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Future Music

by Future plc

(71 user ratings)


Download size: 71.18MB
Version: 6.0.6
Released: 2011-10-12
For ages: 4+

Future Music delivers the technique and technology behind the hits. Packed with inspiration for today’s modern musician there’s reviews of hot new gear, tons of tutorials and exclusive artist videos where today's most exciting producers and musicians take apart their tracks.

Each issue includes access to videos, tutorial files and two fresh, royalty-free sample packs. PLUS: Every issue gets you access to the FM Sample Archive to download over 10GB of high-quality samples for use in your tracks! (Videos & downloads available from issue 250 onwards.)

Join thousands of others and download our free app now!


Once you’ve downloaded our app, you will need to take a free trial or purchase a single issue or subscription to access our in-depth content. We also publish specials and guides - browse our publications, read what interests you most, and get inspired.

Back issues, specials, and future issues are available for purchase within the app. Subscriptions are available on various monthly and annual terms, and auto-renew until you decide to cancel it. Check inside the app for current pricing.

*** Please Note: Our digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with the print edition ***

• The free trial offer is only available to new subscribers. If you have previously subscribed then payment will be taken immediately.
• You can cancel at any time during the free trial period and you will not be charged. Simply turn off auto-renew in your Apple account subscriptions page at least 24 hours before the auto-renew is due.
• Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
• Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
• You will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, for the same duration and at the current subscription rate for that product.
• You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase .
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. This does not affect your statutory rights.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription.
• We will be collecting information about your use of the app both when you are online and offline. To find out more please see our privacy policy.

The subscription will include the current issue if you don't already own it and subsequently published future issues for the duration of your subscription period.


By purchasing a subscription or downloading an app you agree that you have read and accept Future Publishing Ltd's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

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Customer Reviews
Future Music App

Needs a search feature and also needs to not erase the majority of your downloaded issues when upgrading

Great content, app a little less

The app is so so... Slow at startup, sometimes forgets what I was reading. But what's important here is the content. And the content is great

Love it. Wish you would...

I wish you would have some more stuff in your magazine about Maschine software and hardware.

Good magazine, buggy software

'complete your collection' purchase option doesn't work (linked from the back of each issue) - and it is not available on the main store page on iPad3 (although in others like Total Guitar, it is). It works on iPhone5. Some videos don't not work. I have reported it to them last year, but the same videos that had issues before, still do. Jody Wisternoff interview in Aug 2012 will not play and others

Still the Best Source for Cutting Edge Audio

I've been reading Future Music since 1999 when I worked for Barnes & Noble bookstores in the US. They have the best blend of informative essays, reviews, tutorials and insightful interviews in my opinion. They're not Mix or Sound On Sound, nor are they meant to be. Future Music & Computer Music are more about the artists & producers and how they work, in turn, that which works for fans too. I have 28 issues on my iPad alone without ever having any problems. Highly recommended!

I can't download

I get 2 issues in my iPad and I can't get it on my Iphone.

Brilliant magazine

This is the top notch magazine for electronic music producers - amazing in all levels.

It's a Ok app

It's a Ok app. Not a lot of articles about hip hop and R&B. Even less about Reggae.

Excellent magazine

One of the best or better ones around. They keep getting it right, writing about what is going on in the world of audio or better music production. Recommend it to anybody remotely and full on involved in producing.

Great, useful magazines

I subscribe to several of Future's magazines and every issue has so much inside that I sometimes need more days to read and apply everything. Get an issue and start learning. I'm sure you will enjoy.

Great content, crap app

The content of the magazine is great, but the app crashes a lot, is slow and not really interactive. I think it deserves better technology.


