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Blue Note: Learn to read music notes - Flash Cards

by Blue Note Software LLC.

(21 user ratings)


Download size: 8.97MB
Version: 1.6.0
Released: 2009-04-12
For ages: 4+


Learn to read music notes in minutes by memorizing one set of notes at a time via random repetition. Begin at level one and build musical note recognition while advancing through all levels until all notes have been mastered.

Get Started!  Choose desired musical clef: treble or bass. You can easily switch from treble to bass or bass to treble with one simple swipe! Identify the correct note by touching A B C D E F G button and advance to the next note. Already know the note? No problem! Double tap on note to skip to the next note. Master level 1 and proceed to the next level until all 4 levels have been mastered.  Each correct note scores a point.  Blue Note also recognizes missed or incorrect notes and will repeat these notes until they have been mastered. Users can manually change levels, with a touch of the screen, and save score and level upon exit as well!

Blue Note was designed with the help of a former elementary school teacher to effectively teach musical notes.
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Customer Reviews
I learned in just 3 minutes!

Now I sucked at piano and normal flash cards i cheated ¯\_(ツ)_/ Because i never thought an app would teach me instantly.I tried many apps but all of them were so bad. I learned base cleff and G cleff in 3 minutes. I totally recommend it!

Clean and simple

A great, no-nonsense app for learning to recognize notes. I'm learning piano via an app, but I've been concerned that I'm learning by using the numbered finger positions and not actually learning to read the notes themselves and the app pushes me right along. Enter Blue Note - an app I can use anywhere, any time. Exactly what I was looking for.

5 stars!!!!

It is awesome I have been doing this for 2 minutes and i already know pretty much all the notes!!! I would suggest this app to the people that are interested in learning how to play instruments.


If you’re looking to memorize how notes are positioned on the staff this is the app to get. No fluff, just flash cards. Bonus: also has flash cards for piano key location. Now I know what I’m going to do while standing in line, and it ain’t going to be Facebook.

Pretty good...

So far, it’s a great app. It’s really helping me read my music better. But. I’m a flute player and the notes that it’s giving me are not even notes that can be played on my instrument. Maybe in the app they can add somewhere where you can pick the instrument and you can learn notes that way? Other than that, a great app and would definitely recommend!

Don’t buy

What a waste of $1.99 this app looks like it was developed by a 2 year old any way I can get my money back ?

Very Useful!

It helps me so much especially when learning how to read notes! Great app!

It's a simple teaching tool

I've been using this app to learn sheet music. It really helps!


Great app, this beats a book that starts with "this book is designed for use of first grade students" for sure

Buggy! Only treble clef works

Buggy. When I tried selecting bass clef, the screen changed orientation, all the buttons disappeared and nothing worked! Horrible! This app is worthless until they fix this bug!!!

Not what I was looking for!

I was looking for an app my kids could use to learn notes & symbols. I expected this app to first focus on the notes within the lines of the staff, focusing first on the treble & then base clef. The app does ask note names but focuses a lot on the treble clef & quickly moves to notes well above & below the staff lines. I'm not saying eventually that wouldn't be helpful but it has poor steps from concept to concept & seems to focus on obscure notes & symbols. Why focus on 16th & 32nd & 64th rests until the basic rests are mastered? Why focus on notes out of the lines until the basic notes are mastered? I'm not talking about a middle c that's barely out of the lines, I'm talking about notes 3 lines above the top line. Sadly this app was a disappointment .

Does what I need it to do!

I am an adult beginner at piano & really struggle learning the notes. I spent $8 purchasing other apps that just confused me. This app is concise, to the point & extremely helpful to anyone having trouble memorizing & locating notes.

I love this app!!

I've been teaching piano for 14 years, and I love this app!! I have my students buy it to practice with at home. I also use the app on my iPad during lessons.

Beautiful, simple, and easy to learn!

This app makes a game out of learning music notes and symbols. It starts out very easy and somehow seems to know when to increase difficulty.

