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Math Ninja HD

by Razeware LLC

(32 user ratings)


Download size: 177.96MB
Version: 2.01
Released: 2010-05-05
For ages: 9+


Use your math skills to defend your treehouse against a hungry tomato and his robotic army in this fun action packed game! Choose between ninja stars, smoke bombs, or ninja magic - and choose your upgrades wisely!

* Works on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad - buy once, works everywhere!
* Action-packed strategy in the castle defense genre!
* The primary goal is to have fun - but you'll also greatly improve your Math skills along the way!
* Choose your weapons - from ninja stars to fire magic - and upgrade their power along the way!
* Humorous story starring the ever-hungry Tomato-San, who is building a robotic army to steal your tasty math treasure!
* Math options are fully customizable - disable/enable operations, or even toggle number ranges to practice!
* Great for all age groups, from 7-99.

Say goodbye to boring flash cards - and hello to Math Ninja!

***** "Cat-bots? Giant tomatoes? This is a job for Math Ninja!" --whatsoniphone.com
***** "My seven year old daughter is thoroughly enjoying the Math Ninja app. It combines an arcade style game with math practice and it does it in a way that's a lot of fun." --theiphonemom.com
***** "Math Ninja does a great job of balancing video game play with testing math skills into a cute and fun application." --geardiary.com

We love to hear from you! Drop us a note anytime at razeware.com.
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Customer Reviews
Good but bad

It is fun but when you finish the game you would play it agin but is is boring you need to make a math ninja two it is parity good the I give it a four star😊

It’s great

I love this game and it’s fun so you can learn and have fun at the same time but just make an audio reader and more levels

Waste of money

Recommended by our sons school, however the game has to constantly be deleted and re-added. Don’t waste your $2.

Doesn’t work

Just purchased this app and it doesn’t even work! The first question was 10+9= ... we typed in 19 and it won’t recognize the correct answer. It was a waste of money. I wish I could be refunded my $2.11!


I was charged 6.98 for this 1.99 purchase and there is no way to contact support. This is not cool!

Don’t get, it’s a trap

So there’s this part of the game where you “tap as quickly as you can.” As you’re tapping (as your kid is tapping) the screen, the game puts a “buy this for $25” button where you’re tapping. It’s a trap, so your kid taps a $25 purchase (although not validated through the App Store yet). And this is the $1.99 version, not the free version. Save your $1.99.

Has kept my boys attention

We keep coming back to this app and it keeps both of my boys engaged


It only gets worse and worse!

Great game all the other reviews are FALSE

This game is great I love it! We have this game downloaded on all 8of our devices!


Game crashes after 2 minutes!!!

So good!

"So good!" Says my 7-year-old son. This game helps reinforce basic math facts for quick recall and keeps him interested.

Gotta get it!!!

Great App, son still uses it for review, fun and interactive for young minds. Wish it had more add-ons and updated weapons for play as it can get repetitive over time. Overall a great buy!!!

Ok but

Whenever I'm playing the game within 2 mins the game crashes and I have to get it agin

Very motivating!

My kids actually WANT to play this!! It has help in their math fluency greatly! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is you can only save one game/profile. This is a problem for us since I have a 4th grader, and a kindergartner. 4 grader is obviously more advanced, and working on multiplication and division. While my kindergartener is just learning simple addition and subtraction. This causes many fights as the one child starts a new game at their level, erasing the others saved game and character upgrades.

Doesn't work

I just downloaded this. Worked for 5 minutes and now won't load at all?!? Black screen. Son was loving it. Please fix!!!


I used to give this app 5 stars but since the iOS update it doesn't work now. Update it and I will go back to 5 stars.

Terrible do not buy

A waste of money retreat I didn't read the review should be free

It Crashes!! Plz Update!

I'm on level 9, and whenever tomato San appears it goes black then crashes

Really fun

I'm 10 I just finished the game really fun and I didn't have multiplication down pat. Has reading slightly now I know most of my math facts!!!

Really bad

Is there a way to get refund? Horribly designed, can't even go back to previous screen. Keeps giving division challenge even when that is turned off.

One of the best math apps ever!

My boys really love this app (and I've been known to play a few rounds myself:) great mixture of math and video-game like play! The only thing I would change is to have an audio reading of the story so it is more user friendly for beginning readers. Still, a good investment. I like that I'm not asked to buy expensive add-ons and that there is instant reward with points (virtual money for weapons) and the answer is given if they don't get it the first time. My 4 year old is adding and subtracting like a 1st grader after just a few lessons because he has this app to practice with!


Well I wish you told me that EARLIAR because I bought the game, they make it impossible to pass level 16 !!!!!!! Worst 1.99 I'VE EVER SPENT AND YOU'RE RIGHT IT DOES SAY THAT ON LEVEL 14 BUT ALSO YOU CANT LEARN THE ONLY THING YOU LEARN IS THAT WHEN YOURE DOING A "MATH TEST" THE CORRECT ANSWER POPS IN YOUR FACE?!?!?!?!?!

