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Sushi Cat

by Armor Games Inc

(469 user ratings)


Download size: 59.54MB
Version: 2.1.0
Released: 2010-07-07
For ages: 4+


#2 Puzzle and Adventure App in US, Canada, China and UK
Over 400,000 Downloads!!

The addictive and lovable blue cat and his pink companion have gone on their honeymoon. Little does Sushi Cat know, but his dream vacation is about to get abruptly interrupted. Help Sushi Cat out by guiding him to as much sushi as possible. Watch him grow fat as he eats more and more sushi along his way. Fill up his belly to win.

Take Sushi Cat with you where ever you go! Game features...

* An Epic story of Love
* Optimized graphics for the Retina Display
* Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards
* iCloud support for the game progress
* 27 addictive levels to eat your way through
* 3-Bonus Levels
* Endless hours of fun
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Customer Reviews
If this game is not かわいい I don’t know what is!

It’s a very cute game with great storylines! Personally I’m a japan+Japanese super fan so of course I’m eating it all up! (Well at least what’s vegetarian of it!) it’s also very satisfying to watch the little cat fall and consume all the sushi, I don’t know how they eat that much! My only complaint is it’s kind of short with limited options it would be nice if there was either more levels or other game options like a challenge mode or something.

One of my favorite games!

Can we please get more levels? This is one of my favorite games to play!!

Same game I used to play and love but..

I remember playing this game on the internet when I was younger, so when I found this on the app store I will more than willing to pay for it. However, I was disappointed to find out that there was only two worlds when I remember playing wayyyy more on the old version. Kinda disappointing.

Waist of money

Paid for only 2 maps ?

It’s fun but... it doesn’t give you enough moves >:(

I like it but I just don’t like that it only gives you four so I think U will delete it one day but today one of my friends convinced me to download this.

I like it

Although it’s not as good as online it is still good. I think they should add sushi-cat 2 in here as it has more to the game. Great though!

Pls make sushi cat 2

I love the game I need sushi cat two

Cute, but something gone wrong

I really like this game BUT: I can’t watch the clips and I have no idea what’s going on. The Tsunami Roll is almost useless because I can’t get close enough to the sushi, it needs a longer sushi range. Needs more levels. Needs more sushi in each level, I want a REALLY fat cat. The Dragon Canon is very hard to aim and fire. Cool.


i love this game almost as much as the original but i think that they should have more levels because what they currently have is not enough especially if you have to pay for the app

Fun but where are the new levels

Awesome game but definitely needs more levels!

My favorite app must make a sushi cat two😻😻😻

Love 💗 this app it’s so good must get it.I bet you will like it.😻😻😻😻😻😼😼😼😺+🍤🍣🍱🥠🥟🍙🍘🍜=😻🍙🍣🍱🍘🍜🥠🥟🍤 sushi 🐈 cat🍱

Not worth it

Too expensive and not too fun

Clips don’t work :(

The video clips of the chubby cat are no longer showing on my app. Please fix in an update 😩

By Unicorn Fan🦄

This game is so amazing,it's better than that!This is like my favorite-est game in the whole wide galaxy!

I lOvE tHiS gAmE❤️❤️

I LOVE this game!!! I like it when the cat gets fat!! Then he gets more sushi!!! And I wish there were like 100 levels then I could play it more. But I’m a little sad because I was going to get Sushi Cat 2 but when I try to find it, it won’t come up!! And I wanna play it SOOOO BAD!! And a youtuber named iHasCupquake can play it but not me. And I’m sad! So please fix this, I wanna play Sushi Cat 2!!

Short and Boring!

I don’t usually write reviews but this was a total waste of 99 cents. It’s super short and not challenging at all. I finished it in under an hour. This should be a free app. It feels way more like a demo than a full game. So disappointed!


I know its only a buck but nowhere near enough levels super boring for any age

Most Pleasant Game!!

I love everything about this game - visually and sound-wise. It’s an adorable story, the bouncing effect is sumptuous and the play is just curious enough to be interesting while entirely relaxing. I wish there were more of it! I’ve played both levels through twice now. More please!


I love this app! I really wish there would be a sushi cat 2!❤️😻😺😸😽

Sushi cat

Do Not Buy. This game has 2 stories. 36 levels in all. Finished them all in an hour. How can they be allowed to charge for this.

