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by Blip Interactive Ltd

(182 user ratings)


Download size: 89.31MB
Version: 1.44
Released: 2010-07-21
For ages: 4+


NanoStudio is a recording studio for iOS, OS X and Windows. It has virtual analogue synths, sample trigger pads, a comprehensive sequencer, a sample editor, a mixer and multiple effects all integrated into a single application.

Record your ideas in real time, mix synth layers with samples, compose and arrange your tune using the powerful sequencer and bring the mix alive with effects such as reverb, compression and EQ. Share your tune on SoundCloud from wherever you are or use the comprehensive audio mixdown options and MIDI export feature to get your ideas over to your desktop DAW when you get back home.

NanoStudio's intuitive user interface frees you to get creative yet has loads of depth for when you need it. To try it out head on over to our website where you can download the OS X and Windows versions for free!


Up to 6 simultaneous instruments (including mixer) or upgrade with the '16 Instrument Tracks' in-app purchase, particularly recommended for newer devices.

'Eden', a powerful 16 voice subtractive synth with dual oscillators, 2 pole resonant filter, 3 envelope generators and 4 LFO's per voice and 2 dedicated insert effects. Eden's virtual patchbay lets you hook up almost anything for modulation mayhem.

The 'TRG-16', a performance pad for triggering samples. Adjust pitch, pan, volume and envelopes and assign each sample to one of the 3 output busses, each with its own effect sends and filter setup.


Record samples with the built-in mic (iPod Touch requires external mic), resample NanoStudio's own output or upload your own samples using NanoSync for OS X/Windows. Edit your samples using NanoStudio's built-in wave editing tools (with multiple undo/redo) and process them offline with custom effects chains.


Record performances in real-time using the keys and trigger pads or create patterns and controller sweeps by drawing them in the piano roll editor. Arrange your patterns into a complete song using the track editor. You can edit while the song is playing and every operation has multiple undo/redo.


Nanostudio's mixer has 2 global effects sends, 4 insert effects per channel and you can record, edit and playback all your fader and pan changes. When you're ready to share your mix with others you can upload it direct to SoundCloud or use NanoSync to copy the exported .wav file to your Mac/PC.


NanoStudio's reverb, compressor, parametric EQ, waveshaper, delay, chorus, and bitcrusher effects are all highly optimized so you can run lots of them.

FEATURE SHORTLIST (loads more at www.blipinteractive.co.uk/specifications.php)

* 6 simultaneous instruments, up to 16 with in-app purchase
* MIDI input with the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, Akai SynthStation 25 and Core MIDI
* Audio copy/paste for sharing audio with other compatible apps (Sonoma and Intua standards supported)
* Upload your mix directly to SoundCloud
* Eden synth (also plays samples) - single or dual keyboards, XY controllers, pitch bend and accelerometer control
* TRG-16 sample trigger pads
* Sequencer with up to 64 tracks and a piano roll editor for note, velocity and controller events, all with undo/redo
* Mixer with 4 inserts per channel, 2 global send busses and volume/pan automation on every channel
* Sampling and resampling, sample editor and effects processor with undo/redo
* Transfer samples, final mixes and individual track mixdowns to your Mac/PC using NanoSync
* Send projects, samples and MIDI files as email attachments
* Built in help

Support for Akai Pro's SynthStation25 keyboard controller is included. SynthStation25 delivers instant hardware control for improved performance capability and expression. For more information on SynthStation25, visit http://www.synthstationapp.com.
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Customer Reviews
Please update for iPhone 8 Plus


Loved this app. Please Update!

This was one of my all time favorite apps that I have ever used. I love electronic music and having this app with all the synths sounds and modulations made making music easy. Please update the app. I know there’s still people out there that want an update. I would love to have this app on my phone again

No upgrade path for old users?

I paid a pile for this app. It looked great, but I never had the time to play with it before my iPad1 was sunset by Apple. I finally got a new iPad and find this won’t run on it and I have to pay another $25 for the app and God’s know how much more to get all the inapp crap. ☹️

Update for iPhone IOS 11 or newer?

This was indeed one of my fave apps to produce tracks on but since upgrading to a newer iPhone, I can’t get it on my XR... then I see Nanostudio 2 is available bit only for iPad - but I don’t have an iPad... please update this so I can use it again!!!

