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Photo Editor-

by Axiem Systems

(165,480 user ratings)


Download size: 113.36MB
Version: 6.0.1
Released: 2012-08-02
For ages: 4+

Photo Editor- is an amazing all-in-one photo editor! With Photo Editor- you can enhance your photos, apply effects, add stickers, create collages, paint & draw, remove blemishes, whiten smiles and so much more!

Here are some of the amazing features:
• Enhance Photos in Seconds
• Add Endless Stickers
• Apply Amazing Effects
• Add Unique Frames & Overlays
• Create tons of Amazing Collages
• Use Color Splash
• Crop, Rotate, Flip & Straighten
• Adjust Brightness, Contrast & Saturation
• Draw and Paint on Photos
• Add Text with Multiple Fonts
• Remove Red Eye
• Smile Whitening
• Blemish Remover
• Vignette tool
• Tilt Shift & Focus Tool
• Sharpen and Blur Filters
• HD Camera to Take Photos
• Import and Export High-Res Images
• Share Photos w/ Friends (Twitter, Flickr, etc.)
• International Language Support
• And Much More!

Photo Editor- is free and works across all iOS devices! Check out some of the amazing screenshots.

Pro Version!

To get even more out of Photo Editor- subscribe to the Pro Version (amazing Premium Editor, unlock all collages and remove ads).

Subscription Pricing and Terms

Pro Version is only $1.99/month. Pricing in other countries may vary and charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country you live in.

Start your Pro Version subscription with a 7-day free trial. Once your trial is over, your iTunes account will be charged. The Pro Version subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go into your iTunes user account settings to manage your auto-renew and subscription settings.

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Customer Reviews

I use the latest version of Adobe on my PC and tried several on my iPhone until I installed this one. I have hit a gold mine with this editing program. I wanted simply the basics; crop, exposure settings, light/contrast, and features of a similar nature. This program is idiot-clear, simple and straight forward. Cannot sing high enough praises. Props to the developer/s. My heartfelt gratitude for every minute spent in the creation of this editing program.

Love it, but...

I really like this app, but, I do not want a subscription. I would pay a reasonable flat rate.

Hard to tell...

Hard to tell if the app is any good. I haven’t been able to successfully edit a single photo. The app has crashed over, and over, AND OVER every time I’ve tried to use it. I get frustrated and go to PS Express with zero issues. Fix your bugs.

Great editor

I just got this photo editor because the old one I was using wasn’t much good but this does a really well job of keeping it reliable and simple to use. I don’t even rate apps that often but this editor is amazing.




This app is so awesome! It has at least 100 different things to use when editing, and it’s all free!


Great site good results!...always

Giving friends funny things

My friends would send a pic and I’d edit it I text the edit to them and they love it! Whoever had this idea of the photo edit game is a genius! This should be 5 stars all the way! But I wish there was a “fill in”


This seems app like every other photo editor. But there are two things I don’t like about this one. One, there is no option to erase blemishes, whiten teeth, nor erase red eye like on the photos to represent the app. Two, you can’t discard the editing after you press go. Which is a mistake I did when I edited my favorite photo. Overall, it’s not the best app also I can’t get my original photo, and my edited one.

Love it

Finally am able to print pics in a smaller format

Crashes Constantly

I’ve had this app for like an hr and it’s crashed 5 times. When it crashes I lose all edits and have to restart. Very sad


Crashes every time I add text to an image. Basically a useless app.

I’m bummed!

Overlays don’t work anymore 😟


Very easy to use! Works great!!


No the best app for photos, poor options of editing but no other options

Excellent free editor

This basic editor is easy to use and does everything I need to edit my photos. Can’t beat the price.

Good product BUT!

Worked well. The main issue is that you can’t cancel the subscription. I have tried for 3 months and am still getting pinged for $1.99! I will have to turn off paypal now to make it happen.


So this review is positive. FO SHO

Many features don’t work and support won’t respond

Simple... I’ve had the app for years. Some features stopped working such as overlays, frames, and most of the supplies store on the classic editor. I contacted support 3+ times, created multiple support tickets and have received absolutely 0 responses in 6+ weeks.



