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Relative Pitch Interval Ear Training

by Easy Ear Training

(100 user ratings)


Download size: 37.02MB
Version: 1.16.2
Released: 2009-06-04
For ages: 4+


⇒ Featured by Apple on the App Store front page, RelativePitch has helped over 130,000 musicians improve their ears

"Whether you are a seasoned musician or a complete beginner, RelativePitch will have you listening with a sharpened ear and a greater appreciation of the music you love."
-- The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW.com)

"A well thought-out, educational and informative app."
-- iPhone App Directory Vol. 5 (Imagine Publishing)

You're not getting everything you could out of music.

That's unfortunate, because you've always loved music. You have albums you've listened to a hundred times over, and you play or sing a little yourself. You might even have put in hours of practice to become quite good at your chosen instrument.

The trouble is that you're not able to do what you always wanted to do, which is •understand• music as easily as you breathe.

• You want to be able to improvise with other musicians, riffing off one another all night long, coming out with newer and more innovative sounds as every hour goes by.

• When a friend of yours is singing, you want to be able to join in harmony easily and effortlessly, adding another layer into the song without having to figure out each note.

• You've often had songs in your head that you badly want to bring out into the real world, but you can't figure out how to play them on your instrument.

• Other musicians occasionally listen intently and ask if you heard the subtle little change that the artist just made, just then. You nod, but you can't hear it. You don't know what you should be hearing.

Interval training is what opens the door to all of those experiences. And our app, RelativePitch, is the best way to learn interval training, boost your musical talents, and increase your confidence.

How does it work? RelativePitch includes

• Training Mode – 13 lessons guide you from beginner to expert, teaching you all the intervals in the octave.

• Testing Mode – Check your progress by trying to get the highest score in testing mode. If you distinguish intervals correctly, you'll unlock new levels and new challenges in training.

• Custom Mode – If you're having trouble with one specific piece of training, set up a custom training and testing session to target your problem

• Interval training to teach you to distinguish ascending, descending and harmonic intervals across two and a half octaves

• Simple interface, fun to use app, and all the interval training you'll ever need to have an ear that catches the subtle and crucial sounds for a perfect song.

• A wide choice of high quality instruments, including Piano, Guitar, French Horn, Clarinet, Violin, and Male and Female Singing Voices.

Interval training will transform the way you hear, play, and enjoy music – even if you don't know anything about music theory. Our app is easy and enjoyable to use, and our customers have great things to say about it:

“This app is the greatest. After four days of dedicated use I have seen major improvements in my skills as music student.”

“For years, I've wanted to play my sax 'by ear.' Working with RelativePitch is bringing me closer and closer to that goal.”

“You can really learn something with this app. It's like having a music instructor with you, patiently teaching you intervals.”

“Amazing! Best app in the market!”

You're just one step away from getting so much more out of the music you love.

Any questions or need help? Just email support@EasyEarTraining.com.
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Customer Reviews
Too expensive

Not worth the cost

Simple but very effective

This is a very simple app but is very well designed and will really help you develop your musical ear, from scratch. It helps you learn things one step at a time, but forces you to master each stage in the process before ramping up the difficulty. I found this to be an ideal approach, it seems like the correct structure for ear training. Dig through the help and settings as there are many useful options in the app (eg mixing different instruments).

Excellent learning tool

This app has everything that I needed to gradually build my skills. It is fun to use and the excellent text explanations of the intervals and how they differ from each other help build confidence with my ear skills. It is also set up in such a way that is not only easy to use but fun as well . I found myself looking forward to the next challenge and this helped to want to learn more. It is a well designed learning tool.

Lack of Content

There is not enough information on this app for the unreasonable price of it. As for intervals, they only have intervals up to an octave and no further. As for the learning experience, it is a little inaccurate being that you only have one anchor pitch for every test. Rather then having different notes in every interval, one specific note is always the base note. This makes everything very easy as you have one “do” the whole time. I personally wish I saved my money for an app that can do much more.

Good Interval training

The testing and progression to harder things is a compelling format. Piano sounds pretty good and can get loud enough to be heard well. Other sounds are computer sounding but piano is all you need anyway here. Would love to see the format on scale and chord trainers. Little pricey but compared to competition is very well done.

