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NOFFS Operational

by Raven Solutions

(4 user ratings)


Download size: 102.29MB
Version: 1.4.2
Released: 2011-08-15
For ages: 4+

Genres:Health and Fitness


Developed by the Navy in partnership with EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance Institute), the Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System (NOFFS) is designed to provide the Navy with a "world-class" performance training resource for Sailors, as well as Navy health and fitness professionals. Using the latest sports science methodologies, NOFFS combines both human performance and injury prevention strategies, resulting in safer training while yielding positive human performance outcomes.

The exercises used in the NOFFS program are designed to replicate the activities Sailors conduct in their operational duties: lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying. Developed as a complete fitness package, the fueling strategies allow you to determine your total caloric needs based on your personal goals, whether your desire is to lose, maintain or gain weight. The meal builder enables you to choose high-octane foods for each meal, populate your meal plan a week at a time, and email it to yourself.

Finally, the regeneration component of this series will assist you with addressing and preventing common aches and pains. The soft tissue release techniques combined with the flexibility routine restores muscular balance and ensures you develop and maintain the mobility necessary for high-level performance.
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Customer Reviews
Requires internet

While this is a great app, it misses on a huge level - requires internet! While underway on a ship, we do not have wifi or internet capability on our devices. How can Sailors view the exercises when it requires internet? Please make this app with offline capabilities.

Needs an update

Last update was the app launch in 2011, this is unacceptable and should be updated every 6 months to keep our sailors safe!


Awesome! Same programs used by Athlete's Performance Center at Andrews Institute in FL.

I really like this. Wish it had more routines though. I use this at my command to run FEP.

Great app wish had more workouts. I use this at my command when running FEP. Everyone seems to like it. We incorporate the routines about 3 times a week. Great all and it's free. My wife like it too


Did NOFFS pt while at NORU for a month. Great work out system. Liove that it's a one time download unlike other apps you download and then have to download more once you open it up. Will help me keep busy when I get back to the boat while waiting on weights or just alternate weights and NOFFS.

Great Start!

Josh Miller, you are an idiot! As a current CFL, I think this app is a TOOL and not the end all be all! There are currently NOFFS classes for those who are interested in training Sailors in NOFFS and those interested themselves. Have some of you been on sea duty lately? With the spaces on the ship being more limited than ever and with lack of equipment, NOFFS does a pretty good job at helping Sailors meet the current Navy standards. Are you going to be a SEAL from NOFFS? No. This app isn't for everyone, but it gets off to a great start. My critical assessment of this app is that it isn't accurate from the cards available for download and the meal builder needs work. Like every other fitness program, it's only as good as the work you put in and the form you use!

Love this app!

This app brings it back to the basics. Unless you're training with the Seals, you should find some good, helpful info.

This is not going to help sailors

The app has nice pictures, but HORRIBLE explanations. The videos do not complement the exercise and STILL leave sailors unaware of proper and improper form and mechanics. If this is the Navy's answer to CrossFit, they've missed the mark. This is less-safe since it does not provide efficacy or means of a trainer. The nutrition information is amateur and still supports high-carb diets....hello? welcome to the 21st century CPPD,CINC!! Do yourself a favor and find a functional fitness trainer to assist/coach you. There are plenty that are willing to help, many for free. Avoid injury and steer clear of NOFFS.

A Good start

However it would be nice on the meal builder of clicking on the types of food it'd show the full list of examples from the PDF on the NOFFS website. Other than that pretty cool app

Very useful

The most useful app you could ever get to make you a better CFL. These are the very same exercises the Navy is leaning towards in order to make our sailors more functional.


Agree with Aaron. This app is a great starting point, but seems designed for the iPad more than an iPhone. Recommend coding it so the screen is expandable to make the finer print next to pictures legible.

Great apps

Great apps. Easy to follow step by step exercises with pictures and videos.

Good starting point

This app is a good reference for Sailors but could be improved by adding relevant instructions and updates. Also, the pictures are not enlargeable so they are illegible.