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Computer Music Magazine

by Future plc

(146 user ratings)


Download size: 32.44MB
Version: 6.0.6
Released: 2011-10-12
For ages: 4+

Computer Music is the world’s best-selling magazine dedicated solely to making music with your Mac or PC.

Each month, you can find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, expert video guides, unbiased reviews of the latest products, and studio sessions with pro producers.

Computer Music brings you the best in tutorials, reviews, news, interviews, videos and features, and no matter whether you’re a complete newcomer to computer-based music production or a seasoned pro, there’s plenty for you in every issue.

** Note: Computer Music now INCLUDES video from issue 182 onwards. Just hit the play buttons inside to enjoy our famous Producer Masterclass videos and more (live internet connection required). Plus your purchase INCLUDES a download for our software, samples, tutorial files, audio examples and more **

Join thousands of others and download our free app now!


Once you’ve downloaded our app, you will need to take a free trial or purchase a single issue or subscription to access our in-depth content. We also publish specials and guides - browse our publications, read what interests you most, and get inspired.

Back issues, specials, and future issues are available for purchase within the app. Subscriptions are available on various monthly and annual terms, and auto-renew until you decide to cancel it. Check inside the app for current pricing.

*** Please Note: Our digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with the print edition ***

• The free trial offer is only available to new subscribers. If you have previously subscribed then payment will be taken immediately.
• You can cancel at any time during the free trial period and you will not be charged. Simply turn off auto-renew in your Apple account subscriptions page at least 24 hours before the auto-renew is due.
• Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
• Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.
• You will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, for the same duration and at the current subscription rate for that product.
• You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase .
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. This does not affect your statutory rights.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription.
• We will be collecting information about your use of the app both when you are online and offline. To find out more please see our privacy policy.

The subscription will include the current issue if you don't already own it and subsequently published future issues for the duration of your subscription period.


By purchasing a subscription or downloading an app you agree that you have read and accept Future Publishing Ltd's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:

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Customer Reviews
Can’t even log in!

First I had problems with this app on iPhone. Now with my iPad Air I can’t even log in anymore. Have barely used this sub. Freezes up and ghosts password input. I see others with similar problems. If this continues past today, I’m demanding my $ back from Future Publishing, CM 🤨


Always a great source of inspiration to get something going and learn and practice. The muses don’t always visit, but when they do, they better catch you working. And the lessons and tutorials here are great starting points. Super glad the app is here. The filo site to download accompanying material is pretty slow though....

Cant buy the content

Dont bother with this, it wont let you purchase any content. Every magazine i attempt to buy ends in an error. Didnt try a subscription, maybe there will be better luck that way

Needs a lot of work

So I just bought the catalog of issues going back 10 years, and while the content appears to be most excellent, this app is trash and brings the whole CM team down to dog s@&#t level. For the love of God, give us a way to read issues on a mac please; otherwise, I’m stuck with either iOS app where the layout is trash on phone, and text is too small, and there’s no way to search for issues, on the phone the issues in the library tab aren’t even labeled by month/number, the ipad app does actually list the month/number when scrolling through issues, but even on the 12” ipad I’m having trouble reading issues comfortably, pinch zooming to read is trash because the text layout is fixed, so not likely to pick up a monthly sub until changes to these usability are addressed. And what is with the

Dirty underhanded app

It wont let me read mags Ive purchased in my library that I downloaded. Instead I always get a pop-up asking me to subscribe or buy more. Why woukd I buy more issues if I cant read the ones i already bought? And no, I dont need the monthly subscription...

Exceptional Content. Terrible App as of iOS 12

The quality of the content and videos/downloads is 5/5. The app itself is terrible. It constantly quits, lags and freezes on my iPad Pro. It will not even open as of November 20 2018

Beware monthly subscribers of extra charges

I’m been a monthly subscriber though this app ($2.99/month) but when I download the latest issue, it sometimes tries to charge me $4.99 for regular issues as if I hadn’t subscribed. Once I clicked download too hastily and I was effectively charged twice for the same issue ($2.99 and $4.99). I wish they’d fix this glitch, and stop the overcharge.

