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Live Nation – For Concert Fans

by Live Nation Entertainment

(95,302 user ratings)


Download size: 107.25MB
Version: 5.5.6
Released: 2010-11-30
For ages: 4+


Elevate your live music experience with The Live Nation App. From the moment you buy your tickets to the day of show, get all the info you need, all in one place.

Check out the features:
• Never miss a show — Buy tickets anytime, anywhere
• Stay in the know — Get all the latest concert and venue information
• Skip the line — Password-free, in-app presales
• Don’t miss a beat — Order food and beverage at your seat*
• Go paperless — With mobile entry, your phone is your ticket*
• Access your Live Nation Premium Seats*
• Offline mode — Access and view your tickets when network connection is slow or limited
• Share tickets with friends— Buy, sell and transfer Ticketmaster verified tickets
*at participating venues
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Customer Reviews
Trying to get nelly tickets

It took me over 42 minutes to buy my Nelly tickets when I was on the app at 9:50 Am. It kept saying my device wasn’t supported

Crash and burn

Fix this people. It was a good app.

No Map of seats

Would not use this app to buy tickets because there is no optional seat map to pick seats from what’s available. The app used to have the seat map but no more.

Trouble with app for hours

I appreciate being able to buy the tickets, but I had an error so many times over several hours trying to buy tickets. The fees also seem high.

Buggy App

App opens in search mode instead of navigation mode. Hard to find my paid tickets - please fix it!


So easy and simple!

App not working...will not open!

Initially when I downloaded this app it worked. But it has not worked in a few weeks. Started to have problems after it went through an “Update”


Absolutely the worst app I have ever used. Won’t show ticket locations, won’t allow me to scroll to other tickets, randomly boots me out, picks tickets for me that I don’t want then makes me start from the beginning when I try to change them. This should not be that hard - god knows Live Nation (which is really Ticketmaster) have a monopoly on ticket sales they have the $ to do it right. Maybe that’s the issue - they don’t need to be good.

Live Nation App

Extremely Easy to Use! Love It!

Search Function issue

I have tried to delete and re-download this app, but I still get a “Oops there was a problem, please try again” message every time I search for a band. If I try to find a venue, it just sits on a loading screen. This app is currently useless to me to find tickets.

Lost a chance for tickets

Had selected tickets and just needed to log in. App wouldn’t let me put in email. Frozen. Lost tickets. This is after it suggested to open the app while I was in the browser. Should have just used browser. Deleting


This app is the worst

Terrible app amNd response time

And you can’t get anyone on the phone to help you

Live Nation App

Signed up for Live Nation online. Purchased ticket, then downloaded the Live Nation app to view ticket. No problem. I will use this app to purchase tickets in future.

Problems with seat selection

I wanted to change a seat that was selected but could not go back. Had to sign in and start all over again


Love live nation.

Too many fees

You’ve got to be kidding me, four tickets that should have cost $45.50 each for lawn seats ended up costing $62.50 each !?!? Definitely caused me to rethink going to any future concerts. Greed is going to further kill the music industry.


I like how the seat marker in the stadium moves as I look at available seats. If you try to go back you will have to start all over.


Easy transaction

Buying tickets

App gets stuck doesn’t seem easy!

Seating chart

There is no access to a seating chart while buying tickets


Yeahboi app works great

Persistence Needed

The App kept going down- it took me 6 times to get tickets. But finally, success


I had to sign in twice after waiting days, it appeared there was a Stste error. Yes I signed I. 10mins prior waited the entire countdown ☹️

Fees 1/3 of tix?!!


Initial setup is a pain

Using the app itself is easy enough. But when you sign up for for an account it would random make the 2nd letter capitalized


Every time I open the app, I have to pick a city. And after I finally get to where I want to purchase tickets, it makes me log in again, even though I already did so. Sometimes it doesn’t even acknowledge the login info. I’ve changed my PW multiple times because it wouldn’t recognize what I’m entering, even though I KNOW it’s the correct freakin’ info. Frustrating.

Garbage app

Horrible clunky app! Glitches with no ability to move around.

Easy to use

Very easy to use, user friendly to say the least!


First it wasn’t loading then it kept telling me the name I put down for my card was wrong..

Dave Matthews Band

Super easy to buy! Love choosing seats!

App is better than PC experience

Took like 2 hours for the site to work. Needs improvement.

Fees more expensive than the actual show tickets

I wish I could buy the tickets ina. Store

Buy one get one

It did not work, even I put the code, it show code was accepted but no offers at all

The Fees Are Ridiculous

It’s stupid that the only way to avoid the outrageous fees is to wait for tickets to go on sale on Groupon. I just purchased $45 tickets and there’s a $16 fee for some crap that live nation charges and an additional $5 processing fee AND tax. It’s robbery and they know it because you can’t purchase tickets hardly anywhere else.

Buggy app

I know my login and have had issue with tickets timing out bc app is slow or does not accept my login

Not happy at all

So annoyed! I tried multiple times to buy my ticket for Dave Matthews during the presale dates and I kept getting knocked out of the process. I tried calling Live Nation directly and couldn’t get through to anyone. Finally was able to purchase my ticket today and had to pay more since I missed the presale dates.

Bought tickets


Rip off

Charging a $16 processing fee per ticket is robbery. But how else can you see the shows you want? LN is taking extreme advantage of their position.


Why in the world would you offer VIP club access and parking as ticket purchase add ons if it won’t process the request?!

Increase the time limit to make decisions

Thank you

Poor mobile functionality

Can’t go back without starting over again. Would not accept that I wrote my first and last name in payment area.

What more would you expect?

When the entire business model is squeezing as much profit out of people as possible, would you expect the app to be feature rich with deeply considered user experience? No, that would cost too much. Brief issue list: App asked for sync with Spotify and gave me a list of artists to select for a personalized experience, but then it didn’t show me any relevant local shows. Even searching produced broad untailored results. App doesn’t contain an updated list of local venues nor does it automatically suggest or recommend popular local spots. I had to search (slowly) to manually add my favorite venues. Live Nation owns several of them, so this should be automatic. The back button is inconsistent and heavy handed. Clicked on a show, went back, had to search again. Clicked on another show, went back, long list of shows had scrolled back to the top. These are largely petty concerns regarding app usage, but it’s some very basic UI/UX and marketing concepts that were overlooked. Given that I just spent ~$50 in fees to buy ~$60 tickets, I’d expect better.

Descent app-room for improvement

Little clunky at times. Should have a back button and not have to restart all over. This can cause delays. Otherwise it did the job.


Was fast easy and secure!

only way it worked

got all sorts of weird instructions using a desktop computer...went to this app and it was easier and quick!

App is garbage

Searching for “rage” or “rage against the machine” doesn’t return any results for the band or their tour. It shows up online on the website though.

Presale code didn’t work!!!

I tried to enter my presale code that Live Nation emailed to me yesterday but it didn’t unlock the tickets!!! Tried it at least 10 times on two different devices, still no luck! Today I tried again and although it showed seats in rows cde when I tried to buy them I got an error message. Was only able to buy seats further back. What gives???????

Presale Code issue

Had to type in presale code 20 times for it to take