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Photo Lab: Picture Editor App

by VicMan LLC

(44,711 user ratings)


Download size: 119.56MB
Version: 3.10.10
Released: 2011-06-10
For ages: 12+

Get your photos to a new, awesome level. Add realistic effects and stylish filters in a tap. Join the ever-growing Photo Lab community of over 160 million fans:

“Downloading that app was the best decision I have ever made on this phone. Get this app for hours of nonstop fun and editing!!” (WolverZorro)

“I never write reviews, but I had to for this! This app is pretty amazing. It's easy to use. The quality is really great!” (Gelato)

“This is totally awesome! I have a fan-page on Instagram and it works for edits! I love it sooo much and think everyone who likes to do edits should have it! It is definitely worth downloading!!!” (lovergurl)

“I was going to write this earlier but I had to pause while I deleted all the other apps that only pretended to do what this does.” (Ahj60)

Photo Lab contains over 900 awesome effects for your photos including:
* AI-driven art style transfer (over 100 styles);
* background replacement, powered by AI figure segmentation;
* makeover options (eyes or hair color change, makeup and more);
* realistic photomontages;
* stylish photo filters;
* beautiful frames;
* fun face montages;
* holiday e-card templates;
* creative artistic effects;
* collages for multiple photos.

You will love the neat interface and how easily effects are created. No need for adjusting: just choose an effect or a frame, then select a photo from Camera Roll (or take a new photo with your device’s camera) and ta-da!.. you get a unique photo montage or collage! The app also has a built-in photo editor with every basic tool you may need: crop, rotate, adjust colors, lighting and sharpness, and even touch-up.

What's more you can easily combine effects with each other, creating your own effects and styles and sharing it with your friends.

Photo Lab includes:

- Photo montages with automatic face detection.
Become an astronaut, a tiger, a gangster or a nun with a single tap!

- Photorealistic effects.
Put your photo on a dollar bill, into an ancient book or on a screen of a virtual iPhone.

- Photo-to-art effects.
Turn your photo into a masterpiece. Choose your favorite technique and instantly imitate it: pen, pencil or charcoal sketch, pastel or crayons drawing, watercolor or oil painting.

- Awesome photo filters.
Jigsaw puzzle, neon glow, fire, Matrix digital rain, HDR, fractal, and more.

- Personalized greeting cards for every holiday.
Make your own online photo cards to congratulate those you love on Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and St. Patrick’s Day.

- Magazine covers.
Put your face on a magazine cover like Vogue, Glamour or Playboy and feel what it's like to be famous!

- Headwear.
Try on a King's crown, Elf hat, St.Patrick's Day hat or the most popular Santa hat!

- Collages for multiple photos.
Put yourself together with your sweetheart or even all your friends into one photo collage.

Most of the effects let you add your own text onto the picture with text style tailored to each template.

Finally, you can save your creation to Camera Roll, share it easily to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or send it as a message (WhatsApp, Viber or WeChat) to your friends.

Photo Lab PRO subscription options:

$4.99 per month (with 3-day trial)
$9.99 per year

At the end of 3-day trial period and auto renewable subscription will be activated at the price of $4.99/mo.
Your Photo Lab PRO subscription will automatically renew 24-hours prior to the end of each term (month or year correspondingly) and your card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time in your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused period of the term. An unused portion of free trial period will also be forfeited once any of the subscription options is purchased.

Photo Lab Terms of Use: http://pho.to/terms/
Photo Lab Privacy Policy: http://pho.to/policy/
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Customer Reviews
Good app

This is absolutely the best app there Is for photo editing and everything lol 😂! One thing I would highly recommend or suggest is that there can be an update like a chat room just so we can connect closer and share photo ideas and submissions lol 😂! No but seriously PLEASE I AM BEGGING TO INCLUDE AND UPDATE A CHAT ROOM lol don't want to sound demanding but like o said it's better then talking to other people in the comments on the combos and feed ! Thanks again , please add a chat room !


I love this app and it was definitely worth buying the premium version.

