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by Yahoo

(8,194 user ratings)


Download size: 96.76MB
Version: 4.13.6
Released: 2009-09-08
For ages: 12+

Join the largest, most influential community of photographers in the world. Upload, edit, and share your photos from any device, anytime.

• Find your inspiration, find your people. Flickr is home to billions of photos and millions of groups of passionate photographers.
• Organization and sharing made simple. Browse with ease, select and organize hundreds of photos with one gesture, and share in seconds.
• Unleash your creativity. Edit your photos, add filters, crop images, and more!

Flickr has joined the SmugMug family! Learn more at www.smugmug.com/together

We’re committed to making Flickr a better place to grow, and we’d like to hear your feedback.
Let us know your thoughts here: https://help.flickr.com/contact/contact-us-rkBc7roJQ
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Customer Reviews
Great photos by a rich community

Such talented individuals! Inspiring.

super and ethical

treat u right

Great app for photos around the world

Whether you’re posting your own great photos or exploring great photos from around the world it’s all there in Flickr. Take a trip around the world by searching for photos about Brazil or Vietnam or Nigeria or classic Cadillacs. Whatever your passion.

Flickr member

Great app. I would recommend this to all on Flickr.

Five Star App The Best app on social, awesome for storage

Flckr the very best app for social networking and image storage! Flicker allows a extroverted shy guy like me to enjoy sharing with his bros

Absolutely amazing

An amazing app for photos

The best app for sharing photos and interests

I love Flickr. It’s a great, folksy app, good people maintain it, and I don’t have the big brother worries I’d have with FB.

Great. Undeservedly underrated.

It's free. It's a way to share multiple photos with almost anyone, even folks without smartphones. It's a platform for all of us to see other people's beautiful photography.


Being part of the Flickr LEGO community has proven that there are some just amazing posts. I do know the other photography is simply amazing as well but if you’re looking for niche photography, the LEGO community has some amazing things to offer.


A great partner in my digital asset management and a brilliant way to share/ get feedback on my work.

Even better after the transition

Faster and smoother.


Always have good things to look at

Arctic Warrior

Incredible photos!!!!!

Nice over all smooth experience

But it could use more features like easy integration to yahoo portal right from the Flicker app on my iPad unless I missed something or two.


Love all the different avenues to take to see pics both public and private !

So Great for Photographers

Such a great app for showing picture and showcasing your talent in photography! very fun for photographers and viewers alike.

I love Flickr

The app works great. There are lots of interesting things to see on Flickr. Search on your area of interest and see what turns up.

Getting Better

After years of neglect by Yahoo! The new owners are trying their best to get things back in order. It’s not perfect and pain free yet, but this app and the platform in general is in a 1000% better position than it was two years ago.

Amazing to be honest. But needs one thing....

Please, add the ability to lock the app.

Love it!

More than 10 years enjoying Flickr!


Flickr doesn’t act like your mommy, like YouTube does. It’s a freedom loving site without the infringing dictator ego. Although you will run into the occasional liberal who knows what's best for everyone. The majority of the people are just a wonderful bunch of people.


I love this app. I use it every day!


I’ve been a member for years and will eventually go pro again due to metadata tracking. The mobile app is cute too. Cheery to many years 🥃

Great App

Love the new features. Completely restyled and so beautiful. The most beautiful photo app!


Can’t upload pics? What’s the point then?

Still the One !

I’ve been on Flikr almost from its inception, and there is still no better anywhere. It’s photo storage capabilities along with its other platforms and tools make Flikr second to none !

Like the new design but frequent login issues

Generally like the new app design, but the past two updates to the app have had some very annoying bugs related to sign in and overall stability. Every second or third time I launch the app I have to select my account and go through the sign in process, and often times the app hangs after I do. Minor annoyance but enough to make me use the app less!

The best ever

Flickr is a community of photography if all levels. Those who know how teach those who want to learn. Can’t get any better than that.

Movin’ on up!

Lots of solid improvements lately. Keep up the good work!

Flickr is my favorite social media choice.

I use Flickr for viewing and posting Second Life photos. Nothing comes close to the focus on the art users exchange. It’s a nice cool breeze in the heat of news and political commentary.


Great way to share photos and connect with like-minded photographers.

Flickr is Fun

I like being able to organize my photos in nice ways

Beautiful, User friendly

. Loads photos quickly . Nice search feature

Why I Like Flikr

For managing photos and sharing them with family and friends, their is no better way than Flikr. It also gives you a look at other photos which helps you open your creativity. So short answer, convenience, concepts and creativity.

The beauty of our world

When I’m a little down and I need to see a better way, I just open flicker.

Used to love it

Too bad you cannot store more than 1,000 photos anymore. This app used to be my go to for 10 years! Big mistake!

What a wonderful outlet and forum is here for people like me

Out standing !!!

Easy and Safe!

I’ve had Flickr since it began in 2004 and love having all my pictures and videos in one place. I have never had any issues with it and now with its changes have been able to download as many pictures as I need faster than before. I highly recommend Flickr.

Where I keep my photo blog and make photo contacts

Update 2020: still my favorite photo community. ————- Update: 2019. Still my favorite community. I wish they’d return groups to the way they used to be or something similar but I’ve never found a better learning resource with so many good photographers. Take your time and cultivate a group of friends with common interests. Give to get. Have fun. ————— I've had an account since 2008. It is still the best photo sharing website. I wish Yahoo was more active and innovative but given their corporate and financial worries I am amazed at what they have accomplished. I have a core of nature photographer friends who have remained over the years. We support and cheer each other on; it's fun. Others migrated to Google+ and Facebook for more visibility. However, Flickr respects photographer's rights unlike Facebook. Flickr involved a lot user action in their last major revisions. While there are things I don't like about the changes, overall they were a major improvement. I like Flickr. I think you will too.


I love this app so much. Because I'm pretty interested in Photography. And I'm getting some photo ideas from that app. I would like to rate 5 stars to that app.

Flickr is great!!!

Flickr is the best picture app to show pictures.

Great storage

I’ve used this service to store photos for years, it’s also a great way to share photos with other members.


The Best!!


I love this app, it’s easy to navigate. Only complaint I have is, wish you could choose the the size of picture you want to download. When app first started you were able too..

Love Flickr !

Great photos!

A great app!!!😊

I love Flicker me too!


The app is still so limited.... you can’t edit your profile and you have half the controls that’s available on desktop. I only find the app to be useful for uploading and browsing.

Great App!!

I love it, so much variety!


I’m appreciate so much Are the best