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Photo Collage – Frame Editor and Perfect Camera

by Privacy & Picture Browser Lab

(13,792 user ratings)


Download size: 27.48MB
Version: 3.1
Released: 2012-03-15
For ages: 4+


Photo Collage multiple photos into single one. Share it via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Choose one layout with specific ratio. Place photos to each frame of the layout. A beautiful photo collage comes out. It's very easy. Then save it or share to your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

* 16 kinds of layouts
* 4 ratios for layout: 1:1, 4:3, 3:4 and 3:2
* Pan, zoom, rotate or mirror images
* Adjust the frame to make it bigger or smaller in real time
* Color the borders
* Make images to rounded corners
* Share via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
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Customer Reviews
Absolutely Amazing

This app is literally amazing. I have tried a lot of other collage apps and none of them were very good so I didn’t expect much from this one, but it definitely proved me wrong. It has great filters, multiple templates, colors and patterns, and a lot more. It helped me make a collage for my friend, and it’s just an overall great app. I definitely recommend it.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🔥

Very good

This is an easy and free app but doesn't have many options if you want to use a collage app for something professional then this is not for you but if you are just making collages for fun then this is a perfect 👌 app for you


I’m having problem loading my pictures to my phone and sending to social media outlets.


This app glitches a lot. I can't even save the photo collage i made, i had to screenshot it and edit it in the apple camera roll. I would highly recommend fixing these glitches.

OMG! I love this app.

I’ve been looking for a collage app that is free to use, and I found it! I love it😃

Great app

This app has allowed me to make family moments in to so much more they look great and are so fun to make. This is the best picture app I have ever used😊😍

Used to have Lipix on old phone

While this app seems somewhat similar to what I had on my iPhone 6s (just got an iPhone 11) I haven’t found a way to add text to my pictures or save it to my pictures file (only way I have done it is to take a screen shot of whatever collage I made and save it that way.) I also don’t find it as easy to navigate (ie-to add frames, colors, corners, etc.) as I could with Lipix. I’m not terribly technology-savvy, but had no problem at all with the old Lipix app, and I do with this one.


Love it! Very easy to use.


Now that I’ve learned how to use it I love this app

Just NO!

Downloaded this app and it wanted a credit card on file and says it won’t charge you because it is free. Who in the world would this make since to 😳🙄 DELETED immediately!

Really cool, but I wish....

I really wish there was a bigger option for frames. Also a way to add text into the pictures. but really other than that I really like making pictures with it... super easy

A++ When I need it

I don’t use collages much, but whenever I do I always use this app. It’s so easy to use and does exactly what I need it to do. Absolutely love it🤩🤩

Its not fair to rate it👌👌

Once a while used this collage pic on some special momments to share and love it👍✌️👌

I hate this app

It does not let me take pictures and it does not let me use the pictures I want to use

Love it but glitches

I love this app but it glitches and freezes anytime I post or try to save. I have had to start over many times.

Ioveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this

I just started using this app and it is very good

Sunday morning vibes

I give this app a 👍🏽’s up! Right on time for what I had in mind this morning! Thank you.

Was much better.

Not sure what happened. My update on phone? No longer lets me save to photos and when I put on Facebook the quality drops considerably and the images are blurry. Didn’t happen in December.



Always Pleased

This is easy and provides great collages!

Its a good app

I appreciate i can utilize this app, it makes sharing photos easy, thank you


I love this app so much, I love how there are multiple sizes and a ton of different looks, and especially because it is free. The only thing I would like different is, more shapes like hearts or trapezoids or circles, than just squares and rectangles. But they are so awesome and the backgrounds are so cool. -Liv

Love it!

Great for making collages. Easy and fast.

Don’t waste your time

Awful. CONSTANT ads. Impossible to find SAVE option.


Wish we could block the ads

Can use without having to pay

I am just happy that I finally found an app that I can use as much as I want without it asking for my bank card number to use it


Not user friendly at all. It just kept starting me over with the choosing of the pics. I finally gave up; I’ll go back to my old collage app.

Enjoy All The Frames

I had always enjoy working and putting pictures using your frames! Thank You

Like different aspect ratios

I don’t want to be confined to a square! I really like the wide array of choices with this app.

Love this app!

Really enjoy this app! Easy to use!


It keeps freezing up my device to a point I have to turn it off and back on

It was good I guess

It's perfect I just wish it had more features


Everything is free!!! Ni wifi!!! No ads!!! Just so amazing!!! Great graphics!!!!

This app is trash!

Don’t waste your time downloading it! It freezes and adds pop up every time you try and make a collage. AND IN ORDER TO WRITE A REVIEW YOU HAVE TO RATE THEM OR ELSE IT WONT LET YOU SEND THE REVIEW! I WOULD GIVE IT A ZEROOOOOO


So far so good. Don’t force to rate real quick. I wasn’t done framing pictures

Nice And easy!!! Very helpful!

Nice And easy!!! Very helpful!

Enjoy making collages

Great app ..Have used it hundreds of times

I like this app for its simplicity and ease of use.

This is not the most sophisticated app out there but for me it’s perfect. It has enough customizable options to not be repetitive.

Good app, but can not save the file.

Good app, but you can not save the file. The trick is to send it to yourself, but you can not edit the file anymore.

Works Great!

Me and a few other people are trying to make a movie, we have been using this for the cover. I have had no problems with the app.


So easy to use. Lots of picture placements.

It’s a good app

The app itself is very basic & works good but way too many VIDEO SCREEN BLOCKING LOUD ADS. when Making several collages at one time it was a major pain, every time I try to make a new Collage more VIDEO pop up & there’s no way to “X” them out - u must wait for the whole thing to play Before you can use the app again- video is LOUD & blocks the entire screen . If there was a way to exit out the ad so you didn’t have to suffer through the entire thing in between every collage or making it might be more tolerable

Easy to use

Easy to use, and lots of options for number of pictures. Great app!

Not sure how it’s over 4 star rating

Downloaded this app to make collage of photos. It’s very quick at showing ads, but overall sluggish when using. Finally when you get to trying to save the image, oh boy... I had to kill the app and start over 4 times. Finally I took a screenshot of the image. Worth only if you like watching useless ads. Even for free this is not worth it!!!

Photo low quality

The photos lose their sharpness with this app.

Great but needs update!

I really love this app but it’s been freezing a lot lately! It hasn’t been updated in 2 years, please fix this!

Rating Good.

I found it easy to use.

Sign out

It keeps signing me out on the slightest moves and it is so annoying.It has good frames though.


Love this app 😘