The Best

Computer Music magazine has always been the best! Great tips and instructions for making and mixing music! Love having my magazines digital now so that I do not have to worry about wearing out the pages of my favorite issues!

double charging me

love the magazine but I have a subscription to this and future music magazine and I keep having to buy each issue individually again just to get it

Great content

I have been reading CM for years. I love getting some great info, some useful samples and interesting plugins to add to the toolbox. I am on an older iPad and it does crash and take a bit to load, otherwise I love getting to read it! Thanks!

Great plugins, even better content

I’ve been a reader for a few years now and it has truly been a joy to read. The plugins are worth the subscription alone, but their explanations are simple, concise, and tailored around helping you apply the techniques you learn to your own music.

Crashes Constantly

On my iPad Mini 3 with iOS 11.2, this app is crashing every 20 minutes, and videos are not playing. With a paid subscription to this publication, I feel that I am not getting my money's worth any longer. Please CM, fix your app and make it useable!!!

Crashing videos

I’m very frustrated with how often this app crashes when trying to either play an embedded video or click a link. I’m using an iPad Pro, and running iOS 11. I have had the app crash no less than 20 times while trying to read one article tonight. I am finding myself regretting paying for files that cannot be opened in any other player but this buggy one, one that appears not to have been updated in over a year.

Crashing regularly on ipad 4

Ios 11.1 is causing this to crash when backing out of magazine or exiting a video from or scrobbing a video.

Decent app all in all

Most of this app works well. And it is a great way to store your magazines. But the video portions of all of the computer music videos take forever to start, and if you try to fast foreword it'll free entirely and the app will crash.

Great app, needs some work though

This is a great app especially the way the video is all embedded in the magazine. However, there are a couple of things that are very annoying: 1. To much advertising. Bring me directly to my library! It makes me want to use the Nook app instead because you aren't constantly being bombarded to purchase something. If I want to purchase something, I will look it up or ask. 2. The bookmarks should just be something touch sensitive in the magazine you are reading. I suggest looking at the Nook and Amazon apps for a good example. Make it simple. It is very convoluted and non intuitive. 3. An article viewer instead of just graphics would be nice. Well, these are minor issues that certainly don't overshadow usefulness of the app.

Blessed resources

The best thing about this magazine is the free software. I have a few staples in my collection that I got fork the mag. 2nd, the articles help a lot, 3rd would be the samples that are provided. Amazing value, couldn't recommend it enough for anyone that uses a computer to make music.

Computer Music, Rocks!

Computer Music, Rocks! Subscribe now!

Not as much an update as a downgrade

Gotta love how a magazine I've kept up with for some time has completely ruined the experience for their readers. Now an entire library of issues is rendered worthless because the app refuses to download them. I see them putting a LOT of promo into buying their back catalog. But that is entirely useless if you can't read them...

Update ruined app

I shouldn't have updated.

Excellent Value

Can't beat the value. Fantastic way to start a sample library and some really great VST's

They are gaming ratings for this app

If you are wondering why this app has a good rating, it's because they are asking people in app to provide a rating, and then only if a high rating was given they forward you to the App Store.

Easily the best.

1- Quality instruction. This mag has the most educational resources I've ever seen from a magazine. There are tutorials, downloadable DAW files, and detailed videos that ensure you've got a grasp of the concept. 2- Free monthly downloadable effects and instruments. Just go to their site and punch in the information to receive monthly goodies. 3- Advanced content. I was certainly expecting to see articles about how the filter works or compression... Did not expect stereo imaging. Wow! Grab it now. It's worth it.

