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Smash Hit

by Mediocre AB

(65,622 user ratings)


Download size: 90.55MB
Version: 1.4.2
Released: 2014-03-06
For ages: 4+


Take a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension, move in harmony with sound and music and smash everything in your path! This experience requires focus, concentration, and timing to not only travel as far as you can, but also break the beautiful glass objects that stand in your way.

* Smash your way through a beautiful futuristic dimension, smashing obstacles and targets in your path and experiencing the best destruction physics on mobile devices.

* Musically synchronized gameplay: music and audio effects change to suit each stage, obstacles move to each new tune

* Over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles, and realistic glass-breaking mechanics in every stage

Smash Hit is playable at no cost and free from ads. An optional premium upgrade is available through a one-time in-app purchase that will enable iCloud synchronization across multiple devices, detailed statistics, alternative game modes and the ability to continue from checkpoints.
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Customer Reviews


Best mobile game in a while

I haven’t gotten into mobile games for a good while. This game is incredibly simple yet addictive... in the best way possible! Definitely give it a try.

Amazing game!

I love this game!

I try to not rage. Oof

Hi! So I played this on my mom’s iPad when I was younger and now I have it on my iPhone (I’m 10 right now) also have Fourth of July! I do love this game indeed but here’s the few reasons that it needs fixed: 1, you have to pay to go to your checkpoint. What, the, heck?! I hate having to speed my hands everywhere on a phone. Just why. Anyways, 2, you need to add some better features. Sometimes my dogs will get scared when they here the noise, but I then realized it’s really the noises in real life. My mom’s mother is living with us because of her hip and today we had to get her Yorkie from her house since he got left alone there!! He is about a year or two old. I call him (River is his name btw) my uncle since he is my grandmother’s baby. Her other yorkie PooPoo (that was his name 😂 since he was caught crapping all over her house LOL) died like a year or two ago. Anyways, 3, I think it’s annoying to have to always have a boring home part of it, can you please add custom color to it? My favorite color is mint green btw. I ain’t girly, any little girls can get mad and grossed out but I’m a bit country, I even broke a boys jaw bone. It’s still like that today. Anyway, I hope you are safe from the Coronavirus, it’s supposed to be weaker after it’s October strike, I’m having panic attacks from nightmares, stress, yelling, being blamed or feeling like the fault of something, pain, and other things like that. Also the News. People, if you are commuting suicide because of this, just try to catch it, how? Don’t be clean, be close to people instead of 6feet away, and also, the mask don’t even protect you. It’s true. So, stay safe.

I hate smash hit it is ungrateful !!!!

When I downloaded it I thought it was gowing to be fun but it was not it is boring and I have to pay for some to this game bad


I. LOVE this game soo much I can’t stop playing thx for making this game 😁

Es un gran juego!!!

Es un gran juego!!! Muy bien hecho!!!

Thank you

I just download this game and it is so good thanks for making this game if I didn’t download this and I would have a hard time to COVID-19 not really playing anything so thank you so so much for making this up

Love this game!

I have played this game ever since it came out, and I have loved it ever since. I left it a few years back, remembered it yesterday, and decided to install it again just to beat it in one try (although I died in infinity, obviously) That shows how much I remembered from this game because it is so relaxing. If you need a game to calm yourself down, this is the one to try. Don’t get mad at the premium (if you die in a level, you have to buy premium to continue from that point) because it is one of the few ways for the company to earn money for their updates and bug fixes. If you created a game as good as this, you would probably want to earn extra money as well. All in all, great game, I love it and I would recommend it to anyone willing to sit down for an hour or two and play this fun, relaxing game. Thank you for making this game so fun!

I like

It’s fun interesting and rageing

Very fun!

Great game


Crazy game. It’s a super fun game! Honestly, play with headphones. It makes the experience feel much more real. Like VR. I’ll give this five stars as Premium. The graphics are really cool and the music... it’s all amazing! Get Smash Hit if u want a fun but simple game to play in free time.

Smash hit

Smash hit never gets voiding like other games instead you have to be smart about what you do and if you get a new distance you know that you want to get to the other dimensions

Great game, but you have to start from beginning

This game is very fun, but every time you lose you have to start over. If you don’t want to do that, you have to pay. If you don’t pay you have to start over, which gets old.

Great Game

This is a GREAT game if your bored

Very good game

I was playing this in a trip and it took 3 hours and while I was playing this game I wasn’t bored at all and it made the time seem faster

I love this game

In quarantine you know that every of us are board this and we are stick to the internet but what is the solution? This amazing game. This game is so fun , smashing the crystals is amazingly fun. You will never be tired of it .


love this gamee

2 buks

MyParents are not the kind of onesTo spend money on games it’s not because there poorIt’s just a waste of money

Love the choice of ads, or that there are no ads...

Seems to be no ads, I paid the 1.99 anyways in large part bc I despise a few of the major corporations like take two and tencent, and I see this is indie and people seem to like it, I enjoyed this game bc it’s trippy, not easy,no ads, and can play offline.

I did it

I beat level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 but not ♾


one of the best games i ever played

It’s a...

Smash hit

Where are the updates?

I have played this game for about 4 years and it was updated constantly. But now the game hasn’t updated for 2 years. I like the game but I’m still rating it a three because of the slow update times


i love this game it’s so addictive

Fun but...

