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Passwords Free - Random Password Keycode Passphrase Generator

by iDevver Apps Limited

(4 user ratings)


Download size: 14.89MB
Version: 3.1.0
Released: 2011-09-14
For ages: 4+


Ever needed to think of a password? Be it 2 or 34** letters long? Numbers, Uppercase, Lowercase, a combination of both? No problem! Passwords does it all!

Perhaps for a WiFi setup, or your favourite website login...

Passwords uses a highly complex code processor to generate random passwords, with a multitude of options to customise your results...

Need numbers? No problem... Need uppercase? No problem... And much much more!

From 2 to 34** characters long, Passwords also allows you to email yourself the password** directly from within the application!

Using a fresh, clear, easy to use interface, this app gets straight to the point of what you need to do, and quickly!

So, what are you waiting for? It's Passwords time!

** Passwords are limited to 10 characters & email password function is only available in full app available as an instant in-app purchase**
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Customer Reviews
Unprofessional look and act.

This password generator app has me not wanting to use it. It took me clicking out of several pop up ads before I could even press the "Generate" button. The other disappointing aspect is they advertise up to 30+ characters and then state at the VERY end that the free version supports up to 8 characters only. Be more up front and tell your customers you want them to pay to use your app to generate longer passwords when there are at least half a dozen other apps out that do it for free.


Dis is worthless....Smh✋✋✋✋

Works great

It is a great app and gives great pascodes!

This app is trash:p

I hate this app just hate it it says I need internet so I get the internet and then it says just stupid words never ever EVER download this app dont say were EARNED!!!!!!!!!!!

What is this???!!!

This is the worst app i ever seen Esta es la peor app que e visto

Dosent work

This app dosent work i put in what my password for wifi was ( that it had only numbers) to see if it worked and it kept telling me random numbers it didn't match my password at all this dosent deserve even a star it's worthless😿


THIS is a stupid app❗


This is a scam..I want my money back...I'm so disappointed..what a rip off


It's okay.


How do i use it?

It makes passwords

Don't even touch it.

No bad

It work sometimes


Worst thing ever how in the world do I get in thums down

not goodd

no sirve es malo lo mas malo que existe solo es para promocionar mas aplicasiones

Not work

Not work


This app merely suggests passwords that arent easilly hackable so if you are trying to use this as a hacking tool dont waste your time. Hacking is only possible if the wifi network you are trying to hack is a wep network which nobody uses anymore!!!


Bad bad bad bad ):


Wish i did not have to rate it one star! How do u complete this? Where is the directions? Why can't you pick your own passcode? If u know post the answer and write to Bad if you would like. Thank you everybody reading and maybe figuring out the quiestions i have posted.


Worst thing ever

I'm stupid

Good app

Passwords lite-random

Piece a junk!!!