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HT Professional Recorder

by Andrew Berlin

(49 user ratings)


Download size: 22.71MB
Version: 8.5
Released: 2008-10-14
For ages: 4+


NEW: Upload and Download from DROPBOX.
Record and edit business meetings, lectures, and conferences right on the phone. Awesome for students and business people. Captures sound at a distance. Take notes while recording in the background.

HT Professional Recorder makes it possible to record conversations throughout a large room, even in situations where the people talking are located several feet away from the phone. Reinforces soft voices - even whispers - Ideal for college lectures, board meetings, and conferences, as well as dictation. Automatically skips silence during recording.

E-mail recordings as attachments. Long recordings are automatically split into multiple e-mail messages.

Bookmarking feature makes it easy to remember and replay important moments. Overwrite capability makes it easy to correct dictation.

This is the recorder to get if you care how things sound when recorded at a distance. Signal processing algorithms capture conversations throughout a room, recording both near and distant voices clearly.

Transfer recordings up to 30 minutes in length via E-mail, and recordings up to 15 hours in length via WiFi using your computer's web browser or via an FTP server.

Note: Use on iPod Touch 2nd Generation requires external earbud microphone accessory. iPhone will not record during cellular phone calls. HT Recorder is an voice recorder - it does not perform automatic transcription of dictation to text.

- Exceptional sound quality for conversations >4 feet from the phone
- E-mail recordings up to 30 minutes in length as .WAV attachments.
- Overwrite capability permits correction of dictation.
- Append to any recording to keep 'TODO' lists in one place
- WiFi file transfer to any computer via simple web browser interface, or via FTP.
- 3 levels of microphone gain sensitivity
- Repeat mode
- Audio bookmarking lets you skip to important segments in an instant.
- Speed-up, slow-down, and jump to next/previous bookmark for quick review of notes.
- Auto Record option starts recording when program launches.
- One-touch positioning to any point in the file
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Customer Reviews
Use it all the time

I use this to record my speech-language evaluations all the time! It’s great. I love being able to set bookmarks within a recording & to clip sections. Lots of functionality! I do hope it continues to be updated to work with newer iOS releases

Top Shelf

I used this app to survive college at 50 with a TBI attended UNC w/ a 3.926. So proof positive that HT Recorder can help you too!

Desperately needs update!

Have you abandoned this app? I see no update. I have a large number of recordings to import to my Mac, but cannot find any way to do it with the new Music App, now that iTunes is gone.

No ice, just white box

The application is good and functions like the developers say it does. The recording is clear. However, the icon on the iPad is a white box with grey lines drawn in instead of the black icon for the application. Developer doesn’t respond to e-mails.

Great App!!

Highly recommend. So many great functions.

HT Professional Recorder

I just bought this and the background ambient noise is too loud. What am I doing wrong. Setting are not as easy as you would think. The regular voice recording on the iPhone seems to have a better sound? I’m open to suggestions.

Decent voice pickup in noisy environments.

Used it five years and counting. Great for lectures, capturing important conversations at work and school.

Does not playback through headphones

Nice write up on the features. I don’t mind paying for quality. Major fail on this 10 dollar app to not be able to playback recordings through headphones. Listening to playbacks through the external speaker is feasible in most situations.

Great App. I have used it many ways

I use this to record meetings, kids’ music recitals, my son’s laughter, and even my buddy’s snoring on a camping trip. So many uses and it works like a champ every time!

Best recorder in the App Store!! 6 Stars!

I purchased HT Professional Recorder in Oct 2008. Since July 2008, I have purchased or downloaded the following voice recorders below. Many of them were free but others were fee-based. I downloaded some free, then purchased the in-app upgrades. At the time of downloading, they were all rated at least 4.0 since I certainly was not interested in a mediocre recorder. In my opinion, HT Professional recorder is unquestionably superior to the others below. Specifically it is superior in voice quality and clarity and most strikingly, the ability to pick up distant audio and maintain a strong playback. The other recorders I have downloaded include: Dictaphone, Voice recorder pro, ALON Dictaphone, Voice Memos, Awesome voice recorder Pro AVR, My memos the voice recorder, Voice recorder HD voice memos, Voice notes, Recorder HQ for cloud, HD voice recorder, Recorder Plus II, Voice recorder recording app, REV voice recorder, Voice recorder and audio editor, Audio recorder HD and voice memo, TapeAcall lite, Callcorder Pro, Call recorder lite for iPhone, Smart recorder transcriber AF, Plutonium recorder, Dragon recorder, Voxie pro recorder, iTalk recorder, and Quick voice recorder. Over the years, I check back in the App Store specifically for new recorders by searching every month or so to see if there is anything better than HT. It still amazes me that HT was so far ahead in the technology back in 2008 that still no one has caught up with them. However, there is one thing on my wish list for Applied Voices LLC: please make your HT recorder for the Apple Watch (with complications) also! It would be a great addition. Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!


