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Color Splurge pic photo editor

by vijaya kumar reddy doddavala

(619 user ratings)


Download size: 83.11MB
Version: 4.7.12
Released: 2011-11-04
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and VideoLifestyle

Millions of users won't go wrong. Download it NOW!!!

Color Splurge is a photo editor thats Lets you Selective De saturation(Popularly known as selective coloring and recoloring Effect) and Colorize your photos and generate high quality images.No matter how big is the image it lets you generate the High quality output.It is fully integrated to social networks like Facebook.
1. Selective desaturation, check out the screen shots to find out what you can do with this app
2. Colorize ,pick the color you like and paint your photos, check out the screen shots to fell what you can do with this app
3. Get the images from your Facebook Album, Facebook Profile Photo, Photo Album, and Camera
4. Upload your work to Facebook Albums, Phone Album, Email and Clipboard
5. Supports Undo with unlimited(until memory is full in your device) number of levels
6. Can save as many projects as you want
7. Multiple resolutions to choose while Uploading your images,check out the screen shots to fell what you can do with this app
8. Copy the image to the clipboard and use it where ever you want
9. Zoom In, Zoom Out and Pan using your two fingers, make your life easy to work to details of the image
10. Use the Brush size that works for you
11. Can see the brush tip while working on the image, so that it will be easy for you while working on the image
12. And it is free

Image Selection Choices
1. Facebook Profile photo
2. Facebook Album photos
3. Device Album
4. Camera
5. Clipboard

Upload Support
1. Facebook Albums
2. Email
3. Device Album
4. Clipboard
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Customer Reviews

I like it..


I love this app so much


So many things to do! Love it!


Like it

App made me rate it without being able to finish a project

I’m still trying to get the color I want. I haven’t been able to use it long enough before the app made me rate it

Fun and easy

Once you get the hang of it you can make some fun changes your pictu


Just I wanted points

Easy with lots of options

Always love free apps that help me out! Thanks

Just doing this to unlock the stuff

Title says it all

Using cell

I play around a lot but I have created and used for years.

Not an easy app to use.

I don’t have hours to edit a photo. It doesn’t flow well from one application to another and the end result is not even close to what I hoped to see. The concept was good but it missed the mark on being user friendly.


I love this app!

General colors

The brush is a bit thick, can’t get into specific places, but overall it’s good for kids and grownups to doodle with.


Love it it is nice not lieing


Lo mejor


Wish there were more filters

Love this app!

It does what it says... :)

Too early to tell

The app demands to be rated moments after being opened for the first time.

Nice app simple to use

Nice app simple to use


Awesome app. Easy to use with great results

The Best

Awesome app !!

Love it!

It’s really fun to play with the colors and contrasts

Nom nom nom banana cake

Good stuff


Except they “made” me rate this before I could explore it.

Love it

Great app

Why make it harder?

This ap was great but now it has ads galore, a huge watermark, the tools are harder to use (no magnification or opacity control) and the photo screen is smaller. No thanks!




It good


Love it


Great app!!! I use it for almost all my pics. It is great with its contrast and shade dilation and over all the endless options to edit your picture.

A must have

Awesome. Love this app..

Used to be cool! Convoluted mess of ads and pop-ups

Title says it all. I used to love this app. Now it takes you several minutes to even find a way to upload a picture. So many ads and pop ups it just gets frustrating and confusing. I gave up, closed the app and deleted it.

Just got th app

So far it’s ok

Color Splurge

Excellent product


Great app


Se logran muy buenos efectos


I love it!

Unable to...

I use to love this app but now I do not because it is not letting me open my photo album to choose a photo to recolor.


Truly the best app

I love this app!!!❤️❤️❤️

This app is great...I was looking for other photo editors and I couldn't find any good ones. I tried this one and I loved it...!!

It’s okay

Never mind...not really...

Color splurge

I love color splurge!!!!!!!

So great

I love this and the colors are vivid.

Hard to work with

It was hard to get the color exactly where I wanted it . The reason I am not using it again is because of the color spruce logo is on the finish picture .

Smile Shine


Smile Shine

This is really good

Works well

I really enjoy this app. There are a few things I would change like cleaner lines and zoom

Great App

Love this app!

Easiest app ever and gets the job done

If you had a price id pay