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Photo Editor-

by Axiem Systems

(154,737 user ratings)


Download size: 113.36MB
Version: 6.0.1
Released: 2012-08-02
For ages: 4+

Photo Editor- is an amazing all-in-one photo editor! With Photo Editor- you can enhance your photos, apply effects, add stickers, create collages, paint & draw, remove blemishes, whiten smiles and so much more!

Here are some of the amazing features:
• Enhance Photos in Seconds
• Add Endless Stickers
• Apply Amazing Effects
• Add Unique Frames & Overlays
• Create tons of Amazing Collages
• Use Color Splash
• Crop, Rotate, Flip & Straighten
• Adjust Brightness, Contrast & Saturation
• Draw and Paint on Photos
• Add Text with Multiple Fonts
• Remove Red Eye
• Smile Whitening
• Blemish Remover
• Vignette tool
• Tilt Shift & Focus Tool
• Sharpen and Blur Filters
• HD Camera to Take Photos
• Import and Export High-Res Images
• Share Photos w/ Friends (Twitter, Flickr, etc.)
• International Language Support
• And Much More!

Photo Editor- is free and works across all iOS devices! Check out some of the amazing screenshots.

Pro Version!

To get even more out of Photo Editor- subscribe to the Pro Version (amazing Premium Editor, unlock all collages and remove ads).

Subscription Pricing and Terms

Pro Version is only $1.99/month. Pricing in other countries may vary and charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country you live in.

Start your Pro Version subscription with a 7-day free trial. Once your trial is over, your iTunes account will be charged. The Pro Version subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can go into your iTunes user account settings to manage your auto-renew and subscription settings.

Read more about our terms and conditions here:

Read more about our Privacy Policy here:
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Customer Reviews

This app is amazing because it is truly an editing app it’s so much fun working with this app I completely recommend this app.!!

My go-to editor.

I touch up just about every portrait I receive. Photo Editor is easy, fast and will bring out the best of just about any subject even for the most novice of editors.

App won’t stay open

App keeps crashing

Does not work

I have used this app for over a year. For the last two weeks it has been nothing but a glitch. Stopping subscription and moving to something that actually works...

Useful tool

I tend to use the Classic Version to clean up, crop, and label images of newspaper articles, documents, or photos and create descriptive maps for my Genealogy hobby.

Best game ever

This game is so much more enjoyable than my original games are


Mgygg Gmb M Mmm Mm Mmmm

My in app purchases are gone and can’t be restored!

I loved this app. I have used it since 2017. I purchased a bunch of the extra effects etc over the years and now they are gone. I’ve tried several times over a period of weeks to restore them and can’t. I can’t find a way to contact anyone. I have leaving such a negative review for an app I once loved however I spent money purchasing items in the app and expected to have those. Please get this fixed and let us know so we can come back. Not paying $2 a month for something I’ve already paid for. Was it right to not honor past payments on this. Your app was wonderful before removing my purchases. Sadly will need to find a new app and have to purchase from another provider hopefully the next one won’t remove items purchased. Sure will miss this app, very sad to be parting ways.

Not The Best

This app is very glitchy, it continues to have problems even after updates. You can’t even find where or if the pictures are being saved. Don’t recommend.

Handy for simple edits but crashes constantly

I like using this app to touch up small blemishes on photos, but it’s extremely volatile in that in likes to crash without saving my edited photo after I hit “done.” I’ve spent over 20 minutes editing a photo only to have the app crash and waste all my time and effort, and it will happen multiple times in a row. I cannot leave the app to answer a text or do anything else, because that almost guarantees it will crash. It’s extremely frustrating and at this point I’ve had to save my photo every few minutes/every few edits and continue working on that finished photo just to get my work saved on it. Definitely will be looking for a new editor.



Fun photos

This is fun photos. I eat cheese!

I like it

I like it because you can see what your picture was before you edit it and when you did edit it

Simple;Amazing;Simply amazing! ☑️👍❤️✨

This app is everything i could ask for in a simple photo editor!!! Domo arigato!!! ❤️🙌🏼❤️✨


This app help me take better pictures

Not do good

You have to upgrade to get anything good

Really not happy with this

Can’t get stickers or change my font and so on! I miss the Avery app :(

Perfect! I give 5 star!

