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Legacy Musicnotes Viewer (Unsupported)

by Musicnotes

(29 user ratings)


Download size: 15.17MB
Version: 4.1.18
Released: 2010-05-11
For ages: 4+


The ultimate portable sheet music library, allowing you mobile, all-in-one place access to your Musicnotes.com library of sheet music.

- Built-in pen, highlight and types tool to mark up your sheet music.
- Easy, highly customizable set lists and folders management system.
- Link to your Musicnotes.com account to import all of your compatible sheet music files.
- High resolution, professional arrangements and engravings.
- Transpose the key of your Musicnotes sheet music.

*Download the Musicnotes Player app for the features above PLUS custom audio/visual playback, printing of your Musicnotes.com sheet music files and FREE PDF importing. The Musicnotes Player app is available for free in the App Store now.
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Customer Reviews

This app has been retired for about 2 or so years, and I still use it!! I only use the new viewer to print, but this is still the best app for general use!!! I'm sure the chances of reviving this app is none, but, as long as it's still available, I'm using it!!


I really love the Transposition.

Great app for sheet music!

So nice to have sheet music on my iPad!


Love it. So easy to use and it has all the features that you need.

The best app for musicians!!

Please don't change this app or get rid of it. This is by far the best app that I've used that is user friendly without the fuss! I've been a customer for a while and have been using this app every time I need to play the piano. I love the ease and the ability to transpose songs. Please don't fix or replace if it's not broken 😩

Support this one !!

Support this one !! Not the new one ! It takes way too long to bring up the sheet music on the new one. And where did all the features go ?? The new app is crap !! Freakin Idiots !!

Perfectly Good App being Retired????

Typically I don't write reviews but with this being my most used app it was necessary. I've spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars with musicnotes and a customer ever since their app (this app) was made available. This was one of the better if not the best sheet music apps available. It's a shame it is being retired for an app that does not compare to this one. Any professional musician knows that having your music at your fingertips and the simplicity and ease of use is key. Obviously music notes didnt ask the what their customers thought and didn't provide their customers an option. Dear MusicNotes, I would like to see continued support for this app. Can you hear me?


No not get this! There are only a couple of songs that you are able to use. Its stupid. When will there be an app where you can get FREE sheet music for EVERY SONG?! Everything costs money! WARNING: DO NOT GET THIS

Needs work

I can't search for new music within the app and it's cutting off the edges of my sheet music. Makes it difficult to use

Dave C

I love this program!!! There are so many songs all on my iPad ... When i go piano shopping i just bring my iPad with me and i'm set. I hope this app will work on the iPad Pro too. Then it will be the same size as regular sheet music. (Older folks like that). I've got music from Journey, Elton, Chicago, Crosby Stills Nash &Young, Heart, Boston, Pink Floyd (Great Gig in the Sky) Floyd Cramer, The Entertainer, Styx, the list goes on and on. I played my dream Piano for over 3 hrs. (7ft Boston Grand). I was in heaven with all my music....... You can even organize the music. How ever you like.... I love this app. Well worth the money.

Seems like this app worked a couple of times...

But I really don't remember. When I hit the shop button to look for sheet music, it shows me like 9 books or sheets (the top sellers?) but it doesn't let me search for music to purchase. Works great for looking at the 12 tunes it came programmed with. Like if you just wanna sing the national anthem then you're golden.

Update crashes; no more access to purchased music

I just updated my music notes viewer app on my iPad and now it won't open. I have no access to the music I bought. Tech support closed their chat line. I'll have to try again tomorrow. I'm so frustrated with technology. I was supposed to work on the music tonight, and I'm locked out. What a waste of my time.

Best Music App Ever

I've been using the Musicnotes app for several years. It's great!! It has so many options and accessory functions that will meet the needs of any musician. It protects your purchases the same way iTunes does...you'll never lose a single piece of music. There are also other apps made by Musicnotes that interface perfectly with the "main" Musicnotes app. I would and have recommended this app and the Musicnotes website to other musicians. I give this app an A+++!!!


Fast, convenient, & affordable. What more could you ask for?!

Says you can transpose...

It downloaded other keys for me on some songs, but gives you no option to transpose and their help section is zero help. Also, if you're on an iPhone, good luck trying to read anything. This app really only works for IPad.

I don't own an iPad

Unfortunately, the use of this app on an iPhone as opposed to an iPad is very limited. I could not transpose the key of my sheet music after purchase, as you actually have to repurchase another key. A clever way to get more money I suppose since that was not clarified on the website. Not only that, but the app will only register the first purchase (the incorrect key for my vocal range) and I need the second purchase. Hopefully I will be able to print the second page from my email, but now I have a wasted $5.50 on sheets I will never use. I followed the online instructions for canceling and order and lo and behold, there was no option for a cancel/refund as the instructions stated. We shall see if I can even print the second sheet.

