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Color Effects - Photo Editor

by The Othernet, LLC

(4,544 user ratings)


Download size: 17.75MB
Version: 8.96
Released: 2010-12-19
For ages: 4+

Genres:Photo and VideoUtilities

Create dramatic images by removing colors or changing them entirely.

Gray out everyone in an image, except for you.

Make the sky green/yellow/rainbow or whatever.

Make your hair purple.

Change the color of anything!

+ Import photos directly from your camera or photo library
+ Recolor images with any color of your choice
+ Automatic Edge Correction
+ Fully zoomable (use two fingers)
+ Save paintings to Photo Library
+ Select brush size and transparency
+ Multiple levels of undo
+ Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
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Customer Reviews
Color app

Not very user friendly, can’t figure out how this works, any tutorials?


Too many adds and won’t let me save my work. No thanks



App crashes every time I try to save to photos...

Wont save my work. App goes straight to home screen without saving. Disappointed I just spent .99 to unlock. Only way I can get my work is by sending it to my email. Please fix and I will give five stars. I’m on iPhone Xs Max 12.0.1 UPDATE! The app is telling me to pay when I already paid .99 cents last time I downloaded. I am seeing no way to restore purchase. Now it also won’t load the picture. Stay away from this app. Download Color Pop instead. That one actually works

False advertisement

You want to do what this app is meant for? You have to pay for it. It isn’t “free” like it says. Worthless and now off my phone.


App was great for a while until you had to pay to recolor a photo, the whole purpose of the app. Either make the app cost money or don’t charge at all. I can deal with ads cause I understand you need to make money but I just uninstalled instead.

Can’t change any colors without purchasing

This app is not free. After you download it, not only are there tons of ads, but it only lets you erase the color from your photos. If you want to change any colors you have to purchase the app.

As bad as it gets, useless, scam.

App crashes when you try to save. Tried deleting app and reinstalling after paying, but restore feature doesn’t work. Waste of money.

upmobi.xyz!!raise downloads by 10 times

This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in upmobi.xyz


Just the absolute worse

Uhm, I’m in between at the moment.

Currently on Ipad editing my first picture since the download and now that I’m finished I’m ready to save my picture. Not only is it not saving but even when I attempt to export it to another app it kicks me out of the app. I don’t know why the app is crashing already but I am not a fan. I can sa y I had this app years ago and I never had these issues.

Don’t get

Just awful. It’s not a free app. Doesn’t allow you to do anything without paying more. Just awful. Waste of time.

No picture displayed

I just bought the app to use pro features but unfortunately it didn't work. It just shows me gray screen whenever I select any picture to modify. I am requesting for refund.

Color change

Wanted to change a wedding dress from white to black and it doesn’t let you change it to the colors you want. It change it to a pale gray. Wasted money to change the color

Photo Doesn't Save

I'm giving the app only one star because when I try to save the picture I get kicked out of the app. Please fix this...it seems like it could be a really nice app. I paid for the app and I had to delete it and download it over, now it won't restore my purchase and it wants me to pay again. This is ridiculous...please give me back my money! 😡

No Longer Working

You can’t save your image anymore...and you can’t screenshot it either because the controls and buttons you use to edit cover a lot of the image. Using iPhone 11 Pro Max w/iOS 13.3

Was good

Nor letting me save my picture. It force closes when I try to save.



Used for years- not good now.

-no way to upgrade on new iOS. -when I try to save, it crashes every time. -wish it would be fixed. Ouch.

No puede guardar en el carrete!!!!

Al momento de guardar la foto, la app se cierra. Probada en un iPhone XS Max. Favor corregir

0 star. A scam

This app doesn’t do anything. If you’re looking to recolor your picture, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. It’s a free download but you can’t do any recoloring unless you accept the in-app purchases prompted. So I did. But the function still doesn’t work. Once again, IT DOESN’T ALLOW FOR RECOLORING OF YOUR PICTURE that we are looking for when we decide to download this app (only turned grey/ monochromatic color). Oh and one more thing, the app interface is horrible, even such basic underperforming features were made confusing to use. Requested for refund because the app literally doesn’t perform its functions as advertised but got denied. -10 star if I can give that.

