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Kids Songs Machine 2 – children’s sing-along songs from around the world!

by Genera Kids

(8 user ratings)


Download size: 61.45MB
Version: 1.5
Released: 2011-10-04
For ages: 4+


Kids Songs Machine 2 combines culture, entertainment, and interactivity all into one app and provides children with an unforgettably fun sing-along experience!

Select a song, hit “Go”, and embark on a magical adventure in a faraway land. Watch as the song comes to life with interactive elements, sing-along lyrics, colorful animations, and illustrations from around the world!

Enjoy nine sing-along songs from the USA, UK, France, Spain, and many other countries!
•Egypt: The crocodile swimming in the Nile
•USA: We’ll be singing around the world
•UK: London Bridge is falling down
•Spain: El cochecito leré
•Switzerland: Yo de le hi ho!
•France: Horsey, horsey don’t you stop
•India: The elephant walks
•Italy: Italy is where I want to be
•China: Under the dragon

Kids will love singing along to a variety of entertaining songs, interacting with animations and images from around the world, and reading each song’s lyrics as they appear in harmony with the music!

Visit http://www.kidssongmachine.com/ for a video preview of the app and to see what other users have to say about it!
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Customer Reviews
Strange song list, nice graphics

London Bridge, Singing Around The World... I know 2 of them. The rest of the song are just plain odd.


I paid for this app yet there are ads!!

Need money back

Sorry, I was not aware this is all I get for the price . Kindly send the money back


Muy pero muy buena aplicación, tengo todas las aplicaciones de los creadores de kids song y todas me parecen increíbles. Mi hijo pasa horas y horas mirando y riendo.

Super graphics, music that doesn't annoy parents

My 2 year old loves this app. The graphics are really well done and there is alot of interactivity. The songs are great and they do not annoy the parents if you have to listen to them often, they are done with soft voices. I highly recommend it.


The application has a problem in which I can only hear the effects of popping the balloons and the birds voice but I can't hear the songs, the lyrics appear but with no songs!!!!! It's not for free and it has problems!!! I tried the free version and it works very well

Could be better!

The songs are sung way too fast, which makes my son hyper. Plus, you only have one verse of each song when there are multiple verses. With the more interactive animation than the previous 'Kids machine', plus the price, you should include more of the verses and slow down the tempo.


My son is almost three and he loves this app. We have the first one also, and he'll play with both of them over and over again until I'm close to losing my mind! But, he loves these little songs and the graphics are adorable. Good work and thank you.

Great app.

Terrific app. My daughter won't give me back my iPhone!!!!

Great sing along + interactions

My daughter loves this app! We have the first original singing machine app and this one, love the different interactions and different countries :)! Keep up the great work team. Love u guys and awesome graphics!


Another homerun! Lots of color, beautiful graphics, and whimsical music. Bravo to the Devs behind this!

Need more songs!

My daughter's favorite since she was 1 year old, now she is 19 months and and she is so into it again! But like the tittle says, we need more.