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Font Candy Photo & Text Editor

by Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.

(3,792 user ratings)


Download size: 164.41MB
Version: 5.6.4
Released: 2013-07-12
For ages: 4+

Font Candy puts you in the creator's chair and allows you to produce custom designs in seconds. Add quotes, artwork, filters, colors, and even layer multiple images!

You choose from a curated collection of fonts or add your own to overlay beautiful text on your photos. Get creative and add intricate designs using shapes, symbols, or emojis. Whether you are looking to create some amazing artwork, celebrate a special occasion, make the next #trending meme, or design a custom iPhone case Font Candy is for you!

Font Candy offers the following powerful text editing tools:

• Over 45 artistic, hand-picked fonts.
• Powerful text editing capabilities including text curving, opacity controls, and shadow.
• Add multiple captions and manipulate each one separately to make your edits truly unique.
• Built-in custom Artwork and Quotes we’ve designed for you.
• Colors and filters you can apply over the background image or the text.
• The ability to design and order custom iPhone cases, Posters, T-shirts, Magnets and more!
• Save your designs and watermarks to the app to edit photos in seconds.
• Fun animations you can add to your text.
• Scale and Crop options with preloaded sizing for different social media platforms.
• Share your work with friends on social media.


Subscribe to take advantage of the features described above.
• Subscription length: weekly
• Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase.
• You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase.
• Your subscription will renew automatically, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
• The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
• When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

Terms of service: https://bendingspoons.com/tos.html?app=661971496
Privacy policy: https://bendingspoons.com/privacy.html?app=661971496

Have a feature request you would like to see in a future version of the app? Do not hesitate to contact us at fontcandy@bendingspoons.com

Disclaimer: You will be required to sign up for an auto-renewable In-App Purchase before you are able to access the app.
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Customer Reviews
Great app 👍

I love this app. Works perfectly

Why doesn’t the Search feature work?

Since getting this app, about a year ago, the Search feature hasn’t worked. I’ve checked all my settings and it’s not on my end. Extremely dissatisfied.


I don’t understand why y’all are charging my card less than 24hrs of a THREE DAY SUPPOSEDLY FREE TRIAL. I NEED MY MONEY BACK RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Stop playing wit me .

So Disappointing ... Greedy Developers

I paid full price for the pro version of this app a while back and now they are charging $1.99 a week after I already paid for professional use. This was by far one of my most favorite apps to use for fonts but this is just greedy on the developers part. I deserve a full refund for the price I paid for pro because this is ridiculous. Yes all my fonts are there after restoring my purchase... but why should I have to pay weekly for pro when I already paid the flat rate. This is greed to the hundredth power!!!

I paid for this app already

I paid for this app years ago and when I hit restore nothing happens. It worked before please fix. Susan Cooper

App no longer works

I’ve been using dont candy for years and I finally mastered it and now after paying for the subscription after years of skepticism. I have been proven right. Now that I have a subscription it doesn’t work???? Disappointed. This was my favorite app!


This games is good but it should be inside of SplitPic and not outside of it. 👌🏻

It’s easy and straightforward to use

So simple

Already purchased.They don’t care

Already purchased this app a few years ago. Went to download it and now i have to pay every week??? I supported you when the app was first going! I literally paid! Now you wanna say, screw you? It’s hard man.

Love it!

Really love this app it’s easy to use and I like the versatility

Used to be my only photo editing app

Although i purchased full version several years ago, after updating to new versions, some of hilarious artworks and shapes are gone and there is nowhere to download artwork packages which i had once! Sadly there is no way to continue using this app.

I love IT

This is a really good editing app I love it so much it can be used to make some pretty bad ass thumbnails too

Disgraceful Marketing

As a user that has purchased the original “pro” version (that has been yanked off the store) it feels like I’ve been harshly ripped off. Restore purchase restores absolutely nada, so in case you don’t want to find yourself desserted with your pockets emptied for no reason in a few months, I would highly suggest you stay away from here and eye the alternatives!

The Best I've Ever Used!

Have use this for a long time and love the extras and the best part, it's simple to use!

Love app!! But weekly fees??

This app is awesome! Truly love it. Would be glad to buy a full version so I could own it and not have to pay weekly! Also would love a mac version!!

I love this app



I was disappointed when I updated the app to see that so many features were removed. The addition of a monthly fee to retain those features was nonsensical, since some of them didn’t work that well to begin with. A one time moderate fee would probably have prompted me to keep those mediocre sources. There was no way to justify the monthly fee though. Good luck with that.

Prices Changing

App has always been AMAZING. Although, Prices Are Higher Than Usual.

App has stopped working guys.

It now crashes everytime i try to use it. Been a paid customer for 6 months and this is a very inconvenient time for it to stop working! Help please!