Bait and Switch/Sensory Issue Nightmare

I was looking for a photo merging program for personal use. This particular app is extremely convoluted and intrusive because it immediately requires you to sign up for a 3 day “free” trial—which I immediately cancelled when I found out they also require access to either your FB or your Google information because for whatever reason you are also *required* to join some sort of social community. I key word searched “photography apps” not “social apps.” If you need to cancel your subscription there is a blue person icon in the top right corner of your app store. Click that icon and it will bring up your subscriptions and you will have the option to simply cancel. EDIT: According to developer comments the FB and Google access isn’t a requirement. Super. To that I say, this app is not at all comprehensive. ***Also, I would like to add that I indeed found the “feed tab” and was immediately assaulted by an overstimulation of a worldwide selection of *other people’s* artwork. I immediately became overwhelmed and stressed, so if you have any sensory issues, this is NOT the app for you. Again, I key word searched “photography apps” NOT “social apps.” This app is clearly geared more towards social media. I couldn’t even find the editing tools!!

Awesome but....

Would have 5 stars if more affordable. The $$ is ridiculous. But really cool app.

Love this app

So many fun things to choose from. This app is great


This is the professional app in App Store

This app is fun and it’s the truth

Love all the options. Definitely worth the paid extras

Love this App

Been using it for years keep up the good work 🥰 My niece just pass away so I use this app & to create memories of my love ones 🙏🏾

Don’t force me to rate you...

You get one star.

Best so far

I’ve been playing around with a few photo editing apps, and this is by far my favorite. I’m by no means a pro, and this app is simple, quick, and free to use. You can pay to get more filters and to remove watermarks, but the free app is pretty amazing already! I may try pro at some point. If I do I’ll update then.

Love it

Have this app for years and still live it

What Happened

The frames are not as good as they were when I first purchased this app. Please change back. The flowers that are attached to most frames, please do away with those. Just bring the old editor back. Thank you.

I like it

Sooooo nice

Well Worth It

It has many effects that are stunning, and it’s very easy to use. Low cost of only $9.99 a year. If you feel you’ll use it and you like making great looking photos with effects, it’s more than worth the price. The only thing I’d like to see is more editing options. Some effects can’t be pared with certain photos without it auto-cropping the picture, or just won’t work at all if it can’t detect a face in the photo. It would be great if you could at least have the option to highlight the parts of the photo you wanted and/or resize it how you wanted to make it work in those cases.

Best 5$ a month

If your serious about taking pictures and seeing the world in a new light GET THIS APP only five dollars a month for amazing quality pics and scene chamgers

Love it

This is awesome ,I really like it and is not expensive at all ❤️love it.

Faces only

I’d love to add special effects to non faces


This is the most up to date ,fun , exciting an easy to use photo editing app. The others say they are, this one proves it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even a child r a senior could use this. They r truly breathtaking, beautiful, memories.


This app WAS hands down my favorite ... 5 stars all the way across! That’s before they started the Pro version... I have had this app for well over a year, using it weekly, also recommending it to family and friends but not anymore. I understand the app wanting to make money, but why the sudden need to make us pay for effects that were free before? If this doesn’t go back to normal, I will be deleting this app very soon. And telling my loyal friends to hit the delete button too!🤬🤬

Love This App

Fantastic app to alter your favorite photos into something bigger and better

I like it but...

I like it but my kid tries to use it for his legos, but the app can’t recognize the faces which are clearly there!


I'm in love with this app. I pay $9.99 a year and I'm still in my 1st year of using it. It's well worth it, to see and use the new layouts that are added. I'll be renewing in December. You have a big selection to choose from and a variety of categories.


So many effects, so little time.

This app is tremendous

While you have an option for an upgrade, the developers have a lot of opportunity for non paying users to access the plethora of tools on this app. If you are willing to sit through commercials, a non paying user has access to an amazing set of tools. This app is phenomenal!

Cost monthly fee

Great app only one issue it cost 5$ a month I would be fine it it was like a one time purchase but it has a monthly fee

Loving it so far !!!

Amazing app. So fun to play with

This is my iPad and I also have this on my phone!

I love this app it’s very good to choose!


