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Pajama Sam 2

by Nimbus Games Inc

(2 user ratings)


Download size: 280.25MB
Version: 1.3.1
Released: 2012-04-05
For ages: 4+


Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren’t So Frightening

In our latest quest we join Pajama Sam as he enters the World Wide Weather, the facility in the sky where weather is controlled all over the world. Shortly after Sam's arrival, an accident with the machine that controls all the weather in the world sends it out of control.

The weather machine end's up causing problems like snow in Saigon and sunshine in Seattle. Our brave young hero must help fix the machine and get things up and running again to bring balance to the world.

—User Reviews—
“I’m sure I wouldn’t want to miss this one if I were a kid.”

“This may be tougher than the original but it is another fun Humongous product.”

“Another charming game from my past. Pajama Sam 2 has ages considerably well. The animation are vivid and the music is great.”

• Play again and again, New puzzles, new friends and new challenges await each time you play!
• Touch points reveal hundreds of hidden surprises!
• Special games and activities encourage creativity, help teach spatial-relations and sharpen problem-solving skills.

This product uses ScummVM which is released under the GNU GPL v2.
For more information, please visit - https://www.scummvm.org
The GNU GPL can be viewed here - https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html
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Customer Reviews

Where’s the inventory?!


This game is actually incredible and perfect and exactly like the computer game. My problem is not being able to finish because of a bug (or maybe more). Would definitely change my review to 5 stars if they fixed the bug with the walkie talkie

Still is fun!

I'm a teen and STILL love this. It makes you think while making things fun


I paid 4 .99$ and I cannot even access my tool inventory. Refund please


Too many bugs, cannot complete the game even after resetting the story multiple times. Would be wonderful otherwise. But very disappointed.


I love the game, but im not able to move around the Walkie talkie to find the inspector


This game is the EXACT PC game I used to play when I was little! I 100% recommend this app! There's no Ads or pop ups. Everything is perfect!!

No sound

Definitely disappointed there is no sound.

Can't go into the attic

I was hoping that the new update would fix the attic issue.. Please fix this!!!!

Can't go up to the attic

Can't go upstairs

Glitch - can't go up stairs

I find my cape but I can't go up into the attic! Please fix this glitch. I'm okay paying $4.99 to relive my childhood only if it WORKS.


Can't believe this ! Just spent 5$ on this game that does not work !!! I'm so angry, this is crazy. Right after the intro of the game when you get into play mode you can't even go up the stairs !!!!


I can't get him to go up the ladder into the attic :/


Now I can't even go upstairs in the attic now. Unbeatable now. Fix this now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love this game but is it only gonna let me find those first 4 characters? what about where you have to fix the water tank band or where the characters in the office place are suppose to change like the complaints department or you have to get the files from george someone?


Lovvvvveeed this game since I was growing up and I'm beyond excited I can play it again! Recommend it to any kids or adults who played it in their younger days. So much nostalgia! You definitely want to buy the 5$ version instead of the lite for the full experience,and I know,I thought five was a lot to dish out for a tablet game too but believe me it's worth it. Always loved the humoungous ent. games and Pajama Sam was my fav! Now I'm just waiting for them to put out "you are what you eat from your head to your feet" pllleeeaaaase,we need that one next!

Game glitches

Could be a great game if there weren't game glitches

First all of,BEST GAME EVER.

Id like to see you are what you eat from your head to your feet. And probably some Freddy fish

Thunder and lightening

Still fun all these years later.

Pure Nostalgia

These games made my child hood. I'm hoping to see "All You Can Eat from Your Head to Your Feet." Keep 'em comin!

Still a great game!

This games is exactly like the original! I used to play it when I was very young. If you have a small child I recommend you buy it! If you are a grown adult there's no reason you shouldn't.

If you're looking for the exact computer game, this is it.

You have to pay for the app but considering you can't get the game to work on modern computers, it s worth it. I was afraid it would only be one of the game scenarios over and over, but just like on the PC there are different versions you can switch between so that you get a little variety. It's the perfect translation from old computer game to iPhone app, it keeps the kids (and some of the adults who used to play this) entertained for hours.

My Childhood Relived!

I loved playing these games as a child! The way these games were integrated onto the iPad was very well done! I have a request! Pajama Sam: You Are What You Eat. I don't know how many times I played that game over and over. Great game! I recommend this for parents of younger kids and for nostalgic adults and teens!


