scrapbooking layouts that look just like a real hand made scrapbook!
◎Video: A slow-motion video editor! Filters, layouts and other transition effects are waiting for you!

-- Highlights --
• Grid: 500+ grid layouts, support grid 16 photos simultaneously.Layout included Scrapbook,Filmstrip and Poster.
• Scrapbook: Adjustable image size and location, grid up to 16 photos
• Filter: 100+ filters, Greece blue, Paris pink, beautify, black & white etc.
• Poster: 200+ poster templates, such as festive, PIP, magazines and more
• Wow!Filter: 200+ AR face filters, including animals, flowers and more
• Sticker: 500+ stickers, emojis, B-Day, beautify, cuties, you name it!
• Backgrounds: 400+ backgrounds, deep space, fruits, rainbow and the list goes on
• Text:750+ Free text fonts and well-designed text templates
• Edit: text, draw, ratio, crop, rotate, beauty, borders, blur, focus, watermark and many other powerful features. We really do have everything.

--Special Features --
• Poster: Tons of stylish templates, beautify your creations without editing!
• Filmstrip: Create horizontal/vertical filmstrips
• Wow!Filter: Popular AR face filters for selfies or video recording
• Meme: Create the funniest memes & GIFs, and share them with your friends
• Slideshow: Transform photos into the music video
• Pattern: Make cute wallpapers or lock screens
• Store: Various new stickers, backgrounds, filters, posters updated every week

PhotoGrid makes photo editing much easier, and turn users into photo-editing masters in a snap! We are all-in-one photo editor, and mind-blowing collage maker! From now on, you just need one app! We meet all your photo editing and video editing needs!

= Contact Us =
• Email:photogrid@conew.com


• Access to 1000+ Elements
• Create VideoGrids up to one minute long
• High quality full HD VideoGrid
• Enjoy an ads-free experience
• Share with friends without any watermarks

• Payment:
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
- All premium plan will be auto-renewed at the end of each period.
- Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the end of the valid period to avoid a nonrefundable auto-renewal.
- Cancellation requests made prior to the end of the period will become effective at the end of that period term.
- You can manage and turn off auto-renewal in your Apple Account Settings.
• Premium Plan Choices
- Initiation or termination of a premium plan must be done through the iTunes App Store, which may be subject to a sales tax in your area. Note: you are responsible for checking the Terms of Service of your app store for detail and applicability of sales tax.
• Refund
Please be aware that refund is NOT available after purchase.

• Cheetah Mobile reserves the right to adjust the pricing for its products and services in the future.
• Privacy Policy: http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/privacy.html
• Terms of Use: http://www.cmcm.com/protocol/site/tos.html
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Customer Reviews
App crashing

App keeps crashing. I’ve been using this app for years. And I’m disappointed that it’s not working for me now. It hasn’t been working for about a month now

Quality product!

Really gets the job done; professional quality every time!

Can’t restore

I had over 3000 points and had several sticker packs and backgrounds. Lost it all when I got a new phone. No matter what account I use to log in, i can’t find it. I’ve had this app for years and now it’s so frustrating that I can’t use my hard earned points and items...


Wonderful app! Thank you!

The BEST photo editor

I’ve used everything from Adobe to photo splash apps, this app is by far the most all encompassing, cost effective & easy to use.

Easy Use

This app is easy to use and it’s free!!!

Better than PhotoShop!

I’m not a fan of PhotoShop. Never have been. But when it comes to photo editing and enhancing, I do like this app. There’s a wide variety of backgrounds and borders (yes, some are premium/paid, but it’s well worth it!) for all cultures and religions, there’s a good selection of fonts, and I haven’t ever experienced any glitches like I did with PhotoShop. If you want an easy to use photo editing program, this is the one for you!

Great app

You can decorate your photos you should try it for free

nothing is truly FREE

I’m going back to Android, nothing is truly FREE with iPhone anymore. I hate downloading “free” crap to find you need to subscribe to use it. I have a horrible memory and will not remember to cancel every app in the specified amount of time. Stick with Mac computers but android phones. 😤🤬😩🙁

The greatest college app ever

I love the list of options you can choose from on photo grid especially the grid choices

Awesome organizer

Fun collages to choose from, easy to navigate and place all of your favorite pics in one place. Automatically saves into your camera roll after completing any work. Totally love this app, no issues no complaints.

Great..................but could have a change

The change should be that you shouldn’t have to buy layouts...at this point you have to

Photo grid

The app is amazing and there is great quality and I like how you can pick a feature like comic book pencil stuff like that and I love the backgrounds

I use it for free

I use it for free and I'm happy with it, thanks

Closest to snapchat

If you are looking for Snapchat worthy filters, this is the closest you will get. It’s not close, but out of my search for filter apps, this is the closest you will probably get. Yes, this app has filters, which is not mentioned in the preview. 😁

Premium account

I have a premium account with Google that I paid a year for and I switched to iPhone I try to update it to the premium and it wants me to pay for the full year again.

