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Collage Maker ◇

by click2mobile

(15,637 user ratings)


Download size: 232.54MB
Version: 9.6.16
Released: 2012-06-15
For ages: 4+

#1 All-In-1 pic collage maker, photo editor, music video editor for your best moments & memories! Make perfect collages with 10000+ layouts, effects, stickers & tools.

100 million+ installs, Collage Maker ◇ - LiveCollage is the #1 photo & music video collage maker, photo editor, video editor & on mobile. Download the best, the easiest app for editing photos and videos, making perfect free cards.

Choose from trendy grid layouts, collage styles and sizes, awesome effects, exclusive stickers, background patterns, gradients and doodle on collages to TELL YOUR STORY with one framed picture! And edit & touch up your pics, videos with powerful editing tools, filters, beauty retouch essentials.

Awesome Features
- 10000+ STYLISH Layouts in different shapes, sizes, styles! Mix-match your photos, crop, rotate, move and set them up as you like.
- Make animated collages with one tap.
- Stunning AI ARTISTIC FILTERS turn photos into artworks in styles of famous artists: Picasso, Van Gogh, etc.
- AI Background Eraser change photo background with one tap in seconds.
- Thousands of EXCLUSIVE stickers, backgrounds, patterns, frames to beautify your photos & stories.
- Use FREESTYLE to make a SCRAPBOOK of special moments & memories.
- DOODLE and write on your photos in your own unique handwriting.
- CUTOUT photos by tracing shapes with your finger.
- Beautify your portrait with PRO Selfie Editor! It include a collection of the best pro retouching tools.
- Make photos into SLIDESHOW with powerful video editor.
- Music Video Collage: Add music and video to layout. Easily and quickly to make music video collage in seconds.
- 3D & Curve Text: Create 3D effect and CURVE text to make fantastic artwork
- Double Exposure to blend two image into a single creative artwork.

- 10000+ STYLISH Layouts
Choose from a wide variety of layouts, preset templates or use freestyle mode to create a photo collage in your own UNIQUE STYLE
- Adjustable Layout
Fully ADJUSTABLE basic layout by adjusting the FRAME,COLORS and PATTERNS.
- Remix Up to 16 Shots
Combine 2 ~ 16 photos into a single awesome pic
- Stitches
Combine more than 16 photos into a long story picture
- 2000+ Stickers & Decorations
Decorate your photos with tons of exclusive and TRENDY stickers! Personalize your collages and add extra fun in your own style
- 800+ Cards & Posters
Choose from 800+ preset layouts for every occasion such as Christmas, birthdays, holidays, newborn babies, weddings, anniversaries and graduation
- 600+ Backgrounds
Choose & change any color, opacity, beautiful gradients and patterns
- 100+ Fonts
Add colorful TEXT & next trending MEME with funky FONTS to make them even more expressive!
- 780+ Photo Frames
Beautify your photos into framed artwork with CREATIVE photo borders
- 500 + Effects
Create a whole different photo mood with TRENDY filters
- Blur
Blur background to make STYLISH photo
- Aspect Ratios for fb cover/post, twitter post, iPhone wallpaper.
- Photo Editor
Trendy filters, touch-up tools(CROP, DRAW, REDEYE, BLEMISH...) and more!
- Selfie Editor
Smooth out skin, reshape face, whiten teeth, remove blemishes & pimples and more
- Video Editor
Create MUSIC VIDEO, Add text on Videos and make photos into stunning SLIDESHOW with free musics. Trim, speed, crop, rotate, move, flip, apply filter, add COOL effects.
include $4.99/month & $39.99/year subscriptions that provides access to entire collection of collage layouts, effects, backgrounds, stickers and more! And to access our exclusive set of Features. These subscriptions auto-renews at the end of each month or year.unless cancelled 24-hours in advance. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active period.
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Customer Reviews
Great features!

Love using this app. So many great collages. I would pay for it to get rid of the ads, if it were a little less expensive! I just don’t need and use it that much to justify the $47.99 per year! That’s too much! Sorry!

Very easy and helpful

I really like this app! I use for my cleaning company (Vistas Cleaning in Boston) posts and social media, in my opinion, should have more edit stuff options for a business.

Not quite perfect yet

Need more Happy Birthday and Thank You stickers and borders for the collages.

Amazing app and I love it!

This app is the best I love how I can put my photos together and show my friends. Thank you for this epic app!

In-app purchases are annoying

This app is okay, but to get everything you want, you have to pay for it. I think it’s a waste to get an app and have to pay $2 a month. This app is a waste of your time and money.

Love this app!

Very easy to use! Fast!

It’s Meh

I like it but it keeps freezing when I try to do stuff and won’t work

new update

please go back to the last version, i hate the new one. you can’t upload multiply pictures at a time anymore and it’s more difficult to use. i loved this app and used it for years, I told all my friends about it. now i’m considering deleting it because how much the quality went down

Good app but

Love the app but to go on a Lot of the filters and so on you have to be a member and you have to pay sad 😔


This app is awesome I love the layouts and all the deferent designs definitely 5 stars worthy


This is the best collage app I have ever used


It’s so fun using this app. I can create and add stickers, texts and song’s to enhance the photos. It’s so easy to use. Enjoyable

Very good and excellent east to use app.

Very good and excellent east to use app.I wish thre r more frames for free etc...


Great app for pictures and making a video out of ordinary pix.