Computer Music is to magazines what Moog is to Synthesizers

I love Computer Music Mag - it's got great articles for all levels of knowledge and experience with great free sound packs and plugins, easy to understand tutorials, additional videos, gear and software reviews for all kinds of equipment and industry features that keep me in the loop (no pun intended) - and of course great profile articles on artists working in many diverse genres I love or will grow to love via CM exposure. I actually subscribe to the print and digital mag so that I can have the hard copies to refer back to - I have read and learned from them since I was just cutting my (sawtooth) teeth (lol) back in the 2000s. Now as a studio owner an company founder, as well as a music producer and audio engineer, I still look forward to getting my digital and eventually print copy of CM every month (my only complaint is that as someone who lives in LA, I end up getting the print mag a few weeks after the digital has been out and is already read through on my iPad and iPhone - but that's okay because I still get to anticipate its arrival like a school kid waiting on NatGeo or Highlights...thanks CM staff...and see u at NAMM at the end of the month! Cheers!

Indispensable Studio Companion

I've been reading Computer Music for many years. There's always more to learn in any discipline and Computer Music is always reliable as a compendium of tried & true techniques and the cutting edge of technological advances. Much preferred over its American counterparts (and if you've taken the time to read this, you likely know which magazines I mean). Five stars well earned.

The best way to learn music production.

I've been reading Computer Music for over a decade and it's the best way to learn new techniques for songwriting and music production. Including tutorials, product reviews, and a helpful Q&A section. I recommend musicians new and skilled to read Computer Music every month. And thanks to the ipad version, I now have access to hundreds of issues without taking up space in my apartment.

Best music magazine ever!

This is the best music magazine that i ever read! Great articles about music making and reviews of plugins/hardware/sample packs, all with great downloads and very nice videos! Get it now!!!!


Great application for someone like me that has the ability to learn new tricks! 🙃

It's not a bad app¿

It's not a bad app¿ I just have some problem downloading my mags and have to view them on the purchase screen. I don't have to buy them again so that a good thing!!!!¡

So what's wrong with showing a proper sized preview?

Check out the Cooking Light app, now! While not perfect, there one thing that sets this app millions of miles above the rest. FULL PAGE SAMPLES!!! Because it doesn't have the micro-view offered by Zino and other Newsstand apps you can actually SEE what an issue offers. You almost want to buy every issue, matter of fact I'm getting a subscription! Imagine-FX, Guitar Techniques, Official Xbox Magazine, Zino and Future Publishing, pay attention and see how it's done right. Bravo Cookling Light Magazine! Great mag in the stores, but the jury is still out with the app. The previews for issues you can get are way to small to see what is being offered. The least they could do is make the cover and the tale of contents bigger. Come on, do you want me to buy more or not? So what's wrong with showing a proper sized preview?

Keeps me inspired and up to date...

Sure I can frequent all the forums and watch videos on YouTube but the writers are direct and unbiased. Most of video tutorials I find online are long winded and saturated with opinion and sarcasm. There is always some new nice vst and vsti and instructions on how to use them. Then there's the loops. A nice fat pack of tracks to get the creative juices flowing. When ever I find myself spinning my wheels and not able to get the music to flow through me, I pull out an issue of CM, start reading, break out a loop disc, start trying out the effects on the loops, play my keyboard with the new synth and before long I have something to work with. Thank you CM.

Fix please

Some videos won't play if they play there's no audio .... THE VIDEOS ARE THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS MAGAZINE

To Haukur & Memphidelity

UPDATE Sept. 6, 2015: First of all the quality of the content hasn't changed - editorially the magazine is the same. What has changed is the app. It's getting slower, fatter, more bloated, and frankly just worse with each and every update. It feels like it's due to just sloppy programming and development. It's just slow now and kind of leaves you feeling like a crash is always just around the corner, always. There is also the "New Issue" indicator dot which is permanent now and annoying. Yes, even if every issue has been read, it displays the indicator. OLD REVIEW: "To Haukur & Memphidelity" You're both absolute morons. The app IS free, were you charged anything for downloading it? More importantly, did you even bother to read what you were downloading? No, you obviously didn't. Why on earth would CM be completely free to read? The app you downloaded is just the vessel to deliver the content. It clearly explains everything in the description. Yet you give a perfectly good and perfectly functioning app 1 star because of YOUR STUPIDITY. Next time you're in a bookstore, please raise heII because you can't have the mag for free. Idiots. Quit being so "rate happy".

