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Passwords Plus - Free Secure Vault

by DataViz, Inc.

(31 user ratings)


Download size: 9.73MB
Version: 4.001
Released: 2011-12-14
For ages: 4+


“Can’t live without it” is the most common thing we hear about Passwords Plus. Once you start using it, you won’t know how you got by without it!

Keep all of your passwords in one place and have access to them anywhere you go.

Never forget a password again! Easily store, protect, and sync your PINs, passwords, usernames, logins, and other sensitive info on your iPhone or iPad.

Why Passwords Plus?

• Keep your private info “in sync” across all of your devices (phone and desktop computer)

• Up-and-running in less than 5 minutes – incredibly simple setup

• Proven industry experience – Founded in 1984, DataViz is an industry leader in developing productivity solutions, including mobile and password protection software for the past 15+ years.

Not just for passwords! Store any information that you could possibly need. It’s all secure so there’s no danger of it getting into the wrong hands. In addition to your hundreds of web logins, store things like:

• Credit card numbers
• Insurance info
• Social Security number of your family members
• Driver’s license numbers
• Safe/Lock combinations
• Prescription info


• 256-bit AES encryption (military grade) keeps secret data safe

• No one knows your password except for you – it is stored NOWHERE.

• Auto-locks after a period of inactivity that you can control

• Self destructs after the wrong password is entered in too many times

• TouchID enabled - open Passwords Plus with your fingerprint if you choose


Passwords Plus is free but you can get even more with our Premium version which is $9.99 per platform (pay only once for all iOS devices using the same Apple ID). Premium version features are free during the 60 day trial period.

Premium features include:

• Sync with our secure cloud and all of your other devices. Make a change on your phone and it automatically shows up on your computer or additional devices (if you choose)

• Backup/Restore – Passwords Plus info can be retrieved if your iPhone, iPad or computer is lost or stolen (when auto-sync is enabled).

More info: http://www.dataviz.com/passwordsplus

Check out what our customers are saying on the App Store:

“It is an invaluable app that I use daily.”

-Thank You:
“Best password vault out there!”

-Good App:
“The new update is great!”

“Nice app and the new update is so nice. Easy to use and will purchase the Mac version. Thanks to the developer.”
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Customer Reviews
Solucionen los problemas porque uno pago el app y quiere resultados

Olvide mi master password Ya he hecho todo lo que ustedes dicen en el support y nada resulta y no puedo recuperar mi informacion. He instalado varias veces el app y nada. Deberian corregir que al olvidarse la MASTER PASSWORD uno pueda solucionar por correo con preguntas de seguridad y codigos No he podido recuperar y necesito mis passwords guardadas en el app Me parece una incoherencia de Ustedes en el app que si se me “olvido la clave” como pretenden que la coloque para poder recuperar mis datos por la syncronizacion. Es totalmente ilógico. Yo compre el app y entonces lo bajo otra vez y me sale un Trial Ya tengo mas de una semana enviando correo a Data Viz y ninguna ayuda ACTUALIZEN y PRESTEN SOLUCIONES INMEDIATAS POR FAVOR

Used to be good now no response from customer service

I am using this app for approx. 4 years and had a super experience in the initial years. Now I am facing a problem the data is not syncing across all my iOS devices Even the Sync log does not generate I have written 4 times on the Tech Support portal but no one bothers to respond I think time has come to look for another more reliable password keeper

Passwords plus is great

I’ve been using the app for 2 years. It’s simple and reliable. Wonderful application for everyday use.

Crashing on iPhone

I haven’t been able to open it for several days. Please fix crashing!

Excellent customer support

It does not have all the bells and whistles of some competitors it works perfectly at what it does do. It’s not constantly gumming up your browser and apps trying to insert passwords and it works seamlessly across your phone and laptop to keep track of passwords , bank account numbers etc. I bought it 3 years ago and once a year there’s a glitch and customer service responds within the promised 1 day time frame. I have tried 2 more sophisticated and highly rated competitive products I never use because they are so hard to implement.

So disappointed!!

I swore by this app! Recommended it to friends and family! After I had just used it today, I open the app and it asks me to login in again from the start (with my email as if I were setting it up on a new device) so I do. It erased ALL of my saved info!! ALL my passwords GONE!! I don’t know what happened but this screwed me! Apparently backing it up didn’t do anything! Be careful!