To hard game (not math!)

I like the game but the game part of it is harder than the math so if you are not able to pass the part of the level that gets you to math it is pointless to go through


I'm 24 and I had a kid when I was 21. So now he's 3 he doesn't go to preschool at all. He puts in a random answer and then puts in the correct answer which the game told him. Also I spent $2.00 on this app my child does not learn anything and he finished easy, medium, and hard in 5 minutes no exaggeration about this. No school should ever download this game cuz it doesn't teach children how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide. It teaches them nothing and I don't want my child to hate school and think its a waste of time cuz thats what it says in the introduction of the 14th level. Plus if a kid is really stuck on a problem if ur kid were blind then they wouldn't be able to pass the problem. So, plz I'm begging u not to pay $2.00 dollars for this app its a waste of money doesn't teach ur kid anything and absolutely will not entertain ur kid for more than 20 minutes.

I Love This Game

Thank you for your progress report. The dogs and cats are easy to beat. Really easy. But I think the bombs and ice guys are hard to beat.

Need update for iOS 8!

This app won't launch after I updated my iPhone. We've been using this to help my son with math. Would love an update soon!

It doesn't work

It's a good game to play, but after a couple minutes it goes to a black screen and stays, so then I have to delete the app and re download it and lose my saves, then after I re download it I have to start over, get to level 6 or 7 then it crashes. Then ANOTHER delete, please fix this I have an iPhone 5c and I'm 12 but I play this game only cuz it's on school iPods and I put all the questions to 0

app crashes within 2 minutes

This app crashes and the screen goes black after 2 minutes. Tried closing and restarting as well as removing and reloading. App is useless!!

Best Game Ever!

This is a really good game. I just finished it and I am a lot better at school!

Math ninja HD

I rarely give five stars but this innovative way of capturing kids attention while helping them learn basic math skills deserves it in my opinion. My grandsons love this game. Thanks!

Favorite game

This is my sons favorite educational game, he even paid for the full version out of his own pocket he loves it so much!


My 7 year old son loves this game. His math skills have improved dramatically since we loaded this game a few weeks ago. We've downloaded many many educational games for my son and daughter, and this is one of the top 3 to top 5 ever.

Not working

My son loved this app and it helped him learn his addition and subtraction facts, but it hasn't worked the past few weeks. I've tried deleting it and re-downloading, but it didn't help. It just stays on a screen that says loading.

Does not work on iOS 8.1

$2 down the tubes!

iOS 8 renders this app useless

Does anyone know if tech support is available for these apps? This app says, "loading" endlessly now since iOS 8. The funny thing is the free version of this app works. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app several times but I still get the same problem.


I got this game on my iPod touch and it worked great and I loved it. Now I have an iPad and it will not let me get past the load screen. I noticed that I am not the first person to have this problem. Funny because my brother has the exact same iPad and he is let in immediately. I guess it's just luck. I have restarted iPad and reinstalled the app but it will not load. Great game but it won't least me play it.

Doesn't load

Paid for this app and it won't load onto my ipad2 or iPad Air.

Fix this d*** bug NOW! or give me a refund!

This stupid app is running the load screen and it won't let me play! If I push the loading text, it brings me to this stupid page! FIX THIS BUG NOW!!!!

Jaffna nbgmjgrjkhsthgvrejhgxbythskzlkjfdghlkewrjhgjkernvljskdfhglkjershlkjvfdsihg.f,jahgkurdjgjj

It's a good game just kind of frustrating though and not that glitchy.

Do not buy this app!!!!

This app is a waste of money!!! Once we purchased it we couldn't get past the loading screen!!!! BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

Won't go past loading screen.

And when I try to submit a contact form to the developer website I keep getting an error.

They should make more games

It's so cool they should make more free games have a nice day keep playing yeah bye bye bye hope you like the game I know it's a long review have a great day :):):):):):):):):)12345678910$$$$$$$ be careful with the money ones :):):):):):):)01234567891011121314151617181920 done. Have a amazing day sorry it's long tell your friends to get it Poof done:):):):):):):):):):):):)

Can't stop playing it!!!!

It's awesome. When you get to the awesome level it is so cool!!!!!

Great for school

The game was great for getting back to school and I loved the fight breaks.


The game is addicting thx for uploading

No. Just no.

I hate math. So I hate this game. But people who like math would like it but I don't.


Amazing game so cool best math game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best game ever!!!!!! It is a great mix of math and fun!!!

Totally Enjoyed!

The game allows me to change the level of difficulty. It also allows one to focus on a specific problem, such as focusing on multiplication 8-12 only. I totally recommend this game for anyone who needs to sharpen their math skills.