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by BeFunky

(4,889 user ratings)


Download size: 66.89MB
Version: 6.3.2
Released: 2011-06-14
For ages: 4+

Photo Editor by BeFunky. Anything you want to do to your photo, you can do with BeFunky Photo Editor and Collage Maker! With all the photo effects you love and many you won’t find anywhere else, BeFunky is the most feature filled photo editing and collage making app in the world!

No registration is required, there are NO ADS, no watermarks, no limitations, and no forcing to share… With BeFunky Photo Editor and Collage Maker you get total control over your photo editing experience.

Create stunning, dynamic collages with up to 9 photos, beautiful backgrounds, text, and stickers


Choose from tons of fonts (ours AND yours!!), colors, and backgrounds!

Touch up your photos all the way down to the pixel with our state-of-the-art red eye reduction, blemish fixer, flashspot remover, teeth whitener and more!

An abundance of shapes and patterns to overlay onto your photo for a truly unique look!

Packed to the brim with a plethora of unique, one-of-a-kind goodies and stickers for you to choose from!


Over 32 free effects included: Vintage, Pop Art, Instant, Summer, Viewfinder, DuoTone, Chromatic, Sketch, Tilt Shift, Old Photo, Cross Process, Gritty HDR, Orton, and many more.


BeFunky Photo Editor has everything you need, from the simple edits of crop, beautify, and sharpen to more advanced edits like fill light, exposure, and saturation.


Choose from Instant, Filmstrip, Halftone, Grunge, Classic frames, and more.


BeFunky gives you the ability to instantly and simultaneously share your photo to your camera roll AND BeFunky, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

If you want to see any features added to BeFunky, or in the unlikely event you're having trouble with our app, email us directly at support@befunky.com

Help us keep BeFunky Free

Rather than having ads throughout BeFunky, we rely on your app store ratings and word-of-mouth to keep BeFunky free. We’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to rate our app and share it with a friend. If you’ve done it in the past, you can update your rating for this current version (and share it with a new friend!).

Thank you for your support!
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Customer Reviews
Versatile and Easy to Use

I make collages/moodboards and this app is so simple in a great way, I can simply line my pictures up and rearrange in my own style without getting a headache from complexity. I've been using this app for years, and there's a reason I come to back for book covers, moodboards, etc! For something like text color edits, it'd be really nice if we could use our own color codes, it's hard to drag a little circle exactly where I want a color 😅 That's about my only complaint, though. Everything else is awesome!


I recently downloaded BeFunky back to see all the old pics that I posted and they took out the Discover tab. This was one of the best features. I would give it a lower rating if I could


This APP is simple and perfect for what I use it for.

Easy, Afternoon Delight

A wonderful way to “dress up” my basic photo skills. The APP is so user friendly, and the end product, quite framable. We shall have fun compiling and sorting for display all our family and travel photos. Thank you for making Photography 101 far more pleasing to the eyes. My family appreciates that.

Great Resource

I used this to make pictures for my vision board and it was easy to use and super effective. Thank you @befunky!

I love it!!!

I love this app....absolutely the best!

So cool!

I love this app! I use it every time I edit!🤩👍

Love this app!

Fun and easy to use. Instant gratification :))


Horrible poc

I couldn’t figure it out..

Couldn’t figure it out

! Perfecto!

! Excelente aplicación!

Very Nice

Easy to use with easy layout

Great for edits!

My brother told me about this app.So I tried it.And it was great!Its good for editing pictures.And if you play Gacha life it’s good for that to!

Free version ok might try app

I got it to play with selfies. It’s ok for color editing. iPhone already has a lot of options. This app looks fun though.

Good stuff!

Nice app. I use it often as it’s user friendly and full of features I find useful. Recommended as a no-frills photo editing tool.

Even a boomer can do it



It’s easy to use and navigate. This is great.

Works great

I like the edits and frames you can use. Very easy, surprised it was free to load and the changes you can make for free.


I t a good app it what I want

Collage maker

Great, easy, and simple collage maker! Thank you, Happy New Year !

Excellent editor

I’m just a beginner . Photography is one of my hobbys and even thought I’m a little ten year old girl ,this photo editor helps me make class projects ‘ present and many more . This also makes me enjoy and understand a part of the photo editing process . Thank you for making this app.


