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Fast Edits - Make and Create Fast Quick Edit for Your Photos w/ Image Effect & Editing Effects

by Zoninsider LLC

(638 user ratings)


Download size: 20.9MB
Version: 1.5
Released: 2013-06-11
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and VideoUtilities

FastEdits is a great photo editor that allows you the freedom to give you pictures that extra flare they need!! With tons of photo effects, features, and options FastEdits makes photo editing super fun and really easy.

Some of the features include:

-Various Photo Effects
-Ability to Add fun stickers to pictures
-Ability to cut and crop pictures
-Ability to Rotate pictures
-Add Text to Photos
-Change color balance of pictures
-Ability to Flip and Rotate Pictures
-Adjust Redeye
-Adjust and fix blemishes
-And Much More…

After you’re done you can save you new and improved image to you photo library or upload it straight to you social networks. Instant integration is built-in with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also email your photo to family and friends with just a tap of a button.

The best part is that FastEdits is absolutely FREE!!!

Download it today and enhance the quality of your pictures!!
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Customer Reviews
Dead App

This app is dead in the water. It hasn't been updated for so long that it no longer works with IOS. Cute ideas and it worked well, but that was once upon a time...

Needs update.

I like this app. But, it won’t work without an update.


App simple pero muy versátil para pequeñas ediciones, trabaja bien, modifica el archivo conservando el original. Muy bien!!!

Cool for ipad1

Just started using it. Working well for now

iOS 11 update would be nice

Just saying ^ can’t use the app anymore

app needs update..

needs update to work on ios 11 onwards... love this app but sadly it doesnt work with ios 11 n on


Update your app so I can actually use it.

Needs update to IOS 11.

Can’t use bec it Needs update to IOS 11 for Apple phone.

Best little app

This is the best and quickest little photo app I have ever used.


I beg you to please update for the latest iOS version! You have some of the best editing features around that cannot be found elsewhere!

Needs update

Good app, but currently not working with the ios 11 update. Plz update

Needs update for iOS 11

Super app please update


This is my favorite photo app. PLEASE update so this app wi work with the newest update!!


Muy buena la ap

Love this App!!

Love this app for quick photo touch ups!


This is so helpful!


Easy to use


It's the best App!!!!!!!!! It's not bad to have some makeup items:)


One word...... cool

Fast Edits

I love this app! I do Happy Birthday pics every day! Quick, Easy & best of all everyone loves the outcome! 👍🏻

No big deal

It's ok

Me like ieehhhhhh

It's nice I just started using the app but yeah i like it

I like it

A+. Simple. Gets the job done. And it's free!

Fast edit

It's okay I like it

Great app

I love this app so do so much thanks u for making this


Pretty good

Works great! Except it made me write a review!

Blemish/magnification could have more clarity


I can't say enough about this app. It's very original, very colorful and very well organized. Thank you for your service.

Great app

Great app

Awesome editing

Editing options are very cool & love it overall!

Great app!!!'n

Great app!! Fast and easy photo edit

"Fast Edit"... QUICK and QUALITY !!!

"Fast Edit" is the first app I go to when I edit (AND I HAVE OVER 45,000 photos on my iPhone!!!!) does exactly THAT!!! QUALITY and a variety of amazing FILTERS to choose from. This is my most used photo app out of the hundreds of photo apps I own! But don't take my word... try it yourself!!!!!!

Great app

Love this app!!!

In app purchase

In app purchase to get rid of ads doesn't work. Other than that it's my foto for adding text or drawing on photos

It's ok...

The adds everywhere but other then that it's pretty basic




I love this app so much


The splash color is my favorite


Not too bad

Great program for quick editing

When I need to edit an image very quickly I go to Fast Edits, thanks for making it very easy.



Fun App

Easy to use and fun

I love it !!

This Free app is awesome thanks!

To many ads

Decent app but every time you do 1 thing you have to close out a ad. Not worth the time for this reason alone.

This is my fav most used app!!

This is my fav most used app and easy. But I could use some added things. Could u add more fonts, stickers, more borders and frames , maybe also back grounds and abilities to cut out better of a shape like if I want to crop out a face or item in a picture and then add it to a fun background and add other cool effects and things. Just would like to do more in this app without needing to go to another app. Thanks

Photo perfector

This app is really nice when you want edit this special photos and personalize them!


Between each page change and randomly this app shows full page ads that aren't even relevant, also asks for a review every 30 seconds. Well, here's my review.

Good job amazing app

Nice job love the app lots of features

Overactive ads

Every time I click something in this app, another full screen advertisement pops open. Sometimes closing a full screen advertisement opens another full screen advertisement. This is trash.