Very good app

This is a great little app to do a few minutes a day to learn treble and base cleft notes, there is level 1 to 3 and by hitting the question mark in upper right it shows you names of notes on both staffs, there is also screen showing just piano keys and again you can ask for the names of the keys, as well as a few screens that show nomenclature ie names of each length of note and rest as well as common music vocabulary on the scoresheet. I think this simple and useful program is well worth the small fee. By the way, the screen with the keyboard does sound the notes.

Where is the bass clef?

A reasonably useful flash card alternative, but please add bass clef notes.

One more feature to make it...

I like this app and is good for learning the note system. If only it would allow you to hear the notes sound before guessing. If you could play the sound of the note, this would be more informative. Learning by sound as well as by visual Representation.


This app is super! Because it is simple repetition and simple the point. The interface is clean and clearly designed by a professionals who care about esthetics. I've tried others which were ok but the more you use this app the more you'll want to keep your note recognition sharp as you conditioning your music note memory. Blue Note gets my Blue Vote!

Great for beginner learning and practice

Interface take a minute to figure out, but it works great and does exactly what I wanted to: learn notes and piano keys.


Extremely helpful. Love this app

helps my kids learn piano

This app helps people learn to read notes and identify the different music notations. It can quiz you in A, B, C mode or Do, Re, Mi notations. The app shows you a note or a music symbol and the user identifies it by selecting the correct answer at the bottom. Score is kept at the top. The action is simple and fast. My five-year old daughter had a hard time learning the notes in her piano lessons. I have had use this app and get to 40 correct responses per session. She has the notes memorized now. We still use it at lest once a week just to keep her sharp.


Just started using this app a few days ago and already recognizing the notes...Love It :)

Should have sound

For $1.99 this app should include the sound of the notes as you touch the answer at the bottom.

Great for kids

Essentially it i a flashcard ap. I used it with both my girls to learn their notation. Just like physical flashcard without the deck. Easy to use in the car or anywhere. It tells you what the right answer is if you make a mistake. But the greatest thing is the time savings, because I can give my iphone to them and they can study it on their own, without me having to hold flash cards and call them out. One recommendation for later versions, incorporate sound so notes on the staff are audible, helping ear training as a side benefit.


Does this teach before it tests???? Or does one need to get a book, which one could have done initially.


Tell what the symbols mean in the symbol area.

Great for my 5 year old, but where's the bass clef??

Just bought this yesterday for my 5 year old who is learning piano. In all honesty it's taken me a day and a visit to the tech support site to figure out how to get it to display the F clef, but now that we've got that figured out it's working great. Definitely for a beginner, but we are enjoying it and she is definitely learning her notes.

There may be hope for me yet!

Thanks - now all those lines, squiggles and blobs are starting to make more sense! :)


Awesome app at a great price! Thank you!!!!

Necessary for Beginners

I am taking Music Theory for the first time in a college classand this app is a extremely helpful tool for studying the basics.

The steam is confusing

This app is for begginers, and it was made by begginers, how come the steam is not long enough to reach the next line or space on the upper or lower octave? This is a major issue. I hope it could be fixed soon. This app is just preatty but it could be perfect.

Great teaching resource

I've been trying to teach myself to read sheet music for about a year now, with no luck until I found this app. I've only had it about three days now, but Ive already noticed that Ive sped up with my note regiontion. Definatly worth the dollar!


Upper notes on level 4 notes not correct. Otherwise great app!!

Exactly what I wanted

I needed to learn my bass clef notes and this app is the perfect tool. Definetly get it!!! Also teaches above and below both staffs. This app is just amazing!!!

Perfect! 

It works great! I love it! My piano teacher was surprised to see how much I improved! 


Does what it says.

not so good

For me, it does'nt work at all. In fact, all it does do is lock-up my computer and itouch everytime I try to sync it.

Great App For Learning to Read Music

Blue note is an excellent application for those who do not know how to read music. I was surprised by how quickly I was able to learn the placement of the notes. The version 1.1 also allows the user to skip through the levels make the experience more challenging. Nicely done Blue Note, I look forward to updated versions and other applications.

Awesome! Perfect for my kids!

Learned my first set of notes in less than 5 minutes :)