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MOLDIV - Photo Editor, Collage

by JellyBus Inc.

(25,492 user ratings)


Download size: 170.71MB
Version: 4.8.5
Released: 2013-04-30
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and Video

MOLDIV™, the best beauty selfie & video camera, all-in-one photo editor!
With the motion graphics video camera, collage & magazine, perfect selfie for beauty camera, professional photo editor, you can create awesome photos & videos on mobile.

Beauty camera with live selfie filters
Smooth skin, slim face, enlarge eyes
Live texture & light leak effects for camera

Live video filters
Amazing motion graphics
: Bokehs, particle effects, vintage light leak
: Fun animated stickers, video magazine covers, polaroid layouts

199 Filters in 13 themes - photographer favorite!
FILM - analog photo effects
Textures that subtly brings all kinds of mood and light leaks
Professional editing tools
Text function with 300+ fonts
560 Stickers and 92 background patterns
Square for Instagram

310 Stylish frames
135 Popular magazine-style layouts
Freely adjust collage aspect ratio
Magazine presets for the most stylish photo editing

iMessage extension: mosaic tool
Today widget: video, selfie, edit, collage
EXIF data
Save to maximum resolution of your device.
Photo sharing to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc

* Video Review: http://youtu.be/mopoC8z_bGI
* Ranked No.1 Photo & Video in 110 countries
* Don’t forget to Tag #MOLDIV when posting on Instagram. You may find your photos featured on the official @MOLDIVapp!

Have a question or suggestion? We are waiting for your feedback!
Facebook: facebook.com/MoldivPro
Instagram: @MOLDIVapp
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Customer Reviews
Love it!

This app is so great. It helps me edit amazing photos and create instagram worthy collages.


I just got this app today for a school assignment and this makes making a photo collage so fun and easy. I love the different formats and stickers you can get and all the different things you can do with your pictures! Would love to keep using this app in the future! <3


Easy to use, and improves image greatly. Some features are indispensable.


Great app for fun personal pictures. Love it!

Good app but even after you pay they’ll bombard you with ads!

It works great as long as you’re ok with paying money and see ads every time you create a collage.

It’s great!

I’ve had this for years. I’m not good at changing and editing pictures much but I’ve always been able to use MOLDIV for everything I needed to do. It’s never disappoints!


Love this app!

Stickers Pop Up

Pop up sign offer free sticker after Rating. Who cares if you offer free stickers? Just don't pop up signs. I would be happy to pay for the stickers if they are nice looking. One star for pushing user for rating. Unprofessional. :-(

The Best Photo Editor

Been using it for years👍🏼


Love it!


Very good I love it always


Still Love it after all these years!!🥰 Thank y’all 😃 Love this app!! Please don’t change a thing!!🥰👍🏼💞

*Paris Hilton voice* “Loves it”

My go-to for quick edits. Super easy to use

Amazing App

Love it... amazing for starters you must try it what you got to lose it’s free..

Love pictures

I love this app.

Love it!

I love this app! I use it very often!

I love it

I love it

Harder than other apps

Not a lot of choices

Wouldn't Want To Be Without It

This is a really great app and I'm particular when it comes to graphic design or editing apps. I use it nearly everyday for too many reasons to name, including personal as well as some business related tasks. The apps I look for and go to frequently have to be user friendly, because seriously, no one wants to waste time figuring out little annoying peculiarities that should be a snap from the beginning. Editing apps should come with multiple features so the entire project can be completed without switching back and forth between apps, and a wide variety of fonts is non-negotiable. MOLDIV has everything I’ve needed, and has alleviated a lot of the stress from “volunteer” home, community, church or school projects, making them much easier and even fun. I'm trying to think of any improvements that could make it better while I'm typing but ... oh yes, I’ve been told by another family member that perhaps the photo beautification feature could be expanded or tweaked, but I haven’t personally used it. I think MOLDIV has another app just for profile type enhancements, not sure but check it out. I can recommend this app without hesitation and bet it becomes the go-to app for quick edits for anyone who tries it. It's my favorite and most used app, hands down. Five solid stars with an exclamation mark for MOLDIV!

This app is so amazing!!

I like this app

5 star editor

My fav photo editor!

Love this app!

Easy and fun!

Great app. Lots of fun.

Reliable. I like this app a lot. Are use it for all of my collages on social media. It does a wonderful job. Highly recommend it.

Great for writing on photos!!!

Easy to use. No watermark

Enjoy making nice birthday wishes for friends & family

I love making special Birthday, Anniversary, cards for Friends & Family. Each Greeting is personalized & made with love.

5 stars

I love it.

Very nice

Need update for mag template

Love it

Me encanta esta app puedo hacer muchas cosas es una de mis favorita


It's a great app I like it very much, you can do many things with pictures I've used many apps similar to this one but this one is the best by far!


Love this app so much .

Thanks MOLDIV!

I take a lot of photos while out on the bay with my iPhone in a waterproof case. MOLDIV sure helps to make up for the less-than-ideal conditions.


Fun to make collages!

Dude app legit!

Five blue stars for sure.

Easy and Fun to Create collages and edit photography

Easy to use, fun to create


@tiny.little.wonders :)


It satisfies all of my editing needs. Highly recommend!

Love it!

Always using it for editing my photos. 👍👍👍👍

Love it

I love this app


Love it


What a fabulous app! I love how easy it is to use and how creative I feel when I do.

I love this app !!!

The best app for editing my pictures!

Love this app but....

After the latest update I can’t get it to work. It keeps telling me I do t have an internet connection after I select which photos I want to use in a collage

La mejor app que existe. Bájala

La uso hace mucho y aunque he perdido mi teléfono,siempre busco la manera de volverla a tener. 😍

Great editor

Great affordable editor. Easy to Use!



Love it

Beautifull app


great collage app

Amazing App

I use this app DAILY!