Not free

Pointless app unless you want to pay for it.

I wanted to leave more stars....but

App is great and ready to use, but when I try to save to photo album, the app crashes and I cannot save it. Fix anytime soon, dev? I'll change my review if so, to 5 stars!!!!! Thanks😁

App is broken and they stopped updating

Don’t bother


Everything is grayscale, no way to figure out how to change it. Clicking on “App support” takes you to their webpage. Never got to change one photo. Requesting a refund! This is awful!

Waste of time-

This is garbage wont let you do anything unless you pay

Holy ad City

Unusable due to ads


This is THE worst its all gray and you have to pay money to do anything!!!!

Unable to save...

...edited photo to photo library. The app crashes and shuts down.

Not a fan!

The old version was MUCH better. The new version is ugly, starts with the photo in black and white, and is very touchy.

No saving

I used it, picture came out nice, BUT I tried to save the photo to my library multiple times and it did not save. It didn’t even save the different versions I did when I saved them separately. Waste of time if can’t save.


It’s hard to believe that ANY of these positive reviews were written by any objective person. Unless there is some hidden tutorial or instructions to explain how to use what appears to be a simple, or perhaps more accurately, a SIMPLISTIC interface, the description of the features in this app is not just misleading, those features don’t exist. But, because I had to pay 99 cents to actually access the features in this “free” app (which by itself is dishonest), I had know way of knowing beforehand. I am usually very careful about downloading apps without some hint of their reputation, but this app’s creator got me this time. Congratulations!

You have to pay for color change?!

The only thing this app does is allow you to choose what you want black n white and the original color. The rest like change the color of a dress from white to red, you have to pay for. disappointing

Incredibly aggressive adverts

The advert nagging is so extreme, this app is barely useable. Don’t bother downloading this aggressive mess.


Can recolor photos can’t save them to my iPhone 10 because it crashes every time.... would like my money back

Garbage App

Terrible UI. Closes the program when I try to save to my photo library. Should be free. I had to pay for this 3rd world communist garbage app. Do not download this.


garbage app

Great for Recoloring or Decolorimg Pictures

Ads aside and the watermark too this is an app I’ve had and used sporadically for years now. I really do like it and have recommended it to others. Give it a try you’ll like it.

No recolor unless you pay $.99-

This is not a free app if you want to recolor a photo. False advertising!!

Won’t save image

I have the iPhone 11 pro max on iOS 13. I try to save the image to my photo library and the app bugs out and takes me to my home screen. It doesn’t close the app but when I try again it just takes me to my iphones home screen not saving the image

Cool Idea... but app crashes when saving

Cool Idea... but app crashes when saving.

Was working, now not

I’ve had this app for quite some time. I even paid to remove ads and have extra features. It was a fantastic way to add some great color effects and really make pictures pop. The app wasn’t working (not loading my pictures. Unable to edit.) just a black screen. I deleted the app and redownloaded and now my ads are back with no way to restore purchases and it’s still not working. Now I have to find a new color effect app. Hopefully one some one will update regularly. (App support lead me to a site w no help)

Crashes When Saving

So that’s not great. I have to email finished images to myself to make sure I get them. Otherwise the app does work.


Basically painting over the picture... False advertising... when talking the picture it comes in gray which is a built in feature within iPhone... DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

Recolor Feature Costs Money

The only feature I wanted this app for actually is not free.


This app used it be good. Now every other time you touch it you can’t do anything without getting an ad. Great way to lose your fans! Now I’ll go and pay for a competitive app that didn’t decide to be obnoxious about it.

Used to work

I get my image colored the way I want it, save to photo library, and it crashes every.single.time. Fix your app.

App isn’t working

I love Color Effects, but the app stopped working altogether. Can’t find a way to contact app support. 🙁

Very Upset

These apps need to be reworked severely. I have been looking for apps that recolor photos and you ALWAYS have to buy that feature! Why would I get a recoloring app if all I wanted to do was grey out certain parts!! I digress, it is only 99 cents but if youre looking for a quick recolor app, this aint it. Do not recommend