Easy to Use

I’ve been a user since the Palm Pilot version 1, purchased 10/29/2003. Since then I have purchased a Mac version, a couple of Windows versions, and the iOS version. (My spouse also has it on her iPhone; I recommended it to her.) It is easy to use, and as long as the sync works, it is “Access Anywhere”. We had a sync issue, which we could not figure out. Our experience with DataViz Support was very positive. We contacted Support through the web, with further coordination via email. In brief, we sent the log, and DataViz “reset” things, and the sync issue was resolved. I also have LastPass. Between the two, I find it easier, less cumbersome, and quicker to open Passwords Plus, to get to the information I need, or save new passwords. I have LastPass because of the Safari extension that permit autofill of passwords. If you are new to savings passwords using an app, and you don’t need password autofill feature, I recommend Passwords Plus.


The app is crashing right after login... iOS 11.0.1

Please Fix

After last update app crash when open. Fix please.

Go Elsewere

Worked for about 6 weeks on my IPAD now wont open. Customer service told me to reinstall on my pc, then delete docs to go on my pc, then go to the app store and reinstall, which is impossible since it's already installed. If i delete i lose data it took me hours to load. All i get from cust service is nonsense. Paid for premium....never again

Big Update, awesome!

Really like this new update. You can have this app across multiple platforms. Strongly recommend to others! I don't use the Touch ID a lot.

Touch ID doesn't work

I love this app and have used it for years. The Touch ID still doesn't work, very frustrating. The update didn't work.

App Was Broken

Need to update my review. The sync issue was corrected. Appreciate the assistance from Dataviz. The app has worked flawlessly for years. I recommend the program for people needing a password keeper.

Love this app.

I love this app but latest version crashes every time upon starting. Now is unusable! Will try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that will fix problems. Update: had to delete and reinstall app to get it to work. Back to loving the functionality and design of new app.

11 March 2017 Update Failure

Last night's update has caused the app to not work at all!!! Click it, it starts to open then goes to home screen. No "touch id" or other login possible. App is worse than useless right now. Can't access my passwords at all!!! Get this fixed !!!!!

Simple & Clean Format. Nice Update.

I have used this password manager for several years. It allows me to modify formats to store various record types. 5 star rating with latest Dataviz update. iOS says it needs to be updated too. I plan to purchase additional Passport Plus for my other devices. Simple and clean program to my store information.

Thank you DataViz

I have been happy with many DataViz products for years. My favorite is Passwords+. The software is rock solid and I have had perfect syncing across more than four devices for years. I was very excited to see the update, really like the refreshed UI and especially the integration with the fingerprint reader. Thanks DataViz for many years of great products and support!

New Interface

Love the new interface! And also that you can use TouchID. My only wish is that you could add pictures so I could keep credit cards, etc., in it.

Fine update!

Great update! I have used this app on my iPhone, my desktop, and my Palm devices before for years and will continue to do so. Worthy getting!

Crashes on iPhone but works on iPad

This latest version just refuses to run on my iPhone 7+. It runs fine on the old iPad. Please fix. I have hard restarted the phone but it crashes as soon as I try to run it. Have used Passwords Plus since the palm version.

Used to work great

I have used it for years but since the last upgrade it will no longer work

Awesome, but

Purchased app on JANUARY 2, 2006 Original Review Finally! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I now have Password Plus syncing with my iPhone, iPad, net book, home computer, and work computer!!!!! The only problem is that there was really no directions on how to get my huge password list from the original program I have been using for years. I finally figured out that if I go to the Data Viz website and go to the tab "Products," I can see the new Password Plus that works with iPhones. I click on the link and there is a big "Buy" button. Instead of buying the app (since it's just an upgrade), I clicked on the download link. I did this for my net book, my work computer and my home computer. It was easy to set up and sync. When I used the install program it does not seem to recognize that I have the older version of Passwords Plus already installed. I ended up with both the old and new versions on my desktops and net book. Wish the new install would have installed the new version and found the old version and installed it like many other install programs do during the install of a new version. For each device, I now have synced and am able to see all my passwords. This is awesome! I do wish that Data Viz would have provided complete instructions for those of wanting to see all our passwords from Password Plus that I have accumulated over the years. Thanks again for making my life easier!! ****************************************** JANUARY 21, 2016 Updated review - this was a wonderful program when I purchased it years ago. It still works, but there has been no updates of any consequence for a LONG time. I emailed Dataviz on 9/4/2015 asking if they would be updating the app and providing touch ID. Bonnie responded, “Thanks for your feedback. This is a great suggestion and one we have heard and are currently investigation. I will pass this feedback along to the appropriate team.” I contacted her again on February 15, 2016 and Bonnie's response was, “We haven’t given up on the product, but we have not yet implemented the feature you are requesting. I am sorry you are disappointed by this. We are in the process of adding features but cannot provide you with a timeline on the one you are looking for. If you are unhappy with the app, you are able to export your data in CSV (comma separated values) format by choosing the Export option in the menu. This will result in an unencrypted, insecure file that you can try to import into another password app of your choosing. CSV is a common file format and the ability to export into this format has been in the product for years.” Two problems: 1. She failed to mention that I can only choose the export option in the menu from the desktop program, not the iPad app. This is understandable, but it was frustrating as my desktop was unavailable at that time. Communication from DataViz is lacking. 2. I was able to export my information as a CSV file. However, every few months or so I try to find a good trustworthy password app that can read this file with no luck. I'm still looking. To sum it up, it has been 16 months since my original email asking about updates and touchID. While they have updated the app for use with iOS 10.1, nothing else has seemed to happen. Because I have other apps that update somewhat frequently (including implementation of touch ID, a remake of the app’s visual format or some other requested update) Dataviz evidently is not too concerned about keeping their app up-to-date. (I feel like I am using DOS software.) At this point, I will probably have to find a good trustworthy password app and start all over from scratch. This is not good news.

