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Math Kid

by Alex Drel

(7 user ratings)


Download size: 7.06MB
Version: 2.0.1
Released: 2011-09-30
For ages: 4+


Math Kid gives your 4-12 years old child the foundation needed to excel in math at home and in school.

The application features graphical feedback and rewards, and its clean and simple interface is ideally suited for children (Verified!).

Helpful and extensive hints allow kids to use it with minimal parental supervision.

Precise customization of the training course content leads to effective and focused learning.

* Addition and Subtraction – varying difficulty targeted for 4-8 years old kid
* Arithmetic Sequence – great for any age from 4 (simple sequences of course) to 8 years old (complex sequences)
* Roman Numerals – fun in any age
* Multiplication and Division – different levels suitable for 5-10 years old
* Percentages – suitable for 8-11 years old student
* Fractions - suitable for 8-11 years old student
* Basic Equations – first steps into Algebra for 9-12 years old student


* iCloud sync of configuration between multiple iPads/iPhones

Happy Learning...
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Customer Reviews
Cool math game.

Nice math game..


I love it.I like it.

Math fact review

Simple, add ons are costly. Voice Over Compatible but a sighted person would still be needed.

Fun learning game

I'm a older sister and I have 2 little brothers. They love this game. They knew math alot now! 😋😋😋😋😋😋

Not worth the money

The app is just ok, my 5 year old was interested for 10 min. And is done with it. Everything in this app cost extra money, users, rewards, just go through all of the settings and you will see. Will cost big bucks to unlock it all.

Great app

I love it I use it to get better on my math fax it is very very fun to Play math kid


This game helped my daughter master math recognition! Recommend highly.

Cool math

This app helped me whith my math test!!I got a A plus!!You should buy this game!!!

Great for drills

Like it because it really helps sharpen my son's skills. Very basic & easy to use.

Bait and switch

The free version only allows basic addition and subtraction - EVERYTHING else is a paid upgrade. Want the roman numerals $2, number sequences $2 etc., There's nothing wrong with in app purchases - Just tell us first.

Set up is terrible & confusing

I've NEVER given a BAD review. This app may be fine for much younger children- but the "add on pacs" are confusing - and I feel are intentionally misleading. They list them (supposedly) ale-cart w the option to buy "packs" I bought a 3 pack- which I thought i could choose what i wanted - not so ! CHANGE YOUR FORMAT. I know I do want my money back.

Great math app!

Great app! My kid likes it because of visual hints. She never feels lost as she always can get a hint. Recommended to all parents!

Math Kid

My 5yo son loves this can do his addition, subtraction and start on his multiplication.

Boring,lame dddddummmmbbb

Didn't let me do anything

Horrible Rip-Off!!!

Do NOT get this app! It is useless. I paid to unlock fraction addition and it doesn't work. There are no clear instructions and, if you get a problem wrong, you get a frown and no correct answer to teach.


Love this for my daughters. Good practice and hints.

It could be much better

The concept of hint is great. However, the app itself is slow. The meaningless deley should be eliminated in the coming version if there is one.

Great for teaching your kid basic math skills!

Excellent app! Very helpful for improving kid's skills in math.