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by Yahoo

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Download size: 112.02MB
Version: 4.14.4
Released: 2009-09-08
For ages: 12+

Join the largest, most influential community of photographers in the world. Upload, edit, and share your photos from any device, anytime.

• Find your inspiration, find your people. Flickr is home to billions of photos and millions of groups of passionate photographers.
• Organization and sharing made simple. Browse with ease, select and organize hundreds of photos with one gesture, and share in seconds.
• Unleash your creativity. Edit your photos, add filters, crop images, and more!

Flickr has joined the SmugMug family! Learn more at www.smugmug.com/together

We’re committed to making Flickr a better place to grow, and we’d like to hear your feedback.
Let us know your thoughts here: https://help.flickr.com/contact/contact-us-rkBc7roJQ
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Customer Reviews
Amazing photos

I love this app for so many reasons. The spirit of sharing others lives thru amazing photos makes me grateful.


Excellent apps. Love this

It's Getting Better : )

At one time, one could view the photos posted by people you want to follow. Now, the App pushes photos from everyone and makes finding the photos from your contacts a struggle. Guess Flicker is more interested in expanding the user-base than satisfying the existing users. Flickr is a Enjoyable way to Share Photos with Others and Comment on Posted Photographs.

Excellent Photos & Photographers

Love to have a place to save & share my photos as I document the stories of my & our lives. Only wish there was a lifetime/forever choice of billing so future generations will be able to see the past of their families.

Love it

It is a great site to organize my photos, I really enjoy it

Geo & T

Yes we love it!


This is a nice place to share my amateur photos and see photos from liked people that share the hobby like me and seeing what the pros share. It enhances my determination to get better.

My favorite app

Thanks for all your efforts to offering the best app for photography! Kudos!

Can’t Get Account Back

I was quite ill and missed paying ny premium fee. Now I cannot re-open my account. No way to contact Flickr. I tried Yahoo- no luck! I loved Flickr!

Flickr es mejor que Instagram para cualquier fotógrafo

Esta es la mejor plataforma para compartir fotografías y alimentarse de otras fotografías , aprendes bastante de técnicas de composición y edición con las maravillosas imágenes que puedes llegar a encontrar aquí.

Love it

Love all the different pics and people

Awsome App. The BEST!!!!

The bestest!!!!

no forgot login options

i have a few accounts with flickr but cant get into them cus idk my yahoo emails. there is not any option on the app or site to recover a password or email which is so frustrating. so many of my photos over the years ive lost now. even when i was logged in there was no account tab. no way for me to see what login i was using. so so so so so frustrating and stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I absolutely love Flickr. Been a member since 2007. I like looking at other members photos too. I alao love the groups feature.


I give this a one star because I would like to make an account but it won’t give me the option to which is annoying


This is the most relaxing, calming, invigorating app there is. Also it is most beautiful & entertaining.

The best photo site

My important photos have been kept on Flickr for a number of years. Organizing them is easier done before upload and there are functions that I have yet to use. This is one site that has gotten even better after change. And the safest cloud for your pictures.

Okay, but…

The app works well on my iPhone with the exception of one flaw: after doing a search and finding a photo, if you open another app or quickly read an email, Flickr automatically reloads instead of picking up where you left off.

Want to lose your photos? Use Flickr

It was bad enough that a few years ago they deleted years worth of my photos after a move to Verizon. But it’s my fault, I should have seen the warning email that went to my spam folder. So years of photos, unexpectedly lost for trusting Flickr. Now trying to recover the remaining photos and download them to a hard drive, there are more wonderful issues. You can only download 500 at a time, even though the photos I have stored are not large in size. No option to select all and batch download. I have 10,000 + on there so the process took forever. Then comes the question of quality, which seems to have been quite degraded after storing on Flickr. Overall, maybe a good place to share photos, not a good place to store them.


Flickr doesn’t act like your mommy, like YouTube does. It’s a freedom loving site without the infringing dictator ego. Although you will run into the occasional liberal who knows what's best for everyone. The majority of the people are just a wonderful bunch of people. They could do better if you could stream your videos through the roku app and make videos 6 min long instead of 3 min.

Paradise for serious photographers

Top notch quality photos. Nice UI and welcoming communities.

Love it

Love it !!!!!!!

Flickr Rocks

Best thing to hit pictures and video since first gen MPEGs.

i love it

Now ive been on flickr for some time, there is no other app that serves just the way it should , the mobile app could use some things like slideshow, but overall flickrs team has got my loyalty THANK YOU FLICKR TEAM


Well it's not perfect, but considering the different elements that are being balanced and the huge volume of graphics that are being dealt with, it is an amazingly stable and useful application.