I like the game a lot but there’s one thing I don’t like. The thing I don’t like is that you have to buy an expansion pack to actually use checkpoints which is really irritating cuz I always get to lv 5 and when I go to a door about halfway through I always only have 1 ball and that’s happened like 20 times but if you made it so you don’t have to buy an expansion pack to use checkpoints I’d definitely give it 5 ⭐️.

This game is good but...

I really really like the game but it actually needs hey store to purchase Power ups and needed custom balls

Pleeeeease let family purchase sharing be enabled

Hello, I just wanted to say this app worked brilliantly, and I almost made it, but, when I wanted to get the premium version free because I already purchased the version when my mom installed it, I found out that family sharing doesn’t work. So pleeeeeeeeeeease let family sharing be enabled. Thanks, Saish

The game is very fun

I personally love this game I play Fortnite but sometimes I get bored and the #1 thing that gets me out of being bored is this game I think whoever is reading this review if not downloaded yet you should 100% download this fun game.


Lol is cool and is a zillions time better then kidtube

Best app ever

So I was bored because we can’t go outside because coronavirus but then I saw this app and gave it a try and I was mind blown this app is the best and I played it for 30min .

Best Game

This is a really good game that has calm music and intense levels.

4 words

Addicted to this game

Fun game

I’ve had this game for a while now and it never gets old it’s probably one of the best games I’ve ever had

Smash Hit

It’s a cool game and it’s fun.

omg that game is soooooo fun try it but why u did it on youtube?


Good change of events since I got passed the 2nd boss.

This game was perfect to smash glass out of my way. It sure is. The mayhem mode is interesting. Increased difficulty and boss fights. Perfect. A lot has changed since I cleared the second boss. It has been tough since I was younger. Now, it has been my favorite mode. Splendid. I have like zero problems with this. Good job for increased difficulty and putting in boss battles. Like for example, checkpoint 1: two moving glass panes. Checkpoint 3: solid middle. Increased speed. Checkpoint 2 to 3: combined up to be bigger. So on. Checkpoint 6: 3 of them. 7: BIGGER, PLS! Oh man. This is good.

Everything is perfect. Level ♾?

Level ♾?

Great game



I mean Who would play this game even if you miss one 3D triangles you lose the five balls😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

I Complete, I want to Proggress Farther

This Review Is Not About Problems. Its About More Checkpoints Because I Reached Level Infinty And Mabey For A Next Update Mabey Add More Levels For Everyone Because The Old Levels That You Scractched You Can Recreate Them And Add To Them New Colors and A New Crystels Like 15 Balls Or 20 Balls Because There Was A Lot Of Old Levels That I Found That Could Be Added Back And Be Reuesd And have that AMAZING. Granite Look To The Checkpoints And I Found 2-4 Old Levels Like The Oringinal Checkpoint 2 Or The Oringinal Checkpoint 6 Or The Old Infinty That I Have Some Suggestions For the Old Checkpoints The Old Checkpoints Can Have A Supporting Soundndtrack For The Old Or Mabey New Intrudutory Stage And The Level After It Plus Add A Sort Of 3D view of yourself And Your Envorioment Or You Can Add Multipule Paths To Some Checkpoints And Add Your Parts Medicore!. and Mabey More Things like A Short Speed Abbility That Will Allow The Player To Have A More Challenging Kind Of Exsperince To Your Game. This is All The Ideas For Classic And Training And Add A Random Rooms Mode Its Infinty Mode But More Diverse And You Can Get Freinds To Play With You And See Who Has The Best Distance And Probbley A Battle Royel Where Everybody Has A Limted Amount Of Balls And If Some One Is Eliminated Forme The Match The Closest Player Will Get 10 Balls And Everybody Gets 5 Balls From That And He Gets To Spectated Overall I Think That Your Game Is The Best Game With Upbeat music And Probbly Don’t Hide Your Future Modes In The DEBUG Bar That 10% Of Players Can Get Into Side note change the Checkpoint Endless which has very barren Colors. How about a Procedurally generated colorful landscape with previous Checkpoints and modes like little sections of checkpoints and modes

It’s good but it could have some work!

I love this game but I think it could use some work! At the end of where you run out of balls, it goes all the way back to the beginning. I would like an option to watch a video to get more balls. Or if there was an option to stay where you were on the level. But over all I love this game!🙂

Very Addicting Game

Smash and hit is a very addicting game. The only problem is when you run out if balls. I think if you get hit by a piece of glass and you have five balls coming out at a time then you should go down to four and then three if u get hit again, and so forth. It’s really fun when your playing it until you go down to one ball at a time and then you lose all your achievements and then you die, and then you don’t want to play it again, but this is why I think it’s addicting because you keep coming back to it and back even when you don’t want to. So parents don’t get this game for your kids.

get rid of premium god Dang it😡🤬😡🤬

get rid of it


Good game


Outstanding game... keeps your mind sharp. Thanks

This game is awesome,.

I love playing it.

Its almost perfect

I had this game a few years ago, and i just got it again. Its really fun, but unless you pay for the premium version, its really repetitive. The animation is great however, and there are little to no adds. Super fun, just repetitive.

Not fair!

This game is fun but totally not fair!!! It is fun but if you get to a really high level like 12 or 11 and you lose and run out of balls you don’t get to keep your record you hafto start over!!! And at the start they give you only 24 balls!!! You hafto pay for premium to keep your record! Not fair! But still kinda fun...😡😡😡