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Navy Bugle Calls


(10 user ratings)


Download size: 6.97MB
Version: 1.10
Released: 2009-07-30
For ages: 4+


Imagine you are on duty to make the bugle call but you were out at last night at the local screaming contest. What do you do? You pull out Navy Bugle Calls instead of you bugle and make them calls. Navy Bugle Calls is a set of popular bugle calls used in the Navy. The above example might be a bit extreme but we are sure that you can use it in other occasions. Maybe use to get someone attention, interrupt an unpleasant conversation and etc.

Calls include:
- Adjutants Call
- Assembly Full Section
- Attention
- Carry On
- Church Call
- Evening
- First Call
- and many more

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Customer Reviews
Good but...



Please update. It does not work since the last update.

Fix this App

Crashing? Fix it, make an update. This WAS a great app. Please make it great again

It Works if...

Get around the crash problem by doing this, as soon as the Navy logo disappears tap the circle play again button, then the stop button to stop it. Scroll down to desired selection & hit recycle button to play it etc...no crashes this way. Go Navy!!

Great app. All the naval service calls. Use it all the time to make my points with former Marines!

All the naval service calls Marines will revogmizr!


Crashes when I go on it!

Navy bugle calls

Excellent. Turn to.


It keeps shutting off!!!!


Works once then constantly crashes.


Having served over 20+ years in the Navy, all I can say is Thank You.


Crashes on launch

It don't work

It only goes to the navy symbol and then exits to the home page. other than that it would be an awesome app.

Im in love with the navy

I'm in love with the navy, my older brother is in the navy and I look up to him. I'm going to join the ROTC, I know it's air force but at least when I go to the navy academy they pay for all my stuff and pay me to go to school. Love this app.


Can you update the App with the Boatswain's Call or the dings for arriving on this app?


This is a great app i use this for my kids when we not at home on base. no matter where we go the military laws and rules can now come with us....THANK YOU!!!!!!

Doesn't work

Downloaded this app and couldn't get it to play any of the calls - with volume on full. Needs work.

This one is a keeper!

It's just not navy calls but for boy scouts, all military branches from air force to army, and internationally used. It sounds good and loud and a good conversation piece with the older folks.

Doesn't work

Worked great first time but now doesn't work at all. 1st time was fun though but the kids hated it - school came early

Not working on 3gs

It is crashing on my phone (3Gs)

One of my favorite apps

I love this app and want to know how I can get Reveille as my wake up alarm on my phone. My dog just loves To the colors. When I play, she stops and stares as if she was at attention.


I remember these calls from Culver Military School. good place. good times. nice app.

Bad app

App is nonresponsive!

Thank you!

You brought a smile to my face recalling years of memories. I'll be playing this app a lot for my crew!

Bravo Zulu

Enjoyed it. Reminds me of when I lived in the Group 10 barracks in New London. Now we need Submarine alarms. LOL Nice app.

How about piping

Having been on board a couple USNavy ships for 5 years, I never heard a bugal call... I did, however hear piping all the time... So how about some piping? Good effort though...