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Password Manager Data Vault

by Ascendo Inc.

(605 user ratings)


Download size: 47.81MB
Version: 7.2.15
Released: 2009-07-25
For ages: 4+


The Leading Password Manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch ◇ AES Encryption ◇ Face ID ◇ Touch ID ◇ Apple Watch ◇ Website Logins ◇ iCloud Sync ◇ Automatic Backups ◇ Password Generator ◇ Flexible Templates ◇ Advanced Security Options

Secure. Powerful. Simple. Try DataVault Password Manager today!

#1 Must-Have App for iPhone - Cnet
Apps that will Change your Life - Wall Street Journal
#1 App to Banish Forgetfulness - Reader’s Digest
Robust Password Management - Secure Mac
Best iPad Password Manager - BrightHub

Is your private information safe? Are your passwords secure?

DataVault Password Manager protects confidential information related to credit cards, bank accounts, logins and more using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the most powerful technology to keep your data secure. DataVault Password Manager includes a unique set of features like Face ID, Touch ID, Website Logins, iCloud backups and advanced security options to protect your most precious information.

Unrivaled features and ease-of-use have made DataVault a best-selling password manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.


“Essential Gear. A password manager should be one of the first apps you download. I compared a few and this one excelled because it could sync across multiple devices.”

“Rock Solid Foundation. I've tried most of the password apps and selected this one for its flexibility in defining item templates, ability to sync one database to multiple mobile devices, and strong desktop versions. I have 1100 items now and the app has performed brilliantly.”

“Terrific Customer Support. My question was answered within 24 hours and the issue resolved. Now that's what I expect from a developer!!!”

“Best App I ever bought!! Easy to use and to sync. It is truly is a lifesaver. I’ve recommended it to many friends.”

“Absolutely the best password safe across all platforms and outstanding support!”

• Encrypts information using 256-bit AES with PBKDF2 and salting to insure the highest security of any password manager. Nobody can access your data without your master password, not even Ascendo.
• Enable Face ID to login with facial recognition and Touch ID to login with your fingerprint.
• Set Auto-Lock duration to require login after an inactivity delay.
• Set Maximum Login Attempts to wipe your data after successive failed login attempts.
• Set a hint in case you forget your master password.
• Mask information to shield it from prying eyes.

• Access passwords and private information securely on your Apple Watch.
• Log in to websites automatically using DataVault Browser or Safari.
* Choose from 65 pre-configured logins such as Amazon, Paypal, etc. or make your own.
• Generate strong passwords with settings for length & types of characters.
• Use Strength Meter to determine if your passwords are weak, good or strong.
• Backup your data automatically to insure you never lose your important information.
• Synchronize with DataVault for Mac (sold separately) using iCloud, Dropbox or Wi-Fi.

• View Items in list view or folder view.
• Use Templates for common items such as bank accounts, credit cards & logins.
• Choose from 50 default templates or create your own.
• Initiate phone calls, emails or web site logins with action fields.
• Use categories & types to organize items.

And a whole lot more…
• Full iPad support with split screen display.
• 200 icons to personalize your items.
• Import from text files in CSV format.
• Import from Keeper, 1Password, EWallet, SplashID, mSecure, Keepass & other password managers with DataVault Desktops (sold separately).
• Great support.

One copy of DataVault Password Manager can be installed on up to 5 iOS devices authorized to an iTunes account.

Questions? We would love to hear from you! Contact at info@ascendo.co.
Follow Ascendo on Twitter or Facebook.

Get peace of mind with the best password manager for iOS. Download DataVault Password Manager today!
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Customer Reviews
Use frequently

Super handy app. I like that it can sync over several devices. Stable and dependable.

Piece of Mind

I have used this app for over 3 years. It is perfect for keeping up with all my passwords across all my devices. The tech support, while rarely needed, is stellar as well.

Using this app for many years

It is a very good app that keeps all our devices in sync through Dropbox, would like to be able to use other cloud services.

Frequently doesn’t save!!!

It just happened AGAIN! I set a new ID and Password, made sure it was saved, and the next time I logged into the app, no information was saved. This happens way too often. Very frustrating. I’m dumping this app and looking for another one.