This game gives me a lot of freedom and creativity to do whatever I want! They even have the old photoshop thing called classic editor and also has the newer on But if I could ask you to put in, that would be Like able to take away things or stuff like that. But still I give 5

Not a fan

This editor is decent, but when I FIRST opened the app, there were no instructions whatsoever! It was kind of hard to figure it out and I wish they had some introduction of some kind

Stops working

The app closes in the middle of an edit. Don’t waste your time with it.

Not happy with restoring

Most of the app functions well - but I changed phones I had to restore the effects. I was not able to do so. Not through the phone or the Adobe app. I probably will not use the app anymore.

I like it.

Very good,for all.

Waste of time

Hasn’t saved the last 5-6 photos I’ve tried to edit.


I don’t get what the app is about I just think it is stupid

App is always crashing

It’s frustrating that when you have almost finished your edits the app just closes and you have to start over.

Bad app

It wants sign in and it doesn’t let me in! I hate it! Don’t download this!

Don’t like

Horrible. The frames are useless, the classic frames disappeared and it costs too much for a very small service.

Great app :)

Amazing. I have already done at least 17 or 18 maybe 30 pics even. If you love looking great then get this app!!! :)😍😍

Changes to pictures

I like very much!

Overall very simple

I downloaded this app because I was looking for something that can add text effects better than iPhone editor to my photos. I came across this app and downloaded it. It took very quick and I was making photos in no time. There are effects, it can focus, it can blur, you can create text and it has many more features on it! All you have to do Is select a photo (on the app) and edit it, then it’ll just save it to your photos automatically.


LIKE A KID🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👏👍👏❤️❤️

Garbage app charged me without consent

Charged me $5 without my knowledge there would be a fee to download the app.


I was editing and crashed I lost my picture


I already deleted this. I was so frustrated. All I was trying to do was write something on the pic and when I finally got done it wouldn’t go back to save it. Rebooting didn’t work


I love this my daughter is addicted she’s made like 5,000 edits!

Useless Due to Crashing

The app constantly crashes mid-edit. Very frustrating and hasn’t been addressed for months. Highly recommend finding another app.


The app is cool. It’s let’s you do a lot of different things. But a few minutes into editing the app shuts down and you have to start all over. I recommend just using a different app.

Don’t Waste Your Time (Literally)

Spent an hour and a half editing one picture. As soon as I went to hit save, the app crashed and it didn’t save. Finally got the nerve to try again, same outcome. Crashed after an hour of editing. It was like it knew I was almost done and ready to hit save. Frustrating. Deleting this app.

Doesn’t do much for $2 a month.

Lots of apps do a lot more, and for a lot cheaper (or even free). I’m going to see if I can cancel before I get charged.

Friendly user , highly recommended

Extremely friendly user! I use it to edit photos for my rental property & I see Great way of improving my photos . Highly recommend it!

Its hooooooooorraaaaable

Its the worst photo editor i have ever tried and you can barely fo anything with it, do not download its a waist of time.


I LOVE this app so fun, so much to do and I have been looking for a good photo editor for a long time and I finally found it😉✌🏼 I would definitely recommend this game!

frequently crashes

I used this 2 years ago with few issues. Now however, the app crashes every few minutes and causes me to lose all my work

Great beginning.

For a newbie I was able to accomplish what I wanted quickly and easily. I will upgrade after more experimentation. Thanks!

Absolutely garbage

Who ever made this is garbage.

I used to love this app but now it only crashes

I loved this app! I definitely recommend it for almost anyone. It dose have one a big problem. It crashes a lot. You can’t save a photo on it anymore. It was originally crashing so much If you are trying to take time to edit a picture, most likely it will not save. Well unless you save the photo after editing each part. Half the time (all the time now) If you click save on the app it crashes. That’s the reason I will not be using pro. Even tho I almost did. I don’t think anyone wants to buy something that crashes. Very sad to see a good photo app die.

Dude awesome

I love it I can make new wallpapers and other cool stuff

Constantly Crashing

I can’t edit a single photo before it crashes. Sometimes it doesn’t crash until I press done, which is extremely frustrating. I 100% will not be issuing this app.


I can’t believe I just paid $31 for this crap app. The one week trial slipped through my hands and today my paypal was charge without warning. The app doesn’t have interesting effects that you need. My iPhone does a better job editing photos. Just don’t buy it.