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Sex Jokes Free

by QSoft

(11,009 user ratings)


Download size: 1.43MB
Version: 2.0
Released: 2009-10-01
For ages: 17+


★ Yes , this is the REAL original and best Sex Jokes app that was downloaded over 1.5 million times in it's first month - always ahead of the imitating competition ! ★ (To all who downloaded v1.0 last year and complained there were not enough jokes : give it another try, there are almost 15 (yes, FIFTEEN) times as much jokes in the latest version !)


- Worldwide smash hit :
★ #1 USA - Top Entertainment ★
★ #1 UK - Top Entertainment ★
★ #1 Canada - Top Entertainment ★
★ #1 Australia - Top Overall ★
★ #1 India - Top Overall ★
★ #1 Ireland - Top Entertainment ★
★ #1 Turkye - Top Entertainment ★
and #1 in many more AppStore's like Jamaica, Malta, Pakistan, Egypt, Singapore, Sauth Africa, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, ...
(Oct'09 figures)

- "Best jokes, dirtiest jokes, most jokes...the original 'Sex Jokes' remains by far the best iPhone sex jokes app !"

- "Best Award" - iphoneappsplus.com

- applegazette.com review grade : A+


★ This FREE version is sponsored with small banners at the bottom, so the more you just click a banner, the more time we can spend on further updates ! Or you could take a look at the ad-free full version ★
Here's an example :

My neighbors, the two 25 year old blonde lesbians next door, asked me what I would like for my birthday.

I was quite surprised when they gave me a new Rolex.

It was very nice of them, but I think they misunderstood me when I said, 'I wanna watch'.


From the makers of 'Sex Quiz' comes : Sex Jokes ! - the biggest and funniest collection of handpicked, quality, proofread dirty jokes on the iPhone.

Tired of those multi-thousand joke apps that list lame after lame joke, and keeps you wondering where the good ones are ? Wonder no more : here they are !
Sex Jokes packs hundreds and hundreds of jokes, handpicked and filtered to keep only the very best for your viewing pleasure.

Excelling in simplicity, Sex Jokes lets you quickly flip back and forward through the jokes, and the bookmarking system lets you bookmark your personal favorites. (remark : bookmarks can be removed by using the standard horizontal swipe on the bookmark, a delete button will appear)
You can also shake to get a random joke, email a joke, or even post jokes to Facebook & Twitter (yes, FULL jokes on twitter, cleverly bypassing the 140character limit)

IMPORTANT : If you think the jokes are TOO dirty, please give a 1-star review. If you want them dirtier, give a 5-star review. This way we know what direction to take in upcoming updates !

Lots of new innovative apps coming !
Follow us now on twitter.com/qsoft

Works on iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPod Touch and no internet connection is needed !

**DISCLAIMER : Sex Jokes contains some VERY explicit material, but does not intend to be defamatory, racist or offensive in any way. Remember, a smile a day keeps the doctor away - imagine what hundreds of loud-out laughs will do ! **
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Customer Reviews

Great app, has made me laugh since i downloaded it...... but that was about 6-7 years ago how about an update so it doesnt freeze

Long time

I've had this app. For quite some time, great jokes. Even my mom likes them. As she rolls her eyes.


When this app gets its new updates. Remember a couple of languages I recommended should never use as a joke are the "n"words and the "r" words. Everything I read is lol funny.

Great jokes but needs work

Ok.....awesome jokes but most of the time while reading them the apps menu opens on its own kinda annoying

Incessant opening of App Store makes app unusable.

Decent collection of jokes but recently throws you into App Store so often you sometimes can't finish reading a joke before interruption. Some ads are expected but this makes the app unusable.

Super annoying

App ads are constantly opening the App Store. REALLY obnoxious!


I liked this app at first but now I'm getting really annoyed. I can't even read the joke before the app automatically opens the App Store. I'll be deleting this very soon if it doesn't stop. There's no reason to have this on my phone if it is going to do this all the time.

Any updates?

Lots of funny stuff, but nothing new since 2010.

Would be great but buttons don't work

I wouldn't waste your time downloading this app because you can't even use it. When you try to use the buttons on the top of the app, it freezes up and you have to hard reset it, but then it does the same thing again. Too bad.


Will not load after ios8 upgrade.


Can you take this off of my purchased list. It's stupid.

Sex jokes

Then need to be more sexy but awesome

Not working with ios6

I wish you can get it working, this app as good jokes.

Big BKs Finest

Why still no iPhone 5 support?


Pls remove from purchase pls


So funny and weird, I like it


There's really not more to say other than this is overly sexist


They need to be dirtier

Highly recommend!

This is an awesome app. Great for breaking the ice with new friends.




The majority of the "jokes" don't make sense or are not even close to funny. Did who ever posted the jokes for this app proof read them? There are misspellings all over the place.

Sex Jokes



This app was good at first, the jokes were funny. But lately they're all about how women are stupid. I just feel offended by it anymore.


It was so good.


Dirty yet funny. It will make you laugh


Keeps cutting off

Keeps closing ! Please fix

App keeps closing on me. Please fix :(

Best ever

Best jokes ever :0 keep making them

Great fun

Love the jokes!


Please remove from my purchased list. Thanks


These are amazing!


That is the best ever


I showed my friends and we had a good well deserved laugh keep making the jokes!

Good but needs to have much more jokes cuz I get a lot of the same ones


This is a bad game

This is to what is it I'm 11 and I know what sex is grow up I knew what it was when I was 5


Haha pretty good thought It was crap but I was wrong


It's sexy and dirty, I like it.


I read 1 of these with my bf and he had the idea since my parents weren't home we went to the room and both took of our clothes and had sex

Please delete my purchase



Awesome but dirtier wouldn't hurt

More dirtier

Needs dirtier jokes

Great jokes

Really funny

I guess

Kind of good 50/50


Pls delete from my purchases tnx;)


Please take off purchased nephew hit install

I don't normally write reviews.

Normally I wouldn't write a review, but this deserves 5 stars hands down. Full of great jokes that will keep you laughing for hours. 😂😂😂


He's 16 he doesn't know what sex is

What sex is

Sex is when a girl and a boy who love each other and want a kid take all of their cloths off. A girl lays down and the guy gets on top of her. Te guy humps the girl. The sperm gose into the girls _ and soon they have babies.


This has to be one of my fav apps!! Jokes are hilarious as hell!!!!!! 5 stars all da way!! :D