Music Notes

Overall, I really enjoy using Music Notes for auditions, performances, etc. The only problem that I have with it is how you search for songs. It's too complicated and most times, it's very hard to find your song, or they don't have it! But I still do recommend it for auditions, etc. If they fixed that problem it would be a pretty perfect music app.

Yeah not quite

I've seen the songs displayed for free and the mechanics are brilliant. I just hate how a lot of known songs are to be bought and with others. Suppose you make so the user can by songs separately -The Honest Clover

Use great discretion

The app aborts frequently and badly. Requires reloading frequently. The smallest details are expensive.

At least design an app that works

Terrible app. I never write reviews but this one is absolutely terrible. It is meant to allow you to view your sheet music that you have purchased through them, but if the app doesn't allow you to login then it's useless. I have no problem logging in on a computer but the app just keeps bringing me back to the login pop-up. Worthless. They have NEVER responded to any customer service requests I have submitted. I've had this issue for months. Buy Music elsewhere.

Love it!

I am really enjoying having all of my charts on my iPad now. I have Guitar, Banjo, and Piano music, and am able to organize everything and keep it all at my fingertips! One feature request I have would be the ability to assign a chart to a folder when importing the PDF, rather than having to go find it in the master list later. Thanks!

Need to purchase an interface to use your own PDF's

This app would be PERFECT if I were able to download my own PDF’s for free. The app is set up well, you are able to create your own folders, but you cannot ad your own music for free. I suppose that’s how business works.

I use it all the time

If you buy from music notes you need this app. I love having my sheet music with me everywhere!

Good on stage

This works for keeping the set going. It works smoothly with (or without) AirTurn. The authors are good at reacting when a new iOS version introduces a bug, and the library is easy to maintain.

Hands down the worst experience I've had with an app

Confusing, exits unexpectedly, can't perform most basic tasks even after reading help.

Nearly what I've dreamed of for years!

I 'second' Almost Perfect's comment about codas and skipping multiple pages. I've tried to insert duplicate pages so that there is only forward movement but then, if you skip a verse or deviate in any other way, you're in trouble. Turning pages back and forth quickly is a skill that takes some practice. In the heat of the moment, I've made plenty of clumsy swipes or taps and have ended up in the middle of a completely different song. Aaagghhhhhh! This app has been glitch-free for me except after one update. The update rendered the app useless (right before a gig, of course) and there was nothing I could do and nothing customer service could do until Apple posted the fix (days later). I'm not ready to rely solely on this for gigs (too much page-turning for a pianist/keyboardist that still prefers to have 2 to 4 pages in front of her, when possible).

I love this app!

What a great idea. I saw a performer reading music on his iPad and when I saw Musicnotes offer this app I was happy to try it. Among other things, it is helpful simply because the music is bright and easy to read when the lighting is dim. Page turning is easier than flipping actual sheets of paper.

Rediculously Overpriced

The add-ons are insanely overpriced...there are barely any free features and you have to pay over $10.00 to add your own PDFs? No thank you. I'll download a more fluid app for free

Almost Perfect

This is a great app for sheet music!! The only thing I would change would be to make the page number buttons at the bottom much larger (to easily get to codas, etc.) OR for it to somehow know which page is next when codas are present. You often have to switch back 2-3 pages and swiping quickly that many times in a row does not work well. Love the ability to import my own PDF files though. And I've bought a ton of music from Music Notes and was happy to find the app "fully loaded" upon starting!

This app is a rip off!

Do not buy this! Unfortunately I ordered a song and my app keeps throwing me out when I try to access it. I contacted technical support and they basically gave me a few suggestions which did nothing to correct the problem. They said some other tech people would contact me, they haven't. They should change the name of this app to: "wish I had music notes"


This will not let me log in. I'm not really understanding the point of this app.

Can't Open On iPad 2Air

The app won't open at all on my iPad 2 Air! Please fix!!

Crashing problem solved

At first, the app crashed whenever I tried opening a piece of sheet music. I eventually figured out that I could fix this by turning off the "Air Turn Pedal" feature in Settings. Now that it's actually working, it's a good app!

Doesn't Work on iOS 8

Apparently they don't care that the app crashes on startup on iOS 8.