ممتاز 😍

Totally amazed

This app is so addicting and makes a great profile picture on social media and ever since I upgraded to where I could remove that Photo Lab logo I definitely have been way into this app so often. I just can’t stop making these beautiful pictures. Photo Lab you’re the best.

Photo Lab Review

I have searched for an amazing app as this one here for a solid 1-2 years I would download random ones suggested or appealing looking ones but never found everything I needed combined into (1) app! (IG) @luckyy_three (YT) Lucky Three (FB) Lucky Thre I’m in love with this app & it’s amazing features! I’ll never use another app bc it only improves with time so GOO DOWNLOAD THIS APP thank me later follow me on IG YT FB

Great app but ridiculous price🥺

Your app has great effects, but why can’t you lower the price and make it a one time purchase. That’s just down right greedy.☹️

Love It

The results are Amazing!!!! Love this App 💕

Photo lab

I really love this app it’s a great app. You will enjoy this app.

Just one tad

I think photo lab is really great! All though I think that photo lab should make a challenge every week just like the wake me up challenge

Rate pop up!!!!

Ok the app itself is ok and has some nice effects however, the constant bombardment of the please rate us pop up after every edit on my paid plan is beyond annoying. I canceled my plan for that reason! No one should have to deal with that much annoyance on a paid plan!!!!

Not new user friendly

Look the way this app edits but definitely not new user friendly. I have had it for a few weeks and still can’t figure it out.

So Much Fun!

I have had so much fun creating Pictures for my Scrapbooks.

My favorite app

I probably have edited thousands of photos with this app. I use it everyday

4 stars turn into 5 with these changes and suggestions considered

I love this app and I pay for the pro version but there are certainly more than a few upgrades and changes I would make. For starters more than 7 effects in a combo would be helpful (unlimited number would be best), Being able to add and remove effects from an already created combo, more customizability being able to rearrange, move, add and make effects bigger or smaller among other things. Also have a favorites tab I know there is already a recent tab but that doesn’t always keep things for very Long. Either 3 favorites tabs for the photo of the person, hair color and one for backgrounds or one for all 3. Also being able to change outfits, hairstyles, facial feature sizes/body types would be neat too. More props and more hats/headwear options too being able to add you own as well and save it as a favorite or preset effect. Finally not having photos be cut off. So being able to resize them without having to crop them would be perfect. I love this app and use it every day but some of this changes would greatly improve my overall experience with this app. I would change my 4 stars to 5 with a few of this changes added especially more than 7 effects in a combo and being able to combine certain effects more easily. Hopefully you take into consideration some of my suggestions!! 😊

Awesome ❣️

I have used this app for many years. I have gotten a lot of compliments on the projects that I have created. It is one of my favorite apps❣️


I don’t normally take the time but wow what an amazing flipping app great work!!! Would give 6 stars but can only leave 5

Too many ads

It's honestly a good app, but can you lay off trying to get us to go pro? I mean while I processing my photo do you really need to ask me? I guess you want to promote it but it's already there when your looking at editing choices and it also pops up 3 or 4 times a day. I'm just saying I think we get the point.

Not Free

If you want their logo off of your pic, you must buy Pro per month.

Pretty layouts

Fun layouts with addition added effects if you wanted it.

Great app with amazing backgrounds

I love this app. I love how you can take a picture and enhance it with a beautiful background. Very easy to use, great backgrounds, good effects you can add if you like. I really enjoy using this app and I haven’t found one that could top it! The only thing is the placement of the logo on the pictures. Sometimes it’s up to far in the picture. It should be down lower so it won’t cut off some of the words that are on some of the backgrounds. But other than that, Great job!

Photo lab

I absolutely love Love love this app

I like!!!!

Amazing app. My photos are beautiful!

Pretty Good App

I love the pretty colors and fancy effects that you can do with PHOTOLAB filters in 3 seconds. I use them to make birthday graphics for my friends. It’s like a special custom card, done with little time and effort. The masking function is pretty seamless. And Photolab also has a camera+filter that rivals the other apps like beauty plus and snapchat.

I love y’all

Hands down best photo app with fun I’ve seen in forever no complaints here