This app lets me make all my dreams come true. Would recommend it to anyone who is a artist and loves having fun. The only part that is not good is that all the good stuff are on premium. Everything else is great though.

Review 😁

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 it so good I have used this app for about three years and I learn something knew everyday on it I use it for many thing like my new wallpapers or a friend and her boyfriend ect. 💙definitely should get this app 😁😁

Easy to use

I love this app. It is so easy to use. I would love to purchase it but $50 PER YEAR, is way too much. I would love a single purchase price.


Fonts won’t work unless you pay that same with other functions. Full page adverts requesting money and there appears to be no way to close them. Deleting misleading “free” app

I love this app

I love this app and I can not imagine my life without it! It is super easy, and user friendly. I taught a couple of friends and family members and now they are hooked at well.

Video Collage problems

I paid for the app, $4.99 - just now and I cannot add any effects into my videos within the STICKER section. It won’t let me drag or select any VideoFX! Also - what is the deal with limiting the Videos to 8 sec. sounds???? That’s barely enough for a good IG post

Don’t make me pay

The cool stuff has to be paid for! It’s just a stupid collage app jeez

NOT "free."

Truth in advertising, folks. Subscription requirement pops up only after you've worked on your first collage. Hate that.

Love it !!!

Easy to use. Love it!!!

Great with a few errors

It is awesome but with a few problems: Error 1: Almost every thing is only for members Error 2: It doesn’t show the whole picture so if there is words it cuts of part of the text Error 3: If you want to use on of the frames at the bottom for a collage you can’t But overall this app is great and has helped me accomplish so much and completed so many albums

Hate hate that shape feature for Instagram!

Not worthy using now.


♥️very nice and beautiful

I mean..

The app is really nice and I make good videos and pictures with it, but I’m not going to waste money to get premium. I feel like more thinks should wave able to be used in the game.. not basic filters, stickers, etc. Please fix this!!


It is very hard to use and is not put together well.

Not free

Appears as free, but it’s only a free 3 days trial and you have to give CC info to save any collages. 🙅‍♀️👎🏼


This app is amazing- it centers all of my photos without me having to do all the hard work!! I love using the beauty part to see what I look like with makeup on!! Thank you!

Keeps crashing

Needs a new update, keeps crashing when I try to add pictures

Great for business

I used this app all the time to make collage images to advertise my Etsy shop on Instagram and Facebook! Love it! Easy to use!

Fabulous App!

Does exactly what is suppose to do. How rare. I love this app, as it saves space on my iPad. Multiple photos on one collage👍

I don’t want this how do I cancel

Cancel now everybody

LiveCollage- I Love It!!!

I Love The LiveCollage App. I Actually Use It Hand In Hand With Another App To Create My Bar/Club Flyers. I'm A DJ So Instead Of Going Through A Third Party To Have My Flyers Made, I've Figured My Way Around The App So I Could Make My Own. It's Great!!! - @TheKidDJNewYork #TeamNewYitty

Love this app!


This app is great!!

This app can make your pictures beautiful and natural at the exact sometime. I use this app for all of my picture and it made a big change on my editing skills.

I’ve seen better

This is a pretty good app. I don’t like how you have to pay to get certain things. I also just edit my photos on Instagram, so I do t really use this app.When you edit the face it doesn’t look really realistic. I like apps that make you look good-not dumb. Overall it’s a fairly good app! I would also add where you can do a thing like boomerang. A lot more people would download it!

Live Collage

Got this because my go-to app stopped updating. It’s been great.

Simple and Quick!

I can make a meme in less than 3 minutes. Great app. I wish they had just a plain font, the free ones are too fancy! I use it everyday.

Love it But could use one thing

Love this app so much!!!! I’ve made so many amazing collages!! I with they had a mode where you can chance your photo to portrait since not all phones have portrait mode.

Parents beware - kids can access porn

Beware!! Children can access inappropriate pictures through this app!

You ruined it!!

I purchased this app & it has been my go to collage maker. Today it started saving EVERYTHING as a VIDEO. I cannot use my photoshop to open a VIDEO!!!! I cannot label etc with my photoshop. I am canceling my subscription

Free trial BS

I bought this app thinking I would use it and I never did. The free trial was for 3 days and I asked for a refund because I don’t need to use it, but the app is not eligible for a refund. I don’t think it should cost $47.99 for a year to use this app. That’s way over priced. So unfortunately I regret using this application. I only used it one time for one template for a seasonal photo of my cat.

Don’t do it

I did the 3 free days and just did that yesterday and then today I’m getting a receipt for the subscription already. I can’t be having this money coming out of our bank account right now. I wanted to play with it a few days for free like they said I’d get to do and then maybe when I had the funds I could do it. But no they are charging our bank account and we don’t have the funds for it so it will over draw our account and charge us another $30 on top of $50. I will not be using this app ever again for this reason. We are strapped for cash and they are making it to where we probably won’t be able to get gas or food because of this.

Awesome App!

Quick and easy to make a great collage!

Excelent app

Best app for nice pictures.

Adriana Tison

Awesome app I use for home & work. Thanks for making it!! Looking forward to seeing new things to use in the app like maybe colorful text writings when you edit text. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Honest opinion - GREAT

I wasn’t paid to write this. This is great for a free app. Yes there are ads, but who cares. Functionality is key, and there’s lots of features in this app. Cropping, resizing, collages, etc.