Great app

It It’s Super Great


It doesn’t blur things out very well, or make things real sharp, but it’s very good, other than that. :o)

Great app

Great app to work with

Great app!

Perfect for what I am trying to do! No complaints. I minority tweak the image and it saves to my camera roll. Perfect. The only thing is it would be nice if you could share to text/email etc. So overall, it’s amazing.

Efficient but Flawed

ALWAYS force closes at the very END of me editing a photo... right when I save it, or right before I’m about to!

Never saves full image

I purchased the premium app and have since deleted it. Every photo I have edited with this app only saves as the edit and never saves as the image with the edits in it. I get a white blank background with only the sticker or text that I’ve added to it when I go into my photo album after saving. This app would be perfect for what I need if it would save everything properly!! Very frustrating!

Photo help is Amazing !

Amazing !

Bad-ish app

So I tried to add two videos to get her for my YouTube channel and it didn’t let me do video only pictures❌🥺

Photo Editor

Photo Editor is super easy and helpful! I could take a picture and it could be the worst picture in the world and it would turn out really good. The pictures that I have used on the app have really good quality. I think this app is really great because you can also choose if you want to use the Pro Editor or the Classic Editor. I have used both and they both make you picture have really good quality. I could take a picture of anything in the world, let’s just say a truck, and I bet I would have people asking if it was for sell because the picture quality is that good and makes things look even better in a picture than in real life!😉 In all, I would definitely recommend Photo Editor for your photo needs!

Edititing it more

Can we make more edits professionally

Photo editor

It is such a good app it does what you want it to do it just great for you

Bad app

The app lacks features and is difficult to navigate menus. When I open the camera, I have no way of exiting camera mode without taking a picture.

Concerns, but Good

Over half the time, when editing text, the app crashes and I lose my work and have to start over. Being that, so far so good.

really good no pay

you only have to pay for permiamOnly have to pay if you can

This is Great!!!!

Omg what a great app!!!




It’s a great app; features in the classic editor are basically Aviary which is what I used to use. My only problem is that this app crashes every time I’m trying to save a photo

Don’t waist your time!!

Don’t waist your time. Very basic and does not allow you to go back, if it does then I would say difficult to use.


I don’t appreciate ωhαt ɣoυ did: i paid for this same app a while ago. it ωαs called Aviary. ɣoυ deleted the app out oʄ the app store. renamed it & ηoω selling with a pro version for even users thαt paid for ɮeʄore ɣoυ changed the name. wish i knew ωho to contact for this kind oʄ thievery

App keeps closing

Every time I get just about finished with my picture, the app just closes on me. Does not save what I’m working on.

Old school.

Seems dated. Definitely shouldn’t be paying for this app especially knowing there are many other creative and advanced photo editing options, some for less than this. Limited adjustment options for touch up edits. Everything I saw listed as an enhancement is something you already have on your phone’s edit options OR instagram. Too bad. This one reminds me of the first editing app I used in 2012

❤️ luv this app


Works- but crashes

It’s ok, but crashes quite a bit.

Megusta mucho está aplicación


What happened?!

I used the original app for year. I had all of the filters, which I’m almost certain I paid to have, and then the app quit working. So I uninstalled and this is what I found to redownload. I now only have the basic filters and no more. I don’t want to pay monthly for an app I have used for years and already bought edits for!!! The page to download more filters or restore the ones you already had, never loads. It just keeps spinning. I’m so disappointed because this has always been my favorite editing app. I used it for all of my photos before now.

Great app!

Excellent app!

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time this was the only photo app I used but now I can no longer save changes, it’s been roughly a year or more. I screenshot my changes then then cut off or edit out the stuff on the bottom but that only makes the picture I want larger. So I’m looking for a decent photo editor. Once upon a time I would’ve given this app 5 stars!

very good i like it

i like it

Face app

Face app is awesome. I’ve had it for a minute now it’s not loading most but that can be because I play with it a lot. 😂