App won't open

I just got my Iphone 7 plus and downloaded and installed the latest IOS version and the app won't open. I've been using Passwords Plus for about ten years and rarely have a problem.

Crashed all the time

This app is not worth the money. It crashes very very often, it seems like the company is unwilling to fix it. I contacted the company several time requesting help, but every time I was told uninstall it and install again. There's a lot of free apps out there are much better than this one.

Works but...

Works and syncs between devices. But unable to update email address once it's set up.

Passwords Plus app keeps corrupting, won't load.

Issue has been going on for a year. Known bug causes app to not accept your password but count down to erasing everything. Have to repeated uninstall and reinstall the app on your devices. Data Viz is aware of this bug and have been for a year but are too lackadaisical or low energy to fix it. Looking for a new app now. This one is easy to use but poor support and lack of updates has ruined it.

Needs Touch ID

Best feature is ability to run and sync with both macs and pcs. But I really would like to see fingerprint sign on available for the newer iPhones and iPads. Update - reducing rating from 4 stars to 2 - Why still no Touch ID? Way behind the times.

Can Not Be Trusted With Your Data!

I've used this on my PC for over ten years and it's always been one of the very first programs I reinstalled after reinstalling Windows. The idea of syncing with iPhone is a good one and I installed this and planned to buy the new PC version and see if it would restore my password data base and if I liked it before purchasing this iOS version. As I was going over settings, I clicked on "restore purchase" checking to see if other version was in their system and to be sure I had not bought this before. I was prompted to enter my Apple ID of course but as soon as I did, the message changed to "Thank you for your purchase." THAT IS FRAUD. I DID NOT CHECK TO BUY THIS JUST YET. THEN IT GETS WORSE: as I am looking over this page, I see for the very first time the information that the charges will have to be paid over and over again every year to prevent ads in my face. This again is second incident of FRAUD by these people (Data Viz). The yearly cost to keep away ads should have bern disclosed before this. And I should not have been charged for this app without consent by pressing to purchase. This is the biggest scam I've yet encountered at the app store. Of course after this sleaziness I do not trust Data Viz with my data. This will certainly be featured on my Pinterest blog as soon as I confirm that my credit card was charged. Hopefully widespread exposure will prevent others from being scammed by these people.

Love Passwords Plus, The App Needs Help

My family has been using Passwords Plus for years, and so when I got a new computer, it was one of the first programs that I bought. I bought Passwords Plus through the website and had no problem setting it up. However, every time I try to access the purchased version on my phone, it doesn't do anything. I've pressed the "Purchased Already? Redeem Now" multiple times, and it won't allow me access. Love the program, but this is frustrating.

Must have app

This is properly the most helpful program that I use. If you use any device, whether it is a computer, tablet or phone this program is so useful because you can easily keep track of any passwords or serial numbers of any type or description. Once you enter any new info into the program, it automatically updates the data on all your other devices. I recently had a major problem, and I found the tech support to be outstanding and got it resolved. I have used this program for several years and I would be lost without it. I highly recommend it!

Need to keep up with the competition!

Lacks fingerprint ID sign-in. User interface could use updating as well. Like the ability to sync between multiple devices and computer/laptop.