Gets Better Everyday

Great set up! You can store, edit, sell, look other photographers work from all over the world!

My Friend Flickr

I enjoy using Flickr it has almost everything a photographer needs, although I wish it had a website builder and was better at resizing our work. JMathews


There are some really interesting photographers on here

Love it

It is my favorite site

Great Photo Sharing Site

Love being able to see everyone’s photos and sharing my own. I’ve been missing in action but can’t wait to be back.


Flikr is the best!

Like the app but...

I do like a lot of things about this app but it’s pretty glitchy and unreliable. It’s hard to upload multiple photos at one time directly from the photos iPhone app. Have to do it by opening the Flickr app, selecting the camera, and then picking multiple photos. Also, if it’s not a standard photo, if it’s a video or pano or anything else, it’ll stop the upload.

What a wonderful outlet and forum is here for people like me

Out standing !!! It’s still outstanding, The Best as far as I am concerned!!!! I love it !!!

Very nice app easy to use

It’s very nice app for photos. Yes can upload publish or and back up all your photos. Love this app

MAJOR (yet small) issues....

I'm a pro member. i upload a couple hundred images a week. this is hands down the best photo storage solution for me BUT There are some MAJOR ongoing issues that I wish they’d fix: 1. Upload in the order images are selected (which leads to #3) They upload randomly which messes with continuity which is important for my needs (sharing my images live on YouTube) 2. When I upload to an album, I must first make a placeholder single image in the album, then upload the rest of the images into that album. If I don’t, it makes 2, 3, 4 sometimes 6 different albums titled the same with some of the images in each album instead of placing them all in the one album where they belong. (Also leads to #3 below) 3. The lag omg. WHY does the app force me to go into taking a photo BEFORE giving me the option to upload? I ONLY upload never snap a pic. I’ve timed it. On my 2019 iPad Pro, it takes 3 MINUTES from selecting the icon to add a photo, opening my camera roll screen, scrolling to the bottom EVERY SINGLE TIME (#4), selecting the first image for an album and uploading it. Then ANOTHER 3 MINUTES to repeat the process for the other images going in that one album. It’s even longer if I have a specific order I need which means I’ll have to upload everything one photo at a time making cost 6-40 MINUTES PER ALBUM TO UPLOAD. There has to be a better way! Why do you randomly dump my carefully selected images?! why does your app seperate them into multiple albums when i put them into ONE ALBUM??? 4. WHY are my older albums on my phone AT THE TOP whrn im uploading? why cant the NEWEST albums in my phones camera roll appear at the TOP. MOST people are going to be uploading their newest stuff this makes no sense! So every single time i upload i have scroll for 10-15 seconds. Doesnt sound like much but it adds up. in a 40 min session, thats 7 min on average of JUST SCROLLING because of the backwards order (with no preference to sort) your app uses. 5. i cant see all my albums. when i search for an album series (example DFR51320) if theres more than 10-15 folders, only the first 10 -15 will show. i NEED to see all of them. i can refresh until the sun comes up, they refuse to show on my screen in search window PLEASE fix these issues. they really waste my time & make my experience extremely frustrating. I really do love this app, but these issues are too time wasting for me not to say anything.

It Works

It’s easy to manage and it still works very well, as evidenced by all the great photos that show up day after day. Great photographers trust it with their work.

iOS Bug

The location / map for some of my geotagged photos is not displayed in the iOS app, though they are displayed correctly on the web version of Flickr. The bug seems specific to certain camera models. In my case it affects only images from my DJI Mavic 2 pro. Not sure if it is because of the format of GPS data in the Exif. Hope this can be fixed soon.

The greatest app!

Love Flickr! Sharing photos and videos with friends and family is awesome! Thanks to this app, I’m able to communicate with those I love dearly!!!


Love it!

Flickr is Great!

It is easy to add photos from Lightroom. I also like the ability to share photos with groups and to fave photos of others. It is just a great way to share the love of photography!

Love the quality of this app

Great app for photographers and sharing pics etc

The perfect site and my favorite



Love it !

Flickr highly recommend

My favorite app and most used great job Flickr

Susan Wahome

I spend several hours per day on Flickr, on average, making Flickr friendships and sharing photos with people from all over the world! It’s my favorite way to learn about and socialize with people of different cultures and languages! It’s very easy to use and I simply love the Flickr app!!


Hola Buenos días tengo varios años usándolo por que no lo pueden poner sin costo para venezuela


There’s no way or no obvious was to create a new account. Through the iPhone app the only option it gives is a log in option. Not a create an account option.

Endless and gorgeous

Best photo gallery site without a dont.