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DigiTech Stomp Shop

by Harman Professional, Inc.

(57 user ratings)


Download size: 34.16MB
Version: 1.0.9
Released: 2012-01-19
For ages: 4+


DigiTech® Stomp Shop™ is your connection to all the e-pedals available for the iStomp™ stompbox. Using your iPod touch®, iPhone®, or iPad® you can turn the iStomp in to a completely different pedal with a completely new sound. In about the same time it takes to download a song you can change your iStomp from a distortion to a chorus, a flanger to an overdrive, a delay to a reverb, and more. There are more than 40 different e-pedals available in the Stomp Shop.

** Stomp Shop **
Stomp Shop allows guitar and bass players to load different e-pedals into the iStomp and try them with their own rig. You can load a new e-pedal whenever you want. Try it for up to 5 minutes before you download it to your library. The Stomp Shop app allows players to demo new sounds and new gear without having to make a trip to the store or borrow one from a friend. From the app you can listen to audio demos and learn more about the history of each e-pedal including which artists made the effects popular.

** My Pedals **
The iStomp includes 10 e-pedals. Stomp Shop remembers all the e-pedals you download. You can reload e-pedals you’ve downloaded to your library at any time. The Stomp Shop protects you from misplaced or forgotten pedals as well as from those friends who seem to permanently borrow your gear.

** Custom LED Color **
From the app you can pick a custom color for the 9-dot LED light to associate with any e-pedal loaded to the iStomp. It is a great way to differentiate your iStomp pedals when they’re on stage or in low light.

** Current Stomp Shop Pedal Selection **
-240 Plate Reverb
-3Q Tone EQ
-Angelic Choir
-CE Chorus
-DigiTech Amp Driver
-DigiTech Blue Pearl Chorus (included)
-DigiTech Compressor (included)
-DigiTech Continuum Reverb (included)
-DigiTech Death Metal (included)
-DigiTech Double Cross (included)
-DigiTech Jet Flanger (included)
-DigiTech Phaser Beam
-DigiTech Redline Overdrive (included)
-DigiTech Rock It Distortion
-DigiTech Total Recall Delay (1 Sec) (included)
-DigiTech Vintage Tape Delay
-Dirty Robot
-DM Delay
-DOD® FX13 Gonkulator Modulator
-DOD® FX25B Envelope Filter (included)
-DOD® Overdrive 250
-DOD® Grunge
-Flanger Affair
-Freeze Wah
-Glimmer Drive
-Lexicon Large Hall Reverb
-Magic Fingers Vibrato
-Octaver (included)
-Opto Tremolo
-Red Compressor
-Red Coral Dual Detune
-Rodent Distortion
-Screamer Overdrive
-Snake Charmer
-Sound Off
-Spring Tank
-Stone Phase
-Strato Boost
-Swing Shift
-Tone Boost
-Vanishing Point

** iStomp Stompbox **
iStomp is a single effect stompbox for guitar and bass players. It looks and works like all other stompboxes. Kick the footswitch to turn the effect on and off. Turn the knobs to dial in the perfect sound. What makes the iStomp so incredible is the ability to turn it into any e-pedal from the DigiTech Stomp Shop. You do not have to have your iPod, iPhone, or iPad connected to the iStomp to use it. You only need to connect your device to the iStomp when you want to load a new e-pedal to it. All the effect processing is done inside the iStomp using DigiTech’s proprietary AudioDNA2 processor to ensure zero latency as well as provide studio-quality effect processing and sound quality. It uses the same signal processors found in many of the world’s best selling studio equipment and other effect pedals. Check digitech.com to find an authorized online retailer or retailer closest to you.

For more information:

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Customer Reviews
Pedals are back again!

Thanks Digitech for restoring the missing pedals once again. We now have access to all 47 pedals! Please continue supporting these unique and cool pedals as there are many of us who still use them regularly.

most pedals now gone...

where did they go?

Where is my SWING SHIFT Pedal!?

Where are all of the pedals I BOUGHT? I just re-installed this at all of the pedals are gone I want the pedals that I paid for!!

Where are my pedals

All my pedals disappeared even ones I had bought

Thanks for the update!

Now works with iOS 12! Thanks, DigiTech!

Purchased Pedals are back!!

Thanks digitech for trying to get this app back in order. Haven’t tried 30 pin to lightning adapter on my iPad mini, hoping for positive results. Will report back after I’ve tried it. Thanks again for your efforts!!!

E-pedals are back!

Thanks, Digitech, for restoring the app. The e-pedals are back, and I’m excited to use my iStomps again!

What once was...

This was phenomenal at one time.i bought several before they released them for free. The spring reverb was amazing. I started doing acoustic gigs so I downloaded and switched to a compressor pedal for a while. One day I decided to switch back and BOOM! Most of the pedals were gone. Eve the ones I PURCHASED!!! Garbage! Not sure I can trust any DigiTech software anymore! Money grabbing!

I agree

Digit echo does not care There was 47 pedals, what happened?


I loved the app until they removed all the pedals, I spent years collecting them, they eventually made all of them free and then they took them all away, the app is useless now, don’t buy one of these pedals new or used you’ll just waste your money

Apps gone

Last update removed all but 13 pedals. Please restore them.


