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Color Dots - Infant Training

by Ellie's Games, LLC

(10 user ratings)


Download size: 16.13MB
Version: 4.1
Released: 2011-03-15
For ages: 4+


Hey Everyone, Ellie's Dad here. Thanks for taking a look at Color Dots. I hope your little one enjoys this game as much as Ellie does. We find that it's a great way to practice visual tracking, eye hand coordination, response time and finger dexterity. If your little one is 2 or 3 try calling out colors for them to pop. That's Ellie's favorite! Thanks for your support!

Color Dots is a colorful visual tracking game that will hold a child’s attention. A simple game that improves finger dexterity, mental stimulus and response time in young children. An educational intuitive game that puts fun first.

"My 10 month daughter loves this game. Great for building coordination. Best of all, no annoying menu button or ads for her to accidentally hit."
- TK187

"Push a bubble and make it pop! No on screen ads, no on screen 'buy me' buttons that babies can accidentally press. It's nice and simple"
- Canvai


● Eye Hand Coordination Training
● Finger Dexterity Development
● Mental Stimulation
● Crisp Animations
● Vibrant, Visually Stimulating Colors
● Popping Sounds
● Pop Vibration (iPhone)
● iPad and Retina Display Support
● No ADS or on screen buttons! Perfect for infants!


● Remove Dot Border
● Change Dot Size
● Change Dot Speed
● Set Max Levels
● Remove Dot Sound
● Start/Stop Music
● Enable Dot Vibration (iPhone)
● Write a review


Color Dots starts out with a colorful bouncing dot. When you pop the first dot, two dots show up to replace it. After popping those two, three dots show up and so on.


Ellie's Games combines vivid colors and simple game functions to help your child grow while having fun. I focus on bright, vivid color based games that help expand a child's growing mind. Simple themes and a user friendly interface make all of Ellie's Games simple and fun for children of all ages.

Have a question for Ellie's Games? Send it to me at Erik@ElliesGames.com

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Customer Reviews
My #1 Baby App

Little Hannah is 8 months, and extremely grabby right now. I have a good case, so I let her have the phone. But, before I do, I open up Color Dots and enable Guided Access mode. She has an absolute blast with this app. She smiles and laughs as she pops the dots by slapping the screen with her fingers and hands. The pop noise and vibration response makes this a perfect little game for an infant, and a must-have in any new parent’s arsenal.

9month old gets and likes it

Downloaded Dots for my 9 month year old daughter. She had won an iPad in a free raffle at the community night out. Was looking for things she might be able to play. She seems to understand the point of the game and will reach for and pop the dots herself. For as long as a 9 month old pay attention to anything she’ll play the game. So let’s say a solid 30 seconds before she starts chewing on or will toss her iPad to the side and find something new to do. The haptic response when she plays it on my phone might keep her focused a little longer but nothing the developer can do about that I don’t think. Come on Apple vibrating iPads please !

Need help

Hi I work for early intervention and I have a kiddo who is severely disabled. She loves popping the bubbles on this app on my iPhone to get the vibration feedback and it helps with her fine motor control so I purchased a gift card and downloaded it to an iPad we had purchased for the family. For some reason the iPad version isn't vibrating when she pops the bubbles. She's not interested without the vibration. I've tried searching for a contact at Ellie's Games but find no support. Can you please assist me or let me know how I can return and be refunded to a gift card so I can purchase something else better suited for her? Thank you.

Great app!!!!!!

My 1.5 year old loves this. It works in the car on long car rides. It put him to sleep. The 4 year old loves it too.

Update lost sound

Just updated and now the app makes no sound.

No ads, lots of fun

C is 10 months and thinks this is a lot of fun!

Perfect for toddlers

My 2 year old has played this for nearly a year now. It's a nice distraction.

Grandkids love it

Great game. Entertains my grandkids a long time.

Great for long trips with toddler

We break out this game on long plane rides and car trips and it breaks up the monotony and it's easy for him to do.

Awesome app

My son is handicapped and this app is wonderful for him!

Fun game

My kids love it!


It's awesome!!


Fabulous for my 1 year old. It helped keep her quietly entertained on planes and in church. I love this app!

My 1 year old loves it!

It's simple enough for real young ones and makes a nice popping noise. She asks for it by name.

Perfect for our 8 month old

Love the simplicity and the colors! The ability to change the size and speed of the bubbles excites our daughter as she recognizes the change. (I'd love to see a setting to add more shapes or a random one with different fun noises when they pop as I noticed the simple slight changes are intriguing.)

Improved visual scanning and hand-eye coordination

This app helped my son with autism to be prepare to use AAC apps well as he was focussing only right side mostly . Now I see him to scan all area of iPad and not to his preferred spots.thanks!

Love this app

My 10 week old love this app. She is very fascinated by the floating colors and they makes smile.

My 9 month old has loved this since 3 months

I think this app is really great.

Nice job

Love it

Great App!

Our toddlers loves it, and I love the eye-hand motor coordination skills he gets to practice. We are also learning colors with the dots.

Love this app so much!!

My three year old loves to play with this app and my 3 month old is mesmerized by it!

Simple and good

Baby loves it.

Love this app!!