Login and password storage and retrieval

I have used this app to store login information, passwords, and other hard to remember bits of information on both iPhone and Google phones for many years. The app has proven itself to be all that I claims, which is easy to use and configure, highly secure, stable, and proof against against catastrophic data loss when the host device eventually fails. I have it also in a desktop but use that less regularly as the move to mobile computing for my day to day working has progressed. I prefer the iPhone accessibility over Android, but that is just an opinion based on my longer history with Apple products. I give it 5 stars as it makes the small business persons life easier.

v 4.7

Love this program. I’ve been using it through many iterations of my iOS and Windows machines. I love that I can sync them all through the cloud. Thanks so much for this utility! Hint: would love to scan things like membership and credit cards into the program.

I use it all the time

It has worked perfectly for what I have needed it for.

Years with Data Vault

Great sync features between phone and PC. I can’t live a day without it. Still loving it. How about adding a photo imaging feature for things like credit card, drivers license, and passport?

Great on Mac and iPad

I’ve been using this app for years and it has never failed me! 10/10 would recommend!

Great password keeper!

Had this for a few years now. Love it! Would not consider any other password keeper app! Works flawlessly on all my apple devices.

Easy to load!

Great app for keeping all types of personal information, not just passwords!

In a World of Passwords & Logins

Unbelievable how easy I can create, save and backup Logins, Passwords, Medical information...the list is endless. Encrypted information keeps eyes out! I use this app everyday. A must have for today’s lifestyle.


My old phone crashed and I had to get a new one. All my passwords are gone!! So disappointing and what a pain! Is this app not compatible with iCloud?


This app is solid. Customizable and has saved me too many times to count. Stays current, which is super helpful.

Almost Great

Love almost everything, except the developer recently changed something so that the process of copying an item hides what is being copied and the “highlight” does not go away until one goes to a different password item and then comes back. Please fix - very annoying. Otherwise, a dedicated user for over five years.

Satisfied for years

Never an issue, easily accessible, always works.

It works.

It works. It’s simple. I have had it awhile. No problems

Great password vault

Great app for storing your passwords. One thing I like is it will create a very strong password where you can copy and paste it when needed.

iPhone, Apple Watch user, HP Laptop...

Will this backup onto my non Apple laptop?

Love this application

Love it very Easy to use?

Feel secure!

I've used Datavault-look for years now and it is so easy and useful.

Very happy so far

I am very impressed how it works I like it.

Not user friendly

I would not recommend this app. I could never get comfortable using it. It was confusing and not user friendly.

Advanced yet simple, user friendly & organized

*Worth every dollar for the full version!* It’s very user friendly. Has many options for how you’d like to organize, file & categorize all pw(password)/private information, so at first glance you might feel overwhelmed with how it looks. But just take a second to explore it all & you’ll find it’s actually very simply laid out for you. All & any possible options & categories to choose from for any info you choose to log, in order to file & organize however you please, plus you can create your own too. I also appreciate how the app backs up all your info separate from the automatic phone backup, which came in very handy when I could no longer use my same Apple ID & I thought I had lost all my pw’s, until I remembered it had its own backup & was able to recover all my private information I had saved into this app. I’ve had this app now for about 7 years, and I don’t plan on deleting it any time soon. I’ve downloaded many other personal pw keepers over the years just to explore them & every time I’ve never been impressed or pleased. So I’m convinced I will never switch from this app. Especially if you’re someone like me who has a million sign in’s, login’s, and a bunch of other personal private info to remember.

Excellent Password Manager

I have used DataVault on my iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro for a bunch of years and and am extremely happy with it. Syncing between the three is effortless and consistent. There is full flexibility for data entry in each record allowing for multiple types of information to be recorded. The app keeps track of the dates of record creation and modification, which may be useful to keep track of when passwords were last changed. Multiple easily readable icons are available for helping identify records by type. Search function is fast and accurate. The Face ID access to the app on my new iPhone works flawlessly and is very efficient. I wish that there was something as efficient securely opening the application on my Mac. I have been disappointed that I haven’t seen this app reviewed in online articles on password managers because it seems to me that it should rank up there with the best of them. One additional feature I’d like to see is a built-in mechanism to assign potential access to a designated individual or individuals in the case of death, incompetence, or disability. Passwords are the keys to our legal and financial lives and this app could serve as way to allow seemless transition of control.