Every time I try to upload a new pedal the app crashes on me. I tried talking to support multiple times and they have not gotten back to me. I’ve tried re-downloading the app to see if that would help but it has not made a difference.


This is the ultimate “Swiss Army Knofe” of pedals...and it was a very sad day when iOS 10 took it away. Since their recent update, I have my coolest guitar tool back! Need a phaser for one song on one gig? How about a trem 6 months later? Chorus? This is such a great option for worship guitarists like me that need to grab that one specific sound every here and there. Dead simple to use and sounds great on just about every effect I’ve tried. LOVE this pedal and this app.

Love this app.

First off the title says a lot. I was very upset when I lost this one in a previous update. Thank you very much for finally getting this app back up to date and usable again. Back to enjoying experimenting with my istomp pedals. Woohoo Rock On!!

iStomp pedals are back

The pedals are back, but with no sound on the iPad Air.

Stomp Shop lives on

Thanks to DigiTech for not ditching this app and updating for 64bit iOS 11 requirements. The effects are good, varied and very useable.

Thank you digitech

For not forgetting us. It’s been a while.

Lose your pedals

You will lose half your pedals once you complete the upgrade

Obsolescence on the horizon

With the launch of iOS 10.3, we now have easy access to a list of apps that are 32-bit right on our devices. These apps will stop working in future releases of iOS. DigiTech Stomp Shop is on that list. If this were just a basic sound generating app then we could just move on to another app. However, this app is NECESSARY to program the DigiTech iStomp pedal hardware. When the app stops working, the pedal is stuck with whatever profile you last used. Forever. I've already reached out to DigiTech / Harman and they confirmed that there will be no more updates for this app. Disappointed that I invested in multiple iStomp pedals for their flexibility but will suddenly lose that primary feature for want of an app update. I understand why they won't update it from a business perspective. However, it still makes me want to look at other companies that DO support legacy products and care about their end users more. I'm already looking for an older iOS device to keep as an iStomp Profile library / backup. Make sure to backup your devices to iTunes, as the app may also disappear from the App Store once it's obsolete.

Needs updating to 64 bit

Please update the app so that we aren't left out in the cold with this app. The iStomp is built like a tank and a simple app update will ensure that we can use it for many years. Thanks

Love it, all in one.

Need some more, new pedals. Come on guys. Please we love it. Cep it alive. One of the best thing ever. Just needs to be Bluetooth capable, for iStomp 2. Up date.

A Lot of Needs...

This app has a lot of "needs." It needs to be updated, it needs Audiobus compatibility and needs ability to be used as an inter app audio effect. The effects sound nice, but beyond that they have no use because of being outdated and limited.

No audio on IPad

App looks great, but has no audio on my IPad, I am unable to listen any of the effects. It doesn't synchronise the effect purchased between my iPod touch and IPad.

Dead product due to lack of caring

No longer supported. Can't buy the cable to download to pedals. Useless. Meanwhile Source Audio has taken the ball and run with it can continues to support their users. Bye bye Digitech! Tired of you dropping support of your own products! Terrible!

Useless device and app

Digitech - an innovative company with normal effects - have failed with this. I've tried multiple Apple 30-pin to Lightning adapters, and the app still won't connect with the pedals. This was a good idea. But they should admit that they've failed to keep up with iOS developments and offer consumers who bought the pedal(s) something.

Near future ghostware?

I bought three istomps when these came out have used at least 10 of the pedals. Usually works on my iPhone 5s although plate reverb just causes the stomp shop to crash. There is a fantastic selection of pedals and all high quality. The reason for the low rating is that Digitech has not introduced any new pedals in at least two years it seems, nor have they updated this app since 2013. I'm afraid the lack of attention to the software may soon turn my expensive Digitech hardware into non-functional obsolescence... If they just introduced new pedal or two and an update each year, that would give me enough confidence that they care about the product and its future for users to rate this five stars.

Underrated, awesome but seemingly forgotten

This is incredible, the variety and quality of the pedals is amazing. I thought this was the future of pedals and while Digitech had trouble at launch, it never seemed to recover. So I beg Digitech- please update this, we haven't seen new pedals in way too long!

Crashes a lot

Crashes very often when trying to load pedals. A crash also always leaves the iStomp with nothing loaded on it. Needs an app force close and restart, then a cable reconnection to right itself. But even that doesn't guarantee that another crash isn't coming. Frustrating, because this whole iStomp/Stomp Shop thing is otherwise pretty fantastic.

Buyer Beware!!!!!

Too bad Digitech cannot admit that none of their solutions work to get the stomp box to work with the iPhone 5S!! Yes I have Apples 30-pin to Lightening adapter! But I continue to get the same error messages many have reported here ! Such as Reboot software" or istomp not connected, etc. Buyer beware !!