Very well done

Get it! Had it for a long time, never even considered deleting it! Since I got it they added a huge update hopefully they'll keep at it. Needs more new levels! Works very well on an iPad, by the way. I have also gotten the cat stuck a couple of times, needs a little fixing.


Game only has 30 levels (and 3 bonus) I beat the whole thing in a day. What a waste of my dollar. I could have gone to the dollar store and gotten something more worth it. What a rip off.

Can't wait for the 2nd one on mobile

This game is so fun if you want a simple but challenging game

Memories come flooding back

I used to play this when I was only 6 (I'm 13 now). It was so nice to see the producers ported Sushi Cat over to iOS. It's a wonderful game.


This game is so kawii! This is a purrfect game to play if you are bored.

Love it!

Absolutely loved this game on PC. Lovely to play it on mobile after many years!

Don't buy this game

You will beat all the levels with the first 30 mins. No more levels after that.


This is awesome!!!! The cat is sooooooo CUTE!!! I just love cats!! And can you add a dragon skin plzzzz! That will be awesome!!!! Thanks for reading! 😋😘


The game is great and short and just the right price


Beat app ever buy now or forever hold your pease

Don't waste your money

I paid 99 cents for a game that took me 15 minutes to complete! It is not a bad game don't get me wrong, I like the gameplay it is fun but it is not worth any money at all! The online version which is free is 10 times better! I do not recommend anyone buy this!

so wonderful

I'm so happy they made an app, this game has been my favourite for years

Extra Kawaii, simple gameplay

I love this game! I do not quite understand the negative reviews, as I have not run into any of the issues stated in them. I did, however, see a review stating the number of levels was not accurate. This is not true. After finishing the first 15+3 levels, the main menu will allow you into story select. There you will find the other levels to the game. Everything about this game is adorable. Whenever you get a piece of sushi you see a minuscule "om" above the head of sushi cat. This app is worth the money and I highly doubt you will be disappointed.

glitchy, minimal levels

not enough levels. awful glitches. not worth the money. poor repetitive design.

Love this game

Never fails to put me in a good mood an it's something me and my boyfriend can play together and have a great time.

I love this app!

I love this app so much! It is so addicting. Though when are you coming out with sushi cat 2? I need more! Also not a waste of money! I just love this app it is so cute! 🐱❤️

So cute

Cute and fun. Well made game. Wish there were more levels.

Love it😻😻😻

Sushi cat is really fun sometimes it can get frustrating that you have to work your hardest. It's fun because it's just really fun. I would give this app a nine out of 10

3 stars because it's so short!

ADD MORE LEVELS!!! I LOVE Sushi Cat; it's one of my favourite games online, so I was happy to see a mobile version. I'm sad to see that it's only got 4 worlds... That was easily beaten. The game ran smoothly, no force closes or lagging... But I'm hoping there's more levels to be added!

Sushi Cat

I loved this game when I was little I played this on my computer a lot. So I bought and now it won't download and it took my money😡

Cute kitty!!!!!!!!

I love cats so this game is purr-fect for me!!!!!!!!!!

So fun!!!!!

I really thought this would be boring but is is SO CUTE, FUN, AND DID I MENTION IT WAS CUTE????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love this app🤓🤓🤓🤓


I played the game on computer and I loved it and when I got it for my phone before I can even play it freezes when I touch the screen...

Can't get enough. Want more!

I keep replaying. Adorable graphics. Fun for a quick round or to get lost in for a bit. Hoping there will be more stories in the future!


Did anybody else got charged 99 cents for this while it the app showed that it was free?? Or was it just me cause that was unfair.

Feeling cheated

Not worth paying for! Finished all levels in under an hour as did my five year old.

Love/Hate Relationship

I love Sushi Cat but why did I pay $0.99 for two levels?!?! 😩😒👎🏻


This is a VERY fun and challenging game ONLINE!! As an app this game is L.A.M.E.!! The 12 "levels" are not even 1/4 of the REAL GAME online!! When attempting to access the game online, the developers have FROZEN OUT MOBILE USERS!! However, in their cold hearted tradition of game developers, they have lots of their games for players to access, they just won't allow you to play Sushi Cat!! Lame "one-level" game... being frozen out online... doesn't deserve even ONE STAR!! Also, NO additions and NO new levels for at least TWO YEARS!!! BOOOO HISSSS!!!! 😡