I've used this app for 3 kids and it's great for hand/eye coordination, tummy time, keeping the kids entertained, and for passing time while in line or waiting somewhere. I've recommended this app to tons of people...my kids love it!!!

Wonderful for infants

My kids really have fun playing this game together

My Toddler loves this app!

I have had this app for a few years and it has always been my kids favorite game to play as toddlers.

New version is no good

My toddler loved this app. But the updated version took away the music and the vibration doesn't work anymore. She gets so frustrated with it now that its missing her favorite parts. No good.


I love this game for my toddler. He's been using it since he was 9 months old. We used larger slow dots and now we've switched to smaller fast dots. Love the sounds. Highly recommend

Update broke it

I always hate it when reviews are complaints about bugs. There is supposed to be a link for app support. However in this case that just takes you to a website where there is no support-just links back to the App Store. My kids have loved this app since we got it over a year ago. I always wanted more settings and options but was fine with the limited features it had. I was excited for the update that added some. Unfortunately now it doesn't make noise or vibrate and the dots are always slow no matter the settings. I would rather it had no options than what we have now. Please fix it. And fix the app support link so it works so people don't have to complain in the reviews and can submit big reports appropriately. Bugs happen. Please fix them.


Great game for toddlers, but as others have mentioned, settings are stuck and you can't make adjustments to speed or for size/number.

Pretty good, but can't seem to change the speed of the dots

We switched the app to the fastest speed (10) to see what it looked like, and now it seems like that setting isn't responding to touches anymore so we can't slow it back down. The other settings appear to work as expected, but now the app is stuck in a state where the dots move too fast for our baby to process them. The developer's site doesn't appear to have a way to contact them directly which is too bad.

Awesome dexterity App

It's tough to find apps that are fun enough, simple enough, but not over stimulating for kids under 2yrs. This is an awesome app just for that age range. Our 15-month old loves it. - I love that there aren't weird purchase options in the middle of the game. - I love that there is a two-stage security to make any setting changes. Great app, looking forward to our toddler playing the rest of this series. Thanks for the thoughtful programming!

Pain in the heinny!

Idiot app bumps u out when my infant makes a hand gesture. It's not really for kids and pretty stupid that way.

Over priced

$2.99 and all that I got was one simple game that my daughter was bored with in just a few minutes. This is a ripoff. And if she wants to play a different game, it's another $2.99. What a waste.

It's ok

I wish I didn't spend 2.99 for this. It's not worth it. Didn't capture my sons attention for no longer than a minute.

It's Me Again... Great App for Low Vision Students

I have written reviews before, we've shared emails. I am please to let everyone know that this app developer actually listens and responds to requests. This is why you can turn borders on and off, speed up or slow down the dots and so on. i love this app, I use it with my visually impaired students to evaluate their ability to track, to see colors on various backgrounds and so on. This app is not just for babies that's for sure. My current request is for the older kids with a little more skill. Could we have the option to track how many times the background was touched? I have kids that will poke or pat all areas of the screen with or without a dot present. Or maybe when the background is touched in error another dot sprouts... Or maybe both. Thanks for a great app. Catherine

A great buy!

My 4 month old is so entertained by this game. And I love that it's fun for him and works on his hand-eye coordination!

Thank God

I don't like kids at all but they come to me all the time. 3 and under love this game and I have coloring for those older so they leave me in peace. This is a sanity saver.

Not for babies

My 9 month old nephew finds this interesting to look at for 10 seconds then sticks my phone in his mouth. I find it hard to believe any child under 1 year has the cognitive ability or attention span to play this.


Perfect for my 8-mo old son. He plays it on the iPad and my iPhone.


The simple games are always the best. Nice work!


It's great that the publisher could get seven friends to write five star reviews but trust me, it's awful.

Best app for babies!

This is a perfect first app for your baby. It is intuitive, simple, and has options for size, speed, color and tones in settings. Can be used to practice eye hand coordination for those with autism.

Hate the update

My kids love this game. Keeps them busy for a good few minutes!!

Any one can like it!

I'm 9 and I like it

Color Dots

I am a speech-language pathologist who works with preschoolers with autism. I use this app as a reinforcer following correct responses in therapy activities, or as a break between different activities. They LOVE it! I'll hear anything from tiny giggles to full belly-laughs, which is music to my ears! Fabulous app!!! Thank you! Kermette Petersen

Color Dots

This was an excellent first app for our little guy. At three or four months it helped his visual tracking. As he continued to develop it was great for eye/hand coordination. And always, it's fun to sit him on our laps and watch him figure things out!


My grandson really enjoys this game. I just wish you could access the settings menu from the play feature to make adjustments without having to completely exit the app & go back in just to get back to the settings menu. I've emailed them but it wasn't on the recent update. If they would fix that I would give them 5 stars.

My babies LOVE it!

My 9 mo old and 19 mo old love this app! Very entertaining for them and they love it so much they cry when it's time to turn it off. Started using it when my son was 6 mo old, but even my 6 year old plays it.

Autism app

For very autistic children this app is fantastic. One boy in the class spent straight five minutes using it. He hasnot sat still for five minutes all year! Changing settings without exiting would earn it five stars.