I paid money for this junk

If you could keep in the minds of ppl using this and expect there expects then why try ain’t even compatible through different os. I think a refund should be ready for all that put it down and funded a no response app + minus one star mAybe your stealing our music coming back bet


Update: So... hey any chance of getting my favorite app going again??? PLEASE??? Miss you. The best! Great job guys, this is an amazingly powerful music creation platform. Easy to use, slick but minimal Ui, perfect balance. Love to see something like this that takes advantage of that extra iPhone4 power and still works great on my daughters second gen iPod. Blows "music studio" out of the water for sound quality-- plus, why pay for additional instruments when you can create your own superior ones here.. Sampler+synth+ fx.. Thanks for your commitment to make this such a remarkable, device-transforming app! The first $15 any beat producer / keyboardist / synth tweaker should spend in the app store.

App Don’t work with IPHONE anymore

I paid a pretty penny for this app and have not been able to use it on my IPHONE for quite some time now. It says that the DEVELOPER needs to update the app. No response from Blip/Nano, so a BAD REVIEW WAS NECESSARY. My other option is to buy a IPad.. this is some BS‼️

IOS 11 not supported

Update. Love this app, will return with better review once updated. Need this back.

Update this!!!!!!!

I use it for all my studio recordings.. It's always my output in audiobus and I've got a bad habit of driving and writing with this thing. The audio from it screams clarity and I can't put it down. You can sample anything you wish and there are really no limits. New features would be nice but not a necessity at all ?! It's the best $$$ I've spent on an app ever.. Check it out for free via PC download first...Top notch!! Cheers!!

Please update

Why is this app not updated? I need this to continue with my music production!! #PleaseHelp

Needs ios 11 update

Please don’t leave us hanging. Update this app!

Please update!!

Great app, enjoyed this more then fl-studios , please update need it for my iPhone 8plus, stucks when people get lazy, -$ waste of my money

Broken app

Been waiting for part 2 since this one never got updated. Fun app but I now it's time to throw everything away and move on, don't fall in love with this app it'll just break your heart.

Come Back Please

One of my favs for pulling a groove out from nowhere. I have this app on my 3rd gen iPad, would love to load it to my newer device using iOS 12. Even if it cost; I’d purchase this workstion.

Jules,, NOT Giving Up!! We’re ALL STILL WAITING IOS11+

All 5STAR REVIEWS HAVE REPEATEDLY SAID ALL THAT CAN BE SAID!,, Like OTHERS..... Since DAY ONE!!! We ALL REFUSE TO BELIEVE YOU WOULD GIVE UP ON “Your BABY”!! “ YOUR MASTERPIECE”!!!! US!,, YOUR FAMILY!!! We REFUSE TO....... AND WILL NOT!,, DELETE THIS APP, FROM OUR IPAD’s IPHONE’s, ICloud or backup devices!! WHY??? Because.... WE TRUST YOU!!! As always!! As always... we are ALL PATIENT and CURIOUS what you’ve been dreaming up for your latest & GREATEST, UPDATE of ALL TIME!!! You have very rare talents and I/WE ALL SINCERELY APPRECIATE YOU SHARING THEM WITH US!, Thank You!,, Jules & Your Family**********************************+++++

Is there ever gonna be an update for iOS 11

Can’t use it


It’s been 4 years and now is no longer usable with iOS 11. What a shame because it WAS good. Well off to Beathawk.

Where’s the iOS 11 update ????

Been using nano since 2012 and now it’s no more. Upsetting.


Please make an update for iOS 11😩😩😩😩😩‼️

Bring back to life

I beg of you


Are you guys ever going to update this app? I really enjoyed using it.

No update!!

Developer has stopped updating so app is not useable! Robbery!

why don't you port it as it is to ios 11?

this will kill a great app for me in a few days... I have to upgrade, so if you don't you lost me... I was holding out for the upgrade promised but never delivered, waited too long, other apps are better now, beatmaker 3 pretty much killed this if no upgrade or port.. so sorry, I loved this app! I'll keep it on my mac so I can play stuff I made on it.