THANKS FOR MAKING THIS MAGAZINE it's the only magazine I buy now besides FUTURE MUSIC but 14 years I knew this was gonna happen,I tried getting all my friends to try out daws and my first love fruity loops, but no one listened to me, I have friends taking classes about stuff it took me years to understand, and figure out by making hundreds of horrible songs that I loved cuz they were like my babies a created lol , but really great magazines guys I've been buying every back issue I missed, u guys are the best, I don't even wont a career in music I just do it for fun, and thanks for all the goodies every month, I'm like a kid on Christmas, JUST DONT PUT IN A SOCK VST LOL


Had this for a year or more and am VERY satisfied. Great publication and great app. Far better than some of the others I've tried.

Great Magazine, Consistently Crashes in iOS 8

I have and iPad 3 running iOS 7, and an iPad Air 2 running iOS 8. All issues will launch and run fine on the 3. I can pay and download on the Air 2, but I can't launch a single issue. Please fix this in a future update (it's much more pleasurable reading other magazines on the Air 2).

Crashing on IOS8

Please fix this.


A must have magazine full of all the info you need to make better music

Outstanding App and Mag

Great app and mag for any musician/producer/dj of any type.


Awesome magazine with all sorts of good info, reviews, tutorials on a wide variety of computer based music production.

Great App!

I like the fact that you can read this in landscape mode. The navigation through each issue is stellar. Of course the content is great for anyone who is producing music in this day and age - hobbyist and Pro alike. I look forward to every new issue. Check this publication out!

Great Mag

Love it

Very Satisfied!

I got this app in hopes to find an app that keeps me up-to-date with all the latest in music production. Everything I need is right here. Awesome layout. Love the interactivity as well. Definitely earned 5 stars!!


Great magazine. I prefer the printed version by far but still love the digital version.

Can't get enough!

Still waiting for an issue that focuses on EBM and their major producers and bands but worth every penny.

Great magazine!!!

Fantastic magazine with great video tutorials!

The best


Excellent Magazine! Excellent App!!!!

I've learned more from Future Music and it's other two sister magazines than I'm sure I could in the same amount of time in college. Full time!!!! For a couple of dollars a month! Love it!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!

OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO SUB Very very good magazine

Dude, this is an incredible magazine and a phenomenal app. It never crashes and is a lot better designed than a lot of mag apps. Please don't listen to the doofuses who get mad you have to pay for it. This magazine is worth every penny.

Still. Doesn't. Work.

Update has changed nothing. Still getting the "No products found" message. I give up.

Why are you complaining?

This is a fine app. It works In every way I've seen, so I have no idea why everyone is complaining. It's an amazing magazine, too. VERY interactive. There's a video for everything!

Doesn't Work

Do not buy this app doesn't lift bro. Can't even get past the download screen. How am I supposed to drop the bass if I can't make it.

Won't download my purchase

I purchased the latest issue. It got hung up downloading and just says waiting. When I close the app and re-open the purchase button is back. When it try to purchase it tells me I already own it and gets hung up on waiting again. So far it is unreadable which makes this app currently useless.

Bad App, worse customer feedback

i made the mistake of buying a yearly subscription, but now, after going thru IOS updates (which deleted all my purchases), i have been unable to get my back issues or any new ones. After multiple emails, all i got was automated responses, with instructions on how to restore,......well multiple attempts do NOT work, and worse yet I cannot get any feedback to get this subscription to work. Do not buy the year subscription


The full mag, plus all the videos built right in to the articles at less than half the price of buying it at the news stand. All the samples are downloadable too. Those complaining that its not free either have never read this magazine before or simply live in a fantasy land.

Where is the content?

They could've used any number of methods to make the contents of the discs available... And I expected them to. They did no... Not web login, iTunes U content, internal sharing with iTunes... VERY lame and a deal breaker. Fix it and receive a better rating. Just sayin'.

Excellent Magazine

Most of the one star reviews are because the app only acts as a storefront to purchase the magazine, thus the magazine itself isn't free. You have got to be kidding me. It says very clearly in the description how much each issue costs, and frankly, this package is worth every penny. It certainly beats paying the $16 newsstand price in the US! Thanks FM!!!

