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Magisto Video Editor

by Magisto Ltd

(88,250 user ratings)


Download size: 199.9MB
Version: 5.3.8
Released: 2012-01-08
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and VideoUtilities

Get Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker now to create amazing videos in minutes, perfect for sharing on social media. Join over 100 million people who already installed Magisto’s mobile and web apps to handle all their movie making needs!

* Apple's Best of 2019: Discover The Storyteller Within *
* Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ 2018 *
* Consumer Reports' 2017 #1 Video Editing app *

With Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker you can:
◆ Grab attention on social media by transforming your photos and clips into eye-catching movies
◆ Grow your business: real estate, automotive, fitness or travel; increase brand awareness, lead generation and sales
◆ Become a Video ‘Superhero’ - Magisto’s super-smart editor is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It combines clips, photos, music, text, effects and filters to help you tell your story.
No video clips? No problem. Magisto movie maker can help you create a slideshow or video collage using only photos
◆ Use Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker to make amazing videos in just 3 Easy Steps:
1. Design - pick an editing style that fits the story you want to tell: birthday, wedding, kids, pets, food, holiday, memories, etc.
2. Media - select photos and video clips from your gallery or Google Photos™
3. Music - pick from our vast commercially licensed song library or upload your own music
◆ Share your content: easily share your ‘superhero’, head turning videos on social media, via messaging apps and email or on your website, blog and vlog, in just one tap

About the Magisto app:
Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker uses sophisticated Artificial Intelligence to find the best parts of your footage. It intelligently applies video editing techniques including stabilization, object detection, filters and effects to create eye-catching videos that outshine the average slideshow or video collage.

Growing your business with Magisto’s advanced features:
● Create marketing videos for social media
● Win attention and gain influence
● Create engaging and converting video ads
● Make Training, How-To, Events, Sales and other videos
● Magisto ‘Professional’ monthly plan ($29.99):
◦ Professional themes and templates
◦ Licensed music library
◦ Logo & text addition
◦ 5 min movie length
◦ 720p HD download quality
◦ Free access to ‘Vimeo Pro’ ($20 monthly value). Get powerful video hosting and sharing tools: password protected links, customizable player, analytics, cloud storage and more
● Magisto ‘Business’ monthly plan ($59.99):
◦ 3+ million stock video clips and 25 million photos
◦ 10 min movie length
◦ Business optimized themes and templates
◦ 1080p full-HD download quality
◦ Brand colors & fonts customization
◦ Priority support
◦ Free access to ‘Vimeo Business’ ($50 monthly value). Includes everything in Vimeo Pro (above) plus engagement tools in the player, video marketing integrations, and plenty more storage
* ‘Professional’ and ‘Business’ plans are available via an auto-renewing subscription which you can purchase and try for a trial period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Purchase of an additional subscription during the trial period will forfeit the remaining portion of said period.
Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. Manage your subscriptions in your account.

Start creating amazing videos today; get Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker Now!

Magisto uses FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv.2.1 or later: (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/lgpl-2.1.html)
Privacy Policy: http://www.magisto.com/privacy
Terms of Use: https://www.magisto.com/tos
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Customer Reviews

Excellent application

Not a video editor

This is a glorified powerpoint on auto advance. You cannot edit the videos! You cannot snip pieces from one video and seam it together with others. Frankly, this is nothing more than what Google Photos does automatically. Don’t waste your time.

Very good, but expensive!

I liked the app, but many of the settings require money. Very good quality, but be prepared to spend a little if you want a perfect movie!


I LOVE the way you can MAKE YOUR MOVIE with more control now...!!! ~ I LOVE this App❤️


they offer you a free trial and before a week is up they charge you the $30 monthly fee. Complete rip off. I thought Vimeo sold itself as a Christian organization


Basura no te deja ni hacer tu primer video para ver si te gusta 🤮

Don’t bother

Money grab hard to use!


Great job! We just tried a demo video for Advertisment for our company. And we where very happy with the results and quality. I will be Recommending this to many of our friends in the business. Thank You;)

Not a video compressor

Sponsored by the the search results ad when searching video compressor but cannot edit my existing videos. If you can it’s not easily found. Deleted pretty quick and cancelled the trial.

Had to change from 1 star to 5 because

They did increase the price and I’m not sure how amazing the app is these days. I remember it was amazing before it was so advanced so I’m sure it’s even more amazing now. Costumer service is extremely on point and helped me with what I asked so .... thumbs up !!!

Probably Okay

I just think search needs updated. Seeing a $29 or $59 monthly price tag is not what I was expecting.

Love it

Best app

Love it

I like how it look professional!! For armature editors like myself.


This made a great video. I love it. And it’s just the free version.

Awesome app!

I don’t care what everyone else says on the bad reviews this app is great! I’ve had it on many of my devices and I’m downloading it again on this one! There’s plenty options for your vids. Sure, there isn’t a billion but if you’d like just get premium, it really is nice app. I totally recommend for business and even for fun!

Great movies

Great app. Significant expense but it’s worth it if you like making movies. Adds great effects and functionality keeps improving.

I’ll recommend.

Love the app, just wish the quality was better when saving the video. Appears to be not even close to HD after the app edits and saves it.

