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Mathemagics - Mental Math Tricks

by Blue Lightning Labs

(68 user ratings)


Download size: 16.03MB
Version: 6.0.2
Released: 2009-03-03
For ages: 4+


Amaze and delight others as you multiply, divide, and square at lightning fast speed. Learn and practice the tricks of mental math calculation in a fun and engaging application. Study any of the math tricks and then practice them as you progress through various levels of proficiency. Tease your brain with a quick practice session while waiting in lines, riding in the car, or on the plane. Only the basic math skills of addition, subtraction and simple multiplication and division are needed to achieve astonishing results.

Students: Baffle your math teachers by providing answers faster than thought possible.
Teachers: Inspire your students as you pull answers to math problems out of thin air.

Master these math tricks:
* Multiply as high as 20x20
* Square a number ending in 5
* Square any two digit number
* Doubling and halving
* Multiply any number by 4
* Multiply any number by 5
* Multiply any number by 9
* Multiply any number by 25
* Multiply any number by 99
* Squares from 41 to 59
* Round number multiplication
* Divide any number by 5
* Multiply by 11
* Multiply in the 90's
* Square numbers in the 50's
* Multiply differing by 2,4,6
* Multiply if 1's sum is 10
* Multiply two close numbers
* Sum of first n even numbers
* Sum of first n odd numbers
* Subtracting two and three digit numbers
* Adding two and three digit numbers
* Quickly divide any number by 9
* Subtracting from 1000 and higher multiples of 10
* Multiply two numbers close to 10
* Nines complement
* Tens complement
* Large number addition #1
* Large number addition #2
* Large number subtraction
* Evenly divisible by 3
* Evenly divisible by 4
* Evenly divisible by 5
* Evenly divisible by 6
* Evenly divisible by 7
* Evenly divisible by 8
* Evenly divisible by 9
* Evenly divisible by 10
* Evenly divisible by 11
* Evenly divisible by 12
* Square numbers in the 20’s
* Square numbers in the 30’s
* Square numbers in the 60’s
* Square numbers in the 70’s
* Square numbers in the 80’s
* Square numbers in the 100’s
* Square numbers in the 200’s
* Square numbers in the 300’s
* Square numbers in the 400’s
* Square numbers in the 500’s
* Square numbers in the 700’s
* Square numbers in the 800’s
* Square numbers in the 900’s
* Casting Out Nines Digit Sum
* Check Addition by Casting Nines
* Check Subtraction by Casting Nines
* Check Multiplication by Casting Nines
* Check Division by Casting Nines
* Casting Out Elevens Digit Sum
* Check Addition by Casting Elevens
* Check Subtraction by Casting Elevens
* Check Multiplication by Casting Elevens
* Check Division by Casting Elevens

Prepare for the math section on the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or any other standardized test. Don't waste time with a calculator on the few tests that allow them. Use Mathemagics as a tutor to quicken up your test taking abilities.

Perfect training for the UIL Mathematics and Number Sense Contests.

Activate and challenge your brain to expand its ability to think efficiently and have fun at the same time. Train yourself to break problems down in to smaller more manageable pieces in order to reach solutions quicker and more accurately than anyone else.


"Best New iPhone Education App"
- eduinreview.com

May 2012
Featured in the App Store Test Prep promotion

December 2011
Featured as an AppStore Education Staff Favorite
Featured in the AppStore Hall of Fame

March 16, 2010
Featured in the EU AppStores as New and Noteworthy

December 8, 2009
Featured as an AppStore Best of 2009 App

November 17, 2009
Featured as an AppStore Essential (Apps for Boys)

September 22, 2009
Featured as an AppStore Essential (High School Survival Guide)

August 25, 2009
Featured as an AppStore Staff Favorite


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Customer Reviews
Love this app

One ask: I wish the "play" selected categories were persistent. I.e. The ones you selected the last time you played are selected them next time you played. Update: Reiterating this one year later. Still love the app, but I would use it regularly if I could “set” which Play categories I wanted and they would stay set every time I opened the app

Great strategies but can you consider elementary

We love the strategies and the app. But my 3rd grade daughter cannot practice because all the numbers are at an advanced level. She wanted to practice her 4’s but she got 4 Times 66. That’s pretty tough for a 3rd grader. Can you add something in the settings to simplify the practice?


Outstanding - buy it, use it, drill it - a crime that this is not taught in schools.

It's Magic!!!

Love this app! Must Try!!

So Great

Keeps my mind sharp. Great app.

Seriously a great app

It's addicting and at the same time teaches me both tricks and novel ways of thinking with math. I'm around numbers all the time at work and school, so the challenges and secrets of math this app reveals is priceless to me. Yes, I'm a huge fan and I play this on the train and before I go to sleep at night.

Easy tips for tricky math

Great for improving mental math with easy to lean techniques.


Well thought out and easy to use app. Excellent resources to learn how to quickly solve apparently lengthy math problems. A must have any preparing for GRE, GMAT, LSAT and other graduate school placement exams.


Awesome fun if you like this sort of thins

Awesome math app!

I'm using it to brush up on my math before taking the gmat. It's great to dust off and practice the great things we can do with numbers. This is why I love math!