I would love to have putt-putt racetown, putt-putt goes to the moon, and pajama sam 2. These games were my whole childhood and i will continue to purchase all nimbus game apps. Thank you.


Just like the one I used to play on my Pop-pop's computer all the time when I was little. These are the most adventurous games and the original find and place games. My favorite Pajama Sam is "You Are What You Eat...". Thank you Nimbus Games for these apps, as the CD's became lost. :( I loved getting cereal boxes with Pajama Sam CD disks too! They should put them back, as they were lovable and playable (again and again). ✌️🇺🇸

Amazingly Amazing!!!!!

Great just like on PC I played these when I was little loved them! I would love to see fatty bears birthday surprise!

One of my favorite games!

As a kid I absolutely loved this game! I'm so glad that it's been revived on the iOS platform and still holds up today! I love the world it sets up. Great game!

Great Game

Great game, but as in the Lite version for "No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside" there should be a strait up screen that says the only way to continue is to buy the full version, as I spent hours trying to get to the rain building. Either way, great game, I bought the full version of both. Keep up the great work Nimbus.


Great game. Please do you are what you eat


This game is amazing. Where's "You are what you eat from your head to your feet"? D:

Couldn't put it down

I grew up playing all of the games made by this corporation. I was going to purchase the computer cd versions online only to find out that the price of them had skyrocketed. I am so pleased with the iPhone version, even though I had beaten them years ago and still had some idea of where the objects were , it kept me entertained the entire time! And had me stumped for a good four hours on one missing part! If you don't get this game, and the others made by Nimbus inc. your truly missing out!

Just like the Computer game!

I love this game! It's just like the computer version, and now I no longer have to dig out my old computer to run the games when they're going to be played!


I loved this game before and still do.... Keep up with the good work nimbus!!

So happy

Played this all the time when I was younger. So happy you brought it to the iPad/iPhone. Please please please bring back backyard baseball. Please!!!!


I remember this game from when I was little and was so happy to find a iOS version. Please bring the rest of the pajama Sam games to the iPad.


Just like the original!!! Please please please put up No Need to Hide When it's Dark Outside and You are What You Eat???????


One of the best iPad apps ever can't wait until they come out with more pajama Sam games!!! :D

love pajama Sam

want the other pajama Sam games for the iPhone. love them remind me of my childhood! it's a good game for younger kids but anyone who played while younger will love it

I love it!

Such a great game and I used to play it as a kid!


So not worth the 5 bucks you have to pay!! Way too short.


This game was to short and is not worth the five dollars I had to pay I want a refund. Put the other. Pajama Sam the darkness one


Awesome game!! I've got also the original CD for PC :D This game is just one of the best games ever made!

I loved playing pajama Sam growing up!

make more of them pls!!! I loved "you are what you eat". I'm letting my little sister play with this app. Hopefully she enjoys it the way I did when I was little :)

More of the same from Nimbus...

Lol the game would be decent if it were free or .99. But it's 4.99. Lol Once again, Nimbus puts out a pathetic, overpriced game in the hope that some of us will fondly remember these games and will gladly pay to play them again. All 5 games are a waste of time and money. At least two of the games are almost impossible to play because they are so buggy. Also, your Game Center achievements are wrong. You list 8 achievements, but you say there are 9. Trouble counting past 8?! Pathetic...

Best game

I love this game its the best! I really would like if you put all your other old classics on to!


When I found out my old computer games didn't work anymore I was devastated, but when I found this app I nearly died. I had all of the Spy Fox, Freddi Fish, Put put and Pajama Sam games but Pajama Sam was my all time favorite. People have complained the app cost too much, but in my opinion $4.99 is a small price to pay to relive my favorite childhood memory.

More Please!

I played all of the humongous games as a kid, and I refuse to get rid of the disks even though most are too old to work in my current computer. But as a sixteen year old, I beg you to upload more!!! Even my mom downloads these. Absolutely love them!

Pajama Sam Rocks

I used to watch my younger brother play these games by Nimbus all the time. I never played them myself on the computer but a spent hours watching my brother play and enjoy pajama Sam and other titles by Nimbus. It's so cool that games like this are hitting the smart phones they are very educational and hard thinking games . I just beat this game and enjoyed it and will definitely play it again . Please add your other games please I will definitely by other titles :)


PLEEEEAAASSSEE bring back "No Need to Hide when it's Dark Outside"!!!!!! It's the best one in the whole series and I would gladly pay for it, no matter what the price is (though it would probably be $4.99 like this one. And bring back Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish and Spy Fox, too!