This app is so easy to use... create the perfect collage or just edit a photo to your liking. Great quality - I’m very pleased IG: @denisenatural

Best photo maker ever

One of the best, easy to make your photos even better, better prices to use for your photo. But I wish they put paint brush in the app because it can make even more better plus keep it up guys. From DJ Bear Records X

Used to be great

I use to love this app but all it does within the last year for me is freeze. I have tried to power down my phone and I have deleted the app and downloaded it again but freezes on my every time I try to use it.


Love it

Good app

I recently found out about this app from a friend and I literally love it. I thought I was only going to use the blur effect but it turns of I use more effects than just that. I love this app💙.


I love it i use it to edit my service dogs pictures and I use it for a lot more and I’m a beginner photographer

Easy and Fun

I’m a professional photographer, so even when it comes to using my phone for taking pictures as opposed to my DSLR, I still like an editor that packs a punch and allows me to stick to my aesthetic. I have numerous apps for the “heavy lifting” so to speak, and use Adobe for the majority of that. But I also enjoy having editors that allow me to take pictures less seriously, to make silly things for friends and family, and to just play. Most of my apps that I have for this only have a couple main features. Like ones that pretty much just do collages, or just allow you to play with makeup. While I actually enjoyed this app enough to buy the pro edition for extra options, there’s MORE than enough here to do all kinds of entertaining and cool things. I like that it’s current trend wise, from the stickers to the frames and effects. And each have the ability for you to customize to really get your creative thoughts from mind to screen. The stickers are fun, and you can flip them any which way and choose the order in which they’re layered. To sum it up, this app takes no photographic skills, or technical knowledge to be able to open it up, choose a picture from your camera roll, and just play. The only thing missing is the marker and pens you don’t get on your hands, or the glue that somehow has managed to get everything around you sticky!


Killer app... perfect for simple edits.. very simple to use and a lot of fun to be has! Great for poster making

Seems cool so far

Just trying it out. Collage seems good

Perfect editing without distorting

This app has been my favorite editing app since my iPhone 5c years ago. I don’t like to alter the photo that much or distort its original quality however I’d like to be able to utilize editing to show the world how I see it, this app allows me the perfect blend of balance of enhancement without alteration to original quality and natural content, I’d give it more stars if they let me. Eric Jones Canton Ohio


I can take a mundane picture in bad lighting and turn it into something that looks professionally developed. It’s such an awesome app!!! Love it!!!!

You show the landscape view but it only does portrait

I can find no way to turn the program on it’s side. There is nothing in the setting to choose landscape view to work in. The portrait view is not well suited for working in.

Awesomeness 😎

Love the accessories & functionality of this app! 🥳

Great for business

I have a “side hustle” personal business. This allows me to make great images with my products so my customers can see and hopefully it is inspiring. I have been pleased with what I have been using so far. I started o. My PC and then added the app for when I cannot get to the pc. I love it!

Love it

Best editing app so far


I love this app

I love it

I love this app ♥️ I do 90% of my editing with BeFunky

Great editing tool but lousy app

I have been using BeFunky for about 4 years and the blemish function of the app on my phone, does not work nearly as good as it does on my laptop. But other than that... BEFUNKY IS F’G AWESOME!!!!

Artsy- Digital Art??

On the computer you have a category called “Artsy” and a sub category called “Digital Art”. Is this available on the iOS app? I can’t seem to find it! :(

Review by a long time user.

I downloaded the original BeFunky app when I got my first Android smart phone in 2009! When I got an iPhone I was happy to find it supported the app as well. I have both a newer and older version. It's easy to use, lots of free editing options. It's definitely my favorite and only editing app. No complaints from me, never had a single glitche in 10yrs of use.

Love this app!!!!!!!!

I used to use BeFunky on my computer but now that I can use the app I’m over the moon !

Good app

One of my fav apps. Allows me to change the color of any wallpaper so I can get the color I want.

Great simple app

Simple to use creates great photos.

Mobile app is terrible

I absolutely love your desktop site and use it frequently for my business but your mobile site is terrible to work on. Your site will not let me work on a desktop version on my IPAD, and your mobile site will not work with a horizontal screen. It lacks most of the features on the collage maker and only easily allows you to add 4 photos at at time.

Fav free editor

A lot of free editing & effects! One of my favorites

use to be better

Idk if it’s just me but the app use to be better, but still is good though. The app dulls out the original picture and make you look gray as f.

Great app

Been using it for a couple of years. Very happy With it 🤓

Love this app

This app is awesome for editing! I use this app all the time for editing! Since I do gacha life so it helps a lot! And I use it to edit my photos or dog photos, sometimes my friends want me to edit there photos ! It’s a great I recommend buying this app