Great for Intervalic Training

The custom option is great for getting into specific areas including descending intervals and intervalic chords. The training is a nice option as well.

A good start

This app has some things which I really liked. The progressive difficulty lessons, the practice mode, and the encouraging voice left me with no complaints. However, there are a few features that I would have liked to see for the $8.00 I payed for this app that I did not. I don’t have perfect pitch but do have good short term memory for pitches, so when I do the lesson for long enough I can remember what the notes sound like and then my ears don’t need to recognize the intervals but just what the notes are (I hope that makes sense), so I’d prefer if the app could have the option to randomize the tonic note so that it is not always a middle C. Also, I was expecting to receive training in compound intervals as well (intervals that are greater than an octave) and that was one of the main reasons that I actually downloaded this app. One smaller suggestion is to have a few more instrument options just to keep it more engaging (bonus if you can add an option to randomize the timbre for each interval that is played in a test or practice session). Just to reiterate, this app has a good model and some good starting features but if I had known it’s current limitations I would not have purchased it.

Just what you need

This is a very useful app. It gives you randomized interval quizzing that can spell the interval upwards, downwards, or as a diad. Just what I had wanted. You can also focus on certain pairs of intervals you might have trouble discerning.

Is this app this updated?

I think it would be helpful if the notes that were played were shown after a question. I try to follow along with my piano when I’m unsure of the interval that was played but when I’m playing an interval with the root different than the one in the audio the sounds are very different (I know that different pitches produce different sounds but I should still be able to distinguish the interval even on a different root).

Very beneficial

Didn’t know what I needed to help train my ear, but found this app and found it to be very helpful.

Great app

Very helpful for learning at your own pace.

This one is pretty good

Ear Training is a skill that takes time and practice. Sing until your brain gets lazy and can identify the interval without you singing. I’ve had this app for several years keep coming back to it.

Sets you up for Success

I had very low confidence in my abilities to learn to really hear notes and learn to do it well, this app starts you out in an easy mode creating a sense of success and confidence each step of the way. The links to additional steps to help you through rough patches are terrific. Can’t recommend this app highly enough.

Elementary level only

Great app for those new to music and at the Elementary level. No worth the money if you are interested in gaining rapid pitch acuity in recognizing intervals. I use other apps that far outpace the educational benfits of this. And those apps were free.

Best $8 ever spent!

50 plus years as a musician and I have always struggled with intervals I tried the free version and gladly purchased the paid one. Halfway through and I cannot put the app down. Get it if you are serious about improving your ears.

Very Good

This app is very good. I have updated my ear a lot with this app. Thanks

Really great

Note that if you are in the main training mode, you have to get perfect scores (20/20) on some simple forms of the exercises in order to unlock more challenging ones. The person who says in their review that the app lacked the descending intervals just hadn't played with it enough yet. You can also go straight to "custom" mode and test whatever you want from the get-go.

Lil pricy, but does what it promises

Feature wise it's hard to justify the price, but it works and I can afford it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You updated B4 I could suggest!

7/22/14--This is a really GREAT update to a very simple app! Right off the bat, I want to suggest flat 9ths and 9ths. That would REALLY round out this fantastic ear trainer. Plus, it can be set to remind you to practice! THAT is really cool! I'm REALLY LOVING this app on the iPad Air2★ I just really wish it were universal. I was completely finished in all categories, but now I have to start all the way over. Alas, it's still great practice… Practice which every musician needs! _______________________________________________________ Hi! I’m still enjoying the app! I’d like to ask you (as Tony Stark suggested to Ivan Vanko in “Iron Man 2”) to “ramp-up the revolutions☆” The fast is slow to me now, and has seemed so for quite some time. I’m a student of David L. Burge’s Relative Pitch course from back in the 90’s, and even his drills/ tests on cassette-tape were way faster than your last level's fast level! A friend of mine recently posted a meme on Instagram. It said, "RAMP IT UP! You're not going as hard as you think you are!" I need you to give me that RAMP-UP!

Alright, but not worth the money

This app is well designed, but is limited in its exercises. Your money will be better spent on the app "Ear Trainer". It is a better bargain and has far more exercises and options.