3.6.1 a bust

Worked great until this update last week. The fix came out now I can open app but crashes when I open any sheet music. Very disappointing and unreliable,


I loved this app from the minute I downloaded it. I'm a music teacher, so I buy and use sheet music a lot. All the music I'd bought online over the last couple years through my account immediately synced, and I no longer had to carry around binders full of sheet music to all my students.. yay! However, 2 updates ago the app stopped working, wouldn't open at all, crashed every single time I clicked on it. I tried everything, including deleting and re-downloading the app.. no change. Then the last update made it openable again, so I was stoked! I brought everything back that I'd backed up on the cloud, my whole list was there again. Yay? Nope. Now I can open the app and see my list, but none of the songs will open.. the entire app crashes every time I click on any sheet music. Guess it's back to binders for me.. :( But at least I can always open those!

Awesome app!

This is an amazing piece of technology - and when used with Musicnotes player - you can listen to the songs you have synced - and for a piano player - this is extremely helpful to watch, listen - and it shows the keys in red as they are being played.

Highly Recommend this App

Fortunately this update has worked well for me on the iPad air and the iPhone 6+. I am really enjoying that play function that lets me hear and play along to the music in the music player app. It helps a lot with rhythm and speed. It would be cool if this integrated the music player app into it so that the custom notes that we add to the music could be seen when we are playing along to the playback. It would be helpful if you could start the playback at different parts of the song that are difficult to learn instead of only from the beginning. It would also be nice if the speed of playback could be adjusted like it can in other apps. Other than that a very helpful app. ****Old review: I have really enjoyed this app. It is great to have my sheet music with me. I like how you can also mark up the music and make notes on it. It would really be helpful if they enabled it to play the sheet music audio on the iPad the way their website does on a desktop computer. It helps me to learn the song faster and better when I can hear how it is suppose to sound. My desktop computer is not in the same room as my piano so it is hard for me get help with the song that way. If the iPad app could play and pause the songs like the desktop computer it would help tremendously. Overall, I really like this app.


DO NOT MAKE A MUSIC NOTES ACCOUNT The day after I bought a song, I started getting over 20 spam emails in just one morning, and I hadn't entered my email address anywhere else recently. Plus, the extra features such as digital copy and transposition are NOT worth the extra money. Go somewhere else for sheet music.

Terrible update!!!

I just purchased new sheet music and with the updated app, I cannot access ANY of my music scores!!!!! Rating? NO STARS, JUST THE OPPOSITE!


This app will not let me sign in!! The sign in just keeps popping up, doesn't do anything but load and then pops up again. I tried uninstalling it then reinstalling it and I still get the same thing. It's really disappointing

Be careful!

I bought this and I didn't know that you may not be able to print the music. The music shows up on my iPad but no way to print the music sheets. Also beware that you will not get any help from a live person. If you have a problem such I had (twice), no one will help you. Otherwise it's ok. I'm looking for another app / company then I'll switch and I'll quit using this.

Don't use it!

Lost all my music when I upgraded with an older iPad, even though I'm using the supported iOS. Wish there was a way to roll back.

Love it, but still buggy as all hell.

I use Musicnotes on a daily basis. I no longer know how I would be able to handle the large amount of music I have to play without it. That said, now there is a new buggy issue. If I have the app open for a while, but do not access it, when I go to type a title in the search bar, the keyboard pops up and instantly disappears. This is NOT the earlier issue we were all having after the IOS update. The only way to resolve this is to shut the app and open it again. More time wasted to make it run. I am using an iPad 2 with the latest IOS. If, after I buy the latest iPad Air 2, this problem persists, I’ll know it is not the app, and has nothing to do with having a “dated” unit. This is my 10th review. I will say again: Brilliant when it works, but when it doesn’t, it’s heartbreaking. So much time and effort and money invested in this, and yet, I am at the whim of the app deciding on whether it wants to work or not on any particular day.

Don't fall for this

Lost hundreds of songs. I've spent a fortune and can't access my music until I buy a new iPad. They could have kept the old app and added a newer version for those who can use it but at some point you too will lose all your music if this is how they operate. This is an extreme hardship for a professional musician who depends on music availability. Apparently I was just renting the sheet music. Who knew?


Your app keeps crashing MUSIC NOTES and I bought several selections from you. Fix this or your company name will suffer a bad reputation amongst me and my musician peers. :(

Not recommended

Ever since the new update, I cannot open the app. I now how tons of music that I am unable to access. I have contacted musicnotes a couple weeks ago. They have yet to resolve this situation.


There is a glitch at the that does not let you get into the app at the beginning so I can not get on so I am not a big fan.

Cant even open.

It crashes.