Nothing's Free

Magazines are never free. This magazine has a wealth of information, reviews, rating and videos. If you buy it at the store it more expensive. The amount of info inside this mag far out weights the $5.99 price. DO NOT be detoured by the habitual whining of the large population of Apple owners. I once read a 2star review on a hard drive, the reviewer loved it but gave it 2stars because it didn't come with a white USB cable to match his pretty little setup. You can read more on the Apple Store web site. I'm sorry I digressed but this Apple-whining is outta control.

Not bad but....

The Content of FM Magazine is very good but, just the PDF is for 5,99$ is quite expensive. You could take CHIP as a model, which has got a lot of animations and a much clearer menu than this is. On top of this their menu looks much more modern

Rip off

This company charged my account for an "Automatic Renewal" without any such notification or agreement. I got a refund from Apple, but now when I try to read magazines I did pay for, Future Music mysteriously crashes and will not let me in. I've had lots of incidents with this company. Don't subscribe they are just a rip off!


You'd expect to be able to tap on an story title in the table of contents and be zoomed to the article of your desire. Nope. As well, all url's within stories are not hyperlinked. And, there is no sound coming from the embedded videos. I want this iPad version of the magazine to work and be the interactive experience it should be at nearly $5 a pop. Hurry up!

Takes too long to load

I love FM magazine so I bought a single issue (march 2012). Each page takes about 6 seconds to load. It makes reading a chore as every time you turn the page you need to wait a bit before reading. Sound On Sound does it much better & their mag is actually interactive. FM is simply scans of the print version. I'd rather pay a lot more for a physical copy in a store then try reading this on the iPad.

Pretty good for the price

Considering the actual subscription is 4x as much, this is a great deal!

App Runs Slow

Had a hard time even purchasing an issue on iPhone 4s and restoring older purchases. I have yet to see a video thru the app. Great potential but def not there yet.

Not great!

Scanning the magazine does not cut it!! surely you have the capability to provide a more interactive product.

Great magazine, but peak at table of contents needed

Ignore the large number of 1-star reviews here. Folks don't understand how Newsstand works (and pricing is up to the publisher, not Apple) and think they're going to get free magazine issues. Gimme a break. This magazine is hard to find where I live, so having the digital version is very convenient (I miss not getting the extra goodies that often come with the printed version). It's a UK-based magazine, so you'll see some differences in how content is written. Overall, very valuable magazine for electronic musicians and those who record at home. One suggestion: it would be nice if there was a way for us to view the table of contents of each issue before buying. I don't expect full pages for free…just the topics covered. Some issues may not be useful to me, so I like to buy a la carte, not subscription. But Newsstand doesn't seem to allow publishers to show off an issue's contents page. Need a fix there. Otherwise, 4 solid stars for a great magazine worth paying for.

Didn't get the magazine

The magazine is a PDF of the print version, which is ok for me. But it's not readable on the iPhone. I tried to get it over to the iPad bit failed. Some back and forth with support didn't help. $7 down the drain.

Useless Format

Content is fine. Price is fine if it was in a usable format. But This is just a scan of the magazine. It doesn't even contain any internal hyperlinks...not even from the table of contents. Trying to navigate and read the thing is horrible. No clue what these people were thinking.


Amazing mag. Idk why people are complaning. You obvi have to pay for a mag subscrption

are you all Mad?

what you other Reviewer write about "it's not free?"... have you guys downloaded another magazine app? they are all free to install and later you subscribe. before giving 1* ratings I would try to check if it makes sense what you write... and now to the mag: it's a little bit cheaper then the hardcopy mag which is def acceptable... sad that the covermount cd isn't available for download, but I guess that's just not possible yet (flash, mb, apple...)... other than that you get exactly what you want... the mag... and this mag rocks! :)


Total setup - I should've read the other reviews before downloading this....