Good app. Does everything I need it to do. Actually has more options than I personally need, but is a great tool for my bad memory!!

Instantly regretted purchasing

App looks like garbage and isn’t easy to use. Very confusing to just simply save a log in and password. Trying to get my money back.

Good but needs refinement

I came from using splashID since the palm pilot Treo days and the three things I wanted were software that didn't require a subscription I could pay up front for, the auto fill feature like LastPass and some others have, and the ability to store different types of records instead of just web logins. This offers those but the auto fill has never worked properly. LastPass even when it didn't auto detect the record allowed you to manually select the record. This seems to want to do that but I cannot figure out how to manually select a record. If that gets fixed I'd be happy.

My Brain

I’d be lost without this app. Have used it for around a decade or so I’d guess. Love the sync with Dropbox.


Have used this app for several years now and have been very satisfied with the ease of adding new items with as much information as needed.

I like the pay model

One time payment and it’s yours, no holding you hostage with a subscription. The app works well and now works with Face ID

Great program

I’ve been using DataVault on PC’s, laptops and smartphones for years. The program works just like it’s supposed to on all my devices, and the customer service when you need it is top notch (I just had a new PC set up in my office and called customer service to figure out how to get a key code to work to activate the program on the new device.).

Excellent App

This is a great App! Not only does it not have an annoying monthly fee, I believe it is far superior compared to similar Apps. It has a bit of a learning curve, but support emails were always prompt and actually answered understood the product and answered questions instead of a generic, and typically worthless, reply that most companies give. I use this on multiple devices and it accurately syncs between them.

Doesn’t do what I need

I needed an app that would sync between my regular laptop and my iPad and iPhone. Wish I could get my money back. *updated* I did look for an hour on how to sync the app between my non apple laptop and my iPhone and iPad. I couldn’t find anything. Now you share with me where to go to read. This is not user friendly. I already went with Dashlane. It cost more, but is totally user friendly and works seamlessly between any devices. I still wish I could get my money back. I’m leaving the 1 Star.

Perfect Organizer Help

What more is there to say


This app is outstanding. So glad I have it. It is secure and user friendly.

Have used for years

I have had this app for about 4 years and have never had any problems. Works well for syncing between devices. Only issue I have had is with the Face ID not coming up and I have to put in my password. Which is miner


Have used DV for 8 years and very pleased!!! Easy to learn and maintain.

Better than SplashData

I would like it to store attachments, and allow custom icons. But otherwise it is great.

Solid Password and Secure Manager

DataVault is a solid password manager. It is very stable and works across all my iOS devices. I like that I can add additional fields for an entry. Plenty of categories and templates for all kinds of things you want to keep secure. I have an iPhone X and the ability to use my face to unlock the app is fantastic! One slight area of improvement is better copy paste from the app to other apps. It doesn’t always work. I like the search option. Just type a few characters and all the entries that match pop up and you just tap the one you want.

Great product

Have been using this for years, highly recommend!

App User

I’m very happy with it. It keeps me organized and secured.


Just filled in a bunch of info on a new entry and before I finished the app crashed, erasing that entire entry. Have used data vault for many years, but that is pretty frustrating. Since then has continued to crash repeatedly.

Awesome app!!

Awesome app with the flexibility to be used across all my electronic devices, I’ve had this app for approx. 5 years and have no complaints yet. Awesome job!!

Great Tool

IF....& when I remember this app’s password it’s fantastic!

Can I get a refund?

Can I get a refund? I don’t think this is APP is worth $10. They have free ones available with the same options.

Great so far

I have about 100 passwords and happy so far

Great Password Keeper

Great app. Works well. Looks a little out-dated. End of the day, gets the job done!

Love this app

My husband and I have used Data Vault for many years and could not be without it and have recommended the program to our family members and friends. Thanks for this great program.