Unable to access PAID premium features after switching from Android to IOS.

Support not answering emails. I paid a year in full to use ALL features and now I can't. Can someone help me out here?

Love it

I love this app have used it since I can remember and it keeps getting better


Great app...I enjoy using it 😀😀😀😀👌👌

Super Easy

Very easy to use and make pictures and collages


I love to do my pictures they didd so good

A review about this APP :)

It's really good!! And I like it even it’s free!

Really like this app

I like this because I don’t have to pay to make a standard picture grid


This app is great it lets you put many pictures in one thing it doesn’t let you put many videos but for the mist part I like everything

Really good app!

I love to do this in my free time I love how you can decorate/edit the photos in many different ways!love the app keep up the good work!

Can’t add my own music anymore

Not sure what happened but not being able to add my own music makes the app useless.

Best app ever

This app is sooo amazing and fun

Purchased, not can’t login

I purchased last month on my droid. I got a new iPhone and it won’t let me login through FB. It says App not setup. There’s no way to contact customer service because you click on the support tab and it send you to the Instagram account.


Es la mejor aplicación que he encontrado, es fácil de usar, muchas opciones para poder editar, muchos me preguntan donde edito mis fotos por lo bonita que quedan. Yo he descargado tantas aplicaciones y ninguna es tan buena como PhotoGrid, al final tengo que borrar las otras,porque nunca las uso. Yo le doy un 20/10 simplemente magnífica.

Needs work

I’ve been using this app for sometime know but recently it’s been freezing up on me a lot. I’ve updated iPhone & iPad, than checked to see if app was updated, deleted and reinstalled as well. Tried it on a android, All 3 kept crashing. Not sure if the new update did something to it. Still let’s me edit until half ways through than freezes up and closes out

Broken videos

After the latest update, saving a video with all of your saved preferences (music length, watermark, etc.) resets everything to default. I have used the app for years but is no longer useable due to this bug.


I recently paid for a year subscription so I can use the app full potential. Have using the app for some years now. Mostly because I can watermark my work but now I can’t watermark at all. Please fix this issue


I love it so much and it’s soooo helpful

Video issues

Why when I put a video to a PhotoGrid it looks like I’m lip syncing or something when the original video is normal.


The best application I have ever seen is this application;)


I love this app so much. This is where I go to put filters, and cool stickers and other edits I do. I’m a all time editor, I love to edit Gacha’s , and this helps me make my pictures look better

Great App

Easy to use, great app

What a shame on you guys!

Number one, about the app..I tried once and yes, seems to delivery what it is supposed to. I was still on trial for 7 days....Free 7 days and I canceled on the 6... And you guys charged me the whole year subscription. Shame on this misleading customer action.... And not enough not enough you guys are backed up by apple that won’t refund customer anymore based on this tricky policy. This is ugly, decadent and ridiculous.... Try for 7 days, and writing there where nobody usually pay attention. Cancel in 5 days or will be charged... This is a disgusting move towards selling yearly subscription. You guys should be more creative to sell your product. Not taking advantage on us customers... What a misleading dirty behavior...


I love this app!!!!


I have been using this app since I was a very small kid lol. I’ve been making collages and watermarking my photos etc.. however I’ve never bought the membership Because it’s “monthly” if there was a one time payment that I could make without having it taken out monthly then I might actually consider buying the vip packages. But none the less you’re still able to do a lot with this app considering you don’t buy the vip. So if you’re a beginner to editing pictures or you just want something easy to work with and simple then this is great for you !

The Best!

Been using this app for years. It’s my go to for great content creation!

It keep crashing

Three Times!!!!! 😡 I made a flyer and as soon as I went to save it or before I was even finished it CRASHED and deleted everything that I did.

Need more free layouts!

Awesome app I’m addicted but I wish there was more free layouts. Works great. Looks great.

I cannot use my own music anymore

Why has the option been removed to use my own music from my playlist?

The Photo grid App

I actually did not have high hopes, because no photo colleague apps work without premium. But this app is AMAZING!!! If you want to do a technological colleague then THIS is the diffinate app for you!


I’ve used PhotoGrid on Android and iPhone. It only gets better with time. Fantastic app. Makes everything pictures easy and fun! ❤️ 📸

Trying to contact PhotoGrid and I can’t through the app

I bought the premium plan on Android before I switched to Apple. Please help me migrate my premium plan to iOS!

Love this!

I don’t like paying for apps so when I do, it means it’s an epic app to me lol. I love that I can be serious in my photo editing and also create silly photos.

I have a problem with your app.

When I want to put a border around a photo of my own, the photo gets blurry after I put the border around it. I really do not like that. Other then that I love your app. Please can you fix that. It would really improve on your app. Thank you.