Getting slow, crashy, and buggy

I love Computer Music magazine on the iPad, particularly for the embedded video player. Watching music production tutorials easily inside the magazine instead of only reading them is a huge deal. However, this app is starting to hang while turning pages, takes a really long time to load the startup screen's current magazine details, etc... on my ipad 3. According to recent tablet sales figures, most people, myself included, do not plan to update their tablets anytime soon. Please make sure the latest app updates work well with older iPads. It's a magazine: page loading should be snappy and responsive to make for a leisurely experience.

Love it

It love😀

Great Magazine!

Must read for all home studio producers.

Great Mag!

Worth it. Thoughtful, concise articles every month. Great downloads from site. Easy to use.

Great magazine

Love the magazine and the app with videos is just awesome!

Computer Music

Great content, lousy App, paid for and downloaded magazines keep vanishing and will not allow reading. Thinking of abandoning it. I killed the magazine subscription as the credit card purchasing system stopped working for me. I cannot be bothered with waste of time applications.

Worth it

Content is great, sample packs are great, free software is awesome.

Content is good

The interactive content is great and the and the effort put behind bringing the magazine to a new medium is appreciated. The app framework they are using needs a kick in the behind. Random crashes and other issues bring down the good quality of the mag.

Great mag - app not so much on iOS 8.

I love Computer Music and the digital version was great until iOS 8. Now it crashes all the time. I can uninstall/reinstall but that deletes the downloaded mags and I have to start over every time. I can't get through an entire issue without it crashing and I have to reinstall and redownload the magazine I want to read again. Power cycling iOS (which fixes some app crashes) does nothing to help. Please fix the app. So frustrating but worth it for the amazing content. 5 stars once it gets fixed.

Mag's AWESOME -- app = Not So Much

I live in the relative boondocks of Maine, USA in the reaches of northern New England where "magazine stands" are 100's of miles apart ...and they don't carry fancy imported stuff! I'm in 7th heaven being able to subscribe and even easily purchase all previously published issues and specials. My only negative is the Apple Newsstand app which has to be fully restored just about every time I open it to read a previously downloaded issue. I'm wondering if, when my subscription comes up for renewal I'll be able try the non-Apple subscription

Great magazine

I used to subscribe to future music magazine. But after my subscription ran out I couldn't find it on any newsstand it's incredible that they have Computer Music and Future Music available on the iPhone.

Great magazine, great content, blah app

The main issue with the app is that I've had to delete and reinstall it every time iOS updates, even small versions like 8.0.1 to 8.0.2. Otherwise it crashes as soon as it launches. Something is wrong for this to happen even with minor changes. The only other issue I run into is that when I want to show/hide the page thumbnails and top nav bar, it can be hard to find a place on the page that's not also a link to another section, such as with cover and index pages. So in addition to showing the nav, it's also jumped the read point to a random location. Kind of annoying!

Superb Magazine

Top-notch reviews and tutorials. Best magazine of its kind.

Excellent .. With one gripe..

Love it. Great resource for musicians. My only gripe is that often times there is very little contrast between copy and image background and it's super hard to ready. If you use dark background, you must use white font. If you light background, use black font. As a rule, please stop using really busy background graphics that make it hard to read. It's about the copy, not the images.

Ah... finally.

A fantastic resource for those interested in digital music. Was a print subscriber for years in the USA, and had intermittent deliveries. Now, hopefully, no breaks in my subscription.

Direction, inspiration, and exploration

Great tutorials and encouragement to stop using presets and start designing your own sounds. Great magazine that keeps you in the loop with what others are using and what an industry standard sound requires. Thanks CM