Fantastic quality and functions. Easy to use.

Incredible App

I’ve used numerous recorder apps on both iOS and Android and this app is by far the best!

The best!

I’ve relied on this app exclusively for business and personal use for the last 5 years and it is still far superior to the other recording apps available in features and ease of use. This includes the native iPhone recording app. Many thanks to the developers for the consistent updates and improvements over the years.

Top guality

Amazing recording guality even for musical instrument exercises!

[Update 10/10/17] Best recorder for me and I love it

This time the experience was smoother than ever. My files didn't have as much problem getting sent to my email (even though there had to be 4 parts to one large audio file). I finally got what I wanted. Thanks so much team! -10/10/17 ----- I love this recorder. None of the other recorders I want to try do as much as this one. Just going to leave a hint: this app will do everything you want it to but if u send something it won't show you that it's sending. Mostly likely it did but there's nothing to show the progress. That's ok but it's just a little reminder. Thank you for this app! I can make meditations for me and my friend. :)

Excellent Audio Recording App

I've used this app for 4 years for recording lectures for a graduate degree. The quality of recording is excellent. Very easy to use and easy to share recordings with classmates. Integration with Dropbox. Love the ability to listen at faster speeds. Can back up 5 secs when listening. I've tried other recording tools but this is the best!

Excellent app

Have been using this app for a number of years. Works well for recording meetings. Recording a seminar or class using the conference setting is very helpful.

Love this app

I've been using this app for years and I absolutely love it . I am amazed that it does not have more reviews . The sound is awesome and it does pick up voices that aren't picked up on other recording apps that I tried on my phone when I could not access my Apple ID to download this app on my new phone. Boy how I missed this app during that time ! Thanks HT Recorder... I'm so glad to have you back on my phone now!!!

Simple to use

This recorder works very well and does exactly what I need from it. I am able to export seamlessly and it records very clearly.

The best!

Simply the best app for voice recording! I highly recommend! Shame it's so unknown for many people:/

Great App.

This has been a great App. I have used it for quite a while now and it works great. I feel it does what as advertised,and with great quality. The only thing I wish it had is a widget for quick use without having to open app itself. The reason for four stars,fix that problem and it gets five.

Using this forever

I have been using this app from the beginning of time ... I actually can't remember... but it has been flawless and gets better over time. Simple, easy, efficient and great recordings. Thanks!

Using it since 2014. Thanks for long term support!

Using it since 2014. Thanks for long term support!

Incredible for meetings/lectures, etc.

This app has been incredible for getting quality recordings of lectures/meetings and other random recordings. Its ability to pick up and somewhat isolate the speaker's voice is so helpful. I was really getting worried when the developers hadn't updated this app in ages and I was getting a warning from Apple that the app was out-of-date. But the developers came back and did the major update that was needed and got it up to speed with 64-bit. I am so happy this app was not abandoned! Even though the app is not as intuitive as it could be, I'm giving it five starts because it performs like no other recording app I've tried. What I would suggest doing after first opening the app is to click on the Library > Menu > Owner's Manual. Read the manual once through and you'll be in good shape and very happy.

Thank you updating this app!

A long, long time user of this excellent, versatile app.

Fantastic recorder app

I use it to record my two young kids when they're having a strange conversation or more often making up a song. It can be set to begin recording as soon as the app opens so it's fast to start. It's nice to be able to tap it once and let the phone stay where it is, rather than picking the phone up to video the scene. It allows the spontaneity to continue without interruption. The record quality is great and easy to work with the resulting files. So glad it was updated to 64bit support! Thanks!

64 Bit? Won't work after June 2017

Update 4/22/2017 - App is now stated to support 64-Bit. After my upgrade I didn't lose recordings like other user stated but if I press + to speed up playback audio chops and loops & STOP and PAUSE buttons flash rapidly. I have to keep pressing STOP many times then it will start playing normal again. PREVIOUS to 64 bit upgrade review: Hope you will update your app. I paid for the full version and Apple says that only 64 bit will work with iOS 11. Your app is showing its still only 32 bit. If anyone is planning to buy your full version now they won't be able to use it after June 2017 unless you upgrade it to 64 bit.

Good update except bookmarks gone

UPDATE: I'm happy to see the latest update for 64-bit support. However, I lost the bookmarks in all my recordings, which was quite a setback for my workflow. I'm leery about updating immediately in the future. OLD REVIEW: I've used this app for years now and it's never let me down. I'm a news reporter and this app works excellent for recording meetings and one-on-one interviews in noisy environments. I recommend it to all my colleagues. It's probably the best money I've spent in the App Store.