Hurts Good

Used the app for about two days now. At first my feelings were hurt, but after a total of maybe two hours randomly spread over the last few days I've gotten much better. I've even gotten perfect scores on some tests. The app is simple and does do too much beyond what it promises which is great for folk really want to train their ears. Money well spent.

Great app

Well executed, even if the UI is a little outdated

Great at what it's for, could use some UX improvements

I love how well the exercises and contents are crafted, very useful. A little dated in the looks department and a few too many pop up notifications, but aside from that an excellent app.

Excellent ear training

I find this an extremely good app for learning to both recognize and sing intervals. The custom feature is a big help. I can work with it for 10 minute chunks throughout the day.

Not so fast...

The lessons, so far, have been pleasantly difficult and I feel like I am actually getting better ear training because of it. I really like being able to include and intermingle multiple instruments in the training and testing as this dramatically raises the bar in my opinion. Great job!

Useful and fun

I practice at red lights and on walks. It's really relaxing. I turned off the vibration as it only buzzes you when you get answers wrong, and that was becoming really irritating.

Try to daily use it for 5 min twice a day

I just started today to really use this app so far I really like it get back LW in a month

Very good exercise

Nice app. I have no regrets so far about upgrading from Lite to full version. My only issue is the total absence of "descending " intervals. I hope they get added later!

Best ear trainer app

I tried a bunch the last few days. I tried the free version of this one and then bought the full version the next day. I really like the custom feature, so that I can choose to work on a few chosen intervals at a time. Ear training has always been my weakness, but there were no programs like this back in the 80s. I'm going back to music school this fall. With this the help of this program for the rest of the summer, I'm sure that I'll be able to test out and not have to suffer through Ear Training I again.

Excellent training

This app is very helpful at not only explaining intervals, but also generating random testing for good practice sessions.

Great tool!

This app is very versatile and has helped my interval recognition significantly.

Music man

I find this app to be a great tool. I generally listen to the interval then sing it and make my selection . I am a music educator and I intend to incorporate this app into my lesson plans.

Battery drain?

Great app! Just curious if anyone else sees background activity draining their battery. I have :) and have to manual force quit the program so it doesn't sit in the background. Battery usage shows it at the top of the list

Fun and easy to use

This app is great for ear training. I've found my students really enjoy using it. The lessons progress nicely and it's easy to understand and use.

Wonderful app!

This app is ready to be your friend!

It Works

I had trouble with pitch, but thank God for this app. It's a miracle.

Great app

I've struggled with ear training for thirty years. After a month of using this app most days I can identify intervals correctly 80% of the time. I'm sure in a few more months I'll be nearly perfect. Because it's a game, it's not as boring or as frustrating as traditional ear training.

Cool!!! Its like a game.

It progress slowly enough that you have time to get used to new material which is great to avoid frustration and giving up on ear training.

Good, but slightly flawed

I think some of the info's wrong in some parts. Example, states major third is 3 semitones, minor 4 semitones, when it's the opposite. Otherwise, good.

Excellent app For Musical Ear Training!

This app has been really helpful training my ears to identify major, minor & octave intervals. Using the app has helped me strengthen my ability to play any song by ear which is my primary goal. It has a lot of test to help you master your weak areas, Overall it's a great app!

Terrific App

Some interval tests seem impossible at first but with repetition you can overcome them with ease, but your skill will degrade if you aren't consistent so practice a little every day and never get frustrated - just hammer away at it and it will translate to your music playing

Does what it says

I liked it.


Needs more to be great. More in terms of training or offering mnemonic devices/clues to work with.


This works.

Does exactly what I was looking for

Simple unobtrusive interface. So far haven't found any desirable functionality missing.

So useful

This app is definitely the best app on my phone. It is so customizable and easy to use. It really works and it's so efficient! I am thoroughly impressed. Download this app immediately.

Buy it.

If you're struggling with pitch and intervals like me, this is worth the money. You can set it to fixed root, random root, and even low-high or high-low or unison notes. It really works.

Super handy

Trains your ear with instant correct/incorrect feedback. Excellent for train rides or when your roommate wants to watch terrible television


I would like to see some more features for the cost especially for the changes to have the notes be different instead of always the same