Really Disappointed

Was using this app for so long, I purchased it a few years ago and loved it. Then they decided to change the prices around and not let me still use the app for what I bought it for? So happy I spent the money on something that wasn’t long term (which I never do on apps and probably never will again). It’s just super frustrating. I also am never one to really complain but I used to use this app all the time. Now I can’t/won’t


I love it

Not even loading up

It just spins and spins now! I’ve paid for the week and can’t even use it

Never works

I used to love this app. Then something happened months ago and now, I’m annoyed with it every time I try to use it. I’m spending $1.99 a week and for what?? It NEVER WORKS. It crashes constantly. The search function doesn’t work, I just get the spinning wheel of death forever. I’ve tried contacting them for support only to get no help at all. I want my money back!


I would give this app 5 stars if it didn’t quit working all the time. Very frustrating as I pay for the premium service and when I open it to start a new project it shuts down!!! May have to cancel my subscription and find a new app...sad because this is my favorite for adding font and such to my photos. Please fix this issue ASAP!!!


Purchased the full version of the app before for $2.99 and now, I just found out you’ve suddenly changed policy and that I need to subscribe to access the full feature??? Wow.

It happened to me as well, Cleo!

Except it’s not just one app I left behind on my iPhone 6S Plus, there were more than a dozen that I’m no longer able to use on my iPhone XR. Btw, clicking Restore as the developer suggested didn’t help me one bit, not on any of the apps I once loved and used every day. This is more than an aggravation, in my opinion it’s a ripoff. Our fatal error was getting new iPhones. That’s not fair. Life is hard enough without this happening. For some reason app developers have become extremely greedy so I too said goodbye. No longer using this app every day, nor am I recommending it to everyone on Facebook. That was free advertising but we don’t get anything free. We get punished for getting new iPhones.


I used the + app that I paid for years ago and I LOVED it...but....now they have gotten rid of that app so everyone would have to download the new app and pay this absurd weekly price. I REFUSE to pay weekly for something that I had ALREADY PAID FOR! I will be deleting all their other apps off my phone as well bc I just cannot support this kind of greed. They should have at the very least grandfathered in the current account from the + app that they no longer support. Shame on you!

I never downloaded this

I have never downloaded this app but somehow it says I owe $2.11 I have no idea why but now I can’t download any other apps

childhood app

I’ve had this app since I was 12 and still love it! Fonts are much more better and editing the fonts into my photos is better too.

Slow, Unresponsive, Glitchy

This was one of the first apps I used but it has become one that I rarely use. It is very slow in loading pictures or templates. It is often unresponsive and often glitches and causes an error or a mistake. Have never seen an app be this slow, unresponsive, and glitchy so often.

Good app sometimes

App will have spurts where when I click the start over button the app crashes and it makes the app useless.

Constantly Quitting

I loved this app. I use it to add text to progress photos, but lately, every single time I open the app and press “start over” to start a new project - the app quits. No matter if I exit out completely, this continues to happen. Therefore, it’s getting a 1 star because I literally can’t use it anymore. Shame, because I really did love it.

Love/hate relationship

Love the app but I can’t get it to stop freezing & crashing on me.

Great app but keeps crashing

I use the app all the time but there are always connection issues. I wish there were an alternative but it isn’t right not. Used it for years but no fix. There need to be a way to erase added artwork.

Photos don’t load

Even though I give the (paid +) app access to my photos, it just spins and spins and spins. I wish I could have my money back :( I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled but still no luck. This has been happening for....like 2 years by the way.

“Restore Purchase” No longer works.

I paid for the premium experience a couple years ago and used this app for everything. Previous installs had no issues with restoring my purchased experience. Now when I choose “restore purchase” I am still locked behind paywalls. Am shopping for a new app to replace this one. I feel scammed.

Search bar

I use to use this app all the time for creating album covers. Now when ever I type something into the search bar(even if I close the app and re open it) it just buffers endlessly(even after closing app, turning off device, and trying again). What’s up with that?

Used to be perfect!

This app used to be perfect for me to create watermarks for my product photos using the mask feature in different opacities but now it doesn’t seem support that feature.

Ap doesn’t work

Won’t let me start a new project.... is something wrong?


App has been crashed, total waste.

Great app

Great app, it works perfectly for all my editing.. however it has started crashing today and I can’t get back into it to do anything, so that is really disappointing.

App useless

It hasn’t been working for a while when i search a photo from the app.

Great when not crashing

When it works, it is awesome, but it crashes too often to be anything better than 2 stars. Please stop the crashing so I can improve the rating!

I’ve paid for PRO to remove watermark but it’s still there

What’s up with that?

Fun when it works!

The app is great and I really enjoy using it. I have been paying for weekly subscription for quite some time however the last couple of months had been frustrating as the app crashes all the time. I haven’t been able to use it in weeks 😪 I don’t want to keep wasting money every week as I have some neat saved designs that I don’t want to lose! Please advise


If you like to play text on your photos, this is the app you want !!


I used to love this app but for some reason I can no longer load the stock photos

No longer working

This app helped me with my blog and was super wonderful for the images it helped me create. Now the stock photos don’t load, it keeps telling me I’ve got no internet connection. Their servers are down and when you email them it gets bounced back. App crashes a lot too. Idk if they went out of business or what but nothing is working and it’s sad. I’m shopping for a replacement app now. 🙁🙁🙁👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