Stopped working after update to ios 7.0.6

Worked before I updated to iOS 7.0.6

Great product, but not keeping updated

I love what the pedal can do, it's a great technology, and the available pedals are great. However, I bought this looking forward to new pedals on a consistent basis, and there has not been a new pedal in several months. Additionally, the last pedal posted was $20. I don't mind spending a few bucks on a new sound, but $20 is exorbitantly high. Also with newer iPhones with the lightning adapter, you have to buy an attachment to connect your pedals to your guitar :/

Fantastic sounding pedals

Such good...no...REALLY good effects. Revised to only one star off...glitched out twice and had no access to the purchased pedals while away from internet...12 hours of stability, now. Will write extended review after further testing of reliability.


I hope they keep developing for this. I picked up four of them and am blown away. These are great for bass and guitar. Amazing what they can do these days...

Pedals at your fingertips! How cool is that?!!

When my synth player introduced and coaxed me into the IStomp, i was hooked and had a lot of fun trying out pedals, all you need is the cable and transfer and test it out and you are good to go. The impossible pedal is one of my favorites, it's just insane to play with during a gig leaving people wondering "how i played something like that" But what really is great is the sound! It just awesome. I happily use this with my band Fuseboxx. Every guitar player needs to download the Digitech Stompshop and get yourself a couple Istomps. It's worth it!

Works Now

Finally after months of not being able to use my iStomp it works with the update to OS7 for the iPhone 5. Bravo!

Works on iPhone 5s but still not iPad 2 (both iOS 7)

Updating my rating to 3 stars. The pedals are great! Works on my new iPhone 5s with the lightning to 30-pin adapter. The app still doesn't work on my iPad 2, but Digitech won't acknowledge it. They should change their literature to explain which devices / operating systems are actually compatible.

Working great on iOS 7!

Thanks for fixing the connectivity issues.

Apple's IOS6 connection bug is fixed - finally!!

The new version of Stomp Shop along with iOS7 has got the Istomp working with my iPhone 5 again! Thanks Digitech!!!

Does what it does

It sounds good and does what it does. But there is another device on the market that does it 10 times better, the Zoom MS100BT. Then the thorn in the side of those who already own it, now you can get two units for one price. Ouch, that hurt! The sounds are good and they are what they are, but what sets this unit apart from the other unit. The number of knobs is limited to 4. I'm just hoping that they will add some things like a 2 band parametric EQ or something to set them apart from the competition. How about some amp models? Do a Lab Series L5 amp. Right now the download seem over priced as well, with the competition pricing own loads at $0.99 or $1.99. This WAS a good idea that is now only so-so.

Amazing app and pedal

I don't see what is up with all of these bad reviews. The pedal works perfectly. I have the limited edition checkerboard finish made for Vans Warped Tour. I'm on an iPod Touch 5 too. I had to buy a 30 pin to lightning converter but other than that the app and pedal work perfectly. I highly recommend this app and iStomp pedal.

No updates!!

I really like this pedal and concept but no updates and no new pedals for many months. Luckily mine still works compared to other users! I wouldn't recommend this pedal to anyone at this time.

Where is the update for iPhone 5??

Got this before I had an iPhone and used to use my son's iPod touch. Worked great. Got my iPhone and it never worked. Lame. Why doesn't Digitech make an adapter to update by computer??? Would sell it but I don't think anyone would buy it now. Please fix!!!!

Avoid if your iDevice has a lightning connector

I have now come to despise Apple. There is a bug with the lightning connector that renders this pedal useless if you have an iPhone with the new connector. I do not believe this is digitech's issue since it did work (with the official Apple 30pin to lightning connector) with early versions of iOS. An Apple update killed it. Lesson: don't depend on Apple if you need gear that continues to work. They are famous for abandoning legacy apps and hardware. The pedal, when properly loaded, sounds great btw. Most of the emulations I have sound very good. Of course, there is no way to load them to the iStomp with iOS 6.1.3 or higher.

I love it

I haven't updated my iPod so I can use this app...please come out with new pedals a new spring reverb would be nice

Was exciting for a while

But why have you stopped updating? I am hanging on to my iPhone 4, and am still very interested in trying new pedals....

These reviews disappoint me.

I currently don't own any istomp. However I'm looking to invest quiet a bit of money in them. I'm talking four or five of 'em. I would like to see these reviews turn around. I think and always thought Harmon has been top of the line products. That's why I'm so surprised at the reviews. I've listened to the effects and am very pleased that there are actual brands. (DOD, Lexicon, and a tube screamer) The DOD Grunge sounds exactly like the one plugged into my amp now. So please Harmon, Fix these issues.


I wish I would have read reviews before ordering this islop piece of hit. It has never worked it always says islop it connected. Do not buy !!!!!!!'

Don't buy if you have an iPhone 5!

I had this app+pedal for a while and loved it with my iPhone 4. It really seemed perfect, but the second I tried it with the 5 it all went to hell. Doesn't matter if you have an adapter or not, it will not upload any pedals, and it will more then likely. If you have a 30 pin device, this really is a 5 star product, but as for everyone else, 1 star for a hunk of useless tech is generous. Very disappointed in Digitech and their ridiculously slow response to this problem.


Bad, Bad.. No update or response from Digitech. Purchased 3 weeks ago and it has never worked from day one. Will never purchase anything made by them again!!!