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Frames - Picture Collage Maker

by vijaya kumar reddy doddavala

(6,478 user ratings)


Download size: 49.24MB
Version: 4.7.31
Released: 2012-07-03
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and Video

Use Instant frames to frame your photos and post to Instagram!

Instant frames helps you combine multiple photos into amazing looking shells/frames/collage and share them with world via Instagram, Facebook, Email, Twitter. With 1000+ fully adjustable frames, rounded corners, photo effects, shadows, plenty of patterns and an easy color picker you will always have a unique and distinctive look


- 1000+ Fully Adjustable Frames (resize frame for endless customizations)

- Create projects and work on them when ever you want
- Auto Save, can retrieve any project at any time
- 100+ PIP frames
- Download more magazine frames from cloud
- High Resolution output

- Add labels to your images
-Full body editor features for Men & Women
-3000+ unique templates for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Blogs and many more.
- Full fledged photo editor and PicFx editor
- Select Photos from Facebook albums, Facebook profile photo, Photo Album, camera and Clipboard

- Apply sketch, vintage, toon, tone and cartoon effects to individual photo.

- Add labels to the photos

- Add Stickers to the photos

- Add Rounded corners on Photos

- Add rounded corners on Frames

- Change Border Color, border pattern and border width
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Customer Reviews
Worst “free” Frame App

A pop up with every click, forcing you to find a community, and I honestly didn’t stick around long enough to do the treasure hunt for a free frame. They’re all pro, meaning money required. The only thing free about this app is the download.

Don’t get it

It is horrible! Don’t you dare get it! I’d rate it negative 100000000if I could!

Gets stuck in mid air!

Your app keeps locking up with my iPhone 12. Doesn’t allow adjustments, you can’t see the words to correct. Just not configured well to work with IPhone 11.

Ads everywhere

This app is a waste of time, figuratively and literally. Every time you want to go to a different tab within the app an ad plays. Seriously, don’t waste your time. And if you think you won’t mind the ads well they bury all the free features behind mounds of paid stuff, so it’s a pain to even find what you are able to use. And then every time you switch to maybe wanting to do a template or collage another ad plays... awful app.

What the heck

I just downloaded this app because I saw a YouTube video that intrigued me on this app. However when I tried to open collage the only thing available is for me to have to pay for them! What is this a bait and switch. Not impressed will likely remove it as I’m not paying for anything

Too many ads

Too many ads makes this app almost impossible to use. Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s the app and what’s just an ad. Really not worth the time to download and delete. Just use IGs Frames if you need a simple collage.

Useless unless u pay

Cool app but it’s all for pay.


This app is horrible and is weighed down so heavily with ads that take advantage of the new user and waste your time. It may be the worst advertisement ridden app I have ever used.

Not worth the trouble

Doesn’t even deserve the 1 star! Horrible app

Nothing but ads

Everything requires a purchase and constant ads

Can’t go back to previous projects

The earlier version use to allow you to go back to previous projects you created but it doesn’t any longer. It would be great if they brought that back along with the option to edit it.

Unclear where the non-pro material might be

This looks like a promising app but with no way to filter for the non-pro (paid) material quickly (and having to watch a 5-second video ad to be able to see what is under each heading) it gets tedious fast. If I could try the free material & like it, I might spring for the pro version but it seems too convoluted to use right now.

iPhone 11 Pro Issues

The entire gamut of text editing tools does not work for iPhone 11. Can pretty much only type then get stuck in the type text mode.

Great app..need to have save draft feature

I love the app. Glad I purchased the upgrade but I wish you could save your work as a draft and edit at a later time.

Garbage app

Hard to navigate and most things require premium

It’s not working at all

I get an ad to watch & after that’s done the frames will not load. Very disappointing

Useless due to ads!

Completely unusable! Nothing but ads!

is great app

its amazing

Nothing free

Dont bother

Great frames

Love the graphics

Quite confusing

A bit challenging to use unless you unlock the pro features. Disappointing.


Don’t like having to submit a review in order to use it.


It’s a good app

Still trying to use it...

Haven’t been able to access many options, and now rating before I try it. A bit frustrating.

it’s good!

it’s good!

So far ok

I need to use it a bit more before being able to rate it, but the app insisted I rate it now so I can use the features in the app. I'll be back.


Good App



Ms Amilliah

Great product

Cool filters

Nice frames

Great Frames

Love the choices!

Really good

Good app really helpful gets what I need done without waste of time

Love it

Love it


4 stars



Jnj hart

My fav frame app!!!!







Super fun

Easy fo beginner grandmas. Try it you will like it. Love the cartoon feature.

Rated b

Love being able to make pictures look crazy funny different even smooth my face out haha

Prices to high

Why are things so expensive

It is that good

Amazing 😂

Too many ads

There are way too many ads


I like it


The app is nice but the only thing is I don’t like the part that paying for different items is to expensive

All ight

It’s ok

Awesome app

Very good frames to use