Don't update your phone!!!

The last time Apple sent out a software update I was locked out of Passwords Plus. I thought it was something I did. But here we go again, the new iOS 9 locked me out again!!!! I've used the same master password for 3 years so please don't tell me, it's me. Time to look for a more reliable app. I only give it 2 stars because when I was able to use it, it was just Ok.

Great App with multi platform support

The App is now safe again, they have removed the pop-up ads for the paid version. Ignore my previous review, they are now spamming with ads in the paid for app on iPhone and Ipad. A lesson in how to go from 5 stars to 0 in one day. I have used this daily on my PALM for 10.5 years. The iPhone version works better than the Palm version. The PC helper with password creation is a real boost to sercuity, no more easy to guess passwords for rarely usew web sites. Buy it you will not be disapointed.

"A giant step backwards!" fixed. Thank you DataViz!

I'm one of DataViz's legacy accounts—been using Passwords Plus from its humble beginnings back in my Palm Treo days, watched it evolve over the years, use it regularly, & recommend it often. I'm glad that DV fixed the problem of ads popping up in the paid version—major faux pas & possible security problem. Excellent product. I just wish there was a timely way to contact DV when necessary...

Unable to open app after update

After the last update I can no longer open the app. I downloaded the Windows version onto my computer but cannot get the Sync ID which can be found in Settings on the app that I can't open. I've problems before with not being able to open the app but it was usually resolved within 24 hours. This time it's been going on for several days.

No more ads paid version!

Yeah! They removed the ads in the paid version! That makes this my favorite across platform password app again! Thank you for listening.

Ads arrive. I am gone.

I paid to have adds? No more DataViz

0 stars for Dataviz's policy

One reason I pay for apps is to remove ads. Unfortunately Dataviz thinks it's okay to put ads in a paid app. Good news is there are plenty of other password apps around. I'll be switching to one of thm.


I purchased this app years ago along with their office suite and recommended it to my friends, family and everyone in IT that I knew because of it's security and ability to sync seamlessly across devices. Now all of a sudden I'm getting ads and (by the way) since you paid for it already we won't let you have the option to pay and remove the ads now. Poor calculation on Dataviz's part to think I will deal with ads in app. Your product is not so unique that I'm force to deal with it. I've already purchased another app without ads. BYE!!!

No in app purchase

No option for in app purchase to remove ads. Will it be $9.99 per year to just remove ads?

Was great for a year then forced adds

ZERO "0" STARS After one year the adds start popping making the screen on ipod5 to small to see your info. Was willing to upgrade, but app itself says "already purchased" so I can't upgrade. Maybe if I delete app, repurchase and restore that might work. However if I have to delete it, I will just look for a new and better app. This will cost DataViz to lose a customer who also has "Docs to Go" from dataViz and had recommended there products for years. A 5 star app now useless. Not allowed to give ZERO "0" STARS

Disappointed and No Longer A User

After years of use I just made the final change to another passwords app. I agree with the user concerned about security with the ads appearing in the paid version. For $9.99 I should not have to view obnoxious ads or worry about someone gaining access via those ads.


STOP!! DON'T BUY!! Ads are running on the paid version! Google has access to your password pages to show ads according to the content of the page!! The cheap app makers are going insane or bankrupt!


Long time user with paid ios subscription and OSX subscription. Now iAds obscure the precious screen real estate. I'm out the money already. What can I do? New users look elsewhere...

Don't waste your money-or time

Like other recent reviewers, I purchased years ago and don't think it was exactly cheap then. Now DataViz has the nerve to start advertising on my paid app. I'm more concerned about the security holes they're creating. It's disturbing to see an ad for some stupid game when I'm viewing my password for financial accounts with my life's retirement savings! As soon as I have a couple hundred spare hours to redo my 1000+ passwords in another app, I'm out of here!

For Shame...

I'll make this quick. I have used this app for several years, but this has come to end due to the lovely ads that have appeared in an app that I paid for!

Saddened by the Ads

I have been a loyal customer for many years. I waited and waited for the IOS version to come out and have stuck with you until this month when the ads started appearing in the app. It also is now having sync problems. I will be moving to another app once I get all my data transferred.

Done with this app

After over 10 years of use, removing this app due to disgusting ads. DataViz better realize the mistake they have made before destroying their product. Ridiculous.

What happened?

What's up with the ads? I paid for the app and have been using it for years! Now I have to deal with ads? Forget that noise. Time to change.