DJ Sugarcube's House

Outstanding app! Very informative in the mathematical realm. These are tricks I used to use on PAPER!

Want to opt out of multiple choice

Great lessons, but it quickly becomes too easy. You'll never get good at mental math if you have to rely on multiple choice questions. There should be a difficulty option where you have to type and submit the answer. Also, since I'm a teacher I'd like to be able to set a timer and and a specific number of problems and have a score at the end.

Great App

Great way to train your mental math skills


This is the best math app I have ever used !


Great App I'm a visual person and it really made it easy and fun .One of the best mental math programs out there .

Great for adults like me

Often found myself in meetings with colleagues and looking for my smartphone to get the answer for simple arithmetic question so I figured out I need to train. This is perfect. Not sure I see the point in having learn and practice sections whilst you can always click on the learning icon but just minor

Interested in improving your maths?

This app will help you do amazing maths

Great app

Really helped me with stuff with so many subjects and problems

Great way to speed up your mental arithmetic

This is a nice little app that can teach you many tricks to help you calculate large numbers quickly in your head. As an American raised in the northeast, I was always impressed by some foreigner's abilities to do fast arithmetic; it seems their education system teaches them methods.

Great app!

This app has a lot of helpful shortcuts for multiplying, adding, squaring and dividing numbers.


Arthur Benjamin's apps and work are fantastic and if you haven't, you should watch his ted talks. They are just shortcuts taught in this app but shortcuts are super helpful and with enough practice lead to understanding. At the very least it teaches students not to fear math.


Some of these tricks are things I figured out as a kid but was discouraged from trying because it wasn't the "right way." These techniques honestly make me both faster and far more accurate in my math. "Wrong" way FTW! The app is really well designed. It gives you a chance to do the problem in your head before giving you the multiple choice and at any time you can go review the lesson.

Great for GMAT Quant practice!

This is everything I've been looking for to learn quick math drills. Easy lessons and timer to test your skills too! Highly recommend if you need improvements for your math foundation.


I love this app.


I really enjoy this app. It is great for learning fast math tricks and it does exactly what it promises. Gives you just for fun quick short cuts to solve difficult math problems in your head.


I am using this app on my 6th and 1st grader. Needless to say the 6th grader is upset. This app is extremely brilliant and easily gets any child and adult loving numbers; which is the first step in loving math. Highly recommend this app.

Love it!

Great little app to refresh math skills while learning awesome short cuts!


This app will not disappoint!


Makes math so much easier and faster.

Mathemagics is fantastic!!

I've always had a fascination with math and computing numbers and equations in my head. Mathemagics is the best app for this. Practice makes almost perfect. 👍

Good for adults who'd like to practice mental math, too

This is a good app for adults who'd like to brush up on their mental math, too. You don't have to wade through a storyline or anything made to appeal to 8 year olds to get to the problem sets.

Math in my head

I've never been able to do complex math in my head, and now after 30 min with this app I'm doing math in my head I never would've attempted without paper or a calculator. Thanks!

Would not recommend...

...this app to be purchased to help with math. It is basically just teaches shortcuts to learn difficult math problems. This app gives students a procedural understanding for how to do certain math problems. Although certain math procedures may be used to solve the difficult math problems, these are all just short cuts. By having the student learn to actually solve the difficult problem would be much more beneficial for the student because it will help the student develop a conceptual understanding instead of just learning a shortcut to solve the problem. Only way this app could be beneficial is to get students to think about why these certain shortcuts work. But they would need to have a conceptual understanding of how to solve the problem on their own before they could do that.

Useful, but specific

Not a lot of broad sweeping techniques. More of just techniques for pretty specific situations. But, the tips/tricks are very useful if you are given those specific problems.

So far so good

Very good so far

Great app, consider

Great app the developers need to develop the practice system a little more extensively


This app is awesome! I've had the book since long before the world went digital and it's great to see it in this format. I've introduced it to my 10-year-old as a quick way to double check her work as she has to write out her answers longhand for the teacher. I recommend this for anyone who doesn't want to always have to rely on a calculator. One thing that would make it better though is to be able to turn off the multiple-choice answers and allow you to write in your answer.

Stay Sharp!

This is a great app for staying sharp, and warming up the mind for the day. Every math nerd should have this on there phone.

this is my first review

I don't write review for anything, but this time I felt like I have to. this is the best purchase I ever made, worth every penny.

I so wish I'd known this in high school

I got this because I want to go back to school and was never great at math. If I'd known this when I was younger I think my whole life might have been different. All I can say is WOW!

Very helpful.

Very helpful, teaches a lot of simple tricks that teachers don't even know. I can do some ridiculous mental math with the knowledge in this app.

Great app!

Everybody get this app!

Who knew such complex math

Could be so easy! Using this to study for the GMAT.

Makes me enjoy learning Maths

This was actually fun learning these shortcuts. I think that students who think Maths is hard would find these fun and refreshing

Own on OS X and iOS - love it

This is fantastic prep for gmat. Love this app. I wish I'd had it in middle school.

This is such a cool app.

If you're planning to take any type of standardized test, then this will sharpen your reflexes or your mental capabilities.

Great app!

Thanks so much!!

Es bueno!



I love this app--just starting to play with it & it is really fun!