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Code of Virginia

by davidfinucane.com

(4 user ratings)


Download size: 37.98MB
Version: 1.7
Released: 2009-08-04
For ages: 4+


Code of Virginia is the statutory law of the state of
Virginia for the iPhone. It consists of all 78 Titles (and
Subtitles) of the legislation of the Virginia General
Assembly that have been codified into statues. Titles
include Crimes, Criminal Procedure, Health, Judiciary,
Commercial Code, Civil Remedies, Banking, Domestic
Relations, and Juvenile Justice.It is an entire bookcase of
law in your pocket.

To save space, some Sections that have been repealed have been
left out.

The app is suitable for anyone in Virginia working in law
enforcement, or for lawyers or law students intending to
practice law in Virginia.


- 28,000 word index.
- Key word and citation searchable across the entire law or just in individual tiles or chapters.
- Settable font size.
- Cross references.
- Complete coverage of all 29,000 sections comprising the Code.
- Bookmarks.
- App Settings to disable the Titles you aren't interested in, saving memory increasing speed.
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Customer Reviews
Good app but need updates

As a police officer, I find this a great app for my phone. The only reason it does not get five stars is because it needs to be updated for the new laws. Please update every July when the new laws that take place and this would be the best app I have ever purchased.

2015 Updates

Are the 2015 updates on the way? I use this app a lot at work. It is very helpful. But now it's past July1 and the new laws have hit the books. We need an update. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Pending a fix for title 46

The august 2014 update removes title 46. (Traffic section) I wrote the developer and he replied saying a fix will be forth coming shortly. Thanks

Great app!

This app does exactly what it is supposed to do. It's a nice quick reference.

Works on ipad but not designed for it

Why would anybody want this app on their iPhone? It says compatible with ipad which is very deceptive. While yes it does work it's a very small screen the size of the iPhone on the ipad screen. Wasted $6. Anybody know how I can get a refund?

Good but not great

I love having this app, and a code book always on me.. How ever there is still a lot of bugs.. My bookmarks seem to always get deleted and not all the code sections actually turn off when you try to disable them.. I would like to see an update please!

Great app

As a va Leo I love this app great to have.

Nice app, but without the 2012 legislation, it, worthless

It's cheap, easy to use, and I like the browsability. But as a practicing attorney, I can tell you it is next to worthless without the updates to the law that went into effect on July 1, 2012. Update the code and this app gets 5 stars.

Needs Some Work!

It seems like a great app. The first thing is, what's the point of having a bookmark section if the codes I want saved never stay in bookmarks! I will save them and they disappear after two days. Second, update with new laws!

Great App

Very useful and simple app. Worth the $6.


This is a good program but it needs to be updated with the new laws

Best COV available!

I use this everyday and it is a truly great app. The search is better than the state's own official online site. It does need to be updated every year by July 1 when most of new VA laws take effect; however, I would be more than happy to pay a few dollars each year for annual updates.


The app is very useful, however it has not been updated in quite a while. The legislature updates the Code of Virginia every year. Some things in this app are out of date. Please update annually!

Great app for the job!

Great app to aid in looking up code while working. No Internet needed once loaded. Easy links within code, easy lookup. Wondering about 2010 updates though.


I got it to use for work and it doesn't have the sections I need in full. Was hoping to be able to have the child abuse and neglect sections in full so I could quote it to clients with out having to carry around a huge binder of the section of the code we use... but guess not. BUT it is good for quick look ups of other facts

Fantastic Resource

This is just what I've been longing for! The whole Code of Virginia in my pocket. The search function is very good (it's not Westlaw or Lexis, but it's good enough) and I find myself looking things up all the time that otherwise I might never have bothered to confirm for myself. Two major requests I'd have for this application are: (1) there should be an option to have the application automatically remember where I was when I was last using it. I've been trying to use the application to read through some important Code sections from beginning to end (as if it were an e-book), but every time I change applications and then come back to Code of Virginia, I'm back at the opening screen and I have to drill down to get back to where I left off. Sure I could set a bookmark every time I quit the application, but I don't always remember to do that, and furthermore it clutters up the bookmark list. (2) this application should include the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, which legally are part of the Code of Virginia. (See Va. Code sec. 8.01-3.) Thanks!