App unusable after update

Upgraded yesterday and list ALL my recordings. Major disaster for me as a reporter and can't find any info on how to restore everything.

Please update to 64 bit!

I love this recording app that I've been using for 3+ years now. I mostly use it for recording choir practices so I can practice on my own. Super that you can compress individual recordings and entire folders, and upload to Dropbox or just email them. Never had a problem using it. But now I'm getting a message saying that this app will be incompatible with the next iOS release. Please, devs, show this app the love it deserves and keep it working on future iOS releases!

It's great but ...

Remarkably flexible and useful recording app. Easily bookmark important points in the recording. Web interface for downloads is simple and it works! But it's odd this has not been updated since 2014. It's optimized for iOS 8. Things have changed just a bit since then. So, guys, time to update your product for your own good and ours!


To the ones who are asking for updates, why updating a pretty good piece of software that is working properly? I have been using this app for over 2 years and I never had any problem with it. And also, from experience, updates most of the times don't work as smoothly as they should. Please, as the saying goes, if it's not broken don't fix it.

Save your money

It's abandonware. Hasn't been updated in nearly three years. It functions, but needs an update.

No updates for 2 years???!!

Since ios 8, this app hasn't been updated. This wasn't an issue since it worked flawlessly with ios 9. However with ios 10.1 a warning message appears when i open the app saying that this software might slow down the phone since it hasn't been updated!! So i think its time for an essential update applied voices

Time to rate

I like this recorder a lot but it has a flaw that makes it less than ideal. It will not play through external speakers. At first I thought my speaker was shot but I tried sounds from other apps and the speakers worked fine. This app will also not play though my car's speakers. I'm looking for another recorder app as I really need the recording to play through speakers.

UBER AWESOME Does What It Says

This app is extremely well designed and is a pleasure to use! It appears to be flawless, as I have never encountered a single bug or problem. I have been using it almost a year to record my dance classes and meetings. It is intuitive and therefore easy to learn and make use of immediately. An app this rich with features should have a User Manual--and it does. It matches the app in quality. For me, all of that adds up to Total Bliss!

Great App!

This is the best recording App so far . I use it every day and it just keeps getting better. BTW ..I have never been asked for verification so I have no idea why the previous reviewer mentioned a possible phishing situation...no truth to that .

Awesome tool!

Great quality and good options for audio!

Possible phishing attack tool?

I downloaded this, works great. 5stars ***** However, when an update becomes available (which is usually a good thing), this app and THIS APP ALONE demands that "verification required" beyond the usual appleID password request. Why this additional request for a password? It feels like a phishing attack to harvest appleID passwords... This company needs to explain why no other apps need this when updating apps via AppStore / iTunes Updated rating with new reasonable doubts: 1star *

Well done!

What a great app! I just used it to record an hour long meeting for work where I was supposed to keep track of people's questions for later...so simple to do with the bookmark feature! Love how it saves space by optionally skipping silences, great intuitive interface, just really well done. Can't comment either way on this alleged battery issue since I happened to have my phone plugged in the whole time anyway. Thanks for a great app!

$15 RIPOFF! Plus consumes excess battery

The battery issue has been previously stated. The authors state it is compatible with the iPad. Yet, after loading on my iPhone, a day later I go to my iPad and the store tells me an additional purchase is required!!! Hence, the $15 plus tax RIPOFF! Shame on this company. Beware purchase of ANY software from Applied Voices, LLC!!!

Uses up a great deal of battery life.

Something's wrong with it using up so much battery life. It happened after one of the updates.

very well done.

Very well done on this app. Very accessible. It's worth the money. I used it to record an outing I was at and it sounded very very good. the author is very good when it comes to feedback. I just plain love this app.

Good Audio Recording

but not so intuitive user interface

HT Recorder

WONDERFUL product! I am a musician and this is my recording app of choice. Is it possible to add a way to post to FB - or do I just not know how yet?

Quite nice but need some improvement

I love the skip silent function, it's so useful. However, since we can't edit while playing, it's difficult to decide exactly at what seconds we should set start-end points, a little annoying when we have to play and stop several times. Moreover, the bookmark points would be very convenient if we could give each of them some specific name rather than just stars.

Sound is horrible

The recording is good the sound is horrendous,you can barely hear the recording.

My go-to recording app!! Best audio recorder

Have been using this app for a few years now and it keeps getting better and better. I record lectures, interviews and also use it to practice my own talks. Love the new waveform visualization and also the compression option (saves lots of space while maintaining quality). Definitely worth the money!!

Great app

This is a great app to record lectures or interviews. Its almost scary how much sound the app picks up.