App don’t work properly

I log in with Facebook it doesn’t open the app I switch to google it say phone not connected to internet I attempt to go as a guest the app just shuts down ...... so far it needs a lot of fixing


We got it for business but making home videos is awesome. I’m hooked

Good app, not too versatile

I only wanted to combine 2 videos really quick for a school project, i came and couldnt find a blank template because apparently thats hidden randomly in the middle of the selections then i couldnt just use the audio i already have and was left with a soundless video. I know im using this app for not its intended purpose but the purpose this is for seems so precise that i find it hard to see a need for this. Its a good app, its well designed and is quality, but just not for me and i think others can agree that its very limited in its uses.


Doesn’t let you download the one video I made unless you pay $7 a month

Hey there’s something wrong

Since the most recent update I haven’t been able to save anything. It just crashes every time I try to save. Please fix this.


About 2 or so years ago, I used this app for something and it was fantastic. I got it again, even paid for the extra, and this time it doesn’t even work. First, I tried to add pictures from google photos, but it froze every time I tried to select one. Now google photos works fine (after about a week of the same problem) but when I try to click on upload music it freezes. I know this isn’t anything to do with my phone, because my phone isn’t even a month old. I’m really sad that I’m unable to use this app.

So easy to make a perfect video

You can’t go wrong. One can be made even without your help. Fun and so enjoyable to have.

Not free to save your video

I originally thought it would be free to save your video to your photos but no.You have to pay so you can save your creation.This app does create good videos for you but I want to save my creations but I can’t

Great app to have

Love this app. I feel almost like a professional when I make my videos. It takes mediocre videos and makes them look interesting and cool.

Spent more time trying to cancel than using it

The app is not useful, takes forever to render and options are limited...decided to cancel after 10 minutes but 40 minutes later still having trouble canceling.

Best thing ever yeah

So cool SThis game is

Not great, and difficult to cancel

I signed up for this to be able to turn a video clip into a time lapse. It didn’t do the job well AT ALL. Then I got charged $29 after thinking I had cancelled. **This thing is hard to cancel.** You have to go through your iTunes settings, find your subscriptions, (you can see tons of subscription options that aren’t listed at sign up that are like 6.99 instead of $29/mo btw). And you have to cancel manually, in your settings. Ok. I can figure that out, but my mom wouldn’t be able to. Not a great user experience. Not intuitive. Doesn’t do a good job anyways.

Very fun and nice app

Very fun and nice app

It is good

I love it


I downloaded this app to check it out. Immediately Seen it charges so I deleted it. $ was taken out of account😠

Well.... wasted that data....

All I did was download and threw a couple of videos, some music, and a theme in.... nothing... error. Something went wrong... oh well...

This is really a useless app

There are so many free or less expensive apps that do the same things. Very disappointed

It’s alright I guess

Ehhh only 10 pictures your allowed unless you pay I payed because why not but it’s a good app I guess

Could I visit this sight again?

I was on this sight and I was doing a video for ROBLOX that I was thing of posting on YouTube so I tried to save this video and it didn’t work,I don’t know how but it’s making me upset because I just want to post a Video if my let’s me but I can’t with this app because on here it won’t let me save video’s so I don’t recommend this app if you want to save your videos but this is all my opinion so don’t be trippin' also I would LOVE for someone to teach me how to use this app. Things to not use this app for

Nothing In The Music “library”

Honestly I saw the reviews on this app saying that it’s not that good. I thought “Well it may have updated” or “They may be overreacting”, so I downloaded it. When I got on I thought that it didn’t look that bad. When I looked through the music “gallery” I found honestly nothing that I liked. I thought that I could find real songs that I liked for example, “Yellow Hearts”. When I kept scrolling I found again, nothing I liked. So I am most likely going to delete this app and find a different one. Please try to add some real songs and maybe some BTS songs. Thank you for reading, this app needs improvement on songs. Hope you have a nice day. (A few minutes after): oh and btw! I just made a stupid video, and just saying it’s not very good! :\ I can’t even add the video to the app I wanted to add it to! WASTE OF TIME!

So not what I wanted

I wanted a short video not movie and plus no transitions

Amazing app

Amazing app so convenient using a like magical video maker.

A huge meh

No search function for the music library? That’s just lazy coding.


There a few things I wish I could do on here but it’s overall the app works great thank you Magisto I’m planning on using this app to make a whole movie

Does not work well and pointless

I got this app hoping to learn to edit only to learn that this app doesn’t let you edit it yourself. Was a complete letdown and do not recommend.

Not great anymore

I used it before and it was amazing work but now it doesn’t work at all, whenever I try to create a video it crashes and takes me to my home screen

It started out good..

I like it until it got to the music part it didn’t let me pick the music. I would like it not to be only iTunes cause you have to pay for those things. So I ended up deleting it.

This app has promise but is far too often a frustrating nightmare.

If you want to make a cool video with only MAYBE five clips, this app will do (mostly) what you want. Anything more than that? You can expect that it will reorder your clips, randomly remove some and cause you to waste hours of time not to mention wasting money on this app itself. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. It will just cause you more stress.

a whole scam

so it’s free to download but $29.99 A MONTH to actually use it for ANYTHING, PLEASE stop lying on the app store

Magnifica app

Hola a todos Encerio es una gran app

$ but 😍

You need to pay for stuff for Serbian templates. I have been limited on what I can do! I really like this app though! It is really cool and fun to use! Please get back to me... why do I have to pay for more things on this? I like it but I’m limited!


u cant do anything on this app