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Battleships of the U.S Navy

by Multieducator Inc

(0 user ratings)


Download size: 52.19MB
Version: 4.1
Released: 2010-05-14
For ages: 4+


BATTLESHIPS of the US NAVY is the perfect way to learn the history and view photos of all the United States battleships. Containing over 260 high quality photos, this project vividly brings to life the stories of these ships. Designed especially for the iPad and new iPhones you can zoom in on any of the hundreds of very high quality photos. This feature allows users to see hidden details in photos that no other medium offers.

There are complete histories of every battleship, from the time it was commissioned to the time it was put in reserve or scrapped. It also includes specifications of each ship. You can save favorites and even e-mail any of the photos to share them with your friends.

BATTLESHIPS of the US NAVY covers all the US Battleships from BB-1 (USS Indiana) to BB-64 (USS Wisconsin). Whether you use BATTLESHIPS of the US NAVY on your iPad or your iPhone/iPad , BATTLESHIPS of the US NAVY is the best way to learn about US Battleships.
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Customer Reviews
Great Reference

Dozens of books have been printed with this information, but this app provides it all in a succinct manner. The photographs are wonderful. This app is perfect for anyone interested in the history of United States warship development.

I like it

Very good app. Lots of information. Navy people will like it. Non navy people who like history will gain a good reference. Battleships were the type of ship you felt safest serving on.

So far not so good

This is only a collection of a few photos -- four or five for each ship -- with a very poor historical summary of each ship that does not even give types or armament, thickness of armor, top speeds, number of officers and crew. One would expect at least deck-by-deck maps or layouts, but not even the main deck is shown. Maybe it will get better in future versions, but now it is not even worth the few pennies ..........

Needs Editing

The concept and general layout of this app is good, but it needs some serious editing. First of all, there are ourright mistakes, such as listing USS West Virginia as BB-47 when the cancelled USS Washington was to be designated BB-47 while West Virginia was actually BB-48. BB-64 Wisconsin is completely missing. The are also text errors. Whatever software they used to convert their source material was not very good as there are numerous mistranslated characters. For instance, "New York" appears at one point as "Ne.D York" and New Hampshire has "i" number of 12 inch guns. These mistranslations are rife throughout the text. Also, while not a mistake, some word of the cancelled South Dakota class (BB-49 to BB-54) would be nice. I hope to see aircraft carriers done next, but not until they fix the problems with this Battleships app first. Update: They fixed the most glaring error, West Virginia being BB-48, not BB47 and added the missing Wisconsin. It could use some more history editing on the typos.

A Work in Progress

I'm surprised there has not been an update to correct the obvious errors! This is a very promising effort but it needs work. BB 8 for example, shows up when BB60 is selected! I would hope the authors are working on corrections - but let's go guys - send us the revisions as you make them. My advice is to hold off on this one until we see if they are going to make a serious effort to correct the errors.

It does the job...

Yes, it could certainly be better but I give it 4 stars because it did the job it described. Very interesting, good pictures and well written histories. Yeah, you could get this in a book - but not at this price and a book is definitely not as easy to use. Ultimately, I credit the developer for creating an app which brought me good information. Of course, if there were seven battleship apps out there I might not have given it four stars - but there ain't. If you want to learn about USN Battleships then this is the app.