Update for IOS 11

I use this app everyday and have been highly supportive of Nano for about 5-6 years and just yesterday I decided to install ios 11 and can no longer have access to any of my music. I understand that NS 2 is currently in progress but, could there be an update for ios 11 in the meantime?

Please update

I miss NanoStudio. NanoStudio had a superb workflow and was very stable. Please update to work with iOS 11+


Needs to be updated!

Update this already! Wasted 24 bucks when it was that price for nothing.

This app was ok getting the hang of it I should have bought the other daws the dev don’t update or seem to care at all about this really crappy thing to do to people that spend premium price for an app that is gonna be worthless because it’s unusable way to screw over musicians and ppl that took the time to learn the dum. App don’t bother ever getting any apps from these guys screw them get auria pro that’s way better and the devs actually update!

Please update!!!

I love this app, but it no longer opens on the new IOS! Please fix this :( I need to produce with all my programs or I’ll lose my marbles 😵 but I’ve had the app for years and I have to say it’s easy to use and I’ve made some masterpieces off such a simple program. Only giving 4 stars because it’s needs an update to open on the new IOS 😑.

“Requires iOS 7 or later” but not compatible with latest OS

This was great until recently wherein it can no longer be launched with the latest OS update.

Needs an update plz!

This was an amazing portable in depth daw but now need an update asap

Ultra synth happiness

~Years later. Still fresh and the literal best possible use of a portable computer.~ I want to set it up on my work iPad but blip hasn’t fixed it for iOS 11 ? I’d pay for a sequel even! I believe in u guys!!

Update for ios11 please

Please please please update, I can't use nano with ios11? I can't even save my files and recordings. I have so many recordings of my kids that I really want.

No update

Not updated to work with ios 11. Do not buy until it is fixed!

I want this back ;-;

The app is off the App Store. I paid good money for it and I can’t even redownloaded it.

!i !i Please update this AMAZING STUDIO i! i!

Hello to all that wish they could get into a studio, now you can! I have so much power over my music creating processes and so much flexibility in what sounds are available to me because this software is great and it plays and records in .WAV format so you can find any .WAV sounds and upload them to NanoStudio. Did I mention how many adjustments and FXs? No because I can't list them all here and I don't need to. When you run NanoStudio for yourself you simply double tap the top-center display window and it takes you directly to the the help/manual and it's a super easy user guide that has screenshots of the descriptions so reading and understanding the amazingness of NanoStudio is smooth transition. Plus there are a bunch of options for copy and past both to and from other apps like TwistedWave also very powerful. Hello to all that wish they could get into a studio, now you can! !i! With NanoStudio !i!

Update for ios11

Please help us get this on iOS 11. We are unable to use it !


I paid quite a bit of money for this program to not work anymore. When is this app going to be updated?


Will not work on iOS 11 please update so we can continue using one of the best apps out there(that we paid for)!

Great app, useless on iOS11 developer is not committed to updates.

This was a great app until all the music made is locked for I am not able to run it under iOS 11. The developers are not committed to keep this App up to date. To the trash and never again. Such a shame.

What's the problem?

What's going on with this Nanostudio 2? You cut support for the 1st one. Nanostudio was supposed to be out Dec. 2017. Still NOTHING! What's the problem?

Great app....

Please update for iOS11...!!!

Software needs to be update to work with iOS 11

Please update this app so it can work with iOS 11...


Please update!!!!! Please!!! UPDATE!! ¡¡¡Por favorrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Please update for iOS 11! Please!!!

Please update Nano Studio to work with ios 11! I need this app. Im considering downgrading my OS just so I can use this app again. I love Nano Studio as an efficient amd simple music skatch pad! Please update!!! Plis it would be better than garageband if there were good audio recording features. The layout of this app is the most intuitively simple and smart app for sketching beat ideas. Garageband’s new update is pretty great though. It will be difficult to top it tho...

Update needed!

Won’t work with IOS11 please UPDATE!

No updates

No updates so nano studio has not maintained it pace with IOS versions. The app no longer opens on my ipad

Please update to iOS 11

Please make an update to iOS 11 so I can continue using this remarkable app. I need it.


Needs an update ASAP!!!!!

Please update to iOS 11

I love this app & make some amazing music using it.